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Jan 6, 2014|

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Let's talk native -- John King is produced every week in association with iroquois promotions. You're a boy promotions is a native company located on the catalog is territory of the Seneca nation. You're a boy promotions brings a combined fifteen years of emotional experience in professional and amateur sporting event and entertainment. Here boy promotions provides prominent native speakers for lectures cultural events media and educational institutions. Pass defense include professional boxing fantasy football events tournaments at least showcase and more. Iroquois promotions also promotes self sustaining any -- -- -- from the projects -- our international network for your next entertainment athletic -- cultural event. Be sure to contact iroquois promotions at 71653. To 4449. That's 71653. To 4449. Fort iroquois promotions. I think back to the united. How can I get a little bit of -- new era we've. That you make it. I think that I like -- I am thinking. A song and in this case it's that it's an appropriation from. The music they play it like -- schemes and they turned it back into like a powerful how all song but little heavy metal like that. There was a great music of course -- good friend Connie and I said Bennett Kia. It's a great singer I love what what she does and we're gonna different studios this thing when one of these times yet. But issue is really good I didn't obvious you guys distance on before you marked on the it was a pretty windy and the -- expert so was harper sounded travel very well but I know you guys got some good recordings of now leave the guys -- in the but to being on the other stuff but with funny stuff was pretty good as well. She shared a song she actually cause he debuted her song is called the strong warrior song. And she had said that she wanted to share because there is women and children. And man coming together the most there -- children and this -- event and that's really what an inspired canvassing is can she run let them know that even though we're different ages were all warriors and we have to do. For no other as I mentioned that there's there was an article and and I didn't I don't read the -- reporter. I'm not a fan. But I had some pretty. Message read this article on the NB before I read I wanted to just you know one of these that we. I write a blog and and obviously I'm I I'm on FaceBook I have FaceBook group page. The that the thing is that. I don't give a whole lot of commentary on the things that are right either on my blog or on my my FaceBook pages now. That has a good side and a bad thing do it you know we get we get these trolls and and I see some of these these forms for. Where we have these capsule haters he has been more time just trying to delete people than anything else. One on one hand I'm I'm glad not to have that. Let's let's be honest they're out there who we have some real haters out there we have some people. They -- -- heating up all kind of things but but -- but there's a real racism that exists. Towards native people and and almost everything we stand for I -- with the idea that that that we. Try to maintain any level of autonomy and and you'll hear these haters come out whether -- talking about. The Washington Redskins or -- Lancaster Redskins there are that it didn't appear in the Redskins or whatever else. You'll hear. You'll hear the haters Kamal on on some of that stuff but even as we're talking about idol no more or. Or or defending. You know the Lander -- growth we we have some of the most venomous comments that come. I know. The I think it was the paper and Edmonton that down. They actually had to publish this is it during. The I don't know more movements. Being strong days. They actually did away with their FaceBook group page today and they published a a statement they said look. We are closing our FaceBook group page because. We don't wanna be apart of feeding the the racists. Comments that were coming -- on FaceBook they they said that they were getting so much. Just absolutely you know stuff on -- on that that was certainly you know. Unprintable admitted violating all kinds of SEC rules are -- they'd wanna be part of that via FaceBook so they actually. The so here a newspaper. From Edmonton was forced to shut down their FaceBook group page because of the amount of races that he thought there. Now having said that let me read this article. And and again -- down. This article oh was basically -- because of the passing of Nelson Mandela and and there was no name associated you know who the byline a byline on this thing. But down this is frank are a lot of newspaper in Niagara Falls it is them. If it's a pretty crappy newspaper and -- -- yet having said that. Tony Farina who actually is an editor for his favorite is -- it is got a conference with the united. And he's been on my show he has been co host on two sides when I've been there. I'm Donald got along famously with with Tony freedom but I. But I got ties franc par Lotto it's on the crap and I've seen him right is just terrible and I'm just gonna read this read this and we'll have a little commentary about it effort but they just go through to shorter articles though. It doesn't read well also -- five a couple of hiccups on this thing -- it's. It's not written well that's obviously I can't -- well here it is. -- with the death of Nelson Mandela earlier this month. We are reminded not only of the system apart by that once existed in South Africa but also the present day apartheid in -- falls. Yeah a part in. It's South Africa up until 1990. About 8% of the people of South Africa those of European descent. Had to pure superior legal rights to the other 92%. Who were native Africans Mandela and others with the help of the United States and I made it different there and did the gruesome practice. In Niagara Falls. People who are are born of Seneca descent have greater legal rights then people born of European African Asian or any other land in this city of 49000. With the world famous name. The Seneca -- operate in Niagara Falls on fifty acres of land that once. That was once part of the USA for some 220. Years he was taken out of the heart of downtown by -- of truth. That's Seneca is being an independent nation could operate gaming facilities while Americans could not. By transferring oil and out of the USA. The senate does today -- legally of Bob Americans in the same city. They do not pay property tax and property sales or state income tax and have the exclusive right. To operate gaming businesses. They compete side by side. We've overtaxed Americans in the same city. The once proud Americans working what is in effect. The Seneca plantation. Owned by people. -- farther above Americans legally it was more