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Let's Talk Native 12/29/13 Hour 2

Jan 2, 2014|

Let's Talk Native Hour 2

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Let's talk native -- John King is produced every week in association with the iroquois promotions -- a boy promotions is a native company located on the catalog -- territory of the Seneca nation. -- a boy promotions brings a combined fifteen years of emotional experience in professional and amateur sporting events and entertainment. Iroquois promotions provides prominent native speakers for lectures cultural events media and educational institutions. Pass defense include professional boxing fantasy football events tournaments -- showcase and more. Iroquois promotions also promote self sustaining an environmental friendly projects through our international network for your next entertainment athletic or cultural event. Be sure to contact iroquois promotions at 71653. To 4449. That's 71653. To 44494. Iroquois promotions. Yeah. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- We're talking more about the the -- -- first night you have the Daniel on the unlike you could. I mean in the studio but you heard -- a big crowd here I think Shuster do you guys so. We edit it there. There -- there but to put the cats don't. You know so and then next time you haven't make it and in this crowd is around. You know. They'll they'll be again you you'll you you you put these guys in the place that at a let's. -- -- -- -- -- -- It's it's amazing team here the commonalities that we have in and we're trying to do to try to get across. I really appreciate your your definition of what college. And it really makes me feel -- you know the movement that. I'm participating in the -- in production while solid again -- are very there's not situation radio late night and again I'm just -- I'm William mind to be private conversations. Thanks. I had a -- you're always welcome to join us here and you're certainly welcome the call and -- I know that you're working with the guys trying to crank out the at the tour rule law to -- times that today hope I hope Tom and I yourself there. Getting it done I know it's it's been tough because. And these these of American and Canadian Christian holidays kind of disrupt the full of everything that we do in. And you know -- It isn't so much that it's a slow news day or slowed Newsweek there's a lot of stuff to talk about them it's just that everybody gets caught up into. In two of the system outside of our territories it's the very thing that we are talking about year. So hopefully guys a bang and out down for those who were listening to show and who and you get there at the paper each week. I have not gotten it out here on the and the Western New York cited -- out our what's on the for this this past week or this week because of you limited circulation because of these these qualities so -- The the paper still available online for those who are listening you check out. To a times dot com. And you can still catch the paper I'm still writing a column between Cairo last week it talked about the Pope as a matter fact in this week. I my column is about against them or come -- and -- Minnesota the executions than. And and a few other things so. That the -- thought there and we are -- -- an issue coming out this week so. I know that your up their work with those guys help in the -- something out. And well Valero are collaborating with bullets need to maintain its siege. I -- around -- he -- some other tips all that we that there attitudes about things and reform of Mexican Koch has become a lot quicker. They wouldn't lead and the that they have purposely we do. We we need to do -- equipment less active. I know -- -- at the palm last year there was a an event -- the peace bridge and know that Matt and I were there oh we caught up with with some of the folks that were involved in it which was. Essentially a convergence of of the native and non native people coming from the fort -- side of the keys -- as -- from the buffalo side of the fees -- Converging. At the at that at the top of the bridge. And another that is planned this year explained to me 01 off it it it's on Saturday the forthright. Say January in the sport and we are actually -- callable for people and speakers are able to -- the event. My having gathering afterward -- seventy to buffalo road to shared our concerns that's on the for your side. Yet at the players -- inside that there will be at oh. Sides of the border. As it was last year and we are going to again see. Trying to get that message across that -- has been a year that we would like to see progress and the fact that there hasn't really been -- and environmental degradation injury slowed down and actually had an actuality the pipeline is is actually pending. Well no let's back up for a little bit resolved last year was -- what kind of in collaboration with a lot of the the -- more movement in general. It was a it was addressing environmental. Degradation. The the keystone XL pipeline the tar sands -- the destruction of the -- forest and a lot of other. -- a lot of the of the omnibus bill on the Canadian side which was. Wood which was not only loosening up access to mineral traction in in in our territories but it but also. Making it much easier to contaminate water ways that we removed a lot of low water protections there was a lot of things so there was a lot of going on. Last year how has the -- the message for this event changed and is it is at the same message. I had that added hasn't been altered explain to me. What -- what the main gist of the demonstrations about. On the -- Again that the payment content streaming points early and that he would come to agreement on in manner in our group organizing the event this year. And the biggest ones. I think and diet it's been a year you know and to all of things that you could at least in four and the progression and. The covertly in progress there is asking because it's still I'm looking into the waterways. I'm about bill. Things are still not. We did not communication going -- to meetings that are the preservation and the concern for the ram. It's not