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Let's Talk Native 1/12/14 - Hour 2

Jan 13, 2014|

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Let's talk native -- John King is produced every week in association with iroquois promotions. You're a boy promotions is a native company located on the catalog is territory of the Seneca nation. You're a boy promotions brings a combined fifteen years of emotional experience in professional and amateur sporting events and entertainment. Here boy promotions provides prominent native speakers for lectures cultural events media and educational institutions. Pass defense include professional boxing fantasy football events tournaments -- showcase and more. Iroquois promotions also promote self sustaining any of our -- from the projects you -- international network for your next entertainment athletic -- cultural event. Be sure to contact your boy promotions at 71653. To 4449. That's 71653. To 4449. -- iroquois promotions. -- I based -- fact I'm David let's not. Little bit as they get back to shop for back with the medicine. Well I've still got. A different ball dollar on line. We wanna get duke w.s in -- of a caller first that I wanna one address an old. One of them is is a friend of ours and then and a comment from somebody who we just want to. A reason issue -- Larry from north -- on Larry -- undermine. I'd -- -- or you know as a native that lives off the reservation. I struggle with. The issue is -- -- you know Internet. It's it's like we can address our issues unless we intervene with T wait government but. I truly believe an actual problem and that that's where I struggle because I think. We're not this change last week we heard him and I don't all we can do without not. Participate in the government because the government. The way it is now is is not gonna help the maintenance. And that's where -- feel. We need to truly get in I don't know how we do that without listener sovereignty. Well and and and again we talk about. Participated and I'll tell you you know and my personal view is that we shouldn't be pitchers meeting in their elections and tried to. Affect change from within their system I think that we need to. Take the property to sit at the table. And and have a have meaningful conversation. Now Heidi make that happen while I think part of it is it is raising enough public discourse and whether and that's part of the function of the of this radio show on bleep. You know even on just you know you know one -- voice you know on a relatively small radio station near buffalo. I seen some the changes that have been affected by by not only comedies that I have the because. I pushed to conversations little farther I have -- politicians to a you know to release stepped up. On what they're doing. Not to not to try to legislate for us but the question. Some of the legislation that they are doing that the practice and that's what I'm talking about so while I agree with an -- and let me back up again. It doesn't matter where you live. This all quoted a -- -- you know thought it would because they offer the -- -- reservation I'll play us here today and not -- I don't I don't believe because that walk off the across a wide out of out of the Kyra -- -- Seneca nation. That somehow no longer native or whether I step on about what's off their analog -- plays out. Yeah we're we're we're still the -- people. So I -- and I know our own people sometimes can get pre divisive over that issue but -- but I hear what you're saying I think we need to find a better way to engage. The the attempted to -- is -- about. You know I was jumping into their ship. Or or our our our vessel ramming their vessel either it's about recognizing and respecting OK you way of doing things. And and we have a way of doing things how -- make sure that that are two ways to not become abusive to each other and I think right now we're we're not even have that conversation. They're having a conversation about trying to assert their authority over territories over people. And again they're the first ones to say I'm and I I know people who did. A jury jury -- notices and and I literally heard some of these folks say. Once you leave the reservation you're no different than any of us and it's like at 80. The I I appreciate the comment Larry and I appreciate you listening to show. We're we're gonna. I mean this -- this this is part of that conversation but we only talk about trying to grab like minded people aren't just talking with trying to find somebody. Who low lives on on in the territory. I'm saying that there there are people -- you know I do want to maintain. And a level of identity a lot a level of autonomy in distinction. As a -- person and I do wanna find the people that I can. That that I can sit with an -- can be a part of that I can. You know you. Again if share my -- and and and and state by Mike. You know my claim on my on my grounds that I stayed on whether it's environmental whether it's whether it's political or wet weather would no matter what it is -- I appreciate the call and I appreciate you participating in and feel freedom you weigh in anytime. Only guy I'm with you are right aren't exile Larry. Are I want to go go to another guy got a a call from our friends and while you still there. I got I got the guys from from -- Borough North Carolina calling and they want to give us a bit of an update on their. David battling some hunting fishing I've covered some that he huge year locally with some of the vote down in Allegheny. Territory Seneca nation but as you know -- you've been involved in some of so what they've they've gone through down in North Carolina. And it and it did -- -- it it kind of weighs into some what I was talking about. When we talk about this quote -- federal recognition because the top scorers in North Carolina. Have not really pushed. You know not not in a broad based way anyway push to get federally recognized -- saying look we don't need to get to recognize us because we're here anyway and you know so there's been a certain amount of that but I know that the date they've been really at an odds fighting over hunting and