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Let's Talk Native 12/29/13 Hour 1

Jan 2, 2014|

Hour one of Let's Talk native

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Following his paid programming opinions expressed are not necessarily those of this radio station -- advertisers or sponsors on the western door to the eastern -- beyond welcome to let's talk native was John McCain. John addresses the issues of native people their communities and struggled to maintain distinction an economy. Call 71680315. Wanting to join the discussion and now here's your host John McCain. -- on welcome let's talk date of this. John -- and I've got a full studio this week so. You know sit back in join the conversation we're gonna. We're gonna cover a lot of issues. First and foremost that got two and a gentleman who were acquitted in the three feathers. Casino trial -- talk a little bit about that but that's not the only issue we'll talk about to get that this many more often one room is. Is where hope of -- not feeling a little all care amendment so it. -- -- -- go out -- first up front group who laws who's in the rule and Louise. Who's going to be -- join us from the cars vision but of course Matt -- with a as usual. I've got -- square. I've got jazz -- -- had an actor writer Jack. -- -- -- And I've got -- -- world. It was illegal. I also got a peanut gallery here I've got -- -- ruined and is what Vernon. That he just just ago check us out and he would show is all about in appreciate. Every those people that there will -- to stop buying at least he will we do here. The show is become. You know. From almost all accounts that that I receive. As an important part of furthering the conversation a lot of issues there's not a whole lot of places in certainly the mainstream media but there's not a whole lot of places period. Where you can have this have to close in on the conversation then in fact you to participate in the conversation obviously the the number here this is a light show in the number here is seven with six it was three. 1520. -- anchor fuels the join in the conversation. Rob you know it is a a call in show although. We we don't generally have a lot of a lot of calls the -- the guys who call back a lot of sitting in the room so. -- Together colleagues unveils this show that you might -- log on now. But. I -- -- before we get started I want to -- -- -- the the folks that. Have helped me now make. My my -- time payments. This this quarter in particular. I wanna I wanna think he -- chamber of commerce. Is the first time that I've I've received some help from off from office -- directly and that's on 10. Give my thanks to those guys who who stepped up. -- -- on that particular. Sought to it that that some funds came down to help the show. I -- think. Paul Pierce and you'll harder they got wholesale. I want to thank to go to Snyder -- reiter and Lisa over cameras. I want -- my good friend -- was not only constant supporter. We'd we'd everything that you LT. We do in terms of you know editing some of the stuff that I -- but help me get information out there posting information but she's also contributed to show and I. I greatly appreciate that. And of course my my two. Most generous. Local guys are guys like roster on an oval spring. Metal spring and and of course I do at the advertisers have got the folks over my duties and in -- smoke shop that are that are -- -- -- this show is paid programming and so it's really important that people understand. How important it is to. It to pay for the year I'm not an employee of our common employee you ESPN Sports Radio. ID I pay for the programming and in and I tell you the reason I do to show it goes back to you know Paula goes back to. You win and frankly agree that the group guru. For years and years we've had conversations and we think you know a summary of your news summary of you hear this conversation. And that's why when the opportunity came to do this program. It I took that opportunity I think to often we we have great conversations over coffee we are over lunch. Sydor rob. Fire if -- when we have the opportunity. I think. It to have the conversations that we have here and for those conversations. Is is that it's just it's really important and people get something from hearing I had people time and time again. They just think they guessed that I have on the the callers call in the issues that I addressed. And of course I also right on a weekly column with a to a times. And I get a fair amount of good feedback I don't get much negative feedback yet and I also anticipated sometimes does. I I don't I don't shy away from controversy I mean I'm. I'm one of the few guys who actually. Who was critical of that the Navajo code talkers. Going down to the Washington Redskins gave -- back at -- and who talked to of that -- people right but about a -- I think sometimes we need do we need to racy issues. And I don't know that it's that it's a right thing to give people a pass when they're doing the wrong thing and I think that's that's why we do and of course all the guys that are in this room. We've all been engaged in in in -- issues in not only not in our own communities but even as we travel from territory to territory and so. I appreciate you guys coming and coming here for the show tonight but I also. Again wanna. Give in to a lot of the details associated today said the weekend. On the on the acquittal that you guys got him in federal court. I know that I've been through this this process myself before I know that it it is a year. It's at its at taxing affair to go through what were your family and that going through. You know there. It's not it's not about fear and intimidation it's just the anguish of not being able to be available to all the things that cute that you normally do to help your family. I find what went I went through my circumstances. Rob that it was more. Of of a punishment to my family -- -- to me directly and I you guys can talk about that yourself through it and what are what are our experiences are. This. When the when the federal governor of the state government. It tries to impose its will on our territories. We find ourselves in unique situations. Trying to not only. Defend ourselves but also defending the very