boys who were hurt but it seems like -- it would have brushed it aside like it didn't really mean anything. So again we're having this event in honor last year and remind the government and the people you know our voice mattered. And it is our our righty and the responsibilities for their faces and calm on the -- To stand up and be that -- for them. Is that we ought to then go to clinical with the corporate country they're gonna go and just tried to get their dollar and me and he is that they see it. And it is our responsibility. To remind them that we're not going anywhere -- voices loud and clear action and the in the academic and reunited. Well not that at a -- of the you know -- clear now. First off this is not a blockade of the of the bridge this is a and it's not any. Again it's more of a demonstration. You are you've actually coordinated this with with the with the -- authorities so big and they know we're showing up so that we got to worry about going there getting arrested. It is really about about standing up to be seen and to be heard. Now. I think that. Part of I I disagree with the it to some extent. I don't I'm not suggesting for a second that we slowed down and any of the environmental degradation. But I think we have -- consciousness then. You know -- I think people anticipated the animal more movement was gonna Grohl coming out of January and into the spring. And because it didn't grow the way people anticipated. It it worried some people that did that the push was over but I think in many ways the fact that there's that being becoming a bit of inner researchers I know. They're still planning on doing a whole lot of demonstrations in places like the ball America even though. The Mall of America and in in Minneapolis is suggesting that that they're going to. Try to stop them from doing this that they're gonna -- would anyway I noted in Edmonton and a few other places that there's there's still. A strong effort and of course. Looking at even this year. When you look at what took place up in of the Pope Hogan and the battle that goes the big -- were going through with with SW and then. The exploration and investigation for Hydro fracking. I think I think that I think there has been some some gains I think you know for me. And then and I was talking with wood wood -- On the way in. Be a part of it it's -- managing our expectations. You know it is a it's a huge hill to climb to educate people and not just the non native people are all people need education and I think some -- RO people who have been. Have you know kind of drank the Kool Aid and area and there and they bought into a lot of the system and so. Trying to -- her -- people who say look. We don't have to deprive ourselves. We just have to us remember who we are we we need to we need to have there's the better stronger sense for our our our identity and I think. -- you know what what I see out of coming together on the fourth at the at the peace bridge. Use is showing a certain. Unity I guess -- showing a certain coming together of people from now a different territories but in in. On either side of that imaginary line or -- the non imagined -- Coming together and and showing. Not always immunity but -- one voice and and and a demonstration that that we are going away and in spite of they're not being an ever increasing ratcheting up of of rhetoric and and demonstrations from the I don't know more movement. That that we would -- we're still we're still in the fight. I couldn't agree Timor after the show I can mean anything more that I often. I think it's growing at something bigger than they -- it out and I think that's. After the -- with -- -- -- movement grassroots movement is back to -- it's all because the people to begin now at. And it turned into would be needed to be and that's the power of evolution. Well let let's let's let's go out on the times again. So this is taking place again on a Saturday the fourth. They're -- at the meeting on the fort -- side where. And it is -- I'm -- of the -- and made -- -- for Mary McKenna what time. And that is Bob is an eleven I feel -- -- -- -- -- we become and and you'll be in setting up for the event there and we will be. Gathering in rallying at twelve. There will be speakers -- preventing and -- and he -- public speaking out of this speaking with a good mind and frankly it's a peaceful rally. And on the American side. They got will be at the -- avenue. Pedestrian entrance. You know you meet the -- -- -- is this -- And then the native thing. -- -- citizenship -- He had -- out -- which you obviously you're the Ruble mocked here who take exception to Canadian American. Designation so. Again on the floor here is I think it is that the leaders are. And though on the -- side is the it is going to be -- the -- the have pedestrian bridge area. And that's and and yet people are gonna start to gather at eleven week it was kind of a coming together specifically at noon and at and it'll be sometime after that. That the -- -- of -- under the bridge. I was but -- to get it clear no lag and a veteran B chip in -- I think Roger's. Ignored it and I'll side you know at that -- -- eight XX and west is well I don't know. Month month lest they zealots they usually the other way nor do you with -- the network the river turns in on the results of the America imaginary line you would think to -- and on top of that yeah. We are western dark -- this is the -- mark this is -- the Niagara river and answer you guys are getting confused here. It's -- that's. Oh yeah. I got unedited you're gonna try to major regular pitchers this year on on the show and the -- this look forward to it and and again it. I had a bigger crowd here. Without just so I'm glad that you called -- we got a big enough crowd here to block the average. Yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah. -- Well I I do plan to make it out there I now see wealth like in you know a male drag on some grandkids or something I don't know that I do plan plan to join you guys out there and will. With -- happened that I hope there's a -- turn now I encourage people to participate with us. It is about giving a statement and it's about standing. You