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Let's Talk Native 1/12/14 - Hour 1

Jan 13, 2014|

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On the western door to the eastern -- and beyond welcome tool lets talk native was John McCain. John addresses the issues of native people their communities and struggled to maintain distinction and autonomy. Call 71680315. Wanting to join the discussion now here's your host John McCain. They're gonna walk let's talk native. This is John McCain and not have a good show today I've got my good friend up all dollar loan from the you know was there and negate will be rejoining the by calling in. Though and and of course anytime Paul's on the show. We in updating the McAfee. An interesting history and language lesson but we get a peak in two. You know like the expression my friend at -- another frequent -- the Euro eased Tuesday. What were they thinking and I think by using the language and in and among the things that ball. It a brief news show when when he was a and -- though Paul brings this is a glimpse into into what are not just ancestor but those that came before those who. Who built the metaphors that are language. He's built upon. It it kind of demonstrates what they were thinking about when -- -- the expert YE a word -- -- certain things. And and that's kind of what I always tried to. At least it out of at a pol. But also just word that we address a little bit of of a conversation that I had with the -- another -- at Robert -- they. Where we talk about what. What it would look like for us to really start to bring. Some old. Real genuine used to hold initially culture of the guardian article what would like to bring him back because I'd go back a thousand years. In operate in in this is there anything waited. You know that you have to go back to before European contact but but if we -- to bring elements of that back in and try to really utilized. This in our communities -- our daily lives the clan system. The idea of cult following nine Atlantic counseling I don't mean just. Counseling -- you and CIL but steel EU and SE LI NG I mean I I think. People forget that you know that the idea of of having having console. Is is having the ability to talk to people. Understand what circumstances. Now provide advice. You know and and really kind of resolve a situation and we we will see a therapist for instance. And you get that kind of an act of counseling. What you're doing you're trying to have summary of the mind beauties and and tried. To bring bring peace back you know Wesley what do you bring back peace to a community. Bringing peace back to a family or individual troubled that's just has become part of of what. A hopeful fire what do what do counselors posted do. And I think people forget that so we're gonna we're talking about a lot of that stuff when known for a different -- Calls in but I think that you know tonight is is what is the first. On Neil Young concert. That new young has launched four concert series to support the at a Baskin. -- -- -- -- First nation defense league and tonight is is this concert in Toronto. On the sixteenth he's in Winnipeg and the seventies in Regina and the nineteenth in Calgary Thursday doing off for these concerts. And it's not just the fundraisers about drawing attention and I know Obama folk my friends that -- the to a times there. Are -- Have mentioned this in in the ninth edition. They only -- young is it is a big environmental activists and you will allow freedom. Is the guy who who puts not just his money but he put his lifestyle that he put he he. He walks the walk and also whether you whether you disagree with him on. You know everything he's yeah liberal -- come home. -- -- -- The economy -- -- -- or else. I have a lot of respect her for new young I like his music but I also like what. What he brings that to -- I've followed some of the work he's done with guys that Jonathan Goodwin. In terms of trying to produce. Electric vehicles and a highland high miles per gallon vehicles than. You know site I. I kind of like what what he gets himself involved in in Andy's this project is he's taken a real hard look at the tar sands oil if you. He's taken a real hard look at did you structure of the Borneo forests. And I think there's some of the deceased taken on the stuff. And then helping first nations -- -- and this concert series is not just an environmental movement this is about bringing attention to. It to the front lines that need if people are on in this battle and so again that's that that's. That confidence going on as we speak as we speak right now in. In Toronto and I guess that he's got three of the -- one sixteenth in -- seventy to Regina in the nineteenth in Calgary so again idea. You know I got nothing but praise for effort and -- young stepping up. I think there's -- there's a lot of other not just entertainers I think. More people need to understand that standing with with native people first nations the indigenous people whatever whatever across. Standing with -- as we're trying to tackle. Environmental issues. We we bring a little more to the table when it comes to. I had -- cultural connection to. To stewardship of the earth and and and the idea of with the expression I think they're using in a declaration of art world ruler on. Walking softly on you know on the earth. You know it's it's. If it's just about not taking more the need in more than you need and not trying to. You know exploit the plant and the plant for every dollar that you can get out of it and you know it's one of the among the things that I mentioned in last week's column. In in the short time and I talk about. You know how we need to we need to rethink where we as we -- -- this year and is only the second show of this new year. We've we've I think about what are what are places then you know Ryan and again by a guy out of argument props to. To new Yung -- for stepping up then for if taking taking a role in all of this. And I got a couple of things going on this week the ball one in particular arm I'm heading to Phoenix. -- on Wednesday I'm speaking at a conference. Ian. And Arizona State University the -- campus. -- part of the Sandra Day O'Connor -- college. Their host the event. That. That's off federal recognition and and the question