fishing and I'm I'm not true I -- work on from North Carolina. This is Robert. But as well -- and called it an update but we've been fighting. To educate just like Larry was speaker that he was speaking Larry. We have been trying to not be a part of process -- -- elected processes. We have been trying to educate them. On cooler than what we are and why we have rights as NATO's original peoples of our homeland. To exert does all the rights of hunting -- without jurisdiction. And with our involvement. And volatile the state are even the federal government and you'll I didn't play and we've never -- -- federal state recognition. Because we stand on ourselves with. Negative light of what we already have by the creator. And by our -- -- blog right of the an original peoples. The land here and not just North Carolina and other popular and said earlier. You know we had territory. North south. Of a lot of this so called content. North America now so we're not just. Strapped to North Carolina. We've been in three different administrative entity. Or court -- we have. They -- I'm just here trying to change him it doesn't happen if I don't have a lot. Over our. Right so running position has -- jurisdiction. We've tried them on. Treaty didn't realize that we're native language just ordinarily hear what is -- dorm rooms and finally. Last Monday. Good judge presiding over the administrative part of that it actually -- the motion. That we put together instead of the deafening actually came out saying that I think now this is not about something fishing. In and of itself. That is the principal of the matters and that's what scared. So a video make a ruling. He -- -- road I think being the judge didn't let. The to open up the cattle so to speak I think that we're gonna have to try to change. There's something different because you're going to be saying judge. -- on them on the just aren't part of this thing. And he's already -- and so he said well he's inclined to rule against these kind of cases. And -- -- -- He's not normally not thoroughly yet on this emotional they have another administrator day we're like look you waste your time part time. They don't -- I think here's the thing Robert. -- for me. I think anybody who thinks that the that this thing is going to be a adequately. Disposed of the in a court is -- and and so I would you know being a little bit down. Well he here's my suggestion and and all you you can win it in on this too. When they talk about coming up within it an administrative remedy does think to me that's the court saying. I don't wanna have to ruled that because. I I can only rule -- a rule based on North Carolina he can't he can't recognize sovereignty that's on his his authority to do that so. So it but it but if you if you can come up with a processor look. We're gonna hot you know so popular we cooperate with the two other. So whatever concerns you have about our hunting. We can at least thumb and this is about who has authority over who -- -- -- back away from that a little bit and then I'm not think he back away from it by conceding he say. We don't concede for a second that that that we don't have our right to hunt and fish. You in any of violence. But they say but we understand that there that it. Concerns can be raised because of because we are right now on the -- river of life so if you take that out that approach and if he's -- the opportunity. Two did take this thing and and try to resolve some of the conflict outside of court would just kind of wait where it was left would you -- would. When you help now and and went down and educated some of these judges down there is not the case Paul. Yeah. -- that it. -- -- you want people who he felt that that. That is what not and I'll. Do you go -- and yeah that kind of evolved. Yeah that is wrong. That that we've put forth it will let -- -- -- that are sort of people. Now I'll put I would say the -- -- and we pulled my we. -- -- One don't look at that sort through these red color VIP card and op. That said that was one button that they need -- ought to apply. That letter dated weeks it will calm and name -- -- it was on that card that it was -- -- because you know certainly people wrong. I'd eat and don't want that one that got these I don't want make a ruling that. -- saw that the native people out of line that isn't -- time. Anywhere is it because everybody is -- well -- -- it would be only two people back is shooting that we need to. And a and so we -- that you. Not about chaos but. Does that -- was. Right to expect that it. People this. But because this was quite well himself because we would -- the result that he who shall electable by people like -- who don't like to borrow. You these Vietnam and the principles and so on standby. He quality. These studies in this New York. Com educational. What it is certainly a big. Round. Com. People in these quite a human lives. In this you know this whole -- and so. Is it like. Home that we only want to throw myself into the public. We want to look like that to. The circle human. And by the law forward so we need to educate -- What or what you -- is you know people -- don't know all of these laws and so on that you guys who. I was we call like passes on the wrong. We could actually get -- you'll be involved. There's always. People there. Of course some leisure. Saw the poor people and put it together and who issued the car that they would do not put on this is. People -- When they came -- conservation people and so on that. The conservation people would have to draw the -- I don't want to call humvees and -- that idea. Conservation and what can be. -- call themselves won't be blunt reality well we got our. That until that happens and so because -- didn't happen. Those population did well this -- technology -- Charging and people that's what people obviously. When you know that he's made it -- but it was no. Should call you that there. You saw people. -- you know what you they simply because well we might not be issued today. Robert correct there was no follow through. And some of -- have the had to take the the all too well and try to follow the world finds