know again my good friend -- homeowner -- added that. The native people are the are the most foul line of defense actually even I think even Noam Chomsky it was saying the same thing they need if people represent. The line of defense for them for the planet and and I think anybody -- really concerned about. About the environment is concerned about. You know the the direction that this capitalism has taken all of us on this road right that it signals on. Then that then they can I gain from a standing -- on on Saturday. I think that threat media make up and they appreciate it if you don't Miley you want to call for people who are weird hat and attaining. Hacking hackers as anybody in the senior committing like an account -- Obama -- hopefully if you can't. Make it the event and you really like to have a -- Asian age and the along with somebody ardent activists. Glad I think an email little fired. You're and I and a pop a dot com or. Conduct leaders ask -- about com. KR LD OCK. As he ADR at Hotmail dot com. Cash and FaceBook ever -- but my FaceBook group page I've got. A link to to the event page that you have for this event and and they can and -- and post a -- you want to item a FaceBook group page if you can find that -- while. Thanks appreciate it I think -- and will we'll see you next week. Our right is John Jane is let's talk native or take a break and we're gonna come back and get back on that does this subject that we left office. The at the end of the first hour -- your back thanks. Get rid of -- -- and save a lot when you stop it now -- smoke shop and gas station on the Allegheny Indian reservation on broad street in Salamanca. Right off of interstate 86 and eight to twenty. 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Ask about their smokeless line with starter kit starting at 35 dollars sign up for the new -- -- club card for additional storewide savings Mike he's emporium. Just five minutes makes it 5820. In -- being open seven days a week from seven to eleven. Like the Mike he's emporium group page on FaceBook for notification but events and specials. Call 7165497888. Or go online and Mike he's emporium. Join the discussion on let's start -- your host John McCain. Five days back I -- to get back -- before the involved in -- you're talking about that the two year old. And and and and I was. I was suggesting that there was -- a distinction made between. How we regionally utilize that the hot day. Verses. The way. We we kind of changed up the metaphor. When when non native people and why -- want to elaborate. Well you know the thing is that we always struggle or ignored it that's what everybody knows this turtle island. And that -- is spite of all of that are. Assumptions and other theories about it's. Emigrating from someplace -- which is not true we've always been here. And that and at these. From the beginning of time -- footprints have been in to land. And that whether it's human footprint -- dear lord it's a rabbit source world. If it appliance as they move the ball to land in six. Everything has a hat is everybody -- every one of -- natural things of this plan as an imprint in this land. And that and there's no denying it I don't care of this. Prosecutor. Mr. -- their real name is. -- than he does Taylor commanders and Maceda uses him as us he's not we are who we are. And did you is this is our mother here and act and are -- vocal cord is connected to a mother here. Every Emmys every living creature from this side of the the land. It to all year that's why we JD -- day. And that that there is more than one path and that we all of these different lives in beings have traveled this land. So all of us are imprint is here we all have footprint here that's -- -- about -- made by your footprint it's evident that. Someone or something that's -- But when it when I came here. Because our work always was -- lord's peace and harmony and following the examples of creation is why we say. The women are as our mother. Are grandfathered of wind offenders are cousins the waters everything -- family. We all have well. Different all responsibilities to all our lives and we have the role models to show us this -- why creation to us is a family. And will we in this way we worked so hard to defund. The family. Two -- that I will survive. But when -- European came here. We extend it is peace. Which kept them you can you can be here. But -- but the thing is that. We need to have this agreement that we could live side by side we could have peace between us. And but that the remember that this is -- home visit our mother. Did you how old mother taught us did you what we have to live by and we extend it to he would that you can live by this. And that and additional ways to be an army -- and friendship with the -- that to respect one another this is what we offered to you. Do you accept that you couldn't that this is something that you could live with. But it said yes -- okay. And the thing is that we won't tell you that you can speak your language we will tell you that you can I have your religious services we won't you'd. You can have your culture we won't -- -- things. Always should you. You keep the peace work with others. You know who led to what would that be peaceful respectful. And that we'll we will help you whenever you need help will help you. But sometimes we -- in the heart and soul who would you be willing to help and we could teach each other. And we could have we could go to life. Because the maple tree doesn't on the pine tree how to beat. -- trees of the forest. Actually be the guy that is way. But what we will do is we will show. That we will travel together. Truly an equal. But because you'll who have no history and -- learn. We will use two vessels. The -- which is what we use to traveled. To travel the rivers you know UK media ownership. And we have to use the water. As we travel together because when no we're noble prizes that's curiously. That you're coming here with a double. And when that ball what goes underwater. Only immediately have to do you keep a -- behind -- -- -- -- -- middleweight and a and an out of -- it's gone. You have no history here you know -- you have no pat