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Jan 6, 2014|

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Following his paid programming opinions expressed are not necessarily those of this radio station it advertisers or sponsors on the western door to the eastern -- and beyond welcome to let's talk native was John McCain. John addresses the issues of native people their communities and struggled to maintain distinction and a autonomy. Call 71680315. -- wanted to join the discussion now here's your host John McCain. They're going -- who led by native justice John game and now we're back. Another two hours -- A little bit about it be a little retrospective I guess on the year. Will visit a couple of issues that took place last year but look forward to this year. I do have -- Gil who's gonna join me probably about the hour shall be should be coming in the studio. We talk a little bit about an event that she was part of organizing. That took place on on the peace bridge on Saturday. One that I also participated in actually grabbed a couple my grandsons and went went down in the weather actually took a break it wasn't. Zero or sub zero. It was windy and it was still. I'm pretty cold out there but but again we'll we'll talk more about that when -- it's in. But I do I wanna go through I want to go through some of what to what transpired it was a busy year. And I I think due to put things into proper perspective I think it's it's always really easy to. To highlight you know people that we pastime or or. Or major calamitous events but you know whether it but there are some other things that took place during the year I think you warned the conversation. You know last year at this time we. We start to see. The growth of what was three known as the I don't know more movement in the -- more movement was really. Some have borne out of a few. Four women in particular that. Whose mission they took upon cells grow what -- try to get people do. To not sit back anymore there was some really bad legislation coming out on the Canadian side that. A lot of environmental. Hazards associated with -- it is there was it reduced the threshold. For accessing native lands for doing mineral extraction. It was tied very very closely to. Major mineral extraction. And and sales to China. Including. Destruction the morial for less than and the -- of -- oil and number how -- talk Ramada an area the size of Florida. -- necessities is going to be mine to -- and and it's in these are these are like open minds for all intents and purposes it was just when there was these large earth movers and and and scoop away. Sandy has. Are -- up inside of it. It's it is it is the way prison at the dirty oil on the planet fraud -- the purposes. And there's an area the size of Florida in terms of square miles that. That they plan to do this in Alberta. And again it's just for its just for the for the dollars that's it for mineral attraction for. Off for Canada to realize this resource. With a lot of major corporations that having. Having a lot of money at stake I mean it and the the irony is that there's. Their people from all. Political parties you Democrats and Republicans on the American side. A conservative and conservatives and liberals. On the Canadian side there are interest all over the map in terms of trying to suck the wealth. Out of this injury oil. And out of Alberta and that's -- the tar sands oil there than -- I'm sorry that's what the -- no more movement was them. While it was really set to address that was set to address. The suite of legislation. That. The the harper administration was. With proposing and ultimately did get past. It it was it was addressing that it was addressing again. The lower thresholds a Texas -- -- territories. It was it was addressing. The lifting of protections on waterways and an -- -- whole variety of environmental issues. Com. But it wasn't just about -- the Canadian side and it and it's certainly in this is really just a native issue. And natives and if people are on the front line of this issue. And that's kind of why these people step up and back. Of the four women who initiated the the animal movement one of them all was non native he just -- is cool -- But again the -- more movement took on eighty. A groundswell. Of support. He got a lot of media coverage. There were -- -- -- mostly manifested itself to with the general public in. As. These demonstrations that were essentially. With a call flash mob -- -- and they were they are being done in malls and they are being down all over the place that frankly but. Primarily in in larger areas where where they would attract a lot of attention including in. Edmonton. Regina in and on the American side plays like the Mall of America had. Had a major round and it's. Events take place there and around -- -- that it just. You know a group with seniors with hand drums. Doing doing. He's very specific song that is associated with the with the have a native dancing. Com and and a huge ring of people that just that Anthony and circular pattern and and for the most part these were again they were consider flash mob run it that they would just happened look like it happened rather spontaneously. And that he's gone now some of the larger ones. There was actually some some effort to try to and get some cooperation from the mall. That wasn't always possible and and for the most part most of the agency that in fact -- I was I myself. Back it in January of last year. And got myself involved in the -- to vote. I guess. A little physical altercation with the Cheektowaga police officer when. He he was called and dressed -- Iran -- -- that the gallery mall here. In nine buffalo. So these things don't -- I haven't always gone off without it but but it drew a tremendous amount of attention. In even out here although we've we have hundreds of people not thousands of people at at the ones -- year. In. In synthetic territory. The day they still captured a fair amount of attention com. The problem is that they didn't grow from there it ain't never trained AA never transition from. These rather benign attention grabbing round dances in two. -- what I will consider more. Higher level direct action packed as the only organizers associate with -- I don't know more work. -- specifically opposed to a direct action you even that you know that the very specific nonviolent direct action and and by that I mean they're opposed to things like. Blocking highways they. They were opposed to. Com. A blocking. And these pipelines even even in at a -- a scat word. On word diamond mining -- it was happening. And where these these riches these treasures of diamonds are being pulled out of -- the poorest areas the in in Ontario. But a lot of what went transpire with a little more in in its