principles that with that we. That we stand for. And that that line is sometimes very very difficult. Because on one hand we wanna do right. By our are people. But we also have responsibilities to our families and and the federal government and the US prosecutors and local district -- they know how to play on that they know how to try to put you you know really put the squeeze field. Again for for you guys Tommy Rodriguez. Managed to get through this system. With acquittal on all charges. And will talk a little bit about that and I noticed a lot characterization on on what what transpired there. I had a lot of conversations. With people not involved in the case that that have talked to to me about. Everything from the distinction between class two gaming class three gaming. You know when. What it is or how it is you guys managed to be equated. Com by come back to the same thing that this was a this was really an overreach by the federal government to do things on our territories. That when they really look at themselves they know that their overreaching and this isn't just the the US prosecutor in this scheming jesus'. You know Steven Dickey with with ATF going in the territories and I think about I think tomorrow. What's transpired over the last few years. There was a harder armed men wind in the tunnel Wanda. I'll win it to several shops. And for that -- display of of weaponry and and in military precision. Not one person in the being indicted and I think -- one non native store clerk. Was indicted but that they had dropped the charges because you know because they didn't have anything so. You can be in the air with Tony all of these guns into into a native territory. -- really creating -- potential for you know for what could have been a violent clash. And for -- for nothing and this was over purses. Over incense. And over cigarettes. And they didn't you know and and other charges the stocks of that so that was does that actually you know after the debacle. You have the circumstance of -- apple -- they -- where they could mean to raid a a gaming facility had been closed for three months. Again would go with a whole lot of guys with arm to visit to the -- And after all of that -- The only three people who stand who stand trial and a fully acquitted so again. Absolute waste of time what a waste of resources and again creating another potential for a for a conflict that could have gotten ugly. It begs the question is that really with a careful. You know you look at -- the circumstances the the sting operation that that it not began Missouri. And where had to do with sales of tobacco. Millions and millions of dollars worth of Marlboro cigarettes that that the ATF put up for this for this tremendous sting operation. Meant that the thousands and thousands of man hours. Millions of dollars for the tobacco most of which when when the solicitor general took took a look -- up that equity to account for for a lot of this and coach as you covered a little bit of that stories of you've seen. You know they're they're all reporting on -- Howell. How bad the ATF was at and even tracking any of those dollars. -- like to call that churning investigation. Churning has a special. The sense to the out and so so it after all of that. Only to -- if people are and a bit indicted. Will vary from their August and again the committee Tehran August again armed to the armed to the hill. Op automatic weapons strong people to the ground breaking in line of sight. -- of the facility you worked in Matt had a bit that the counter drug distributors that are where our kids play. And so they show up there at and it will Perry's a business that walls run. You know brandishing weapons have these guys -- ski mask covering their faces beautiful to get hide their identity they look like a terrorist so armed guys -- masks. Going into and if -- for. Tell me that -- that have the potential for. And for all of that -- they indict. Will Perry who's the trucker but the guy whose whose trade there was news that he didn't have purchased -- the product is -- the transport he does that the transport company. So you'll welcome of that I guess we'll see that over the next six months and then they indict a a woman out of -- Wanda. Who was operating. The tunnel Wanda. The nation's store. So isn't even a private enterprise is got to like your circumstance of -- without the where you guys were were indicted because you sit on console. For a long house operation does the same thing this is -- essentially along house operated tobacco store and they indict her specific. Its -- -- -- -- what transpires that in that. So that's three issues the you know of three separate issues were armed federal agents. They've come into a territory and of course then we have the other odd case which is the the -- Uga is out in. Was that he views are trying to established reestablished their. Presence in their homeland and the federal agents going there you know again storming a place you know seizing you know hundreds of thousands of dollars. And and now he's got to make it a solid case and I and I seen jazz and you sent me some of the the story that the news coverage and that they're making a solid case for trying to get some of their their product in there and there a dollar released because. They're gonna -- me a solid case for. For what was wrong with the federal government communion -- a with a bit. So this is what we -- This is what we're faced with just -- in the last -- in this was actually within a twelve month period there was like four raids within twelve months and this is the Barack Obama administration so. Ya and it cannot -- the suggestion that Democrats are worse than Republicans. Neither one of them are us the -- I look at this this whole -- circumstance and you see just what we've been facing. But right. You know. It is meant to NCAA and what what's happening around us on darker colors. We look at. When they called. Military shocked at all. That they're going on here -- they're going all across. All across the that the continent turtle island so. Again we look at is this a test -- contestant. Our ability to protect our our -- Party testing us you know and and again we leave. Seem to forget. That. We're trying to live in peace I guess that