are asking is who defines who you are you know who who who gets the state. And the copy of the panel when I'm on which is which is one of the more significant panels. And it's early in the day. The first day. He's is about inherent sovereignty because at the end of the day you if you're gonna talk about federal recognition what do you recognizing somebody dad's. And if you're not -- it if sovereignty isn't. Doesn't come into play with the federal recognition process but what kind of recognition as it what does it what does it really mean. So I'm gonna bring you know it for those of you listen to my show and and and read my blog and in my columns in the paper. You know old does that take on on -- -- the being being a birthright and -- poverty being. Something that's an inseparable. Unalienable toward poor people so when when the word and that's what the word inherent -- inherent. Implies that it's something that's in that it that it's naturally bound two people so when you talk about. Need of people in our sovereignty this isn't something that they came from from. God or from a monarchy. It came from creation they came from yes you know just the idea. Of our of our existence and -- and and I think this is something that that it. And I think it's unique to voted very culture. But I think people have automatically taken the -- sovereignty and associated with with power. And authority. Rather than -- rather than freedom. And and the right to carry yourself the right to to take care of yourself in the right to take care of that year your family your community in the and the people around you. And you know so I think we've -- uses word which is obviously not a native -- the first place -- uses word. That I think we need to be a little we need to be a little more clear about its definition but we also need to explain where it's best word word of sovereignty lie. Because alliance Tribal Council. Is alliant -- chief counsel. Or does -- with the people. And doesn't lie with the people as a birthright as an individual. Or does little lie with the people as as a as a as a collective right and that's the debate that goes on and -- and I had spoken many times in the show wouldn't. And and again were average and where I make you very clear that I think sovereignty is a birthright as an individual right and it's not a right that we. Com. That only belongs the collective I think the collective is what defense we need to fight in defense poverty collectively that that's on. That I I can sail the time but just completed in conference because the Beazer. You know some fairly well established in people who advocate for native issues. And top people with a lot of letters after the names named people with impeached he's in -- Master's degrees and people were lawyers and you've been involved in you know. Tribal governments and that kind of stuff about people involved with the European affairs -- so they've got. They've got to you know. About to letters environment in a bunch of letters after names and and I come on and guess the only letter from mining is LT and let's talk may oppose. It's all gonna go down and talk -- talk more as an activist. Then. He that somebody from academia. Obviously I'm I'm well read in and and I have enough of an education news to speak intelligently about all these issues. But I'm not gonna go there or somebody who is a committed my life to my life that that might might be spared in books law books or otherwise. I have a pragmatic approach to and to what our culture is what represents. I have a pragmatic approach to -- ties to nature. I don't try to you know created -- the version of -- who we are and how are around. Now how we view. -- -- and even if I use expressions like our mother's mother earth I don't want I don't submitted it to think that I'm trying to make into a cartoon. It ever and whenever -- to see the sun is the eldest brother. That's a metaphor that the term of endearment but it's not something that it's not cartoon. You know Iowa I would if I talk about our our cousins even if what we do the well -- agree with that way and I'm explaining these things. Whether we're talking about the stars and their distance cut in this and causes -- talking about the the winged ones. Four legged and no legged. If I if I use this expression about them being relatives. That's what's at an active as a real pragmatic approach to and a real a realistic approach to the relationship we have with -- all of creation. You know this is -- about the again about trying to create some. You know some cartoon owners of these the image of who we are. -- this is like -- behind us where you grow worse in front a tree and I talked to his -- if she's my grandmother. I'm not -- there. But I'm not suggesting it's not something we can't learn from a tree. But now because we here because who were willing to take a look at. You know -- and I think they're not something we can't learn from but you know from all. All -- -- all types of elements in creation of the living in the non living but we have to take the time to look at. We have to take the time -- did you'd dissected our minds I'm not saying cut it happens in match -- happens. You know and and you know pro Britain. Or anything like that I indeed I think that time to really look at some things. And understand that that the relationship we have with all of creation should affect how we how we coexist with creation. You know -- my friends to come on the reforming I don't believe that our job is to subdue the year. I don't believe it is our job due to treat the earth is if we're the lords and masters. We're just a part of and you know on the earth to take -- -- just like. Delegates take you to take off but he does nothing to -- suggest that man can't -- it when all the other for. Types of parts of -- they've gone extinct you know for millions of years there's nothing to suggest that we -- all the way of the dinosaur. You know so. You know I think we can't take effort ran out the weekly creation ever granted and we shouldn't take our. On our futures program I think we've we've got to stay invested in our future and we got to do that by the by making for the things we do and in the present. Are responsible. Thought I would talk about sovereignty but also talk about. I challenged the