initial stages was. There was I -- hunger strike by. By a and elected chief in in an office yet. And is she put on his hunger strike in pitched -- down on Victoria island group in front of the a -- of parliament Ottawa. And a lot of the attention for the title Morga split between this grassroots movement that really had no leadership at founders. But didn't they have leadership it was really a grassroots movement. And so did the attending a split between that and this this woman who was capturing everybody's imagination and everybody's attention with with -- hunger strike. I'm of course harder strikes and we can and they originally and one of two ways you the you you start herself to death which is not a good thing or. Or you break your hunger strike and and depending on how you break that hunger strike. It can if you let a lot of wind out of the sails or can it can transition into something perhaps more meaningful. That's not the way this wanted to and I and so what happened one was went through suspense actually quicker hunger strike. I think a lot of air came out of out of the -- of you know warm and even as we transition into spring and -- summer. Where where the weather should have been much more comedy for proper for these kinds of things. It never really regained the the broad based support now. Having said that. There was a major event in Washington DC where. And in this you know had to do with the Sierra Club and a lot of other environmental movement included a lot of -- of people. Not necessarily the idol no more movement -- it adds a lot of it that people like several white movement and books like that who went to Washington DC. And -- to protest the the keystone XL pipeline. And again the significance of that pipeline is that. Its mission is to is the -- tar sands oil from Alberta figured out of the Gulf of Mexico so we sold office is more repetitive product to a -- China. You know -- the -- the propaganda. That everybody is being sold is that it was somehow gonna reduce. Dependency on unfriendly foreign nations that it was going to. That it was a it was gonna -- hole but it jobs it was gonna do it but the fact of the matter is this you a pipeline was going to be built. And they want the -- and with bill you were gonna have a whole lot of people maintaining the wasn't gonna create sustainable jobs this is oil. The dirty Obama plan that was going to be. Pump -- to Gulf of Mexico only for sale. Up to foreign markets it wasn't going to be about domestic supplies though. You know -- a lot of the -- -- a lot crap associated with this of course this -- got better Ronnie by the Obama administration in terms of whether -- approve it whether -- not gonna -- -- Most of this pipeline is built. But it is but it requires a State Department approval. Because it because across the here actual lines though it's only the leg that connects essentially connect this to. To Alberta that crosses the in the border. That. You know that really required. The State Department the president's approval so this is where this thing got you know as -- -- laughed and mean so. There were people that got involved in this issue. Even throughout the year obviously coming into the into the close of the year in the fall. We saw major. Movement up in on the -- territory with. On health -- -- people. Fighting back against the Hydro fracking in the exploration for natural gas up in New Brunswick. So there there have been solid movements but again you know we we never really got from place where some something big and powerful like like the the participation in the I don't know more movement. Manifested itself into into larger actions and and again. You know there were there were -- number nine line. And north of six nations was interfered with two. The -- people who who stepped up for that there was a lot of effort to stop. Even temporarily some of the tar sands oil extraction it was a there was blockages of the roadways coming from out of office and the diamond mines throughout the world a lot of things are happening. And a lot of that attention here and the summary even. In the character of the voters Tony it was the to -- while renewal campaign. Which. Which you know how much do you think you can use him -- going on Hudson River down -- and -- New York City. And it was to draw attention to some the original agreements and that one original agreement between the between. Devoted Sony and the European. For Europeans who came ashore here who who we interacted with. A so that there were some attention grabbing EE vents and they were all all of them were negative some of them were very very positive. We we also saw the -- that rhetoric being ratcheted up on the on the mascot issue. And of course the the the epitome of a bad mascots are bad team names as the is the Washington franchise NFL franchise. Which uses Redskins which is a derogatory word for Anita person. And that's what their name and but the popular with the use that there -- -- There are teams. High school teams there are teams within both the U listing candidate uses the use this local there's some. There's a team right here in in in the buffalo area. -- Lancaster Lancaster Redskins and so the of these these issues have been brought up now for me and I I've read about the subject even in my weekly column in the to a time that I've I've brought this issue up. And and my point is. While I don't think that the mascot issue -- The the number one issue and and it and I do a little concerned when I see -- -- ray home border who is that the the BI a pick for this though -- of the of the united of people. Com. When I see him trying to champion is the issue when there's so many other issues that you know that that face not just the united Q but -- but quoted attorney general. It makes me a little suspect. Now I don't I don't begrudge anybody who want to take this issue long. -- because for me it is emblematic. Of our circumstance not only place like Washington DC where the you have this you know that the second most profitable. You -- a sports team franchise located. But it becomes emblematic of of a certain level of racism that not only allowed to continue but it's actually encouraged. I mean when we came into the fall. In and -- high school football teams were were heading into playoffs. We literally saw teams and in three specific teams that I supple saw these banners posted. Made references because they were they were teams they were playing. Where it was once he playing a team that was you call the Indians over the Redskins or whatever. And so the the they're not that won't without the Indian the native -- biggest either gonna. Threaten the other team -- get ready for another trip on the trail of -- I mean it and it was they're still very little they can be more incentive