would be more or less. Org or just trying to see if our nations are up to. A standoff against this intrusion. Of the federal. Agencies. So that's that's what I look at and also look him back -- -- While I'm in. -- -- could look at that you look at this time a year now this is the the end of December and there to historical events associated. You know famous historical events. Associate with this with -- time period. In 1862 with the with the hanging of the thirty -- that Mankato Minnesota. Which was. Yeah an -- people try to characterize that is a failure you -- -- -- American justice system or failure of the the obligations that the the federal government had in terms of payments for music -- payments that -- it was a failure that was the plan. And that and and so we get back to what you're talking with all of this is the strategy is that the shock and awe strategy. When you look at what what was imposed upon that the the -- to India and it -- to -- it was intentional. And and then you know you always hear them talk about you have all these guys raided villages they they -- all these terrible things to women and children. And it is not real document record of any of that fact the crazy part is. And I've read some of the accounts on this and and my story in. And two times as we can about this. Lincoln. Because when they went to prosecute the guys it was 303 of them that that they sent it to death. Lincoln knew that he tried to hang that many people in a public execution. That the rest of the world he was that he was concerned how Europe with the react to the south and you know here's trying to you know pitchers you know pitch himself out as being to submit the creator of of the of the black man. So. He's he figured he was gonna Whittle that number now. -- at first blush and what when he was quoted as saying -- while I'm gonna narrow that down all the people who who were convicted of rape along with the boomers. So when he went through it went through this the transcript he found only there was like two people. That they were even loosely able to accuse of of committing rape and so that was enough. So many he twisted the numbers around and he said well let me try to figure out who -- characterized as having participated in -- Not just a battle but in a massacre and that's where he gets. And he -- the next few cure for 39 ultimately there on thirtieth at them but. And then. I've heard a -- people characterize this is that -- pardon the rest he didn't part in the rest -- has died in prison and not just the rest of the 303. There were another sixteen on top prosecutors -- on top of that were convicted of other crime just not murder. So all these people who were worse worth imprisoning kept in prison. In fact there were a thousand over a thousand other -- is that were gathered up there were never tried. And so they were sent the -- selling. -- -- -- They were were shipped out of -- out of Minnesota and they were there are locked up on concentration camps called reservations in in Nebraska and its optical. Look we -- we get a break here but we're you know what we talk about this a little bit more but also. Of course there's there's the massacre would need from 8090 with Uggla then we come back again this is John gain a -- -- -- -- to to -- here. Jon -- and company. Welcome back after this. -- boy guessing goes a proud sponsor of let's talk -- John McCain. 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Octave I do have a full studio and I will run down ballistic what I got of course -- got Matt hill who -- pretty much every week and coming in match. Got Tommy square I've got as skater I get Roger -- although around. And I government good friends McGregor and his and his lovely although. Well what was that that lovely wife -- That. City -- it is is well. The only again talk about not only what's transpired we -- in -- story there during the week we talk about some of the historical events and I've. See the the -- isn't in Mankato Minnesota. That's -- it's a big deal and the big deal because you know. The the irony of of that event taking place that day after Christmas. -- and in for the good people of Minnesota. And now -- -- that the pictures in the and they actually commemorated that day. Armed with with. Paintings on the your trees there's a beverage company that actually had -- your trees and I've seen -- for sale on and -- and in some of these. Shows on cable television without about these collectibles that these are collectible items these these pictures of the execution and make you know Minnesota but the irony of that is. Six days later. Six days after that Abraham Lincoln signed the emancipation broccoli proclamation. And of course to make a big deal all he free to say I get the idea that the -- -- he previously. We didn't he signed a paper you know -- sign a paper. He signed the paper as a as a military strategy he signed that favor with you knew that if that was the best opportunity to create a slave revolt -- itself. If you tell all the always thought you tell all the black people in the south were war have been bombed by slavery but they're free one day. It felt like a slave masters saying that all Afghan president that it -- though he was trying to create a favorable. So this -- the military strategies but today he did it's not like he was going into the south at that at at the moment he he made that proclamation. And ushering all the votes those -- slaves to freedom this was the strategy. So when that what I hear you know people and again. Guy -- of last year was. It was -- 150 anniversary of the execution Mankato. But it's also would be the 150 anniversary of this of this emancipation proclamation. So on the during those few days before and after the New Year's -- New Year's Day the National Archives building. In Washington DC. -- offered a free display people who go through both received the actual signed the police had set up and display -- in light who -- When he defeated documented. And people lined up in black people particularly lined up all lawyer on the block. NPR was down there NBC was down their box those guys all the media without there honoring this this you know this historic document. While another historic document that was signed and that was the execution