things. Because that's absolutely correct there was no follow through when you came down. It is an assistant before. And so we're in the same. That -- in the group. What was going through these. Yeah ID card enrollment. And everybody that we got a different judges now. It doesn't understanding understandable when I was educating the attorneys and judges but you're actually right. We did not follow through then we're trying to have to follow through now all which were again behind the eight ball trying to get back in front again. Well and I think Robert that the point is is to try to. It's not like the path that these were -- before was still a judge could avoid happen rule and this judge EE VP EV says he he is. You know he's prone due to rule against you is that it is all he wants do so. I think if you guys continued on his -- and and and certainly you know -- myself we oh we we always enjoy coming down and design a way that we didn't. We can be of any assistance denied having a conversation. I think the idea of trying to convince this judge. That that there is a -- a war not a compromise. That does a working relationship that should be developed between. And you know pair of people. You know on a parallel path so to speak -- to -- -- and that you figure a way that they are you you protect you or your rights at the same time. It doesn't get exploited by by their people and I think that's part of the issue that I -- a break right now I appreciate you calling up I know you I've got to -- at times demand on your way I got another. Yeah. Are therefore they go wanna quite cute that you wrote I let it all we've been distributed to all our people and they really love it and we greatly appreciated. Well I appreciate you guys being interested. You -- -- -- get to the line and let them is if you don't want to what we hear that. -- -- -- And because of people got the united. Took. A look as the ocean. And again today we -- and -- pick it up and I don't know I'll squabble. While again you have to united people's attention -- them all there you'll united people. No actually -- Absolutely I like him yeah. Well and again we'll we'll talk more you off off -- and Robert you have been contacted gored they're gonna it will do but now let's let's further conversation and you know lets us see we can't get this thing -- put to bed for finally down there or not. And I and I just think it's there's an opportunity to resolve it alive and I to meet. Again I come back to the same place. This is that a shiny example Powell. You -- the spirit of cooperation is that the unity. And and a and an opportunity educate people about who we are -- we come from is -- round front. Look I got to take a break I've got to come back here I've got a different government different roster on joining us on line after we come back so I hang on Ross we'll get to your rate after this break. -- -- a thin line and Robert thanks for calling in is John McCain and his let's not native. 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You can see the donate by now it's on my it's on the upper right hand corner my blog general draws -- -- Smartphone but certainly appease the and I will be launching the new Google site -- indigo campaign coming up look up god Gupta Ross John online joining Paula myself here. Barrasso -- wasn't on on. And into. Pocketed it. -- road get excited so elaborate it. Join that conversation. But really what a what I really wanted to kind of -- little eliciting. The conversation that. In -- security dialogue. It's we can't beat Goran in People's Court systems and thinking that we're gonna get a fair -- -- something that you know we're trying to do. Where did choose to abandon excellently that we. -- represented ourselves and in what was that we're willing you. You know characters because we know well or haven't told we've looked at the courts. -- system. In -- and I also want to you'll Cuba slows in the early years like. -- get back to the people you know three organize themselves. You know we have to all the way from the street consistent effective clearances because that's what it's really all the power. That is what we've adopted cheeks and oracle government which is -- Natural to a -- that is that is not the direction that we should be forwarded it because it takes a conversation. We're thrilled -- -- of people who didn't want to excellent human factor. You own it and so the -- Do you know remove them they would also ordered some of your initial. There's you know as far as economic development. You're really cute with a with a world. Is that wouldn't want to answer our people -- together and trying to Google Reader worlds so that they can recruit. You know and tried to take that sovereign. Those questions. When needed. Agencies and -- social there's. Well energy and -- at the forward and indeed you have to. In October -- -- Two that you had that authority. Over there and it now. We need to talk because you you are running. Now granted in this country for over 12100 -- that you guys have a problem. It and recently that have a dialogue with us as part of the solution. Under systems failing it's not it's not it's not working and I think. There there rapidly coming to that understanding not just because of the destruction of environment -- look at their their whole capitalist there's an economic system is not. Is not faring very well they're saying that this is who may be one of the first generation that doesn't live better than the generation before. I don't I think that's I think that's been happening for awhile. But I think people have lost lost sight. Of the you know of how to live in a way. That prosperity is not judged by how much you pillaged the planet and and I think that's. You know that's when I hear some of the stuff and I know that you did have what you better and and -- a reason I saw an article that you're in and and I you know you're putting that message out there. That if we're not advancing sovereignty if we're not utilizing who we are in our distinction not just looked and if -- are going to be looked at as a piggy bank because they got -- you know a revenue flow through gaming. Then