that you liked. You know telling Jewish people you're ready for opera that trained with I mean that that's the only comparison I can make a -- This the kind of thing that that you know that has allowed to and trains and not just transpire but but the encouraged by these high -- And and it. Even while this. -- these issues are being ratcheted up. And oftentimes sometimes so singularly that they weren't looking at the other the rest of the native issues that that -- -- You had to let Tom a state like Wisconsin. That was doing everything he could. Two. To make it easier for teams who have native -- they were actually trying to. Roll back. Some of legislation. That that. Put a little more scrutiny too high schools using native mascots and -- to show you. You know how backwards. A state like Wisconsin ghosts but -- again I want I want to -- you go through a little bit of that. He's just kinda. Highlight some of the things that were major news issues again. I'm in the first segment we're gonna come back I -- -- I wanna go through a pool a few of the things them that kind of transpired but that. There -- some interesting things going on that one you know get into that as -- go through the the -- the program. So let me take a break here for now and Wilbur objectives John -- let's talk native. Your record -- -- a proud sponsor of let's talk -- with John -- -- to visit your poison gas and go but on the Allegheny territory of the Seneca nation on the corner center and broad streets in the city of Salamanca. You're -- -- goes sells discounted tobacco products and convenience items can provide full service gas. For a quick Phillip from the southern tier stuff like iroquois gas and go open from 6 AM till 10 PM every day. 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And the excellent quality you expect from the -- but he incorporation. The -- oblivion express since we've also reached a fitness room he indoor pool spot and more called them today 7169457600. And stay Smart with polity and express and sweet. It's from Buffalo, New York in the historic homeland of the senators let's talk native rides on the power VS BM fifteen when these cars houses they know it's on the down these goals of turtle island. Join the discussion on let's start -- do when your host John McCain. All right they don't back down in the cognitive bombs. But got out personal lives but number out there again this is calling show that we don't entertain a lot of collar turned in during the course of of this -- program. You know I don't I don't mind not getting calls but I through the do enjoy getting the the calls the same time though. The number to call and -- seven with 68031520. Against 71680315. Money. You know -- we're on. We're broadcasting and ESPN's Sports Radio WW PP in this is a 50000 watt station. This signal a stretches. 88 cover huge area to the east of buffalo. I I actually got a phone call. From a gentleman open -- doctor Torrey just above mean on the Canadian side. And he -- -- -- -- said he -- the -- -- by accident -- -- kind of strolling through -- stations trying to. I'll listen person talk radio and and he was pleasantly surprised that he was a his name is -- picked UN he me actually doing initial at some point. He. He is pleased to find it was an -- of a station and one that was that was reaching his area to show. You know catches up with sauce being at the top of top of the state if it catches. You into the wind wind and up and down the the East Coast I mean it really does travel. On we also stream the show if you wanna check on my blog which -- let's talk native. You've been our topic of pride and find it let's talk -- pride now Blogspot dot com or just Google search need to pride. -- can also go to ESPN fifteen point dot com that is the the station's website. And now one look from my banner wanted to flashed across the top click -- would you go to my page. I've got a media player there for the for the -- stream and also you'll see a listing of all the show is the archive shows that president. Transpired in the past and and again. This show is is it is wild in the sense that on one week like last week I had -- you'll -- impact ahead I every Mike covered I had a few people sitting in the background. Just kind of observing it observing -- This weekend my relatively so I do have a friend who's -- -- way and she's in Finland with me he's them. Called unity -- -- -- before that we Daniels who rejoins me -- earlier. But -- you know this is the this is what the show is it is totally free form economic. It can turn on a phone call can turn on on on however the conversation goes during the course of the show. -- but this kind of -- is only possible because of the support that I get from the community. And you know some of that support is cut it comes in the in the in the form of blow. -- guys who really due to heavy lifting for me dazzling roster on an oval spring. I have folks like the guys to be -- wholesale food we support the program I've got the guys attacked at cameras smoke shops in Tehran August that. That they're really stepped up to help the program but I also have. Listeners and people who largest general supporters beat people like us in the a -- Indian -- who. Who will make contributions to like -- Terry Murphy all the way from. From the the southwest to. Who support that the program and and again right. These are the people the kind of make this thing. Possible. This is a paid programming. Show official -- realize. On on people. Providing me with a resource that the by the year time. What I plan to dual. Different. I'll be a launching one here with the next week or so -- most of it started got a visa issuing a the video. But -- lot at -- gogel campaign and you'll be able to find. I'll be sending that out not only will be posted on my on my blog but on my FaceBook group page -- -- which is let's talk native -- John McCain you could find him FaceBook. Com. I will get the assistance of the the folks over at the two -- times did that help I'll run it now on the war the reps that under FaceBook group pages in in in their print the print publication which I happen to write a column in each week. But again this show is is unique in that there aren't. -- -- and I do other radio I've I've been -- and guest host on and the first voice in his radio New York City. I mom frequent guest with Martha fast -- in Minneapolis Saint Paul and Laura with stock Waterman in Minneapolis Saint Paul. -- You know I'm I'm I -- with Susan are better on her program on the Albany area. I've been a fairly frequent guest on -- double YNN and Obama in two sides with on channel -- But. This program -- -- two -- program it is the opportunity to have Al Wong conversations about a variety of subjects iPad folks like reporter. News that -- the talented