preferences in legal advantages than whites had over blacks more than a hundred years ago. Americans white or black in our falls are the blacks of South Africa. Point five years ago. We wish an end. We wish to end apartheid. In and they're -- Nelson Mandela last Tuesday. You know so this moron writes this things and I don't know that it's hard to dignify this thing. And and I appreciate. The gentlemen who who who who text it is because. It the fact that that this guy actually have a newspaper they -- and -- people actually advertised and including some of a lot does is -- I thought for a I see this paper in a lot of us think I'm I'd limited wrote times and and and their -- a stack of these -- reporters and I -- Italian. This guy. Actually Lowe's. The idea that the -- haven't -- is that now it. Look at them ought to cut the development but but he's suggesting that somehow sent to Seneca people now you don't mind. The casino is operated by the Seneca nation government it's not like that all the Seneca people get to go up there and leave a -- Of you know above. All the non Seneca is -- in Niagara while it it is preposterous what -- actually thing and and it is it is. It it is so venomous and races in its I'm just suggests the even even -- that somehow. That the people of Niagara Falls are leaving. A standard of life equal to the to the blacks of the united states of 400 years ago I mean that that is pure white privilege saying these -- thing. And I thought they would tell you have been loved about this guy this frank -- Dixie he actually met me for dinner one. We -- a couple of guys that show here you know. His idea he was -- senate as we take over the whole city of Niagara fall. He also. I know what a hypocrite he really years. He you know he's so -- -- -- our idea was that. All the senators could clean the slate -- they get operate the city like like that did the Tea Party -- one operate and that kind of stuff. I mean. This guy is it is not only -- racist but he's a moron. And and for him to write this and I tell you I hope anybody listen to show who's ever looked at this is there in his this random like the December 17 edition of Sunderland as a rain and in the month of December. I didn't knowing about it the -- sent it to me. But you know. This is I mean I how does he didn't rates is journalism but but again. He's not the only guy who thinks like this and went something like this who had access is going to be the trust me there -- more people reading the -- reporter and listened to the show and and and reading it who wrote times. So this is this the hill we have decline. We have this kind of mentality that exists. And the -- and I don't. You know obviously this is this is ignorant white privilege and and it's my thing is that but if there probably you know not. White people that are buying into this crap do. And this is the thing that you know any kind of were involved in the struggle were trying to assert. Sovereignty and again -- asking anything from from Niagara Falls. I -- and the fact of the matter Seneca nation. He's cute contributing more back to that city they have that coming from anything else there's nothing tiger falls like a ghost town up there. And there's nothing going on there except for with the Seneca nation has brought there and I'm Anita a fan of gaming -- benefit -- mind you but having said that. What else is there an outside of the the main reason it that a casino that place -- calls was because of the gaming on the Canadian side. Nobody wanted to all that money leaving going across the river in in Niagara Falls Canada. Every everybody in our bosses looks across the river I think that's what they want I'll die if that's what you want that would put on the Canadian side. Let me so I either I'm -- and higher cost is all that is all McGrady it's. You know it's got a budget. She -- really crappy low brow overpriced overpriced -- you know forms of attractions are aren't entertaining. It is terrible. And I mean now that their biggest draws the fact that ninety girls will over there get drunk payments and you know I am Muslim was strip joints the out yet so. Let let's look at what Niagara Falls Canada has to offer. You know a strip joints of lower drinking age and that kind of thing. You know so when I hear frank par Lotto you know the spouting off and weather is calling down Barry Snyder personally your weather's going down. The Seneca people Seneca nation or anybody else. I think you've got to take anything this moron says with a grain of salt and not let not not will not let this guy have any traction out I YouTube advertisement in that the paper. Then figure can donating -- your condone this the very things that disguises about things as an editorial quality in the times and -- their -- and at times obesity at least it's something that's gonna have some. Leads -- more intellectual. Value than than the crap that. You know and -- the -- like is that Tony freedom. I get along fine with Tony Bennett. The first time that that I was in. -- did interview for Tony that he put in the paper it's average beside another crappy column. And I and I call them up as its -- -- -- that no I didn't write it as is Frankie didn't in the -- any -- yet. And and answer enough and you know frank wants to meet and it gets -- is like crap and -- sitting there with me and a couple of guys from the show be on the way community show. And think what a hypocrite and that. I see this stuff this is you know. This isn't even ignorance this is hate speech. This kind of stuff -- that is just stupid if you just say something stupid that the one thing but this is. For this says propaganda. This the kind of thing to try to get people you know jazz stopping and and in Haiti now and I needed people and and I got I don't know patients technocrat. Let's be honest some people don't even know they just -- some people -- -- -- retook to him believe it. -- and that's the problem in the personality you have. This kind of you know. False stuff being put out there. You also have the absence of truth and you know a lot of what I do on this this program and what I do in the to a times that I try to. Get a little bit of history lesson and all come across the real negative and on -- talk about Abraham Lincoln executing thirty Dakotas there. You know war or solitary Roosevelt comments about these people or wherever I I realize that and I'm giving. The the the opposite view of what the history books are today eternity to keep about how great the presidents of the United States -- but I think it does need to be balance there and I'm not gonna suggest that everybody. That that every American ally had to have a cold dark heart I'm not saying that for a second but I'll tell you. These guys to get at the book into political office. -- -- David twisted way of of of interpreting things and -- -- even