notion. As to whether I mean the United States takes it takes it for granted that that somehow. Our sovereignty is limited and that they did get the regularly than meets in bounds of of what our sovereignty is and what they base that on. They based on a bunch of bull crap. From the base that on. They base it on stuff like what the doctor of Christian discovery I mean -- In the justice Marshall and in and you know 1823. Year. Johnson a Macintosh he suggests that down. Our sovereignty. Was was necessarily diminished upon upon discovery back Christians. How is that I'm a -- upon how you can have a distinct and independent people who lived for thousands of years. An -- frankly in the for thousands of years in the absence of the of this out of the reach -- institutions that -- that -- that Europe was known for. How is that we could exist this way. And and and with true freedom and sovereignty. And then that -- and then. You know because somebody washes up on our shores that that disappears while because somebody. You know carried across the put on and the and the put a stake in the ground and how a flag there at that there. Now the -- hours. Now we're the only people here we're gonna ignore the fact that -- -- people here those those are real people closer. Those are native peoples -- those Indians. And and and and there's a solid -- Logic. As illogical as it is that the United States and Canada. -- and other. Colonizing powers that -- used. That's suggested they could they could it I'm assume. A transfer of the sovereignty of the people hello predate their existence on a piece of -- And my challenge at this at this conference is going to be somebody please demonstrate to me. Where. There was a transfer of -- property quoted -- specifically but. Perhaps any of these territories so when we're having a discussion a federal recognition and and and at the part of this discussion. Is about the fact that there are. On it right now other 556. Federally recognized tribes and tell you what that means that into the European affairs recognizes. 566. Native groups of people nations -- -- As tribes bands -- nations of Indians subordinate to laws and customs the United States -- That whole lot of personal belief that we are subordinate the laws and customs the United States I'm not saying that we're not leaving. In somewhat of a relationship with the with the laws and customs of the United States but subordinate to them and if we are subordinate to them that how'd that happen. When was there a minute what during via the whole you know Afghan invasion to Afghanistan division are -- Activision. We we heard conversations about the United States transferring sovereignty back to them after they you know you you did their shock and -- drop -- tons of bombs and armaments on these countries. Are we didn't we we didn't get. You know our territories blown apart like that Seoul where does the transfer site where did we lose -- thought what was the event. What was -- surrender. You know was there I a three day it was or something to suggested that we stopped. Exercising our sovereignty or that we we no longer or sovereign. So if there is an event. Because you can't just pass a law you know the thing that I say all the time. You can't adjudicated -- sovereignty away and you can't legislated away this is the conversation that -- one Phoenix. This I've been gotten because my point is he unless we consented. Unless or we yielded. You know whenever those in the extra -- -- unless we somehow said okay we're yours now. And unless they can document when that happened. My question is when that happened. The gonna take a break right now we're gonna do that the more things again I've got that there -- negate all of our own it was going to be joined me at some point. 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It's from Buffalo, New York in the historic homeland of the -- let's talk negative rides on the power of ESPN 1520s powerhouse signals up and down the East Coast at turtle island. Join the discussion on let's talk native -- your host John McCain. Are I think going back to the giant game and this is let's talk native hey look this is a young. It may not be what people perceive as a college open I've got open -- final time. So anybody anytime throughout the call and I do get some pretty good -- I get the regulars that the call -- but does the number here seven with 68031520. That's 7168031520. -- -- you wanna participate by all means -- -- call you know I do have my my FaceBook group page I'm -- I'll be up to 4000 people on that page you -- the group is pretty quickly year. Tom but that's also the place -- you know it too. You know express some thoughts here you know I've posted the show with a post other appearances that I do a post a lot of stuff on their. Mike my columns. At least to the to a times columns that are right. Com links to my blog mechanic so. And that's also another opportunity that people can you can message me -- -- try checked out there in the show I'm not somebody who can now look at three computer screens at once. I do it through computers and astronomy in North London home and -- not but I don't look at one at times though. I'm not the -- talk intact the same time -- but I do tonight try to attack in on this stuff so. Again use the FaceBook page. -- feel free to call in on tech on my blog and I think about my blog. Any of the stuff that a post on there. And I know because FaceBook people get a little leery about commenting because they don't do it anonymously you can you've actually comment anonymously. On my -- blocks of -- that offer comment to make company more you know just to a anonymously. Eight I I do scrutinize them -- to make sure nobody's you know trolling you implement the negative stuff on there but. But if you if you re a column -- you read an article or there or just want to offer comment. I checked them all out and and that's good place for suggestions are for you for comments and and and criticisms I mean I I know that I talked about things and that not everybody agrees with. But my point here is and I and I say this all the time and it's even my team I I just wrote a paper. I submitted to to speak at the UUB. Story teleconference this spring. And they they had that they they mean to suggest as the meat department