then why why why would you do any else if you're not an advance sovereign the united I think that's the message I've heard you put out there and I think it's it's down. It's making some people shake their head a little -- thinking wait -- -- we didn't we didn't think about this. Water and domestic available or to say here's what does that dollars and that we in the recovery are. I'm -- trying to you are going in the league shorter and a relic. This week it didn't do you know what what we're really actually that. You know again uses word -- just have figured that if that's what you want from what we're -- interest. You know what we want to do is part of discussions. We change the way that you sent. Because that's what should be necessary respects people. You know it's going to be -- Economic development or social development or community development. Is that. What them everywhere and possibly in the poll looks a lot of legal. Quite aways but I think we're still haven't looked on the nation to be able to clear we've gone out of their throats. You know chronicler. And in mergers and -- and so we can bring some some groups to the table. What I and I think the other issue governor -- the hospital in particular because you know for those of that this -- lake shore hospital opting being and -- You know when the when the senate -- their approached on this thing this isn't just about economic development now you start to say well how do. How does the Seneca nation stepped up in in a safety net. I mean and beyond Indian health services and -- but how is the Seneca nation to play a role. In not just throwing good money after bad money because there close and hostile because it was a financial disasters so how do you do something that changes. Something like that and how you bring something that that that is becomes unique in in. In in plugging in the sovereignty as -- as as part of the equity in in this project. That's. And that's what it's because what we really -- -- there site is that. That's the Oslo is part of this whole network of a national. Health care initiative will vote taken Waste Services for real community. That they don't not afford it anymore. And what works that we can operable is that your strength in rural communities it -- a -- to be at the table not just for dollars. No way in the way that we wanted to -- -- books and restructure the way that people. Understand all the need to take care of themselves and their -- back. Why -- it to go back -- -- year in its original thought when you were talking about what the football and I've talked about. You when you say. We we've got to get rid of of the -- system and -- that -- what I talk about getting word of guy in our goal. Because the problem is the -- system what isn't that an end when you say clan system we're not just talking about. Trying to identify who used to every person is of every client its values in the process and it's about beginning. And then like also. Let's get a like minded people together and let's start to you don't utilize a process where people are actually engaged in conversation. And the big can they do. A develop a process of coming to a consensus on issue and and maybe it's not on every issue but on the issues that we can come to one mind on. That we act on and that we an enemy like like Paul says this isn't a drive through this is a fast process but. I don't I'm not refer to compromise either I mean I just want to be run over exactly exactly. You act out of -- your thoughts. It I don't know it is getting up. -- Well you this is quite a threesome visited the three of us have been involved in a lot of conversations we've we've got an opportunity to. Do you know -- Just how -- How much impact. Can be had -- -- we are obviously a big part of you know fighting the state that taxes -- in the ninety's. On you know. Ross you know do you even coming out of this battle with a stayed over over gaming dollars has been. You know there's been a lot of conversation and people hurt some of the conversations here and a guy and you know guys like Paula yourself who participate on the show. I think they're people they're saying you know what may need to give DC some of the stuff the second glance and I think that's why some of the conversation you're having. Now Ross is gaining traction can I don't think they're hearing it for the first time but now it's hard to -- -- into into them a little bit. Big rally in particular there was a lot of recycle our situation room. Different represented protective. Problem legislators that the people who were thrown into areas -- than they talk about what they've been here at. And -- should we need to sit you know they had there without you know it -- a dangerous. A courtesy. A motion by the military like the look we want to get together because. We we sure what you're saying -- We sick. That we need to understand what this opportunity. Analysts are purebred yards and hard to retrace some of those things that we've abuse you know and -- -- so we're talking about to give our. The abuse so our regular regulation and bureaucracy. You know special interest groups and also didn't we can believe me those problems from people will be put up against. All of the so that we can do it. A lot more clear -- earlier probably. That we do projects or that we even live together there might wonder why. Creature that. Here -- acquitted -- -- I want to give up all you UN that I thought this thing before we go to break. What was -- you comment. I've -- well run I don't know. Achieve system that does that -- that the people with a bit now. You know that they. Right that we dialogue and that. To be among the people and because we need to educate each other we think is informing each other and a and that being that. Blah blah so other people but I think. My plan by. We start talking and working together lead envelope we want. -- -- be told we want we want to express what we want. We want or something going our children we want something for. Everybody's. We caller actually I hope -- -- we could actually you know among people. Ultimately -- what we. System that only. Who's the top and