blues musician. Who showed up a year and a plea for two hours in studio. On the heels of getting his he's fuel or from the on the Canadian side. I've had I've -- lawyers and politicians and authors. I've -- Stephen Newcomb on my program. Several times by phone and once in studio who's the author of pagan from the promised land. A decoding the doctor for discovery I have that show specifically posted on my side bar. Because it is such an important issue and it's it's an issue I speak about frequently on this program. I'm I you know I I have local. Entrepreneur hours I've gotten got by Ross John Lou war it was a fairly frequent guest. -- a different -- hill joins me almost on a weekly basis I have folks like Ed is there. Who. Who joins -- through much of the year on the program I've got my good friend Paul Bell roan who is. And you know who's in language fuels and and and cultural background. Give us an opportunity to talk about things that that you're just not going to be Oleg animals programs -- and you're not Kabila have the kind of deep conversations the far reaching. And and and the depth of conversation. That that -- ties to it to language or culture or history. -- -- that my good friend Chad skeeter would disagree researchers agree writers in his own right. He joins me on a regular basis either by phone -- studio and and and again I can't say enough about the folks that that that helped me the show. With -- with the presence on there. On a weekly basis. And and I can't say enough about those folks that that the support to show. You know again it's him it's impossible to do this program. Without without that kind of support. I'm. You don't want things and you know -- I also want to mention I try to. I try to plug calm and he is the sports teams that at least once and I'm you know immediately familiar with especially the -- -- Syria but. Well one of the guys in sports to show Scott Schneider who's the chairman of the senate the party which in the local area on the on the senate interpret geragos and unique. He's involved with the group -- that he. Coaching with kids for the under seventeen. Lacrosse competitions. He coaches. Thunder tribe -- Tuesday a mix of kids from six nations and -- -- and now on it and and that a good there two hours. On they went to the the -- national championship in Tampa Florida last week that wrapped up at the beginning of last week. They took third this the national title is the national title. Which are competing against teams that are pulling from the huge population centers that would get tighter state or in some of these cases. The they -- -- are from from across the nation. That -- are tied to some of the lacrosse organizations. And these and these kids a team assembled from relatively small populations although the I'll admit -- -- -- it -- -- -- they had the advantage of being native. And having a cross being such an integral part of not only there. There are their upbringing but the culture and and I think that's that it has demonstrated. From what I understand -- going to be some pretty good write ups about the performance of this team. And a in a couple of national publications and when the when he get out there I'm gonna promote those as well -- I I again -- I give my hat's off to the thunder tribe team. -- in either the success. And taking their place at the national championship in Tampa Florida. But you know these kind of things that that we can do when Michelle and you know we've we've had. Again musicians not just reporter -- the arm our relations music -- he's in studio. Tom I do plan to have some native singers and I know that films sundown its studio. Not what to seeing but the minute as part of an interview. But these the kind of things that that they show. Has that the flexibility we don't have a a script here. I -- in fact I don't even drop my segments in segment by segment. You know when we we have somebody walked and walked in the door. We can change change the conversation. Tom and -- get off the conversation based on the phone call based on -- over the guess happens to be. There are times that I driving here. And I haven't made in my mind again the talk about it delegate here. I use the have a general idea of some of these it transpired during the week it helps writing a column each week for the to a times because. That gets my my juices flowing on at least on on that issue or the issues that I decide. That didn't make the cut from my column that week so so I usually have. A pretty. Good basis and the -- of something happening I mean what we're facing so many issues that by having the three feathers the casino trial. Guys in your last week. You know having two of the guys were quick acquitted in a federal trial summed it doesn't happen very often and in and I media strong point of that last week. Yet the United States Justice Department boasts. In 95%. Conviction rate when they once they indict somebody while -- didn't happen with these guys in and and if you get a chance -- -- -- that show. You checked out the archives it was a it was a pre -- we'll show. And we talked about a lot of issues not just that trial because that trial and in much of the the persecution and prosecution of our people. Our our hand in hand with other issues and not just tied -- saw poverty but just tied to. Art are. Effort and our fight to maintain a certain level of distinction autonomy so. No that was. That was again one of those exceptional chose. On but you know I do things beyond beyond his program as well. And and as I mentioned before some of the places that I that I managed to. Use to at least give interviews on. -- -- It is sad it's captured enough attention that Andy and I say this humbly I I will -- That down that actually receiving an award right I was nominated. It and the only I'm the only one who's nominated for a are -- are receiving awards for. As the community leader medio award for the national federation for just communities of Western New York. Com there's oh want to awards luncheon it's gonna take place at the end of this month and a yeah I'm not somebody who received a lot of 40 awards for the work that I do. I think that I'm a little bomb. Outside the mainstream. -- me in my approach to two covering these issues and I think it takes sometimes it takes. Takes them to think a little bit outside the box the recognize what I'm doing here I know that I know that there are places that down. Are wary to -- to get too close to what I do because -- -- the -- controversial but it the national federation for just communities it's basically. -- began as. I'm religious organizations that it wanted give recognition to the community leaders though. It's addicted there's a certain irony in the fact that the national federation protest communities. He's felt