media. And my point about the media and my point about this show so whether -- do the -- or whether or do. -- channel -- two sides -- Susan our -- Capitol press room. I just want people understand that this that there is a conversation he had. And that is the way we're gonna resolve. Resolve conflicts that you know it's not going to be resolved. The through legislation because now while this will finally resolved in court you know what I tell you something. If we lose in court on anything whether -- land claims whether it's tobacco taxes. That's ever the end of the game for us when we never felt we never do feel like the courts have the final say. And the final arbitrator in in what we do and don't do. We believe our sovereignty you have the courts don't. -- they don't get to tell us what we believe they can interpret for themselves what -- what the United States thinks is right or wrong. We'll see how that are holds up in the international form at the UN and how those kind of things. The other is a declaration on the rights of it is just people's. That. That you know the clearly shows where the United States and Canada are are. You well over a line issues about you know. For prior form consent on all kinds of issues though. I don't know if he. This show is about having a conversation so again anchors through the participate by you can call and he can you know text you can. You know sending messages. Four for subject matter not similar to the mall but the but always you know give its review them. Look something else happened this weekend and it caught some people by by surprise a little bit. President Obama Barack Obama. Launched a new to our program because of the promises the loans. Now promised owns and he's only designated I think 45 I think it was Chicago. Los Angeles the -- Philadelphia. Area of Pataki and the -- -- nation in in Oklahoma. -- immediately for me when I when I hear somebody say okay we're gonna. Do a promises zone. The in in need of care trim the you know. Would it will be better on of the promises the made in the past -- make it's and the ones I mean. I don't know what this promises some and and I gather up from from what I've read it has to do with tax incentives then you know and other kinds of these that they -- Bring to an area that's supposed to spur economic. Economic development over. Some for economic prosperity and and a great parties. You know what I want when Barack Obama gave his speech. In Johannesburg at the when there eulogize in and Nelson Mandela. He made a comment that I and I made a comment here on my show winner and -- -- even when it was a on India Nepal radio I talk about him. Suggesting that there that there that we needed you know we need to do more to. A fight against children who have no prospects for the future. And and here start way he what he was saying this he talked about -- Dallas fight in and in this and and the fact that Africa still has so many places that that that young people have no prospect that you're trying to get the idea. Even as he was saying that I was commenting about about some of the -- territories work. We have the highest rates of suicide -- of the highest rates of drug you know drug abuse and alcohol abuse and violence against women and not from just from native people -- And the statistics are like 70% of any of the violence against native women. They are from non native people off -- off the territory. We have -- the hybrids of poverty we have the highest rates of unemployment we have you know that the lowest graduation -- all the stages -- you don't wanna have. Indian Country at least those lists so. So is as Obama is talking about you know how far the United States has come and then try to claim some credit for helping. Nelson Mandela in his in his battle. With a part I didn't. In Africa. I think people can forget the United States was all about calling Nelson Mandela terrorists they -- they were responsible for helping him for helping. South Africa lock them up in prison in the first place were separate point seven years. Now Rick praised him when he got out and you know and they forget how the United States the CIA. It was it was -- characterized this guy. But it's nice and high -- to talk about just how. You know. How wonderful somebody is in their fight for freedom in and for equality in and civil rights that kind of stuff. But when I hear the president United States talk about. If they need to ensure that the young people. Have a great prospect for the future so that I see this an -- and again that it may sound like well -- you you want that and I complain about it but my point about these. -- -- Rather giving tax incentives want to peel away. And and and sergeant with the very things that we talk about what your taxes that are territories. Stop trying to I mean if -- over tax of people. It certainly shouldn't be us and then not say OK what we have people were actually organized tour offers some tax incentives to. To somehow beat some of the the over taxation you know frankly it is it just about. Offering some tax incentives to a to native territory is gonna solve the problem. We we take a position your taxes should apply. I still think the division that that if you're a native person. Working on native territory. Especially these guys who work for their own government their own tribal governments. I I said this one without a Washington DC when the -- all these consultations for the UN hecklers from the right and it is people. I stood up and -- for him for people with a with a hole went to federal agencies on the stage I turn my back to those federal register that I look at all the new people in the seats. As with most DP more for your own government for your own territory. And they give a I just how was that these folks on the states are entitled to a piece of your of your salary -- -- a person. Working -- working -- your your own territory are working and in need of company aura or on a tribal enterprise. Why should your income be tax to support these. You know and this is it about quid pro quality of Kobe pay taxes and then commerce services come back and I think it's. You know I wanna be clear on that too and I'm ready to talk about this in Phoenix. Some moral allies that he's got to rethink what does that mean when when Indian