everybody. On Tuesday orders and that is -- video -- that. What currency and Concord and comfort you all 49 it was strong. One big guys who don't like me no. Wish you don't others we don't reap what we put respect upwards. And we didn't know that it is appropriate. We need to build and share our opinion that we would teach like your opinion that we we were making an awareness to each other and that we could put the pieces together. Apple because it. And -- I don't know -- to anyone else. To make a decision for me and my family and ourselves. And because it does look -- people from all -- consistent because from the traditional system the public schools. -- People's kitty there. And -- -- myself. You'll. -- accomplished. You could not open it. -- people. And -- as well you've -- -- because so it connection. Two. It was so why. And -- -- -- today. -- people don't make brains. Much. What you -- and when people -- wrong so many problems. -- -- The lives of my children and grandchildren in the hands -- signal that -- so my position about it. You rule the partnership that you got involved in the conflict at least that. Children more than you do. Well and I think you know we got a good day a break in and I'm glad you hit that spot but when we go back and Ross -- stand line I thought Rahal. To this problem is it just amongst our people. And then we're gonna get to a little bit about how lake shore hospital got into the problem in the first place it's related to some of the exact spot that. That follows just Augusta let's take a break will be right back after a couple of minutes here this is John gain. This is let's talk native. Looking for great savings on tobacco products and gas just stop at the crossroads crossroads smoke shop is located right in the heart of the catalog is territorial the Seneca nation. At the crossroads of route 438 and for sounds plank road. Crossroads smoke shop carries -- tobacco products we fully self service gas prices that are only possible uncertain territory. Crossroads also carries convenience items include pop and snacks -- open from 6 AM until 10 PM if you're looking for real savings to stop at a crossroads and crossroads small shop. Looking for -- -- truly unique that it VIP hustle in the -- want to syndicate territory. 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Join the let's talk negative -- John -- FaceBook group page where you'll find links announcement someplace to offer comments and suggestions. Thanks for coming back to let's talk native a phone line is open for you it's 7168031520. Years let's talk host John McCain. All right they started back you know one of the -- wanna get dressed and and all you -- on the head but. You know when you when you were we talking. Where we get interpret that you're talking about our people the same things happen out outside and I think. Lake shore hospital and Ross you can you you know more about this than than either one of us but. Which -- -- was a perfect example. Of of a circumstance that was created that was supposed to be a benefit to people. And yet a bunch of people sitting in high places. And you have got in that hospital there's a lot of money that ran out the door that place and you know and and the network that controlled it the relate. -- merely weird how the hospital and wanted to shut down and and then this relation between lake shore and Brooks in the integrator network. It adds up that they don't care about the people they just care about the bottom line so here's a perfect example of what what what Paula thought about where where people kind of delegate this authority and then and of getting -- the whole thing and that's exactly what's happened with the hospital and now. Rhetoric coming up with a system. A solution to what you know what was the problem whatever the underlying problems are and we know there's a lot problem with health care in general. But nobody coming up with a unique solution to address and that. Well just throw more money at a -- if people at the table now what their hands out looking to cash -- Yeah you're right there it's you know that's the problem is that this is the business of health care that is the problem for real communities. Not to slicks are about. All right that is and so people in the or groups. From borders groups are really looking at a news. -- brought. They -- really -- about the welfare state dealer. Or the -- sudden. The vote local communities it's about. You know who grew and grew to millions of dollars -- where they're gonna go it's about economics and economics in the worst sense of the word. A large group that was coming out of Erie PA which went ahead in the group. They actually have -- all the local facilities and lose Brooks lakeshore. The war on the and so it started systematically. Put -- mr. You know it's horrible there -- options. So. And I hope you know there were a bankruptcy situation -- and seventy scrabble. But it -- social that it would that. You know and people are it was a big money. What it wouldn't do the people derailed at least tried -- -- we're trying to get across is that. You know you have papers -- with text dollars. Alone in that or Senator Obama in the potential ways that you done in the past it's probably important work. But if you -- put together and I hope that should be -- virtual. -- Assad because they're really the difference. It is a soccer ball and we can move it insurance. Exposure and in the incident and most of the sentinel slows things. We can probably this is where the recoup all of that you work even better than one loss before we're sure that. Don't know what we would like to do as surely as the marbles or. Who what -- they're used to cross country could do to offer. -- -- -- We're proud about it. Yeah that -- be just look at insulate it and what you have to respect their sovereignty. Because that's orderly lines and you're -- you're -- People of the revenue well. You know but it is again the destruction. It is good that were deterred or. Good great group led you know system is rather ride. Well and and that's and that's all point the whole point years you know what went out corporation. They're