that's what we have to use the water. And -- why do people always say Omar -- The white man. Doctor William and ruptured. A lot of people committed to reject all I mean she had no right here he had in the law that's not what he means. He got W on the -- he had hoped that he would. But he can travel he can travel the -- with -- side by side we will open. Will be glued to him. To what deal on debt. And act and and that these people have to remember. And we had -- 100000. Years before any European landed here. It came at the beginning of creation. And our first covenant was with the creation. It wasn't made with another human being it was mainly creation it was more. To the rest of the natural fan of creation that's what this is callable and good thing it. After everything. As if Americans or Canadians -- people the world actually started to learn the true. Of what history. Has happened. And a little over 500 years. And that. You would ask yourself how comedies. People -- -- -- A ball. Because it's necessary if we wished is terrible life. That we wish to -- on. And parents tell us. It's just the ones around us -- -- -- And so we have to continue to work. To teach you to try to assure you that there are rule for white roots. And you can -- little or what -- anybody. And I thought occurred in colonies under the tree. The symbol of the UP space under 450. Years one out of -- -- how we weeks. We understood these these when people like children yet who didn't know either way the threat and and and that that also news in Austin to comes from the language yeah. Jim because we we encourage them not to bring. That. That way that they would living. Because we know when they hear dealer raggedy shake while they're trying to escape or is that I think if they didn't come here -- they would have they would have died. Because they cut every tree in Europe. It polluted every river every waterway. Big obstacle and of course we didn't know that we inaudible what they showed appear at the evidence. What part of our nightly news you know I you managers speaking of I think of was reading the ever report that day and whatever -- -- he wanted to the passages in that report says. That when we shared our land with them. We had no idea what he would do we had no idea that they would destroy the in this 1920s in 1920. -- wherever saying they had no idea. Whitman when they shared their -- with -- us they had no idea that we would destroy the team that we destroy the land. And and the end is so he was making the case for why. Yeah. Now why we had us we still maintains that the strong stake in Atlanta because and I would never ever that was a New York State. Politician who was saying that in 1920. As a senator -- we also we also look at. That. And dead. Indian people didn't make weapons of mass destruction. It was still it was -- -- native that did that it wouldn't we always called upon creation. To do these things. And that's how we had won this with creation of the first weapons and we tuchman the first hour but one of the first. Major purchases. Of the United States the first major person purchased that weapon of mass destruction. Was not -- if the very gun at the use the Gatling guns mode now most people. Underneath 120 years ago in. It would probably look at that you know we look at the mass destruction. The bombs that they made you know for mass destruction. Oval race. And he brought what they buck. Was the variant of very christianity. To work as a tool. To destroy a race -- sit there because the state newspaper before they do to cause genocide. In this land. Raid -- noses. Again under our noses there's a new irony annual in our own people suppress. Ourselves. And that's what I sent a ball above this on prosecutor. He probably comes from Milan. Then he used to have. You know all Canadians won't care that he escaped and came to our freedom a land of freedom so he can exercise. That suppress. On -- suppressed people so what better. Would it be for it and you press your approach -- -- that you've -- a weapon of mass destruction from another country. There's an irony that I always that that keeps eating -- me is. The United States drop nuclear bombs on in Japan and not Japan with -- -- if you. Power -- it is absolutely going you know going the wrong way. Slowly dollar appreciation is making it in the West Coast I mean I'm not saying it I'm not suggesting it is that it's justice. But there's an irony in the fact that the United States is now. -- and our lands are going to be contaminated. By this nuclear. -- from from the destruction of the nuclear power plant after all of this but we take a break and we come back I've got a blast from the past is gonna join us here. On the telephone so I'm hoping my cholera stand -- surprise you guys when. We come back from break this John -- let's talk -- we're back. Looking for great savings on tobacco products and gas just stop at the crossroads crossroads smoke shop is located right in the heart of the catalog its territory of the Seneca nation. 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Gold left on 77 left on morning -- and look for the two authentic PP's let's talk. Native with John McCain is the only native radio talk show in western new York and may actually be the only radio show of its kind anywhere. Shows can be heard live series Sunday night on TV fifteen queries powerhouse 50000 plus signals and online. A live web streaming archive shows can be accessed at KV 1520 dot com. And on John McCain's native tried blogs have less -- native tribes dot Blogspot dot com. Join the let's -- negative would John -- FaceBook groups page. -- you'll find links announcement someplace to offer comments and suggestions thanks for coming back to let's talk native of Beaumont is open for. You're 71601520. Years let's talk -- John McCain. All right days -- back look I've got a blast in the vast usage is a regular basis who have -- -- while low. Sugar -- tour what's happening. You do it. Well -- I know here. You know but it's been a while you're there have been a lot of this is going on in darker -- -- You know it's sometimes hard for those who are business people the gutter ball it clouded your resume