health services. Provides some health care on your territory. Or they or their provided grants or services or any kind of funding for programs. Is that and is that an act of charity. Is that our dependence on on a government that would became the -- of that of that state. Or is that an obligation because that's what they're paying us for the billions of acres that there were seated over the years is that an obligation are are we -- Again are we the recipients of charity. Or do we have a note to hold against the United States is the united paying back an obligation. Because of because of a trade. Ferrer are fair or unfair I mean. Most of the these these -- sessions were tied to some sort of on long term our repayment. You know -- -- Bob venables over Cornell University. He suggests that when people went -- why Indians not -- -- -- Indians of -- funny in fact they prepaid acts. Every every piece of property tax on the land they still reader reside on every every sales factory income tax that was prepaid with a client. And now I don't necessarily. Concur -- that an apple assessment. But that's a professor. You know or rather distinguished professor a Cornell University news -- that he's written. He's written you know publications. To that effect. So I'm not alone in saying these things the problem is. It is still easier just to or try to conform to the federal regulations. On how you do gaming on how you do economic development. And and let the United States set the standards on everything. Even -- United States has failed miserably on much of their economic development policies. So the point that I make is rather than trying to offering promised known. To -- talked -- nation or anybody else. I -- remove your taxes. Don't try to give me don't try to create more legislation for our territories don't try to create don't try to give us anything. Once you take a little bit back. And when I think they get back army take back their controls they beg your. You know a year. Your yeah unauthorized regulatory. These schemes year you're taxing teams. Are we would not be in the economic circumstances even in places like pine trees. If needed to native trade. Was not a constant battle with the states it was not a constant battle with the federal government and I just I I was on -- Nevada. Yesterday. And I mean Italian Villa on a dog as at the chiefs. They have their own -- to live on enterprise and big you know big smoke shop. And the IRS is all of these guys activists. So this isn't just the -- These these private enterprise smoke shop owners and -- August or you know or any place there is new Yorker by south. I mean you you've got the tunnel -- the -- facing a tax problems and nine tunnel on you've got the on about it he stays intact from. It yet -- harbor basically had to sell the farm. You know he would give away everything in -- -- idea to give way point 5% of the of the slot revenue. You know he's got our horse track and at casino are -- are competing with against is his casino three miles away. He had to pay back. Make payments in lieu of taxes going backwards and going forward. I mean this is the kind of stuff that you know. So. This is just about whether a successful native businessperson is paying taxes. So little a lot of the stuff that's got to be considered and and again -- this is part of so when I hear a promise zone. You know another promise being made to the talk doesn't talk Gaza alone as far as in the country knows. So to reduce pilot program to you know to offer a pile of a tax incentives. Now I'm sorry that's I don't need a promise made to us again. Get ready your taxes done offering offer me tax programs. I designed gain and they break your read back to Jenkins let's octave. 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Call 71635464354. OJ smoking gas. Thanks for coming back to let's talk native a phone line is open for -- 7168015. Money. Here's what stock -- -- John McCain. All right they've gone back hey you know I got some Brigham reports that that. The life being his is excellent tonight so if you're not listening. That in mind you. I know I've gotten a couple of a -- Hillary's that the light streams treatment here then I again I want I think Kelli for that. A she does great work and I know I know sometimes things can be difficult so she's -- as the work. The sound quality is is essentially. That history is actually streamed directly off of the broadcasts. So it's not we're not streaming directly out of the studio were almost it's like one step removed from that though. Again here's the the broadcast is pretty clear that the stream is pretty clear and -- that. All right looks like I finally. Had my in my body Paula on the online -- there. Yeah all right so a year quickest goal be -- -- on the wrong. And you wanna do you do I have to dig any baca said so far for the first half hour. We -- and always make news where don't want. I'll get up at bat dismembered dude in Mohawk you have to though that we don't make my nervous beyond the control panel. They don't you look I imagine a little bit earlier on. -- that. We were we talk a little bit off how how it would be the end how to -- -- start to have a conversation about bringing back in in a -- let's face -- him back up a little bit. We've had. Centuries we've -- two centuries of of essentially degrading Alvaro on now of our processes of our our. Ways of the guy in our goal. And and and it got I have a conversation and you don't you and I we've done this quite a bit and we've a lot of ties to last this wolf how well how should it be. At a red -- how shoot -- beer how was it. But nobody ever says okay -- how do we get back to that. And and what's that process and you know it and and that when I talk to be like say you know in spite of they're still being a lot of flaws in in in and even in these places that claimed to be. You know quote unquote traditional or her it'll traditionally hold initially territories -- even whether -- our wallet -- ago or. Are tossed or tunnel Wanda and we know there's flaws there. But even in the territories that are not necessarily recognize. It has long houses in -- rog the one -- -- can frogs and steam -- walk along ousted but I mean we have long -- -- we initially people in. Throughout our original homeland. But how -- week. Reached -- recapture some of that identity and start to utilized it and you know I -- I'd mention is you know I -- bright spots I mean I I when I saw that he bad that took place in six nations. Back two Summers ago. Which which of the -- induced -- little question that'd that eating courage to. The fact that all night Ontario hosted. A guy in article event. This past summer. So to me I see that stuff -- the positive side now was everybody there and as everybody. Really capturing the message in. But to meet I'm encouraged by that is at the start with so what's your thoughts. Well you know I'm encouraged when I hear people saying that they want to come together. Would like to start to -- and so one. You know but a big problem today is that. There's so much. Rhetoric. I guess that the word. At all or nonsense being spoken bite the but as so many people. That basically people that. You know they've got a lot assume the symbolism. And so on but it's not symbolism that. Compromise. You know it is what they've learned. Since contact with European. And you know what people were put through you know for the religious institution so called educational institution. And just couple. Dropped their horses. Sign you beat that well that. Probably -- -- And you know I've created this great confusion. You know. Among our people and it's our democracy confuse the you'll have people it was peaceful the children. And change the minds of these children and they put up in the minority children. And now. You know I'm deputies. Particularly from them so they tried to learn and we'll update you able -- -- And so on that -- not written by people. All right I'm natives and so this is born Indians being. All the result already be seeing. You know creating these names. You know -- -- -- You unhappy. Happy leaving nothing to believe we large just touching the surface on -- and they. -- indicated an example an example of that is. Yeah and you're just it's a little kind of finer point on is yet I think about things when that you were probably chiefs. Or or one as it hereditary teaser or you Kabbah. A bad translation that both some of the translations we've seen of the guy -- article where the refer to. The the early on the -- -- who has as confederate lords they actually put these kind of connotations on them. And and it sends a completely different message 888. It actually creates a very hierarchy. That the greater -- was intended to prevent side I think is an example. Mark is somewhat -- territories and that -- -- one thing for people. And that it is with other people it always started you'll -- individual. And their responsibility. That you have. To make me. Com you know you're right as a human being or part of nature as well as who may ensure that. The once coveted and you can't protect themselves. That you have that -- respond to lose to ensure that. Don't want you to exercise their birth right -- that somebody would you do it for you and that's why we say. God I'm -- the law that great law -- that. Say that. It is that this group. I bet the travel and will maintain and you know kind of principal. And that by hand gestures we're you know yeah I don't think all of us to public. Ladies. -- puppies -- little army and so on but we have -- But what is happening at our people he. -- and -- you know others that you usually shiny object alongside of that. I'll tell -- that you would be -- the optics are it distract them from what is supposed to be doing. And then the travelers -- you have the public. Yeah travelers slowly. You have to acknowledge that Huckabee get a full control of your money. And that you cannot allow. These things that. You know that I want to -- he particularly from. What your booty and your responsibility is we don't want to look coming behind you think -- -- That responsibility. To keep me that. That visible. So that's the one behind you can follow it because it would. It's gonna get home with all kinds of think that. It's not a dependable Andy North and that's what attracted -- -- So it -- This land it and why everything that we do we obviously. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And roundtable -- the -- and others are looking at. Everything in light pat -- And editing it -- -- -- is not only want. I may just have to look at it. Yeah maple -- you. You the problem it would create there if you're lucky to look at the crowd Obama's ego if you're up -- and yeah -- yeah go ahead and you. Maybe. Beat pat must travel. -- work together -- the -- together because. Nobody creation and waiting and gently control. If we go on -- supplier. We have to maintain we are. We can't become -- and evidently I mean look at some of these species. Are crossing that picking up momentum to boot. And -- by design assigned blustery that you people -- -- British home. Miller got to understand -- he's not going to be connected anymore and I think they're just gonna die off. Until -- -- America and when you want and you have to you are. Up and managing it. Don't let this is you know we call ourselves to what usually. Attract anyone usually like to do what usually. I think you want them truly. And guys go all the way too emotional in the wet. And I think that we will be this way. That we well being. -- you know maybe it would create a candidate I would be. And we would probably be -- that it would not become. What we're not supposed to -- Yeah it's just designed this this is. Managed trying to change -- -- mention all the time. What -- -- -- that I wanna talk -- because you and what what I think more people struggle as. Is acknowledging where we've gotten to and then and then trying to figure while. Even understand what the first steps are the attitude to started bringing back some of the stop and how do how do you start to draw a distinction between. What is been manipulated through. Through improper translations and -- accounts of this there's a lot of work to do. Now and that's not to say that. -- -- And you go back when I -- I was born back within our live my -- people when a child was born. And when everything -- It I'll let the baby would put on a cradle board or in the Olympic hopefuls who says well. And I think he's looked in debt and then we'll get into sort of forest. Almost two years of their life is not -- two years and a and that created a lot of them that. And -- the -- were doing it every -- think people physically but he made that and what did they report and I'll have time what we're. Important tryout wasn't there all right. And -- There were walking and they were listening. And what are walking like. -- itself. That was going on -- around them. But like they would usually. What the outcome of their mother but I'm not -- people. Until I think she'd be gone and I let the people -- if they could keep a light bulb language. Well but but pop up all of what is it. I think -- -- -- is that the significance of -- cradle board. If they didn't have a a baby laying on the back not being able to see just the sun this was obviously the incredible artists that upright so. Should -- hope that the law and that's the point. There aren't as well invested that's significant part about the -- board. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- It would. They let -- develop a mind up at trial. And that should say you hear this record all the palm -- -- -- terrible. Who I doubt -- completed all the guys looking -- Don't mind like that evolved what happens is such as the running might actually buy -- track experience would on this and anything. So when a child is on the scoreboard watching and seeing how people -- you know why parents don't want. All of this week all of this kind of trauma he's developing. Just think develop -- -- because we've done all along for the trial to develop physically probably that you're developing nuclear. They're my -- so far ahead. And that's what that was involved -- -- but the main thing was what the language. Looked like a good time duplicate English speaking to pick out your -- quiet that would about that at all about what is you know look at bird and they'll go to the coach you know what I'll promise I'll. And we don't they -- today. But today we welcome as always going to be two years old all of these I don't know home that you witnessed it up and it was a lot of stress. I apologize to and they don't like that big you know -- fight for it. I guess I got they are getting a break here and now welcome back and have -- of this hour that will will keep going here but well I got I got more wanna hit on this and get some. -- I want talk specifically ago and that's one of our comeback our thought about what the people to date can do. And and because obviously you you're part of what the show is. And and that the thing that I try to communicate to people is that. We need to begin to have a better conversation about what we're doing and and and that's what -- deal of the more about equity come back -- rate is John -- does that thought -- we're back. You'll be glad you took the time to stop and say that the -- liquid smoke shop on the counter raucous territory of the Seneca nation. Right near the Wanda and one for 38. -- -- record smoke shop is a full service convenience store and gas station providing discount tobacco products gas diesel and propane. The convenience stores open from 6 AM to 10 PM daily but the gas pumps and pump house are open 24 hours seven days a week. -- -- -- smoke shop probably supports but let's talk native with John King show on KV fifteen -- one size does matter the -- very tobacco accessory shop proves it with the largest selection of unique to. -- items and hand blown glass pieces in Western New York from -- to wood to metal they got all the finest pipes as well as who gets. 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Are I think are back again I've got up all the -- a different bit bigger Abigail on the line. And you know we've all got to -- a -- here before we have to break for the top of the hour but. You know I guess where I always come back to -- -- were people say how do we you know we know that there's problems we we know there's problems and on Howell. People are characterizing. Again. Lack of a lack of the translation using words like keys and I remember would be what was daily the the. But the static as they abandoned key system for our constitution. And you know that that language -- -- makes sense to me. But when you when you hear it will suck up what's up how we stop. Not just using those concepts and I think you know doing these by an article are you -- three events are are a good place to start. But even even in the absence of that it just seems to me. That part of it is just getting the people to participate and we talked earlier on the phone. And and I think part of this thing is is finding the people like minded people. It started to start to conduct yourselves in accordance to this this this great path. An end and let your let your conduct and let the things that you building you grow would that. The example to others and and that and -- I've talked about that and and and I still think that that's something to be left there. Understand it is a tangible approach to doing that. Yeah. That this is like let I don't know. But my whole life you know trying to what I've learned from the people before me. People have worked with that being that sort of experiences so locked. And that. And -- -- an -- that I I spent a lot of time. Triangle. Get people to understand and who really didn't want that said. People who really didn't want change people who are shall comparable in that way. They were afraid of what I was talking about the law. Because -- didn't work he informed me it was comparable. And I'd expect that life and it will really wanted to. Believe that you want without little. I -- is added to vote. You can you can. That the old age you can go back in back. Every -- creation. There's no way you want people that it continues. And civil. But -- -- -- look around you look at what you are an initial public should be from you know what do you understand and you law. And that and tell me. Do you like -- should be. Are you doing what I would -- -- like you were encouraged to do. And I don't know how to encourage does she does well there are people. And why not just how well people everybody in the world -- will be looking war. What everybody -- beauty queen pursuant to world peace. And we have built more local world peace. But I think you bet there's only one that I spent years trying to get me you understand that it myself I'm not gonna do that now. Whatever it was and look