just putting a sandwich shop out of business they're putting something that that people's lives depend. The line and you you've got you urgent care issues closely with children. You've got you know that there's there's any number of things that when you don't have a facility didn't get to within it within a certain timeframe. You know why is there -- risk so. That's that's the ugly part of this thing and now. Finally they're not the public is realizing that look we don't come up with a better solution. And and they've watched hospitals go by the wayside left and right so when you introduced that does the concept of the notion. That is pathetic nation cannot just provide funding but couldn't -- him for providing. Through sovereignty provide a path now all of a sudden the a path to make this thing viable. I think that not mean the public -- -- -- look at this that they you know what we've got to give this a solid listen. God look at the younger than any answer for this and she's you know in -- not politicians have and it's about themselves. Rossi still there. -- -- Throughout -- gas that but that was saying is that the you know people like -- younger. Or you know or or or Brian Higgins or are -- intently at the audiences for the stuff so. Not by themselves but if they had the answer that would've done it within the system. You know there are considerably in Aruba they're they are still at a disadvantage. -- there are so -- is that we're trying. Current polls look we we ought to be in the papers. We're going to be in it you know but we wanna be respectful. We don't want to be taken that. Because we -- people understand the value. In your backyard. And that we can create something different than what. You know they've taken 200 years to put together. We we Boris thought that it was something that was blown. Backwards. You know that we're so. Why and you know the in the thing is and I had a budget conversations even as this past week hasn't gone to all the all the territories. You know. That the subject always comes up about you know where we still stand with the New York stayed on on a lot of issues and and the problem is. We never resolve any of them. To the point where. There's really respect so we still are -- were still battling. In -- Cuomo over -- over tobacco and over taxes we're still buy a ballot Obama over taxes and over regulatory authority. And even as these problems present themselves and I mentioned this this promise don't think that the Obama -- are proposing with. Was OC two or are without talked or even some of these tax those that. That the governor's offered Iran universities. But but again. They even as these conversations happened we never get to the core issue how I mean. I I know other people here saying how do we resolve that debate that the argument over gaming over gaming dollars. And and we an -- and somebody would argue that was even a resolve adequately without. Tackling some of the other issues where. Were you aware there's still and an effort to criminalize those of us who were involved it was a -- was exercising and asserting sovereignty. And that sort of you know we're trying to get as big issues on the table those discussions have Gordon discussions it was very difficult we're talking. To political -- personal. It is you're talking to the emperor citizens as they kind of understand. Is very difficult for our politicians the political figures to. To accept the fact that they want to have a solution. You know bet that a solution. You know the wait and -- group and then. I'll talk about it -- in forty years ago. Thirty years ago forty years but it's run its course. One and then on that to keep it can't all they did was to keep down the road to where it becomes a bigger problem for the next generation or or or the or their kids or aggregate the whatever. So it rather than ever fixing it. They just keep it on the road. If that's going to be a faceless image -- Not that much energy Q can fall further they're gonna have to look at it there and didn't choose their behavior and so we'll go to. Someone sings. America that you speak is it and they can keep that you -- Well I can actually is that. You bring it and it can take that helped take the sting out of that because. We have hope that this we have our own system of all of this stuff together. All of the you know that. That could help to alleviate. You know a lot of the pay in other words pollution areas so people that are world. Why do we have this conversation and we talked in generalities I think. Sometimes it's hard for people to understand and -- when we're talking about. Respecting our sovereign because we we have a general positive effect on the economy again and that becomes a little bit -- somebody yet to fully put qualified. But now you're talking about -- losing a medical facility. And and taking away from entire region because now you end up having these huge vacuum for any kind of medical services. You know yeah you you get some of these. You know these urgent care facilities but that's still. You know they're they're very limited so what you have is you have less health care and and not health insurance you have less health care. Available to people so. Now it's now turning -- something really really tangible that that all the politicians. The old that the you know that the grassroots people. Everybody can understand. No the system is failing. And if we don't come up with some great answers for how we how we fix it and and and and if nobody had another box for us to. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And will be -- back after this. -- the home of smoke and feels OJ smoking gas with five to talk -- have -- -- every Tuesday plus tax free savings everyday young gas propane and diesel. OJ's has a wide variety of tax free tobacco products plus roll your own supplies -- papers smoke -- candles and special request products like -- close premium cigars and more blue -- smoking gas now with Seneca nation fishing licenses and accessories. Open every day for -- to late at 2111 west perimeter roads Steve Burke on the beautiful Allegheny territory of the Seneca nation. Call 7163546435. For OJ smoking gas. When it comes to your favorite tobacco products and accessories your full service -- is the second do we Indian market on the tunnel -- this syndicate territory. From filters little cigars and stuff to blunt wraps and roll hero product they have an all or they'll get it for you. Second we even as the latest good. The prices are low but the -- and NS servers are top of the line at second do we get Indian market on Bloomingdale's in the top 1% of the territory. Just six miles off 48 day. Looked on -- -- look for the too -- ATP any 126 dvi. -- to include their free continental breakfast shuttle service to and from the -- Allegheny casino every thirty minutes. And the excellent quality you expect from the -- but he incorporation. The -- oblivion express since we've also reached a fitness room he indoor pool spot and more called them today 7169457600. And stay Smart with Holiday Inn express and sweet. It's from Buffalo, New York in the historic homeland of the Seneca. Let's talk native rides on the power of ESPN 1520s powerhouse signals up and down the East Coast of turtle island. Join the discussion on let's talk native -- your host John McCain. All right they've gone back. Tea roster. Where we have the opportunity go to Phoenix. Next week. And that is also going to be an interesting conversation I know what will we talk about things like. You know where sovereignty falls into economic development for reaches one thing but now we should I mean it's. I don't that I have over their packing a pretty good punch here I get a chance to talk on an inherent sovereignty. A panel and and I frankly I bring up bring up issues that are going to be tough for people to hear -- are talking about guys like rob Porter. You know trying to forbid the Seneca nation people from doing business with non federally recognized tribes. That's that's -- great and the people there but I think is the kind of thing that people need to hear that we'd better start recognizing each other. In spite of whether the Bure and it in the Indian affairs dies or is its fighter whether we have. You know some up and comer we wouldn't need -- politics who thinks that they have a better answer because Arsene. I've seen some of the vitriol the -- that exists between. The quote unquote federally recognized tribes and the not federally recognized tribes and of the game. Why are we playing that game it's an ethnic part of the conversation that's not even gonna be had in my opinion on -- be addressing sovereign the issue specifically. But I think is going to be a pretty interesting conversation to have down there it in and in an environment. Where I mean this is going to be webcast you know across the entire world this is the Arizona State university's it is the Sandra Day O'Connor. -- law school that is that is putting this thing on. So it's got all the trappings and and frankly the fact that they've invited some really need to speak there. To meet and I was I was talking and a DePaul earlier on the phone as the other. This team Japanese because it is what I told his knuckleball when we spoke earlier since you know. I find that now people are are wanted to hear a message like a message that you would give bringing our message -- Paul bring your message that I would bring. Because they can't all of a sudden rather somebody you know. Excluding us from that conversation because they think that they've been heading down this path to realizing that. They need somebody to push that marginal little farther and they're never going to be there were we are but it it it broadens their ability to come in behind this year. And I and that's what I'm seeing you in in a lot of these conversations and and I've. I've turned some heads at some places. Not saying anything militant then at the same things we think for twenty years but now all of a sudden the failings of the existing policies in the existing. You know tribal. -- strategies. You know just like the existing space strategies are becomes a cup becoming so evident that all of a sudden now the stuff that -- been saying for twenty years. He started to resonate appoint through weather where they're saying. You know. We can't it is this issue without somebody who reconciled without looking like a hypocrite. To -- to say these things and you know I I don't. That you're gonna produce -- a lot of these conversations while you're down their Ross and it of their aggressive. I think there's going to be some significant impact of that I think that were you an iris change anything -- -- I don't want conference but the idea that. That that we're going to be part of the conversation I think it changes things significantly. When you consider who'd been having the conversation. The question is that. There are no you know who I heard earlier -- while in all the agreed people didn't you know there's a lot of people they've -- is that. Have that you know going in just in the education in the kind of adopted in other arguments within their legal system -- You know there are structured -- and -- make a difference. And they're not experts. And more particularly this becoming more -- more that they're not what I'm glad the fact that. When I think about it expert. In an area that we're talking about is that I go to somewhere like you're all or somebody you know. It's not that greeted the people that have look at it that understand what you're really trying to change for the better. You know and I think that's what I think we're seeing is that people are so I would say. On the social voices though very. Are excellent excellent people there that we ever consider that long time before. You know I'm going to give -- a suitable candidates. Former -- so winning is. I've matured approach because they -- trenches like like to get it and you know -- that it -- so -- it. You know. -- it is kind of released soon and I think literally brought students in charter provides solutions. You know not just rhetoric and not to because bottle speeches in the that it. So there so that I am here and I'm glad that you -- -- -- not -- to be able to be invited. He'll -- towards these forums -- you