over with those guys and make you Minnesota and the idea that that. They would give this much coverage to that -- not even mention as an aside and of course there was also the movie of the week it -- not the vampire but the other one. There there was that the Lincoln movie. Where and edit the thing it's that movie -- -- they Lewis this you know Academy Award winning film. It took place in that exacting time period that same time period where were aware not only. Did this trial -- place but the events leading up to the trial and you you had a circumstance. Where. Just like with the the Cherokee and and -- decree from. From from Georgia who were forced marched in to Oklahoma borrow -- with two thirds of them dying along the way in the trailed two years. They never received any of the payment for the way that they were dispossessed. These guys beat the quota they work they are paid either and then what happens is all these Indian traders show up there. And they and they follow the advice from sixty years prior Thomas Jefferson he said you know. We should give credit to those who do you point to people among them because if we run amended debt. Weakened the only way to be on the status by the best the lop off their land and once we have them in debt we -- them. So that's what all these traders. They got these guys in debt. It got to the point where even want money did get. Tom sent out to the Indian agents out there it would directly to traitor never looked at -- -- people of course know the full did. These eternity this this just absolute debacle so you had starting people. Of course get this the in the early part of making 62 he had the homestead act signed by the president the president -- -- So he had this this influx of people coming into Dakota territory displacing them often out of the Minnesota valley -- river valley. And and these people start. They were getting any of the the the compensation that they were supposed to be getting. Even though was it they were really kind of cheated in the first place but even with these cheated deals these these lopsided deals. The federal government could not honor -- their under the agreement just like they never -- would anybody else so. That's what caused the bit the famous -- wars are started in the summer making 62 in the lead up to this trial in the first place. And of course they make it that they make it all sound like there was this this you know barbaric. Raids by the Dakota. I'll tell you rate after a Lincoln signed the emancipation proclamation so we get an assessment on what trends are transpiring in places. In good places like California. Girls are being sold and offer our box a whack sex slaves little Indian girls are resold the native growth and in California. Boys were bringing it up if you're sixty bucks because they're still too young and for with labor and it would be hard to maintain what -- -- older. So emancipation proclamation yeah I get -- division proclamation. Relative to the to to a native population that was diminished not by disease. Not by some you know act of god. But 95% of the popular need -- population in California was killed. They were killed they were hunted he was actually a sport to hunt Indians in California not just California but pretty well documented California they want from a population. Over 300000. People that was -- what document by white people. Ian in that in the mid 1811850. But but time you got to 1890. The united that they were down to less than 151000 so 95% of the population was wiped out within fifty years. And again not -- influenced enough by smallpox. Not by some play. By by US policy. So again you not talk about shock and off and that doesn't get to learn where we you know we're we're going to win. With Whitney. Would need which is which is kind of considered the tail end of the betrayal massacres that took place in 1890. December 29. He's number two -- ninety to ninety. They -- and they and they wipe out of course big big -- Munich at the numbers. Whether it was a 150 or 300 but it was it was women and children and -- -- Most of the men weren't. Able bodied men were you in there. And -- just an effect. They surrounded them and the morons who were -- with a more man. They surrounded the point where they even shot some of their own by mistake because they also from the guys shooting at these people -- toward each other a little bit. Well first the law you know what they did Tuesday disarm them first exactly they finished arms down on them and then they went in. And day massacre and the problem was that is it still happen by our own people to our own people on our territories. Called buyback gun buyback -- they have a program -- to buy back these guns. You know on and on territory and all that is is that this -- nova nation. That's all that is networks and hand in hand in what's going on with the federal government common and on into our territories. Again. It's happened in rate underneath our noses. And we need to wake up to these things either we are a nation over or not. And people have got to wake up for the fact that we are -- nation and we have to start. Acting like it and we have to start protecting. Our. Our homelands. As they are. Monitor a lot easier to. You know to push through a territory when you know when you were offered no resistance and and I'm not suggesting that. You know for any weaponry that exist -- -- is that we can match weapon for weapon. Against -- -- -- but. The fact that any resistance in China and again I hope we never get to a circumstance where where we have to. It ever be and in that much of a competent people but I'll tell you. Just just the threat just the threat that somebody might resist is one of those things that and that's why things don't usually happen and -- think the way they happened other territories. What that threat is there it is there and it was brought up through this trial case. It was brought up by Homeland Security. It was brought all in. This case. Well why they did in -- had so many minutes to get -- and there they had so many minutes to comment. They couldn't take the machinery honored to build and it would take them too long. They could do a lot of things because. Of the fear. Well what was behind the bushes by and again so