safe and content enough to. To give me an honor. For this this media award. This year and yet there are still folks within. Oh not just within -- -- politics but certainly with the in. Other native enterprises that are that are than -- too weary to to get too close that and I find that little humorous. To a large degree the got got a few other things I wanna I get into in this in this first hour I will have -- He'll join me here in in the next segment so Juan will figure break right now will be right back after this is John King in his authoritative. Let's talk native -- John King is produced every week in association with iroquois promotions. You're -- boy promotions is a native company located on the catalog is territory of the Seneca nation. You're a boy promotions brings a combined fifteen years of emotional experience in professional and amateur sporting events and entertainment. Here boy promotions provides prominent native speakers for lectures cultural event media and educational institutions. Pass defense include professional boxing fantasy football events tournaments at least showcase and more. Iroquois promotions also promote self sustaining an environmental friendly projects -- our international network for your next entertainment athletic or cultural event. Be sure to contact iroquois promotions at 71653. To 4449. That's 71653. To 4449. -- iroquois promotions. Let's talk negative with John. -- is the only native radio talk show in Western New York. I may actually be the only radio show of its kind anywhere shows can be heard live theory Sunday night on TV fifteenth when he's. Powerhouse 50000 watt signal and online. A live web streaming archive shows can be accessed at KB 1520 dot com. And on John McCain's native tried blogs -- let's talk native tribes dot Blogspot dot com. Join the let's talk -- John -- FaceBook group page where you'll find links announcement someplace to offer comments and suggestions. Here's the home of smoke and feels OJ smoking gas with five -- off 87 knocking every Tuesday plus tax free savings everyday young gas propane and diesel. OJ's has a wide variety of tax free tobacco products plus roll your own supplies -- papers smoke -- candles and special request products like -- close premium cigars and more blue -- smoking gas now with Seneca nation fishing licenses and accessories. Open every day for -- -- -- at 2111 west perimeter -- steamer on the beautiful Allegheny territory of the Seneca nation. Call 71635464354. OJ smoking gas. Thanks for coming back to let's talk native from a phone line is open for you -- 7168031520. Here's -- starting may oppose John McCain. All right -- -- -- design team -- you know before I get back into it I'd I want to have mentioned the -- I guess. An event that's coming up next week my good friend -- Williams who who -- he works in and worked with this indigenous women's initiative. If she's she's got Kevin White coming in to host a a talking circle. And that's gonna tape -- on at New England. On Thursday January 9 and that's at 1278 who Delaware avenue in buffalo. He's gonna share his work on. On the -- and it's only a creation story he's he's he's he's done some specific work. I'm I'm explaining and and and talking about that so. You know Kevin is he's marquis is a assistant director of of that professor at the SUNY Oswego. And he's going to be coming in and joining. Agnes and and the good folks over in indigenous women's initiative. Again that's that's new moon. On Thursday. January 9 and that's that 1272 Delaware avenue in buffalo so behavior of debris that day and you wanna. And kind of perhaps in a perspective on on a piece of footage from the culture whether your -- Nader or non native I think it might be an opportunity to. You but it certainly learned something in Indian perspective from somebody who was who spent Fairmont time. I'm not familiar with with Kevin's worked our work but down. I'd be understated. Back on and try to make myself but. But again take that -- that chance. You what do you do I want to mention. You know of for those of those you love her I had the opportunity here my good friend Ed killer. And on the program. One of things and I and I when on New Year's Day arrived. On I decide I was gonna dust off something that and -- -- does when he greets people he always says that he EO says good morning and it doesn't matter what time and a what time the negated if you left it always asking lol why he's a good morning and he -- while. Every moment. He's an opportunity to begin a new day. You know new day it's kind of arbitrary where we say -- that day starts you know what game breaker started midnight -- You know or New Year's Day -- starts on January 1 I -- all the stuff is. Is these are our manmade arbitrary dates you know or or moments that we say okay start something new. And it'd be different we have we went totally buy it. You know a winter solstice or summer solstice or whoever but. That's back -- really the way it goes I would argue that. And that everybody's and new year starts on the birthday I mean that would make more sense to me I guess that but. But. So when I wished people a happy new year -- -- basically said good morning you know and in the in the in the same way in the style of -- killer. And I think Ed for for what he's contributed to this show. For -- for the last few years but certainly. We contributes on a regular basis and and again as one of the things that it was for -- and I wanted to mention that -- because again is essentially our first show. Of 2014. And you know so was that a few and if you think that article back. India in in the last year to kind of re examine. Some of those things that are are still playing out even as we we come into this year so. I'll do that but. At this point when I I -- introduce again a friend of mine when it introduced. -- hill the end it's good CSI a couple of days ago. Are actually I guess it just yesterday yes it was as we don't -- a -- on a daily basis that he put it. All right so allow budget explained the occasion for yesterday though we've we've we've promoting -- but far below what -- Pittsburgh. But happiness today blind person he was a beautiful thing considering moving her to hang your gathering outside. I felt like it was on the warmest days and Matthew BC -- is in inclement weather. Mania in freezing. Freezing weather yeah I mean it it it was a close to thirty degrees. You know coming from. Ironically it was so cold at night before that my water in my home actually froze fire department of water before me you know what you guys. And again so what we did -- -- we met at the -- -- yet -- her -- -- -- looking. Out of town and -- apart and that William and inspired me move mile because there were some people who were actually from the local area. And this he -- participation and you've known whether it was nominees is because they could be an angry for using earlier in the show about. It's too bad things happen I'll have to the year and spring in the summer but I mean yesterday was quick even. Speaking out there and we gathered and we spoke about the things that we've we've. Experienced over the past year and what we wish CNN. We sing some songs -- the -- and we said a prayer and we went on the bridge and on average people to tobacco and he's going to people to tobacco and they are able to. Give it to the water and it's pretty pretty much pay for whatever they -- -- If they wanna let something go inside news and they made that yet you. So Ukraine we saying we and they shared moments some deep emotions and thoughts and things and what they want to do that. I shared a little bit of -- how I feel about it. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I know my. For their right because it's not their file is happening there it's they should have come into world right. They're not able to compare water power -- things in the ground because of the chemicals that are being. In -- agent who. Mother earth and now. -- line and again. I I join you guys there I've not brought to immigrants on their front Gavin Jimerson and less than -- it is so that was those kind of a treat for me to do something like this with my grandchildren. One of these today and I've mentioned it on the show several times. I've been involved in things for a long time and -- when you're young man and you -- year invincible ample proof. Even if you're having children. You think you're gonna be able to accomplish more in your in your child's life. You don't anticipate being a grandfather when you're twenty years old thirty years old and so the idea that. And there's a certain part of me that that is. I guess it. You feels bad that what they've accomplished more before Mike my grandchildren came and came -- the world but the same time. The idea that I can stand with my grandchildren Tom you missing and not much to make them problem but to be. But the but to be an example not. Not so that -- set up on a pedestal so but to be an example so they know what what is required of them. You know when you talk about that it's not the earth -- That that some of this conference where there's no question that that that man has an attitude. About deleting and plundering everything and and and it and it. If you are not just don't blame a specific race of man but clearly for from our standpoint from a from a -- -- standpoint. Once European contact -- to our shores and we saw the demonstration of how much a people who would down. Could -- destroyed. When we had no idea what they herded on to Europe we had no idea how how the urbanization and you know of their of their lifestyles and and how much state dirty depleted soils and how much state that -- doctor trees and how much state. You know had you know what Doug -- -- had no idea that's up and then we saw it here and then when he even when he gets behind. Things like trees and and and -- Now it turns into it into drilling for oil or for mining for uranium copper wire or anything else -- coal. Or correct and reliant on gas or fracking for natural gas and oil -- that was the tiger fracking isn't just about natural gas that. You know -- I've listened to. You know. US side. They don't talk about how much how much more. Seismic activity taking place and there is that that that they. Are absolutely fracking crap out of the earth and -- counsel fractures in the stands you know so they don't they won't take. The the credit for the bad stuff. But they'll they'll pretend. That somehow this but this bump in oil production he's is is great thing for you know for the American economy -- stuff but. But not realizing that -- they're just -- in the hole deeper and deeper and and and I look at what governments and what some of these major corporations. Are are doing and then last year. You know the attitudes of some people have I mean they're there they're still they're still the high level of racism. And not what I'm talking about a more in our two but I I that I haven't I haven't articles specific article that was written. In in a bit of a rag and newspaper that exists out here in in Western New York -- I won't. He's had too much but we'll talk about that -- in the second hour it's just an app it just gives you an idea. Of how. The attitudes that exists but you know it it you know look at Mike went back my column in the throat times this week he's going to address a little bit environmentally Houston talked about. Our responsibility. For all intents and purposes. We're not trying to start a revolution. -- prevent one. Because the revolution -- that is really heading our way is the earth itself. The earth itself is going to do what it's got to do. Two to shed itself of whenever is alleging and plundering it. And and I'll tell you if if if creation -- and Andy and I and our mother's side. That they've got to start this thing all over again. We may be part of what you shake off. They're shaping up and I'm saying -- we we are the problem and and I and I think we as as humanity and I think you and I specifically. So our jobs what our jobs are is to try to be part of the solution because if we are part of the solution they were part of the problem. And an and it it really an -- I -- would begrudge the planet. One I go to. If if at some point the and an end of the bad -- -- Yet there's there's going to be people who are going to be. The victims of of this. But look how much how many victims are -- have been look at the the plants the animals that look what it when all of this. This capitalism. And in this this exploitation of the planet look at how many people overeating casualties of this thing and those the if the earth itself as -- shake us off. And and and and -- you know what revolution thing about a revolution a revolution is is completely answer right. If the earth has got -- OK we had our time and now -- got to renew itself. We are just hope that we can be a partner Renault B but about the idea of where our guys that don't try to be up via part of the solution to this problem then and we are the problem. I agree with you. At some point yes that's but I I think that I think that you think mother I am -- have an infection nearby I think infection actually. And sometimes I think that's at the human race can be deadly infection and. That is coming if you look at if you look at a picture above Alberta. I'm on Google Earth. It if you tell -- evidently a cancer growing up there again and look what they're doing to. You to view the port -- force that stuff and and again. My point is is that and that that we do have a responsibility and it's not just we don't have to