what people like -- The people are ready willing to roll up their sleeves and -- acknowledged the papers that. And I let people know that didn't happen overnight. They did not McDonald's wouldn't want them to actually get what you thought you saw that thing is. You know we can that application. But that. And in the long run it it has worked against that we have predicting and look and work and we have to build it. By and an -- point and with that we. But we talked about this we got an and the thing is that there's they're people that show up. And they make it sound like all I've got the silver bullet here I figured out I found the history year I found this document or. All right I learned this and this is the way we're gonna fix everything and and you and I go back to same -- that -- -- -- silver bullet here. It's taken it's taken me off hundreds of years for these did to to degenerate. In our breasts and I think it's gonna these 200 years to get back to that -- get like you said. The same creation that our ancestors learned from is available for us to learn from today it we have the benefit of still having knowledgeable people. Probably know that they could bring some of the stuff to a so. I mean I think we've we've got a tremendous of advantage over -- the people who came before us but the question is. We got to stop looking for a different either that the next messiah. The next one person -- golf when you know leaders to the promised land. Or guess probably for that silver bullet that that everybody. Everybody believes you know an -- -- and I you and I talked about another good friend Stephen Newcombe who's been on the show. And because a lot of work talking about doctor and her discovery and and and kind of what a farce it really user details but you know even having said that. Having said that. You know you can't just say OK the doctor wants to improve the debt doctrine of -- repudiate the doctor -- discovery. That our problems are -- That's that's not true either I think that some of this stuff I think there there is knowledge he gained from from some of the things that were employed against our people. But but at the same time we've got to begin this process slowly we we've we've got to be -- be able to take the steps to get certain certain things back we can't assume. That we're just gonna come up with some some -- answer then tomorrow we're gonna wake up and everything's gonna be right again. You people don't you do get is. You -- outlet but the work is equipment you know it brought all people focus. It's great to have an awareness of -- Because I'm a world away or don't fully conscious of what was done and -- -- -- -- in that event. -- -- We can't change what happen. We have to learn from what happen and we have to keep in mind that we do we do it again I would not let that happen again. What is that now that it is an -- yet. -- it -- except. We have to take is that -- patient. The Manhattan right. -- don't -- a little resign in and I. Don't want you know what that means apologizing. You -- get it right when something wrong. You can't cry all the all the time you have to won't admit it right. -- off of me. And negligently built -- that we work we don't always get it right. Following days content darn close to a one to make mistakes and we should be good to make mistakes. That's how you've learned a problem Cumberland. Like you on that in all of you people make what they. I do. What. -- my problem is that to me it. I would question. About what I've got some issues that question that the ability to make a mistake. And that and I don't know what I believe the made mistakes. But we don't shop we know we learn from mistakes and we judge you went there. All how you'd think it is. And we've developed a great languages great cultures. You know. Dominance over Clinton -- People. The first time. No and our people made mistakes to an -- and not only do we have. Periods of you know really -- a lot of turmoil but. You know again when you and I spoke earlier I talked about things like but to hokey and that's that's an example but there's. Our people went down that path trying to create these large population centers and we realize that they didn't work whether it's South America over the talk about -- and -- you know the aztecs and mayans. All of those of those people built these you know the advanced cities if you will along the Gulf Coast and blaze -- Tokyo where Saint Louis is now. But all we had done that those things -- and they failed. -- Montreal. What they -- until today we call it Google Yahoo!. This is why target first came up there shouldn't -- population certainly people. I'm excited that he didn't -- that I knew that there were all gone. And I think that people know that overpopulated. And it was not good. I couldn't really did and it went -- -- over. They added that the guys that. I want -- pick -- you don't do whatever happens to these people. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Our but it -- shorten -- -- with an -- and that I got back political opinion lies. And that these guys. People want every advantage. Did you get resources. But that's exactly the point and then then you know when you look at what Europe did to themselves not just wiping out you know foliage and depleting the soil. But even when they are living in these cities and having. You know that's where the play scheme from most of the disease that that the Europeans brought with them to our shores. Came from the unsanitary realize that they were living in Europe and and that's that's the whole thing at my my point is. There are people -- advanced past that. They they were they gave up on that notion of a certain amount a convenience of the idea of putting your people altogether but then there's there's there's a big problem -- that -- get -- -- -- New York City -- -- -- Philadelphia Chicago the following up a break here we're gonna back -- do I do a couple of callers on the line and I'm gonna get to after this break. Thought you guys hang on we'll get to -- And that -- -- -- -- now will will get re back on this thing France's bridges John Jane is let's talk native. Buffalo's home for an -- number one brand in world wide sports ESPN. 15:20 AM WW KB buffalo on ESPN 1520.

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