Barack Obama who. Who everybody thought -- great the first black president he's gonna he's not understand. You know -- -- -- understand that -- -- -- -- and discrimination I think this guy is not. Exactly running an administration that is men very conducive to. To our issues and al-Qaeda in the -- and people that read -- quick to embrace this guy as well. I was one of them I thought he had to allow yourself with some real change is gonna happen and honestly here it was perfect. He's pro fracking. And it. At -- and everything. These guys -- I -- -- everything about you know that this supposedly. Improving the American economy. That's that becomes -- because I think he could take a position against anything that somebody campaign with a practice being a job killer -- and that's why the whole. He's been really you know -- -- that on the whole issue relating to the the XL pipeline but I will say that he did at least yet and given that approval but in the meantime those pipelines are being built every place the very either they're just not connecting. Through the the international border at this point and I think -- -- -- and -- and I when you look at some of the stuff if it is clear. That that we need to do more and we need to. Kinda. Do we stand. You know to push back on on morons like you know like frank. We've got to make sure that. You know that that we give a positive message in them or really trying to do here. You know I I think -- race called reform hammers to who calls and regularly. I I agree that we've got to do more that's -- the food is our medicine program with a disease that we've talked about we've got to rethink about how. For first off how we're a bit. I think in the as -- people we need to set an example but we need to kind of change a little bit about. In the what what were what were calling home -- -- community over condemnation. Hangs in there and I think that's that's I'm with the we have we've we've got a relief. Do some real strong reflection on the day I got to every corner of the and will be back after this. Get -- -- Phil -- save a lot when you stop it now goes smoke shop and gas station on the Allegheny Indian reservation on broad street in Salamanca. Right off the interstate 86 and eight to twenty. You'll see now go directly across the interstate from the senate Allegheny casino. NAFTA was a full service convenience store and gas station. Providing tax free tobacco products gasoline and -- the 24 hours a day seven days a week. 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Join the discussion on let's talk -- do -- your host John King. All right take them back you know this is someone that isn't what my classic when you USC was my show -- -- -- -- yes it is. Now this might not want my classic free form and it shows where. I start -- good -- and and all of a real agenda. Bounce around but that one I did I I did -- a few things I want it just mentioned. I -- I have an opportunity not to Phoenix and probably permanent speak at a part of a panel on. Federal recognition. Which is the favorite conditions -- that the purposes. And win because that's by that the ball would call me up there for email me and guys spoke it. Yeah my position. And I'm. You know way you'd a a good example of a conference Indians of his feet. I can they go about that -- boxes and now we watch that we want to -- that and we wanna hear perspective that isn't being. Offered up so I'm gonna go there with with probably a view it's not going to be widely expressed by anybody else -- that conference I mean I'm for the company I'm I'm -- more. The federal government as a recognized. Mohawk nation. Yet that they recognize -- they reaches the Indians the only mohawks that the federal government did that BIA recognizes. Is that is the RC reaches and -- so. For the rest of us you know but we're okay with that I mean it just -- here's the thing. They do recognize that they have to because you know me and her involvement in -- agreements mostly crap but. But you can't they can't make me not exist because they -- that opportunity don't recognize you know I mean I'm. I'm still doing what I do I mean I'm going to go out and in the PM I don't hold wrongful minister in the last week and and not one of -- would actually. Specifically claimed to be a Saint Regis Indian you know so. So I wanted to you're gonna go out there saying look I'm not that are recognized not in the sense of the European neighbors. Recognizing it tried Gator Nation of Indians supported -- with the laws and customs of the United States that's not me. I'm autonomy I'm I'm soccer so whatever your BA recognition means. I eat it and and then and in the first conversation has to be about things like come. What does that mean -- and why are people trying to get is it about money is about getting federal funds is that about. You what's the real target because one thing that I you that I. Learned over the many years and I've been involved in issues. Including here here from folks at at the UN people like pure figures -- -- indeed was a one of the the minister for human rights. He said. You need to do more with trade. Hughes of you know all this mystery stuff is niceties that that's a nice conversation but. You're gonna have more effect -- what you do with trade so what I think there's some. Some -- territory that's that's vying for the -- nation you know maybe we needed -- and commerce together maybe we need to do some things together we need to have recognition with each other that we need -- Yeah and you need to have. We need a recognition of each other first before we saw grass in the white man or black man. -- and -- to say would you please recognize me and and and give me some sort of standing with the new with the with the in your Bureau of Indian Affairs. I think we need to do more to improve our relationship with -- each other and and it's not all about commerce but commerce is one of those things. It's it's free I don't know each other it's one thing but if we have some ongoing relationship and and and trade is one of those things it's not about dollars and cents it's about what. Do we give each other. In -- -- one of these that that bigger and bigger Paul talked about last week Jesus. You know our our word for for commerce had to do more of what we what we give to each other not what we trade. Not and not always -- Fallujah but all we give to each other and so we we we recognize a need and and what we -- recognizes our ability to do to fill that need. And it's not necessarily. You know. What some people interpret as the one who once once one bowl if if it's more than that. If it's about recognizing a need and and recognizing who your friends and neighbors and you your Brothers nieces that are gonna help you fill fill that need. So it is so let's permanent so but it was interesting to be invited to