do it. Together -- -- just need of people I think that we got -- in that part of what the message was even on the peace for it was. We need to get non native people stand with a something new we're all in this together and there and again if we don't start. Start changing our attitudes about about exploitation. It's it's nice it's nice to have these these happy thought the vote. You know living everlasting life at that -- at the hands of the creator but. What are we leaving for our children here. And I think that that and that being be the question the -- -- a break here enroll them right back again I've -- know who up who's made into the show and I appreciate -- joining me. I don't mind being solo but but it's always nice estimate doctors those guys that -- -- and -- studio is John Jane is let's talk -- we're back UB. Glad you took the time to stop and say that the your -- smoke shop on the counter raucous territory of the Seneca nation. Right near the Wanda and one for 38. -- -- record smoke shop is a full service convenience store and gas station providing discount tobacco products gas diesel and propane. To convenience stores open from 6 AM to 10 PM daily but the gas pumps and pump house are open 24 hours seven days a week. The record smoke shop -- to support -- let's talk native with John King show on KB fifteen to one size does matter to policing their tobacco accessory shop proves it with the largest selection of unique to. -- items and hand blown glass pieces of Western New York. From the last two wood to metal they got all the finest pipes as well as who gets. Tapestries while very incense sticks nag -- sense -- incense candles and so much more did he get the naughty side of the please bear with great bachelorette party gift some more. The pleasing their tobacco accessory shop in the building formerly known as -- racing. Behind the red smoke shop on Bloomingdale's in the tunnel on to Seneca territory. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Or from Buffalo, New York in the historic homeland of the -- Let's talk -- rides on the power of ESPN fifteenth when he's powerhouse signal -- been down the East Coast of turtle island. Join the discussion on let's start -- -- -- your host John McCain. All right it's -- back designs Dana Dudley and hill in studio look at you understand it. Capturing a little bit what transpired last year with what's kind of going you know when we look forward to this year. Tom who will both with anticipation and thump and it's -- visit with dread. We have. A -- front of us we we have an obligation. Two to try to write some of the the ship so to speak. You know I I don't separate yet and you know it's funny when you when you when you look at what what the agenda was for the -- more movement. He was it was water. It was landed with air and it -- and -- sovereignty it was you know for -- against some of it was specific towards bill C 34 was it. You think -- notified via. But it was about trying to revisit the relationship between. First nations and and and the Canadian government. But -- at the end of the day when it comes down to it comes down to native sovereignty you know and and our ability to. To maintain a certain level of autonomy and I don't separate data from the environmental issues in and -- and explain why. You know what we and I talked about this in my column this -- for you look for you'll you'll hear some of the stuff in in the column -- -- -- to a times but. The sovereignty is is a word that it's not one of our words that we we have worked like they want to -- which means we carrier cells which is probably is as close. A word or expression for that but. But what happens is. That the word poverty which is that is it that got French route to it but it's associated with some. With authority almost with it does god given authority that's -- the they see the -- with the -- the queen with -- -- the -- essentially -- the sovereign. And that's the young. That's the way eighties. Edu. Even that -- then of course. When you know oh when democracies. Allegedly. Were established. This this expression of sovereign became again somehow the authority of a nation or -- nation's government. That's never been the way that we we've used that word when we use work we've used it as. As essentially. A iams and our own right -- authority. -- to govern ourselves or to make our decisions that our our right to carry ourselves and and and I don't people get into this big debate and I and and I weigh in on one side is debate. And prod more people so weigh on the -- which is you sovereignty of birthright is in an individual right or is today a collective right. I'm one of the ones who take the view that -- a birthright it's an individual right I think we we defended collectively. But -- but sovereignty is like freedom. It in fact the it is for you what it is if he's your right. Two to assert that freedom. And and what you're asserting as an individual not -- thing you can. That that freedom should ever be. Expressed at the expense of somebody else that's that that's the challenge there. You know freedom doesn't -- chaos it means that you have freedom of choice so when I talk about. Sovereignty native sovereignty I'm talking about the freedom for the for -- to leave as creation and if so would deride it does and that going. Tying directly to environmental issues when we do the -- agree with that -- and we acknowledge. All of those things from you know from from the land and water. You to all of our cousins and Brothers and -- all of our rollout relatives. And do we -- the -- most distant cousins the stars. When we acknowledge those things. Or what we're saying is that we're we're we're looking creation. And we're we're. Acknowledging our relationship. With all of that what would all -- that we're not seeing. Again -- we -- want to rule law from the swamp or saying is that. -- technology that that creation. It establishes. All of this stuff all of off almost all of the -- being living in an animate and inanimate objects that that Iraq. And we're now -- packed. So for me when I don't know what I want native sovereignty when I'm saying is we that we. Because nobody is actually -- yeah even even though you know built -- to bounty hunt for -- wolf. Legal or satellite on -- or whatever you know or. You know or or wet whatever I mean I I've seen you these kind of things happen just like it did -- native people. You know they that it would pay for a scalp. Talked about that moment last columns but. But but the fact of the matter is. -- legislate over you -- to legislate that create legislation and that affects it and over a call for a criminal. There -- those virtuous man you know and though. My my point is. When we're talking about ourselves were saying you can't legislate over you