discussions let them. There I think that it's been here. Who does a lot of hope in the so a lot of hope those -- people who work you're trying to bring those you know those arrows were also -- -- -- Well well so over on the territories so where you'll places that we're able to grow. Why aren't some things better and treated it and we call ourselves together also might not only -- bring their numbers. And the military force but also straight and economics. And to go back to the pin -- You know what I think I'm really resonated well but what about -- -- articles for what else surprised that you're from them to give it for such a -- Is that the people. Of the Mohawk territory. The clan mothers. So -- in no way to bring economics the community. Then. To go through. The people and the people aren't a lot now. The people are the basis to agree hundred ought to agree lot. And I think you know I didn't hit it good for you have representatives from whom who have. All that they're willing to put their lives on the line. Not always right. Standing up you know I'm on the benefits -- -- the military court but also. On the Condit -- -- Milosevic family and I think it's important. When -- com. To being brought into the court system of the United States. By force. That you have to fight yet to stand your ground. And I think that's really important to note that when the people. When the people are being caught -- a system. And that system with a lot. No matter what the federal government so no matter what the tribal console so that our system has never stop. Knew what it wants. Representative. Of the people. While at the -- that happened in and Roger you can weigh in on this but. One of things that happened was they knew they couldn't separate. You know common rider from the log house so they actually they actually essentially put the long -- on trial which was a big mistake they actually tried to. You know -- Roger you you're saying that the they were actually trying to challenge the challenge the veracity. And the integrity of the long lost by. But I get trying to hold it up holding up a mere two it is saying what do you have this in do you have that. And -- it talked about how about that yeah of course. You know we we brought down. You attorney Dan -- -- as a witness for us and nominee get a real good job Holden is grown on. On what he felt was right. Now all we look at what he said. You know he talked a ball. His opinion and he stood by his opinion and the next thing was. Was that he talked about the tribal when he talked about the long -- that they were working together in a time before at a casino. In -- -- honestly was even. Bill so they work closely in hand in hand to burn it to come to light their -- -- -- and so what happened. Was he basically said that the long holes was a working government then and -- off the prosecutor says. But do they have a police force. And I looked -- might turn this scenario play that you just say that. You know. -- Scalia did you know -- I get -- is. Is -- biggest force that we call upon whenever we're in need so. That's that was basically I didn't get the opportunity to. To challenge her on that because. It was just her strike in -- But you know the thing is up from the earliest of times when when the non native people witnessed the -- usually one of the first things that they said his book. Here -- people. That don't require kings and queens they don't -- require. You armed a standing army they don't really require judges and courts that don't require. Prisons in and police officers they may that it audited and yet. Look at how well organized look at look at how they govern themselves this was ended an absolute astonishment to the white man. So to have this Eric didn't prosecutor. You know raise these questions like is if somehow in the absence of these authoritarian figures that their entire system is based on. This might makes right. Based system that that that they're based on to suggest that because we we have reached a level of humanity that goes beyond that. That that somehow they can even understand how many just kind of show you the weakness of their own minds. And it's amazing I -- One also -- here is that and probably particularly as the explained that you don't -- -- power -- -- an article -- I'll bet you that the people. In -- we have a lot of communities and their territories that are only covered by it. So called tribal councils are you know -- rip Purdue. You know what else that's not by yarder to go. When it comes down to a the article is what you guys stood up. In the end an inlet to uncertain and I look at it wasn't necessarily a win -- was a lot where the federal government. But you guys stood an ugly article and no orders solve that there was a difference to me that he -- And the Tribal Council. While what I call is I I think you guys you guys prevent that a crime. You you guys again. You guys prevented a crime from happening then that crime was being committed by the by the federal government. But they were trying to do was to was to commit a crime against our people. They're trying to commit a crime on our territories. They're trying to commit a crime against you as individuals. So what you did was you you stop. You your interfered in their commission of a crime. But the fact that they attempted is still a crime and that's why I always stopped short of saying that it was a victory. Because I think you guys stop them from completing their their attempt. -- attempt was still a crime -- our guys feel you guys were still locked up you still had to go through that stuff and they haven't. No nobody there's been no. Reconciliation of that yet. It should a time we were told growing up -- those that. You know that. For us. -- we always have to stay on the true. And and the truth and -- it was you know. The truth will prevail and that but our case the truth does prevail. Because these prosecutors trying to create an illusion of a crime being committed and there was no crime. And that at Fallujah was built on lies. And it off. And who contaminate the minds of people and -- that the is that the Jewelers. -- that true. A day went with the truth is -- to the prosecutors