something like this and isn't going to be at the Arizona state university in at the Tempe campus. -- the far too I don't I don't do those kinds of things normally and I tried to -- next year again these are the kinds of things that I wanna. I wanna be able to step up to I wanna be older. Broaden the conversation that's what this show is about. I'm part of it even getting together like like yesterday on the bridge. It's about it first and foremost initiating conversation before we can build really -- we got to at least be able to talk to. Communicate thank you so much I love hearing you say that that means so much to me. As owners and I think that's going to do that. And anybody thinks that the way the only way to do soft complexes by. You know creating some sort of legal action in a courtroom and that's them -- post that's why. Everything that I do in the show on top with a doctorate of discovery or whether talking about. That the specific skill sets that we have. And things that that forced the relationship that we that we had even early on with non natives he was all about communication with all while diplomacy statesmanship. And I think that's -- -- got returned to week it's gotta be less about who believes they have authority over each other not I'm not suggested that that we have authority over even our. Our stewardship and responsibility to the earth. We don't have that exclusively that's our jobs -- the said. We NBC's -- job. And it's it's and it's all on your shoulders -- -- shared responsibility we have all of creation and that's why you look at the elements of creation and you look at Howell. You know you again without comment like these. You look at how things the grade and now mountains are worn down by by glaciers and now. That the power of water the power of of the cage in the power of of sun. All the little things that changed everything from the land to the animals the mean these with this the power. The nature is filled with the ease with with these tensions that allow. Growth -- all allows break down from more growth in and that's you know and that's why we've learned so much over the years that's why. Our best teacher when it comes to you know people use expressions are original instructions department with the last week. It's not that we have these that this written here this handbook written instructions it was and it was by the beauty in our lives. What we're what we're -- as the creation has provided a path and we can see witness we bear witness that everywhere we go. In even know many. Much of craziness that had to adapt to a very very abusive -- kind. We still see the symbol we still -- The last is that they they have -- but before the close of the -- legal and did the -- different David prepared shoppers are on the line. Days of frequent caller so a day are you there and you Iraqi Army. Yeah it -- -- Yeah you sure excellent. Discussion. Excellent guests. In their usage -- pollutant in in what. Intelligent wise and actually borrowers start but I will -- you -- In particular this is that suspense with the a teacher is to know how many who probably editors here later. -- -- -- -- And these statements. And maybe not but they're purple ticket -- Mississippi this is his opinion changed misinformed. Particularly. -- -- Does -- think he says so -- And and -- -- so you're saying about -- -- and so so strong correct. Warmed -- just the other guy just rambling here but you really -- -- and in the. But -- poll shows that a majority. European descent and move people whatever and of the and they it is. Or support for -- -- people in many ways. We forget that it is -- corporate capitalism means that the forces. Occupy a a lawsuit entitled more -- owner. That's still reeling from me is it's not the average person now maybe some communities. Where -- you there -- questions that its security territories and nation. If it is in -- of the trouble -- that sense of entitlement there -- the actually vehicle basically it. Political. -- in an interview action to complicated and extensive answer receive secret. I think in the undersea Internet this issue and we -- it wouldn't get into that plan calling for this huge confidence. -- look on that are more occupy you know security economics I agree. By that we really etiquette for organized and -- it true that the -- pitchers CC to get out here. Well and I don't I don't begrudge you -- using the university setting. 22 advances the conversation not at all. I just don't get. That we have to make sure that. That we pull -- both academia and and everybody else I mean you know when I think about the the UN drip. The UN declaration on the rights abuses people how -- -- -- that is how regular breast -- in elected office at the state level or the federal level who really have no idea how much the United States that. Exist on a daily basis in in stark violation of those things how many people realize. You know how how weak the foundation. Of of a much of federal. Or or or US. Land title laws -- you ought not to based on the doctrine of -- discovery. And a while and while I'm not saying that we needed you know totally obliterate the house of cards. You know every house of cards that -- the United States has built on. I think that we need to make sure that we that we -- -- easy to an issue that people understand. Look we're asking for handout when it might look at this crap like this stuff that up our lot wrote. When to say says that we don't pay taxes. We we've given up 999%. Of or nine and 99.9 percent of all the way it is that we that we ever held. And most of that was done through fraud so don't talk to me about. About property taxes don't talk to me about. About us maintaining a certain level of autonomy on the on the tiny little postage stamp sized piece of property that we needed to. I've managed to carve out for ourselves and and not allow the state to regulate and the fact of the senators were actually able to grab a few parcels of land back. And in -- dead and dying city like like Niagara Falls. Not only because he was in the State's best interest that to happen that you -- That's just over the crap and so you know so. But I don't regard those guys as the majority I agree with that David that there is. We we see in the polls and we know that whether it had to do with Cathy Hughes and and again nobody ever got the pole on odd couple where we stand on environmental issues. But their their scripted to a pole on gas or cigarettes -- gaming. But most are at large we understand that that the nominee population understands and respects and and and believes that that our poverty does exist. What they don't understand is how much the states and the federal government continued to try. To implement the policy of assimilation essentially genocide against our people the data to take a break up we'll talk -- again I appreciate Colin as always and a -- you Donna for Tony yet again does this spring. Your. I mile apart do it again this guy did I got there early and Ellen's studio will be right back after this. 