when when the the federal government the state government is really trying to assert. On its its control or authority over territory. What what came on the trial was that that's not true logistically it's it is simply not true. You know in our language. He used fuel people talking and -- you know this is -- really looked casual on the little dog. And that users. What he's always working for its satirical grow apart he. And and especially no and that. Like what happened -- and late seventies. The early seventies as well into the eighties in up to 1990s. Whole world heard about the local crisis. And that and that these are people demonstrated at that time that we are a very well -- people and -- off. The mistake that Canada US made was that. They drafted our men. You know they'd trained our mandate took them into that are gone army Marines. May be. Special forces in that and when they have always done. All of these things that they -- people are people were able to use. And off amid condemn reverend general forum would condemn the Canadians. Military says. In all that. You know just the comedian's monologue alone had more XP it military experience then all of Canadian forces put together. Because -- guys who came from. Sexual or date came from the Korean War they came from the Spanish American war they came from the Vietnam War they came from desert star. And they came from just about every battle that United States and Canada involve themselves and create it. And I and our people all had all -- this and -- -- you know about kind of US has only you know. These -- native people can defend themselves. You know because that thing is that we are not an aggressive people that we -- looking for a place. We're all we've always been constantly on the defense because that you mentioned earlier look at the -- invasions that have happened in our territory. And that and that -- they came in arm -- because they anticipated that somebody. Was gonna come out of -- from behind those trees to let them have it. But people aren't crazy. People know what's going on the issue what's happening and that and that thing is that you know eventually. Our people will -- the an hour and it's -- -- before that you know I'm most. If a -- -- tomorrow. The bears still respects the most because the most Ice-T and he had -- and he might. Scratch that bear on the -- in my -- Bush is scratching media all right -- -- -- respects the most right now that respect he's -- that our people. -- -- And actually this -- holding the ball gives arming our people. While we've seen that this didn't just happen to us. It's happened all the little world when when knob. Saturn and did you want to take a total control and want to the people of the fact that they pull all that heat. -- on here is nothing to the the military experience that that our people have. That has and other value to it because it when it teaches. Our people is how they work I mean our ability to defend herself as something that you know nothing it's inherent in it in our DNA. But but certainly our our you know we have people who. And as -- grew up in the woods in the in the understood the land they understood it defending themselves. Even without that military accurate but then when you have people serving in Vietnam and all these other skirmishes and the people didn't actually -- armed conflict but were enlisted. They find out how their military operates but we get a break here rev Roger and you get -- disabled will get right after the break here but I wanted to throw that in aggregate. I don't wanna make it sound like without that via that armed the year that enlistment in the armed services that are people -- -- that we certainly. We knew how to defend ourselves without that but it but it added a whole another complexity and it's something that they understood the upper big break him right back is John -- let's talk native. Let's talk native -- John King is produced every week in association with the iroquois promotions. You're a boy promotions is a native company located on the catalog -- territory of the Seneca nation. 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Again a couple studio here and you know we're talking. We're not just talking about the the trial the the three -- if you -- but. Yeah the thing is with that is the backdrop especially Tommy would you and Roger here having been acquitted in in net federal trial. It it it it makes important backdrop to some of what -- were talking about you know among the things. -- that that we're we're talking about with. Was the resistance that are there people. I. Always have the potential to shale. -- with the stuff and we don't always show I mean and and that let let's face that we've got a couple in the last year we've had. These -- can mean and it pretty -- came in without resistance although they were always worried about whether whether that is even -- in the tunnel wander which is a very peaceful territory. They were. They're trying to get an rather quickly as possible they're counting off in the naming off you know 102 point second there they're actually trying to. There are actually marching off the time off on the watches strike there. But it but it shows. You know this isn't just demonstration of their military precision this is that a demonstration of their their concern and respect fear. Of any reprisal. You know. But we've been defending ourselves you know -- ball. You know and oftentimes in our history. Has. -- -- -- through were we fought amongst each other but we also -- we always came back to a time apiece but that piece was always built on the ability. To defend yourself and the and the ability to stand up that we when you talk about the on the wee bit. Talking but the strength of the of the five nations he talked he didn't grab five sticks off the ground. He got five arrows. He got five arrows in the -- almost together and he and Andy demonstrate how one -- could break so one ability and that arrow is that it is that is the weapon. That one weapon is is -- by itself but you put the weapons together and and and that's what that's what -- in in his demonstration I think that's important because you know people off oftentimes. You know you know I know we talk with the movies -- movies haven't