say. Drop this evening people you don't have any prisoners -- bothered him and that exert. The federal government. They've lost. And I would go back to -- little mention about. About. That those arrows that a -- together. And that and that it doesn't have to do with. Like weapons to for like an army or anything but he was talking about. Dubbed bonding of people and -- working together. And act and that these are people always word and in business and and a business one that is where date date they -- seeking to capitalize. On a business wise. How to strengthen each other because it and all -- a word. If they know -- word in our language and that we today. Go that they'll want god to. It means that we will we will give to each other. It didn't mean. It and say we're gonna sell you something. August at -- gonna give you a you're gonna give to what David what did you trade it would it wasn't giving. Because you'll need it this. And until we give me a -- And we need and so it -- -- Should we could have a good life all of us would probably would light. And that it -- and so we should edit in outrage we erred in quality. That's what we I would say that the let god do we will give to each other. And so. You know I did -- -- always I'm saying we have to keep going back to lately because the language is gonna tell you -- double. What was in the mind of our ancestors what it was. That -- passed on to us that would always be sure that we would survive and always encourage us to work together. Always to be -- harmed you with each other. To pay and to take away from each other and exploited I mean if it was -- if if the people here live Barbara cultural put him. Those first ones and she would've got kicked off. You know we went we went and gauntlet let them gather anything -- that's true why and I think this gets back to a little bit where you're alluded to earlier Rogers. It was a -- the reason. That this venture would even begun. With because. Upper -- he has deep. And it's all too often. You saw. They're being lines being drawn in the sand about who could benefit from that game and and I know this wasn't just about funding the long -- this is about the long house trying to create. A better safety net and a and a better vehicle to help the people who are not being served by. By what was going on there so I'm the and I know that I I I had these conversations we've we've met and and I know what the intention was. For three feathers and -- For whatever the long houses got engaged it. It's been about trying to. And not to enter -- tried to say okay we'll. These people aren't gonna be -- so we're all only gonna help these people you guys have stepped up in that community and I I -- in in meetings with you guys went. While -- when the the representatives from the the the bank also said. -- we think it's it's there's something really wrong when summary of the problem at the board is that even though they carry a bank card to call you guys. And I remember stepping up and that and that BBS's. No doubt that there it makes perfect sense to 22 us. We understand why somebody calls this calls. The mayor of Logan wants us there. Is because you guys are part of that system. How do you represent somebody's concern against the Canadian border services when you guys are Canada how do you know. Represent the concerns of the US -- -- when you aren't the US or in the case of the other along house. If you if you don't have men that are willing to step up and he'll have produced gonna get. Then did we gonna call. And I mean -- that conversation you know John. Our -- before -- I wondered directive because. A group of people go up most critical question and that -- onto carts there's a membership the smog these days just not possible. The benefits of being a member of but but don't. -- Whatever nation that followed by an article that they want to every single individual. And and going -- article Colbert all of those people. And all of those people they have to have represented. Them but what you guys have -- who represented the people. In the way that they needed to be represented at the college prepared console the -- -- He given the record that would administrators that's all they are. And how good they -- -- I don't. And I have been good administrators. But you're at that that's that's that's not our business our business is represented the people administratively to what the people last. You know we never asked for free right. We have never asked for free right any time. -- Our young people I yeah I mean I got up semis last on the -- and radio you know last week W was and I talked a ball. -- I had to go way to work on iron and -- did your father maybe you. But we had to go away to work to get insurance so that we could get those services -- long most people that are children we're gained. Service. -- player insurance that we got from wire work and now. The federal government intruder and BIA. You know they they cut on health services. For Indian. Forty Indians on reservations. That's just put it like that and when those services are denied to Indians. Because they do not. Fit of a criteria cardinal have a number. A recognition. -- number or something like that pledge it made an event did get denied services. And rate and all. It was it's upsetting to me to hear that. My son is being denied services. At the clinic at down at the dental now see again. I have to goal and I have to stand up. To. Issue and and this is a reason why we are who we are and this is why we stand up for those that need help. To take on. Because maybe they don't have it in them to fight. Foreigner right or to fight it. For what's right. While Clinton and that's kind of what you guys why exactly developed the -- you know the program an effort because we didn't want a free ride and -- wanted to pay our share. To help our people. So that they didn't have to conform. To some that's foreign. To who we are and the irony is some of the very they're very. People who denied those services through -- two children but the ones who were we're over first and foremost trying to show you know. We have I -- a six year old grandson. On -- tell you it's sad that he went to