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All right they got back this time in a duet yet. -- off a couple of things down. Get a good show I I like I'd like -- -- Iran and he has. Sometimes though when you go to break it's hard to figure out where you left off so I -- -- on the brand -- I wanna mention again that at I want people to be aware that I am gonna do in Indy gogel a campaign I'm gonna try to do one every quarter you know indigo and indigo though is down is what they call crowd funding. -- -- If you look you look for this there's a variety of them there's a couple of once called kick starter indigo is one of them. Where you you -- video and did they provide the service for you'd do. Clip -- -- -- and in this case and what do and I tried to 9000 dollar. -- and he Google campaign each quarter to cover -- -- time and that would people can donate you know ten bucks you know -- popular route and offer certain. You know certainly back for the -- and in the process the putting one together I know that these these crowds finding. Platforms are harper are pretty -- if it's it's a good way. Two to reach out. In an all you do send links to your do you Indy gogel page and then the Buchanan you here's the deal or heard the information is those eligible can understand the bit more about. What he needs to do the show you you know I have a lot of friends who do radio. They become reference because we're being aware ago community of people like yet. And most of the folks that I know they're doing they their provider and our time there public radio or that you carved out. You know because -- -- servicer obligation -- the public trust basically. But by I'd bide your time here and and one hour simply wasn't enough idea -- expanded two -- so I'm buying two hours of pretty prime time. An integrated KB is not this that the the the biggest station in buffalo. But it is the biggest signal an awful there's nobody with a bigger signal than in WW PP this 50000 watt station this belated beatle fact I don't think he can make a station more than it otherwise. So this station. -- city can be heard. I've had friends go out sitting -- car in Washington DC to tune in this that this could be her -- it on the East Coast. So I mean that's that's the power of this of the stage -- so. And at and and I'm I'm I'm home here I love being here but. But again I'm not -- I'm not a ESPN's Sports Radio. Employee I'm not an an employee of continued -- -- by the time here. And I got to try to explain to do -- Warren try to do some stuff we deal. I'm working with and memories and doctors -- -- once a month and a half hour you like this television show. Herb -- -- the program of health matters. If he's gonna do once month feature with you know featuring me I'll be kinder and gentler on race -- -- -- It's an education data show in an and we -- -- -- I am not gonna called Catholic and for a lot of fun on television Bible today here on my. But I also again he's going to Phoenix is something that I'm looking working but. Last year was my first chance to do the the you the story teleconference IE IE. Hedrick submitted a paper. To do. A panel discussion at the -- -- -- do to get richer either but there's submission date ends on January 15 so I've got got a couple weeks. But one of the suggested there is that they want to have some -- something on with them with the media so. I'm essentially -- native person in media but -- back. At you Williams says she does. A bit but not. Once a week that's frequently if I -- but right now I'm I write a weekly column on the radio once we thought of that and it's coming. No I -- and I think it'll they're gonna have very offered me in and and he's the accused keynote speakers from analog is so. You know they they they have. Effective. There's. -- had a lot of people from from different places continents though but Baghdad is the UB sort of arms it takes place on April 11 and twelfth. It's a two day conference in and the beautiful variety of panel discussions that -- -- And it and I think that last year my first year even attending it and I -- not only was I I was actually at two panels I was an -- panel that you Williamson and I did my own. Which was on. What I spoke well last year. We go to jail but we do we just about the doctor's discovery you know that. But I wanna talk about about media and we talk about what I think it might show has accomplished in terms of -- some of the issues. Obviously there was some property in interest in -- that it transpired over the last couple of years including. The mark recited the -- which was -- your -- that are rolling on the floor with a couple of them as the a couple of years ago. I also had to had done all hear the WB yen and guided to a bit of -- of a dispute with the mayor of Niagara Falls and he stormed out cropping -- -- always though. So I've had my -- I bet this is facial days. Even on radio but also to biweekly radio stuff and it and the stuff we get a chance to talk about it. And how much we -- the highlight if -- and I tell you I uptight right now. Between the radio. And my column in my blog. I know that there are people that. In that are in positions of influence who -- would do an analysis every week and an -- in this early. Break that they do but I I've got a blog tracker in my blog like -- to see. Which federal agencies which state agencies actually go on my block and I don't get this is the who it is exactly but it will save the US Department of Justice it'll say the Treasury Department as -- Department of Homeland Security it'll stay. The the FBI it'll say future -- it'll say the Oval Office. Literally the Oval Office sun on my blog on the safe side most -- -- -- state office building doesn't give a whole lot of breakdown if that's. Why the Department of Transportation seems to jump on aligned with the level but you know who knows maybe that. That's when the computers and them is different from the blocking. But that but it but again I get the BI SPs will will be listed on my blog -- -- at the scene with. And I think that these guys are on point four hours or anything else but but the but the fact of the matter is I know some of the messages that I try to communicate each year. Do reach places that. We -- -- had a conversation but at least they're hearing you know and and I think. That that's halfway there this that of the the best place to be the -- that you and I sitting and sitting in the same room -- do you have. A an intelligent an truthful thoughtful conversation doesn't always happen but at least at the start. You creating ripples -- basically well I mean. It's not just -- -- because I did you know I'm not