done the same -- planet of the agency that he showed a -- Britain but he accidentally stick the difference between his stick you can not get a bigger stick. Yeah I mean you and it won't be harder debris but here you talk about taking this and the strength. Of the ability to fight and that's what that was about you know. The finger at a debt I find remarkable Apollo what you guys went through it on in this in this and I don't know how many weeks to beat the product of that. And I went six weeks with that sin in that courtroom now. And the thing is that you guys went there. I'm looking very distinct from everybody else in the room that you guys want their wearing Bristol is I'll means you know we we wore our our our everyday clothes and you did that so you can show distinction from. Ever else was in that -- Eight and the prosecutor particular not a prosecutor who was in introducing character because and and again what what is it the guys like eastern. You know and you have nothing on American -- whatever that means but. It was a good test Marist a lot of low over office so this an Easter European -- eastern European descent. Who makes his home in spam our families made his home in the United States of America. And so this guy is serving as a prosecutor trying to prosecute. People who have. 101020030050000. -- 100000 years of history on this on a turtle island. And so did you guys are Ian. Very distinct. In your clothing in your appearance I know that you even did the opening. That you Modano with that report from the time you're suggest that you're doing chants. Reviews and other democratic ticket because the clueless but but clearly you guys were distinct. And so his nurse law of he's trying to prosecute you and I and a one point he would suggested that you had no more right to. To operate gaming in in -- softly and he did. As -- Islam low amateur way with him as I want to know raked in over okay so. I think it'd -- the issue here is that you guys showed a continuity. To who you are as a people as going to pick up the good going to -- And and you that your territory. He's going beyond that it topless shots that you guys you guys went there demonstrate that you work from. Eastern Europe. -- -- -- appear on a boat you showed a continuity and history that was so important and clearly. You know I think that was the only thing but that was among the things that obviously influenced injure the jury to the point that the jury. I mean that well let's let's be clear you guys were acquitted. You that that jury as far as they're concerned. We're not convinced that that not just that you that there was no criminal intent that's one of these I heard reported. All yet you guys were created because the prosecution failed with the criminal intent no he failed to show that a crime. With community period. Because for whatever you could say. About whether you guys intended to break a -- -- That's a -- water when -- gets into the third guy was on trial with was a vendor not native guy. Who was a with a better for the gaming machines. He understands gaming law that the business that he was so. This what big with the fail to do we show that a crime even took place. And and I you obviously the jury didn't rule -- issues of sovereignty. But -- -- saw you guys as a distinct people. People who had ties to that community tattoo that territory to that place. It's -- from its time immemorial. And a eastern European prosecutor coming in there trying to assert he's he's authority as a as a delegate from the US Justice Department. And trying to impose his will and the will of the United States senator -- I I think that's significant. You know there -- against there against you know has played a big role. In. In this. Does mend some demeanor demeanor yeah it was really. It was really down. Trying to him get probably trying to get us excited or get as angry you know two night show or two. But you know want. We have to look at when the people when those people arrived on our shore they had the same demeanor. It was a ball what they were going again. And what they were gonna take. That was done demeanor from the begin and anyways. But there are some good people -- there are good people out there. And that understand. All the fights all the they understand a lot more than a lot of people that went to college and became these monsters. As I looked at it you know. But today. Today we look back at what we said what was said to -- court. Was that we have this -- role. And we told them the story about the to roll what does that represent. It was up. A piece that was recognized by double the blood sport parties. And we respected that. And what I said in court on record was that it is very hard for others. To. Remain peaceful. But when they come in with a familiar territory exact right isn't weaponry the way they did and I mean it -- that I thought peaceful act. No it is not an image is very hard for us to maintain this piece. That. Aren't our whole relationship is built on. While our our our whole existence beyond a related we're peaceful people. I mean and and it's spite of at times our history where were peace with broken even among their own people we always were we we always come back to -- the peace because that's that's our nature. Unfortunately. That's not the nature of. Of some other people from other parts of the world. -- all -- -- assesses the best. He says that the best. And the way he says it is still way to we're we hope to be recognized. Through our own tongue. When young -- Congo who won't know where. Yacht docked all the -- it. We need to think about the hall. We have our own language and how it's so important that we maintain our language. And every revive it because it was part of that's part of that -- that has been removed from our malts. Our own tongue was taken all. By the act. Of the Christian discovery. And that's what this is a ball. That's a -- everything that we have. But we talked before we. Before the show. And the I hear a lot of people in different native cultures referred to. Our original instructions. And and and and that you're you -- suggesting. That this this. When you look you break down on -- -- and explain that again. Well you know the thing is that. You know everybody talked. Original