play. Lacrosse. We've always friends. In when he got to the gate it was a little way woman there. Would have national board nor pat and she was taken down band number and travel numbers in migrants sundin have one. And she says I'm sorry but you can't come you can't play here. And he had his lacrosse equipment all along is pro prospect six years old. In he's denied to play with his friends from school because they all have been -- formed. Sad that the whole another show and we need to talk what day it is sad and now it is enough to make a grandfather. So angry that somebody's head's gonna come off. I hear you but we get a break and never come back for our final carpet alert was it would bring -- the political argument. -- the reverse course and I I absolutely. Want to popular. Full backing of a lot out. In a pedestrian Mohawk territory we only sell directly to the long talks. And the while most distributes products that community there and I believe a 100%. That's. And that he that we need to he'd be calling -- the accident business people we support them as business people. We need to give them all our support because yeah. That's going to be the end of the year in the US standing and your record as it is here -- -- -- -- few. I'll leave it usable. And that's going to be here to supporters all the way through whatever it is. Born into court system -- thought -- although there will only hit right there at gunpoint. But when you -- We can call on a log house people. The supporter and as business people and business people that are listening. You need to realize that those Tribal -- system. They have not stood up for Marco you go to -- -- that -- open this. This particular. Last election there would not testify against. Our own people. They get a good poker put but the reality -- -- -- -- system is the system that is -- support our people and our record I'm. By and monitoring that and my final were gonna go to break yours. Whether you guys were acquitted or not. -- it doesn't matter. Because the as we talk about truth prevailing I went through its went through my own circumstances and when all said and done and Annan opulent one of the room but when all said and done. Truth prevail and that and that and most people who would do would do would try to use the outside law against against their own people. They ended up. On the shorted the stick it doesn't matter you know whether year where you're convicted in their system or not the back to you guys were quick it was a good thing and and I'm I'm really glad glad you stood up. Because not oftentimes when you when you stand up you still you you're still gonna have to face. Mason university and an -- and they're still they're still people that are that are that we have some issues -- -- -- if -- -- -- weather look we get a break we'll come back and will close out this article -- the hour. You're very welcome to sell a lot of you -- to all we got about ten minutes left so while will be right back is it John McCain is that are out of. It's the home of smoke and deals OJ smoking gas with -- to -- -- -- -- knocking every Tuesday plus tax free savings every -- on gas propane and diesel. OJ has a wide variety of tax free tobacco products plus roll your own supplies to troops papers smoke -- candles and special request products like suppose premium cigars and more OJ smoking gas now with Seneca nation fishing licenses and accessories. Open everyday for a toll at 2111 west perimeter roads Greenberg on the beautiful Allegheny territory of the Seneca nation. Call 71635464354. Days smoking gas. When it comes to your favorite tobacco products and accessories your full service -- is the second do we get in the market on the tunnel -- syndicate territory. From -- little cigars and stuff to blunt wraps and roll hero product they have -- -- or they'll get it for you second do we even as the latest good. The prices are low but this much and the service -- top of the line at second do we get Indian market on Bloomingdale's in the top 1% of the territory. Just six miles off 48 -- -- -- women go look for the two authentic TP. Anyone under 26 -- port tobacco purchases so how would -- -- express and sweet in Salamanca New York is the only national hotel in the Allegheny territory of the Seneca nation. Doris -- include their free continental breakfast shuttle service to and from the senate Allegheny casino every thirty minutes. And the excellent quality you expect from the holiday incorporation. The -- oblivion express since we've also reached a fitness room he indoor pool spot and more called them today 7169457600. And stay Smart with polity and expressed. And sweets from buffalo and ignored in the historic homeland of the senators. Let's talk native rides on the power of the ESPN fifteenth when he's powerhouse signals up and down the East Coast of -- -- Join the discussion on let's start -- that we your host John McCain. All right thanks throwback design -- who got got got things that I want to did you before. It before a wide on the joke that I know right in the habitable warriors though. I wanna. Again. Give a shot out to the six inches thunder tribe under seventeen lacrosse team they're down in -- playing in the -- national championship. The authority they they won the first game 92 they won the second game 52. They they took a loss to a at all and Pennsylvania State team. 71 and then they won their fourth game 73 they are the third seed in the in the playoff rounds which are tomorrow. Wish them locked hope the well you know we lose or draw. These guys represent. Again a very small population compared to some of these. These national teams that are down some of these teams are in our poll from the entire country. And in the team that they didn't lose to it was it was it was an entire state by the Pennsylvania they've where they pulled the best players from. And get our guys are standing -- though these guys so I wanna give my props those guys and I'll give you report next week and how they paired through the playoffs. Two of the things that I wanna maybe mention. I want to send out good wishes to a to Charlie hill who is Oneida comedian he's he's struggling -- -- Lymphoma in. Back