know desperate resort on what matters. A little you know -- if you could have. -- -- -- would go because they're in northern awkward for that pot. Select group I love it and that was very inviting someone that. Credential and say what is that they'd want to use the standard. Everybody there and somebody like yourself than the size of its people are starting ultimately it has so little side. I was in order to. Why cannot carry the message of of guys like -- bunker in the messages that guys like you so that the reality is. We're we're saying the same things we've been saying for twenty years and like you said the the expertise is in coming out of -- Ph.D. there's no Ph.D. program that teaches this stuff. And so you know the fact of the matter is. You know and -- and what we've gotten out of guys like Paul Paul's got out of people like his grandfathers and fathers and -- Holland and and a whole legacy of people. That have. You but. Preparing us for the moments that are in process now. That's right that's right that's some way shape and you know this. State -- -- aggressive and we've always what I was part about it and it's. And that you are the violence in education -- the reluctant. Swap all of that aren't really smaller than that but. Tomorrow -- we -- the bullets from. -- people are really fast forward even let either I don't collected from the shore locations like. You know then there's -- that you -- right -- -- I'm not I'm not really comfortable -- that is. You know -- -- disingenuous about the dispute -- and give me here and it's actually better well. Still the same position -- you know I've been able to kind of maturity of true. You know over the years and. Why and what happened with Japanese people get in into positions. And and then they start. Getting a false sense of what the authority that the -- and it doesn't matter whether it's that you know somebody who who's carrying a -- moron -- camera somebody who's got a you know our breasts. Name tag on their best -- unit in a Tribal Council office -- what happens is they don't beat they they forget the question would -- legitimately. Have any authority from the rural people because all of a sudden realizing that. Not people are recognizing their authority it -- they're not getting a from the rural people they're getting from the outside and that's been a legacy of 200 years of of indoctrination and 200 years of mail imposing a male dominant society on on on our people in. Andy on that's I think Paula I I think that's -- -- the thing that is becoming most obvious as as we. Approach these issues today. -- Is it that so they're the problem today you know some of these so called leaders are more concerned with what you. These of them had a outside rubles about. Yet days is that. The at all. Comedy do you view you view Kendall. It would give your own people. At all then don't -- -- My -- and then you don't have the people behind you when you need that support. So what are you and I -- having an apartment -- you'll you'll pull some sort of you know trigger with the state police or county -- over or or all of a sudden. They're asking the local politicians to give them support because they're not getting support at home and I think that's we're we we've seen we -- it over the last 2030 years. And now we're starting to start to -- The people I -- part of the -- more thing was really just people saying you know look. We're not gonna sit back anymore and I and I don't wanna put everything on that that will be India or that that little call sign -- more. But you know you're start you know the idea that that people actually coming to in the coming to the table and and and it being hurt. Yeah this is that this is no this is no but we've had generations that were told. The relative to sit back and be quiet and don't worry about Arctic -- and I'm I'm the chief -- the president on the counselor I mean I listen to people say. I was elected to lead. Now you -- elected to serve. And and we hear that all the time and you know I I you know again. I'm not saying that it than anything is -- it that drastic changes. Is is something we're gonna see tomorrow or this year but -- -- changes in the wind and an I'm an I'm hearing all. And I'm hearing all over and and Paula you you travel quite a bit -- you've worked for the a lot of the folks out. Out west and above the imaginary line. You were here in all of these territories. Yet that did it. You got it going on everywhere. Everybody's. -- You know what is -- -- -- you know what was great was. You know can accomplish along. People look at -- off. But from you know I'll just follow all all the both will be able. You know what that went -- court and then it is going to be resolved well not it not happen. The court decision. You know that the well. Like he'd like politicians. These people -- -- you know you're around being out in the you know and -- it is it is. Apologizing left and right -- Few words. It it. -- taken to correct that wrong -- committed. And it looked. You know and has it Google. -- am still pretty. Keeping that clip of what -- is not done these murders the. -- thought. Today Ryan and an interview and beyond and the fact of the matter is. The fact of the matter is it doesn't matter whether court. We and whether we winning -- they went in court. Nobody wins it that's where the result resolution comes from so but got guys that I thank you for joining via and -- -- a great show. Look forward to next week are Ross maybe you'll come back and join me next week after we get back being. Paula you're in the area I always enjoy having you in the studio of not you know the phone number. Is -- -- -- we -- guys then -- see you next -- is -- game -- let's not -- Thanks for listening to start paying to join John McCain each week here on ESPN fifteen money go to -- let's talk native -- John McCain FaceBook group. And offer comments and suggestions on issues discussed or those -- like address John -- we back Sunday night at nine. Buffalo's home put -- number one brand in world wide sports ESPN it's too. 20 AM WW KB buffalo on ESPN 1520.

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