instructions in so long as those somebody. From openness flyers something crises. Ideas and thoughts on to us now. Creation. Provided. All life. And that he did -- a part of creation provider on that thing you need in order to lose their life. And now and it -- that the name creation has -- everything around you is there to help you. To -- crucial you and that and a -- Ireland which always based upon all that he natural. And that and that's where I would say this whole year. So yeah and it doesn't just mean natural. -- shared I bet. You're gonna go that direction. And net and nature has its direction and the flow Agile flow and that and and everything just to survive. Will go with that flow and that it's like a river is no rule -- water flows one away. And if you flow -- longer you will go along way and you in an effortless. But if you tried to swim against bell river. It's not going to be long you gonna get hired and you gonna drawn. So that's why the people I was -- years. Cool in that direction with creation. And you will survive a long time. But if you don't. You know and last for loan and that and that's why event what we say and blow me away. Do tool glow in that natural way of Harlow we were created. And that as a part of creation. And that. To be a real problem let me to be a real human being. And that and Google with how nature. Prescribed things to be an because nature will be needed to help you. And that. It -- as well the only way that you would always go that way. And that you always before ever to follow that which is natural which you write which is good and that because the thing is. We always have this problem isn't woo -- we comparable. Us. I should blow us. And when people talk about it no matter what they -- -- that think they're always comparable to that. The idea who should reject. Is that there are faces in the ground. That we're never gonna see them but there are there any time they will appear. And that we have that responsibility. To how to protect. Their birth right there we have to protect that -- that creation prescribed. They would have just because somebody did for us. Not just humans in deference but the animal world the medicines that my late husband hoopla about those bases in the -- and are not just human you know it's. I'll look on what that -- last weekend there's. A whole lot of life there. Hey -- we have we if you break your but I want to have more on its gonna be the important and it and it -- -- to grow again. So we're gonna we're gonna take a break we're -- -- back to a is John -- let's talk native -- back. You'll be glad you took the time to stop and say that the your quick smoke shop on the counter August territory of the Seneca nation. Great miracle Wanda -- report 38. Speaker of -- smoke shop is a full service convenience store and gas station providing discount tobacco products gas diesel and propane. The convenience stores open from 6 AM to 10 PM daily but the gas pumps and pump house are open 24 hours seven days a week. -- -- smoke shop -- -- -- the let's talk native with John King show on KV 1520. Size does matter the policing their tobacco accessory shop proves it with the largest selection of unique to. -- -- and hand blown glass pieces of Western New York. From -- to wood to metal they got all the finest pipes as well as who -- tapestries. Wild very incense sticks nag Champa sensing incense candles and so much more did he get the naughty side of the -- -- with great bachelorette party gift some more. The policing their tobacco accessory shop in the building formerly known as -- racing. Behind the red smoke shop on Bloomingdale's in the tunnel under syndicate territory. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Or from Buffalo, New York in the historical homeland from the senators. Let's talk negative rides on the power PS3 and fifteen when he's -- -- and ups and down please go some turtle island. Join the discussion on -- gone -- -- your host John -- All right take -- back got. Again as I got into -- good job that don't go to games. But but again -- as you're talking about com. Again -- -- way you're talking about. That path and and and that that flow of nature. That ties directly back to. To the way I understand the way it's been explained to me not just by you but others about. About what that tool role. You know we we get lulled into the sense that the -- role was this one up on belt put together. Op for the first time for the Dutch and an -- to explain our relation with the -- the other way I understood it is that that metaphor. Of of the of that flow that we're on that path that they creation provided for us and that mutual respect we have for the other pats and and the pat. Of of creation for everything else. That's what is is being incorporated in neck in neck concept but when when it came to to the not if you wanted to the doctrine the white men rookie year. The they didn't have a path. They didn't have a path not on turtle island and so we had do we changed up that metaphor and it turned candidate into the vessel into that day while I knew -- to. Ship in the beginning and a beginning our people. And that. Would all our Brothers it's just there's on this land as as -- in the morning. And and assault of all of our relations and that. We had this we've had this agreement with each other. Which. And on a covenant that god had this covenant among all of our peoples. That we would always drive to try to keep the peace and and you know and our ancestors put together formula. In which to help us to. A wrong to resolve. What -- issues. And actually that we wouldn't have to spend each other's blood. And -- and that we would happen and I think it took a lot of work it was a something a form that made it easy. But it was the forum is that would help to make it work. That's too because nothing nothing comes easy you'll have to work at it and it doesn't happen over -- they don't I'm a major topic is a constant you know it's just -- -- like to -- regarding you don't put geoghan. And -- and -- many political backers are harvesting. It takes a long and the got -- yield from. And now and you know and it seems -- -- -- and I -- -- -- its own way means forever. And that that we would we would always be I -- creation intended if we