try to create ripples or waves I'm just trying to communicate that it is have you. That perhaps they're not getting and you're not -- guys -- gonna get that same view even from elected tribal official now at the guys that they get watered down and an -- They have different priorities that you and I have you and I. RR RRR are more tied to the to the to the earth but we know we have a responsibility we're looking at how we're gonna get elected next. And we're not looking at you know who's going to be are following. We're we're trying to advance our people -- almost like we're we're. We're trying to move the crowd we're not just trying to see who's going to be our call following following us around and around. You know -- one of the stories and and I remember that my my differences to a times. I told that one of their there they're weaker headlines had to do with with an election. In situations you know in -- it I said. That was when you -- -- headlines and it really is important as it when he was the problem. He won the two votes she had 334. Votes. Six nations is considered -- -- the largest by population thing between 1024. Point 5000 people in 19100 people running and ball 334 -- -- another 332 voted for for Belmont or if it doesn't think SOS it less than 700 people at a point by thousands of random and I think one of -- thousand is -- the adult population. Let's it to -- there were the story when there is. How much of all of a political -- do these people think they have when they get elected and especially based on the that this these small. Population that actually puts him in those positions I'm not saying they don't function and I think the guys you know who got elected in the Seneca nation or in up in Saint Regis or. You know are or -- place south on -- and they don't have a function. But that's not the same thing as saying that you have somehow. Is this grandiose authority over the all over all the people's six nation on lowering -- Microsoft theory myself and and I think sometimes these these things that he put in in into its proper perspective. Now it's yeah happening isn't isn't it well it isn't. But but you know let's face it some of these things have been a place for a long time and even of the animals. Are ardent and long house people. Steals and find themselves in you know stuck connect quagmire vote elected you know tribal governments -- and calls Lavar. Vs what they are we we get we get sucked into that things so. I think that we need to be real careful that even when somebody gets elected. That we that that we say look. You got elected by your 334. People and I'm not saying that's all you're you'll we have an obligation at 334 people. But let's let's be clear that you are not. Representing your -- 3000 you may have a responsibility to everybody. But you're not really representing them representing you know a function and and just I guess is thinking about long I'll -- blouses and think about these these elected people. They're being placed in the service of the people any elected should only beautiful but the first start. An indication of how well what -- -- ensure that I can get 336. Double for next time that's not that they they have an obligation to all of the people. Even have a 134. So they're servants of everybody. They're not the lords and masters over anybody there that it of their plays in the only reason -- in the service of those people. Is because. Of of the relationship that that elected office has with Canada or the United States I guess that would do this. This thing down in it in Phoenix about federal recognition they're there they're trying to rethink what that what that process should be there is that working out getting -- but it. And it is it is not even just about the recognition of a tribal government or the masses or or or tribe or or first nations. In and Kennedy have this whole issue a follow. You know -- -- verses of actually deal in and in who gets you know that whole nother set division on the Canadian side and and we -- -- this battle that even on both sides about blood quantum -- I mean that that's what drives me nuts. -- it's them as the most angering thing when you go to. Annie finally having to say that when you go to register to get your immune status carriage of the humor and feeding America a human I have to say these words and that. Let's say on the thing if all year -- panel there and we get together and we have a child my child to be considered only half. Native American. Because you live on the state you're from -- -- -- -- this is Seneca nation from. United States they would match I would only be considered 50% in American. Ma -- and I think it but. That's that's terrible that but but the native territories who's in the you know different -- thinking Mike my kids are Oneida. Because my wife is an idea but they are considered. Ray -- we're good standing -- is because they're -- -- -- on night because I'm Mohawk I'm not a night though. They don't discount the whole. The whole blood quantum of the father because. That you know it and neither of them though so is it -- are and who would do that to the people. There's only one reason that the -- because you your interest in limiting your population. Not because you want your -- that's the the surest way to do make the people going extinct. He's by by chopping off you know vote by doing this whole blood quantum more you know world wherever that and the Canadian government's doing -- the matrimonial. Top of it if it's just bizarre but but you know it again these are some of the failings. Not just of of the US and Canada but we do -- we -- this stuff to ourselves most of the conversation a couple of arguments coming from. From the European affairs on the US side it's coming from from people fail -- we have a casino now. And if we keep growing population -- less money to be distributed amongst each I mean this this is progression that happens. About federal recognition. So yeah at a casino. That you do. Distributions for casino payments so now you can start looking scrutinizing your your enrollment numbers it's -- living in doubt the you can have. -- -- More per cap or higher per cap. Better programs for fewer number of people and that's -- actually just like -- in and edit again I didn't like talk about this on the radio because if hairs are dirty laundry effect. But he -- I don't currency it is out of power and these are the conversations that it. And that I would have a conversation at Phoenix and and they're going to be a good to get it is only buying for federal recognition as a -- and look at the opportunity of doing a casino the -- your priorities are. You know and and clearly people have -- mean that that has been one the objectives and I think every person -- every character that. That's that's I was popular trying to -- lands in the trying to