can do things that are gonna affect us and we're gonna resist those things just ago wolf is going to it afterward it. The question is are we going to. Allow that to turn us into something that -- Are -- now we're going to accept. Canadian citizenship are gonna connect Americans there are are are mean. Except I guess the Americans that are we going to except that level of assimilation and has been imposed upon us to the point. That we become. On nonexistent in that in this -- to to defend the plan until I and I think that's happened and that's what I don't and that's why we're in the situation but. But you know a much different although as one of these choices that he is grandfather postal. As long as one sizzle is there's one of us that it maintaining. What we're supposed to be that one person so he goes the other person. So there are people in and we you know and and it it was a thousand people on -- replies you didn't mean. And and backed. And I was disappointed there wasn't better choice and I'm not -- one with few of them were there and it's one of the weren't there. But having said that. There there aren't enough votes to. And and these next year's going to be. Where we're gonna see see who steps we're gonna see. Are people going to be willing to. To put a bit more on the line when it comes to stopping -- and so are they pulled -- on the line when it comes stopping. The the XL pipeline and an -- as those of the Capital One line. When it when it comes to stopping some of the -- salute you degradation of our environment and in whatever form it takes. In over a couple of one line when it comes to defending -- children are at war I on the on the drug problems here for and poverty issues that are there and the suicide rates that are. Are we -- And -- who's gonna step up. Yeah -- and that -- my point is we all need to step up. And I'm not saying everybody. Is gonna have as clear path on quality and how the but I think that's what this that's part of what these years he's going to you'd be a demonstration I think we we see. Signs. We we see I think bright spots and if so. And as much as I may have been just point -- how many who -- peacekeepers. People showed up on these teachers and it was Cole and they came from Ireland and and indeed they braved the elements and and that wind -- blowing pretty fierce and warriors and and and that's that's the whole point the whole point is. These are people who are going to take it. And encourage you to join me and I think that's we have to continue to do again this isn't just an issue anymore. Because of an and I an -- rob a couple -- Kolb but. You know my point is we thirty shown that we know how to survive. Crimes against humanity. The question is are would you reveal partner with people we're committing crimes against the planned. The question but it -- -- like the oil we have five minutes to break them -- program rate. -- have heard him while I heard in awhile it's done. -- fit in Asia building. John in my it would shut and try to listen more than speak. I -- -- -- -- their efforts. The need to get non native involved. As well as the native people. Because this is such a noticeable on the earth. Is it cannot continue. -- the need to be human the human species is living out of balance. -- the natural order of things here and they are you know -- -- -- -- -- says you cannot continue to use resources the ways that we using you know with the earth. The way. He's human being particularly you know it would be it's impossible war to continue the growth the -- it is. I myself. I'm starting to grow my own food this year. Ready to move to the country. Southern here. Make changes in my whole life here and -- I hope that. The immediate community it's embraces. Non native people or also. Of like mind that fight this because it's it's it's -- challenge. The F appalled it's certainly know that's -- the problem is the multinational oil companies the Coke Brothers. Citizens United that essentially. Turn in the United States into forced sale. Entity. By corporations it's a big power struggle. Well there -- already adopted don't let the Democrats and and I and the so called liberal -- vote either because. You know I and I know that there's there's plenty of people across all political spectrum that are. That that place a lot of their investments the personal fortunes in in oil extraction in a lot of the stuff and -- and you know it and the problem is it's not just those corporations it's the governments that are bought and paid for by these corporations and 13 that that it that are bought before. You know perhaps a little bit more more quietly than say the Coke Brothers but I agree -- you but I just know that it isn't. This isn't just one part of the political spectrum that's responsible for the stuff. Well you know I'm listening John -- I. I am aren't -- trying to change my own life. Pollute more ballots this coming year just turned sixty in. Gonna start growing my own food -- using my -- here and -- number changes to not waste. But to. We restore and -- new words and in my life and were out here listening to you jargon that you do a great should've been. We look at. Why and I -- the call I appreciate you know again make no mistake about it rate. We are reaching out to non native. Public in the non native people two to join us in. And to understand a little bit where we're coming from we've got we've got. Tens of thousands of years of history on this you know walking path across a multi year. And understated and what we look at how an -- In the opposite that we haven't made some mistakes along the way -- of our people to bought into this idea of a trying to create large populations centers you look at Tokyo and and other places like that. Are people. Build a city decides to hokey and not have some tremendous adverse effects but putting that many people in a smaller that's something to Europe that -- -- what it what was -- solution of the problem. Let's find some other places to do the same thing do and that's what and that's what you have. You know the the the if British invasion wasn't about The Beatles I mean it was you know we had we had European style governance. And and mentality. Coming to exploit our lands here. -- I appreciate the call. -- -- I got I got arguably is to hear about it -- caught up on this so I would come up with a from the united -- reporter we'll talk about an hour Jews though give a listen I'd like yeah I just thought that at some point. Yeah -- will do. I we're gonna take a break here this is Jon K I got we ambulance studio who have low level back for our jewelry after this. Thank you. Buffalo's home for the number one brand in worldwide sports ESPN. 15:20 AM WW KD buffalo on ESPN a fifteen point.

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