worked and went with creation. And that and that. We would have a forever. To do it that way but if we don't. Just like we could only have to look around us today. And a went you know damn digging up a London you want to fracking that blood and oil rigs one take everything out of our mother did killing a mother and in the process. There are killing the future generations. And there may get the ones that are here today very sick. And and no we got so many known diseases. And that and then you on that thing is that they're more concerned with digging more oil. Then coming up with the purist sort of -- what that's and property and that is there's no preventative medicine put in place to prevent abuses and everything it -- On and on and on and Dave Connolly to capitalize -- everything it callable capital that's because there's money and his yes it's all capital you know make -- more money and to them the more money means more power. And out and let the thing is that. You -- -- front -- -- or a kid's autograph on the program that posted that you came in and you came in bear. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- You struggled -- one and only I know. It might -- -- yeah. -- in Afghanistan and -- let you know but the thing is that on you know. Where you know we're being we're being forced. And we're being brainwashed. To think to a tool have a kind of mind all all the -- revolves around the creation of man. Everything is a creation of man -- and everything is. -- Sort of respected that it's given tool you know -- being everything like a war created EU created -- all that comes up. And for us -- -- -- -- always it's always gotten huge don't sit. Always our mother Alice game it's always a mother -- would we come from a mother goes Frazier is going to be meet the ground. Whether they're human faces animals birds insects everything. All -- those who are there. Is in our mother. If they're not in this. There in our mother and I are gonna come -- of our mother but that's -- influence of of the church of christianity being excited and turned it everybody's mind towards. You towards. A 82 or to god that led up to steal our children. And that and dual -- think that they go audit them. I'm glad to put this man made. Faith. Faith in in their heads an act and and it's so hard. To think that back -- to get back to learn -- from the original conversation. When you when you look it. At their faith. It is is based on the the subduing the earth concrete is that it demands job. To conquer the earth not to leave in harmony with it with an -- in that it's all about subjugation of of the planet and and and again but because they're created based on. Everlasting life and haven't. What big dude this planet is is almost just a trial for them and that's the that's the believe they have and that's part of the problem is that when we talk about that will rule. Which in our language we -- dale Hogg. It means. Two. That you know all that but -- the reality that many patents. Okay that it did the path of the human -- there's a path of the birds and when it happened welcome back to it is the word for for two when we the way I understand and use it when news Moscow. Is -- -- but deck and he doesn't need to it just means the others so when you're in the stadium by the you're saying we want pat and and the other yes they are no hard. I had the opportunity to alarm window when non judge -- way to run up in the trial. He talked a little bit too. Look Lisa -- symbols. So. I'm looking. -- Doug McIlroy upon him upon his bench. And in over his head is -- big eagle. In in one town he's holder and olive branch in India there he's -- and it thirteen arrows. So. He on what he did was he took -- break and I said commences now places but I have a word -- you. And I took the -- role. And I walked up to him and I and and and the two year old. And I said the principles. In this to -- is peace pollen rate just issues -- three the three way lines. Represents peace -- wrecked his -- three eagle feathers on a Mohawk was still up. The gun out but Honda is. Peace Pollard righteousness. That's a three era to three father son of a stolen. Analysis. Up there that's simply you have over your head up there on the wall. Is this very same principles that are within a two year old. I says you have under one side -- olive branch of peace. You have one the other side. Perils of power and you have the eagle. The righteousness as righteousness. Places now that your two year old now I have. Token this to roll that represents. Two people two bodies to glance to two different government so I says however you want to use it. It represents. You. And me. And there's not been longer or higher were equal. That's for you to govern you and your people that came in the ship. This is for me in my people of this land after -- now. I told this to judge -- void you know and in just -- months months. May be weeks before this trial started they had disarm. You know I hear you talk a lot of on the show what the two -- come renewal campaign you have where it took -- -- -- took the canoes down the Hudson Eric to grow campaign. And and the marshalls that were there listening to -- talking to judge mark and -- says yup I remember. That can rape by year. Then the -- row so. If this was on a Friday morning. And he adjourned. That day. And that following Monday. He came back with this. Paper with the two -- With the whole explanation. And it -- -- it was very it was very nice you know and it was play very uplifting for me that he took. In his mind what do -- say Islam that -- boy has some experience we've. I know I've noticed extricate itself though it didn't back -- -- to -- but we were gonna take a break here but we're gonna -- economic and and his wife the music playing you know. No and we'll talk about more in this in the second -- that's that's the beauty of a few hours ago. So. I also got -- we hill who Lee Daniels gonna join it was -- talking about the event coming up. On the floor what you gonna do it right after the break so again is John gave full studio we don't coming up on line. And now older back. Buffalo's home when my number one brand in world wide sports. -- 15:20 AM WW KB buffalo on ESPN 1520.

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