delinquent and all of it but I think we need he'd have. A better thought and a and a better policy and how we've strategy on how we -- those. If the saddest thing that is always a behind motives about things -- Mike -- is concerned about a lot all of a and rim of the things up with a fracking in the anti stances that eventually they -- millions and down the freshman has been pushed into the ground as they. Is the next war and Mueller water that's my -- There in hurting as a news. I mean let's face -- you Fukushima is not doing anybody if it was in the west -- the -- and that we we -- Avery here. And then welcome back for our final segment currently the two hours is almost gone again but again. I just got -- have deadly ambulance studio will be right back for the final segment right after this. Here's the home of smoke and feels OJ smoking gas with five -- -- 87 knocking every Tuesday plus tax free savings every day on gas propane and diesel. OJ's has a wide variety of tax free tobacco products plus roll your own supplies troops papers smoke -- candles and special request products like -- close premium cigars and more. OJ smoking gas now with Seneca nation fishing licenses and accessories. Open every day for a toll at 2111 west perimeter road steamer on the beautiful Allegheny territory of the Seneca nation. Call 71635464354. OJ smoking gas. When it comes to your favorite tobacco products and accessories your full service -- is the second -- we Indian market on the tunnel while this syndicate territory. From filters little cigars and stuff to blunt wraps and roll hero products they have -- -- or they'll get it for you. Second we even as the latest good. The prices are low but this much -- the service our top of the line at second do we get Indian market on Bloomingdale's in the top 1% of the territory. Just six miles off 48 days left on more than Dylan look for the two authentic PP. Any 126 to VIP port tobacco purchases so how would be -- express and sweet in Salamanca New York is the only national hotel in the Allegheny territory of the Seneca nation. -- includes a free continental breakfast shuttle service to and from the -- Allegheny casino every thirty minutes. And the excellent quality you expect from the holiday incorporation. The -- oblivion express since we've also reached a fitness room he indoor pool spot and more called them today 7169457. 600. And stay Smart with polity and expressed and sweets from Buffalo, New York in the historic. Homelands of -- and let's talk negative rides on the power of ESPN fifteen when he's -- -- -- -- -- -- down the East Coast journal island. Join in the discussion on now let's start native -- your host John McCain. Our I things. Goes back. Baghdad now I've gotten out of hand and we I'm -- estimated the studio. And I imagine to you. One of the things I don't have a lot here is -- gas. And I think there's a certain apprehension and I don't think that I and after an off. And but but -- kind of got up pick -- site either. But it is it's good to have not only female voice but a female perspective on some issues that I had I had. I had an opportunity to have like -- is -- studio and holly Jonathan studio but. It's good to have somebody. Younger. That's our only mean. But somebody who. He's he's kind of just coming into her own on. And at the activist levels for the speak in. And then of course you and I I think the first time we -- was that he's -- college when they're doing those. Those classes with that's. For man. Yes Keith Robert Byrd was doing those those the native classes -- this -- a lot of them -- you know. They'll kick those open again tries it again I enjoyed going to that once we can. It of course that I'm busier now because I'm doing this I I do the column and and I help with the distribution of the of the paper. I probably won't be doing the distribution is much healed. Too far into the into the new year I'm just doing -- -- -- help get the word out this paper is some of the two times is really. Gotten some good attention. I've I've seen some other numbers and I. I know that I get a fair a fair number of kids -- even FaceBook -- and we are cheers and on the columns that I right. And then I sort of an -- com and realize that there that they're getting. They're getting pretty good attention there's the website gets a lot of it's what they're trying to do is they're trying to transition with the newspaper and I gotta get to the to a times guys in here about. One of these that it they're trying to do is there room. They're trying to except printing a paper and then put into print paper online. They're trying to create. Almost. An interactive web site. We're after a weeks. Weeks' worth of new ways to gather they print from the website rather printing the newspaper they're going to. Our resident. Posting the newspaper on -- they're gonna pull the print copy from the website so they're gonna go backwards they're gonna. They're gonna they're they're the -- I'd be more interactive people will be the writers will be doing their their contributions throughout the week. And the site may have more content -- the newspaper did they'll they'll pull from those articles. And they'll produce their their paper based on a week's worth of us submissions into the website so. And and at and that's I don't whose idea that was but I know -- I was talking with some of the folks. I think a lot of -- -- -- in the same thing at the same time I'm not. On -- -- I just -- -- -- but they allow me to weigh in in and and really contribute on not just -- in terms of my column but -- let me contribute. In terms of my thoughts and ideas and -- I like what you're doing. I wish them nothing but success because I think we need more forms of media out there not just because of the Niagara reporters that are out there but. You know I'm -- in the about radio you know the reason I like having guests on the show because. This is the show is it shouldn't be just about my conversation he should be the conversation I have with -- others and you know one. -- and I we've known each other for so many years. And the reason that show came in -- being in the first places. What we said time and time again. Many of these conversations that we have a copy of whether it's at my house or his house or is that a higher than that somebody else should be -- any conversations -- -- That's what this did the premise of this show. He's for media is it to meet interesting people trying to pull people into a conversation. And now as many people as possible but Ali you're alive but that put them all the shows on an archive I got some great stuff some great shows in it including. You know musical -- like reporter as I mentioned the first hour but Stephen Newcombe who's been in the on the show a bunch of times he's. You know he's shows have been I -- people today that'll that'll