and night it was constant I encourage you to go to my idea my FaceBook group page I will post there's a leak. Two a fund raising a crowd funding. A league that it has been put up trying to generate funding to help him in the Stanley. Again Charlie -- he he's a class act he's been been doing this stuff. Members is Steve the videos of him on there every Richard Pryor show he's been. He's the first native person ever beyond Johnny Carson's show I mean Charlie go to the class act and and that even today I think even went on to New York for the to a -- renewal campaign and with the MC down there when they when I got an -- -- last summer. Saddened to hear that -- that he struggling and I which in the best. The other thing -- want to mention is Carter camp passed away. Two days ago and you know cart and you know you know BU I don't know -- additional are personally. I'm I know he was very much involved in -- indices. In 73 in would need and I know that he represented himself very well as far as I was concerned for united seem to read and I know a lot of people who were were close to him and so on one again. I wish him well on its boundary. I want to make those those three things but again Roger -- you -- you getting got a heated towards the end. And I understand that I mean it is really difficult when your children and and now is we get older we have grandchildren so. And it almost. Idolized as a grandfather I doubt I'm almost even more protective and towards my grandchildren. You know I think part of it is an and you know I've talked about this. I think we always thought we had more time. When we're younger you know we thought we gonna -- that really nail something down -- And and have to be able to do things that are sort -- wouldn't have to Google tool we go through another we see our grandchildren Walter's stuff is it more frustrating you know. And I was a kid -- rogers' grandson. And that. Is I didn't have a band number. All right my mother I want my father had linemen everybody out I won but. My grandmother didn't allow for us to be registered -- have to spend numbers -- which always in our language we haven't expressions. He's not -- god don't. You know what you always used to get souvenirs and that they use did you legion so to the -- on the bottom it always says. Maybe China or made in Taiwan and that's up or out baiting Canada made Hewitt today. And and odds -- they've heard this expression is that. On our on our backside that we learn not gonna have some -- had made in Canada or -- USA she says knowledge is that you don't go away. And that they can never claimed that they own view you date all you -- free person so. That's the way. And by the that you're you know like in my life you don't. I have -- for -- cause of these though I'll registered. Okay they go on to a pharmacy and clinic every everything he's eight for. Okay and and if I was in order and it's a -- -- probably number you're not entitled you're not this year not you know all the those who are registered users can have days. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- You'd drag by you drag my problems that would that you dragged me out of my home -- -- can be engaged will you say Indian. As an -- gonna pay for education. They're gonna put -- in large part that I -- they forced me to go to school to -- try to brainwash me and that they'll pay for. But they won't pay for my help. -- had a heart attack a few years ago. And I've been fifty years ago. And and it cost me 38000. Dollars. I had to pay it myself and the -- my medicine that can be as good as today you know anything wrong with me. You know high school and -- pay for everything else. And I'll back that people are telling me that. The government ought to cut off for all of the people on July and will be -- the game because. It admirable obviously anyway you know and and yet. I wanted to give me home on an alone when I was going to school to try to like maybe I needed. -- I could -- get money. But one of these they're going to be clear though here we are where are running on time your -- let's be clear. These things are not this isn't charity now they they have stolen resources and allies on the Canadian side in particular they talk about. The this fund this trust fund that it that continues to be banged up on. On and on natural resources derive from our territories when it was so I hear some of the racist rant on. From these these these non native these Canadians or or Americans think are you guys are good enough and collecting handouts. You know and I also you can say well you know you can't expect us to be held responsible for the atrocities in the past not. Maybe not responsible you're still benefiting -- -- all of these non native people are benefiting from our alliance they're benefiting from our resources. And and a lot of the -- these these benefits that that are that more promise like hell. Like education like certain things these things that work were were supposed to have been a trade off these obligations. And and I -- And again I I'm I'm like you I don't I don't sign up for a whole lot of the stuff. But the same time. I don't what would you say well yeah we're not really sovereign because because our medical paid by had to -- health service. I'll tell you the State of Israel get billions of dollars the United States and -- questions are sovereign. And they didn't give and where did did you figure those billions of dollars -- to Canada get those billions of dollars. And every country in the Western Hemisphere where did they get there -- millions of whom I just want a say in L cholesterol listeners out there and had an opportunity here tonight. You know from office -- Like -- and -- -- for you guys coming here by a problem. -- -- In the room plus. You old. -- sugar thanks -- you thanks for remembering your the bread -- that lead back to year. Where Dugard everybody. One -- go work for wonderful record. You know and then you'll -- people yeah that would never be forgotten. Hoffman I'll make sure that he got that title via the headphones on on the injury got them as the -- -- -- -- article and I. Thank you.

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