go right to me today. You know your your show with -- nukem is it is one of the most educational shows that you are done and and I agree I I think that this even brought something great to this program not only as a call against the when he sat here in studio and and as like whether I've got you know Jordan miracle in studio or -- yourself in studio I've had some great guest in here. And you know the conversation that we have I think -- it. It's always going to be enlightening to somebody who obviously is looking to understand what the -- of perspective -- and I think that's what but a lot of it is. We do have something to Victor contribute to the conversation not just -- -- but. Even this you know. I called the though the that the global marketplace service or the global market and universities today. When you go and you study and I listened to -- Stephen would do you go college student you know you be -- -- -- preparing our young our young people for the global market opinion. Not some leaders at the ball below market we think about how we're in Iraq within arm's length of each other and put higher -- area and that. And how much then. -- higher priority on that then you then how cheap it is to get a shipping containers that from time. And I and I and I think that's that's part of the problem I think that's the problem with not just with capitalism if the problem with. With really trying to understand. You know what is the human interaction what is the human necessity it's not just about buying stuff. You know it -- should be about sustainability and sustainability is in about. How much money you can make Dubai. The the next iPhone and I Connor of the nicest guy is home you know or either that the two birds or whatever route I mean I think. I think that's. We better -- -- rethink about what that home is do we need to live in. In the united 3500. Square feet now for our suburban area you know and and and I think that's. That's the conversation that I wanna have and that's why it's great to. You did have this forum it's great to have the support that allows me I mean that this is my fourth year. -- be completely fourth year by summertime here. So I've been sustainable that is an -- but. But it you know but it's a challenge -- if it's relative to maintain that the of the support because I think people can take for granted. When you're doing something in the yeah he's got it utilities he thought. I'm but five V Indy goto site people look for that I haven't up operative in the week and how far -- morning -- but. It would be plastered all over FaceBook in the Internet anyway. Well -- finished inner -- with my one I think that's the whole idea and and that's whether we're we're talking about eight piece per view event. Or whether we're talking about down. Communicating with each other we needed find used -- networks that are out there FaceBook it. -- I hear people criticize FaceBook and I and I agree with a lot of the criticism but it's still it's if the vehicle for networking. You all of the -- the blogs the newspapers radio show they Tweeter FaceBook they're all vehicles we can we can use them in in a positive way. -- -- to communicate with each other this year ideas and -- to expand that our our reach. -- and to make sure that. We're over reaching where we're ignoring the people rating extort us I mean. Most of my close to what my FaceBook friends are people that I no they're not just the that's some people who who have signed on from. From the international. -- and we felt until we can get from Bosnia as those well my group take for instance. I don't I don't do these mass appeal. I think he just he was at somebody at somebody from your friends list. Who -- think this guy who understands that -- -- -- I'm not just trying to get numbers that they -- numbers up I'm up to about thirty people in my group. But all of those people have a need of connection and not all native. But they they are involved with the issues and and I and I think that that's my my first cursory filter the rest that is I'll watch in an and it invites to people you know. Putting crap on my my group NATO. -- -- -- -- the united I don't I don't do it to be mean but but I I don't want politicians campaigning on my on the west side. -- -- -- Well ain't safe being shown I really appreciate the conversation here and think it would be good. If somehow going into the new year into the future that we can finally announced territories to them. -- those conversations about. For visiting the people's hold grassroots not just because somebody went on auction or because you arm had -- your family to just. What were all in the service of our people yet we caller the question is whether it again whether somebody very title or or an elected position. That doesn't give them more power prevail and that -- to working together right now only come together and much stronger that and we do it and and I but again I thought I'd say you know our our problem is participation not leadership. Looking leadership happens. And and and that's even a word that I that I shy away from. I think. And real leadership by example not by. A certain amount by authority it's by example and so I think that the thing that we really need to work for work we're getting more more people engaged in the conversation. Then in the actions to get people engaged in. In the in the in the very things that we needed do. I can't wait for that I'm I'm I'm looking forward to seeing that happen you know like his you're talking about it. Am in my mind frame this in mind that yours -- those those conversations of planet with the territories in that. Even at a much trading but will be can -- can he do for an together and Israelis and the Simon you are only as it once we start having this conversations that. There are certain venues where there have been. Mean for the party events for their predominantly foreseen occasion people but I mean -- -- that it brought people together and is on we have a conversation as we can. Feel like I have yet and I find. I managed to find my way without being. You know -- so engaged in anything. But not being excluded from me either I think that's that's a skill set that I wanna hear them he -- the would be -- so we all stay engaged. That we we've pick up -- spirit of inclusion rather an illusion it before. Again we are sacred for joining me for coming this week and if you're not available -- -- these big opponent was involved. All right this giant game is let's not able -- -- next week. Yeah thanks for listening to let's talk they do join John McCain each week here on ESPN fifteen money go to -- let's talk native -- John McCain FaceBook group. And offer comments and suggestions on issues discussed or those you'd like addressed. John -- we back Sunday night at nine.

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