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Let's Talk Native 01/19/14 Hour 2

Jan 22, 2014|

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Hello my ESPN -- fifteen to one. Let's talk native -- John King is produced every week in association with the iroquois promotions. -- -- boy promotions is a native company located on the catalog is territory of the Seneca nation. -- a boy promotions brings a combined fifteen years of emotional experience in professional and amateur sporting event and entertainment. -- boy promotions provides prominent native speakers for lectures cultural events media and educational institutions. Pass defense include professional boxing. Fantasy football events tournaments -- showcase that more. Iroquois promotions also promote self sustaining an environmental friendly projects through our international network for your next entertainment athletic or cultural event. Be sure to contact iroquois promotions at 71653. To 4449. That's 71653. To 44494. Iroquois promotions. -- Our eyes they come back John McCain is let's not native I've got broadsided studio I've got college got -- studio. And of course they got mad he'll review was as well. We've been talking a lot. About this the conference that we've gone through in the in Phoenix. You -- They think came out of the conference and there's is that in this Clusty several things but one of these came out of it they needed. You know the for the organizers know that. A lot of times you have these conferences and and there may be a white paper that comes out after the may be. You know a dvd or something that comes out where they talk about most talked about but. They what they specifically want they wanted to -- the eight at declaration commencing so they get put together. This declaration. On the exercise of inherent sovereignty and cooperation. It's not as strong as I would have written obviously. But. I think it's yeah it's kind of the UN drip it's a good start it's a good start to a conversation. You know there you know them one -- -- criticism to the UN declaration on the rights of indigenous peoples was was that is still. Emboldens almost the relationship the the colonize or -- of the colonize relationship could it's always it's always about. With the indigenous people. Should get as writes from the you know from the parent so to speak so it's it's. So it in if it almost -- that and you know that you know downward looking down kind of attitude now. This declaration. -- -- -- stronger I made it very clear that what was -- one of these it would missing in this thing was. Wow was any language associated with trading commerce not only our trade in and amongst ourselves as native peoples but. Even how we stand together is as needed people to defend our right to conduct commerce outside of our character is. I thought that was a huge. Hole in this in this document but. But in general amended its there's a lot of general platitudes about about inherent -- but but again. That word and parents poverty what -- think that I started outbreak from the from the get go. I said. That the concept of inherent sovereignty is unique it's unique because that's not the way the word. Down. -- -- that's not what the word's origin comes from. The -- sovereignty comes from the -- and what I described as. Says that. And parents poverty is a unique concept through throughout the world especially the dominant dominant European world -- with the biggest lie ever poll. It's where god -- ruling authority upon a certain family. A crowned the biggest -- hurtful. And I and I and I. And I think it was important to realize that is -- the -- with not a monarchy claiming to have gotten deep in. Power to rule over the masses that's where the concert came from. For us. We treated this sovereignty again via the authority to make decisions the authority to to be you know to rule essentially as as. You know as the not god given right -- to a mrs. Palin but eighty. -- a -- it all -- grants to our life. That we have a right to freedom that we were right to. To exist and to carry ourselves and and our right to. Do you know survive in and and do the things that we need to do whether that come together is peoples and informant a collective. Or whether it's the the independence and freedom of an individual. So inherent sovereignty that were inherent means. Although it's not like indivisible it's it's something that naturally -- that word if you look at the victories is naturally bound. So for us sovereignty was a part of nature. He wasn't a part of you know some. Supernatural power rankings. And because nature because bound by nature. It is also not a man made construct so summer isn't something the government had it's not something that that it constitution. There creates sovereignty. And even the union of people who create some I you know I'm an -- people have different opinions and it's a solid party isn't a collective right if they're right we beef and collectively. And I think. That's where it gets it gets -- so when you and of course Robert T. All hooked on the question of whether it's absolute -- and whatever that supposed to mean. You know you take some of that the court case and I mentioned in my piece and then other people talked about it. Yeah you did that. -- -- the Marshall trilogy of cases mostly focusing around here he's in coming out of the the eighteenth twentieth of this the late 1830s. Yet so that the one specific case of people point to which is Johnson B Macintosh. It is where. The idea that doctor -- discovery becomes embedded in in US law it's one it's essentially when the doctor Christian discovery becomes codified US law. And basically what that what the judge says it is an opinion now keep the ruling was something else altogether but he he they write this opinion. And in the language from that ends up being these little pieces of legal dictum that people -- while the court ruled this. The court didn't rule -- the one when justice Marshall says well. Native sovereignty was necessarily diminished upon discovery by Christian nation. Okay that's European but you can of course can't rule that and that's the way things get treated so. -- what it is elected and the idea being discovered by Christian people. This is being conquered by a buy in in beating -- and of course older tool. They're not even competing things that they're they're not even related not an apples and oranges it's it's you know. It it's -- an -- mean it it couldn't be any different from each other you know so. When we talked about sovereignty. I talked about what what I Obama what will we define -- sovereignty but throughout the whole. Throughout the whole conference it's still kept throwing that -- inherent sovereignty around like somehow. This was about the federal government recognizing your parents sovereignty and thinking. Well if -- gonna call her authority. That it exists or doesn't exist in spite of whether the federal government recognizes. I was almost disappointed that we could never really get to -- of that. You know of those issues but you know the way it was a two day. And there are breakout sessions the recession so it was pretty well organized that. The conference -- there's too many issues due to address their their function I mean what they others signed a declaration. -- purpose of the of the conference. Was to begin the process of gathering recommendations to change the recognition process. There was no conversation about changing what recognition wise and I think that that's part of the problem even when you heard people making. Perry's recommendation but you know I thought was the little misleading. -- culprit yeah he says who decides to real you would think. That that's not about the process that saying. In order to stand up and they decide the real because to me that becomes more ball. All of us and it and let's describe what we found out is who actually reviews the application process and ended did. Enormous amount of documentation that these nations are putting forth we find out why. Originally used to be to urban affairs that European affairs -- to have eight and division called bar it was the bureau. Of acknowledgment and recognition of something like that. But they changed that and so now they have -- it's all for -- open the office of federal acknowledgment and it's so it's not even a part of your affairs in which. You know. It's one of the biggest -- that is the least within the Bureau of Indian Affairs. There's there is a policy of tribal preference so at least in the European affairs if you're put together a -- review board. They would be of our preference that some of those people on the review board would be neat but. In the office of acknowledgment of there is no. There is no. Travel preference so this is the likelihood isn't your thing collier a standard front you're gonna put these papers in front of and enhance our colleges anthropologist and that was one attic and technologists or somebody -- personal history at no historic moment that so you have. You know so you have to act and and the chances of them -- -- native. For really being having anything remotely associated with book content is probably the way we got here. It's not gonna happen and but you don't get to Europe or Ross if you're put an application is. Your chances of of of getting through this process it would -- exist even with the existing -- especially with the existing. Process but frankly. The idea of this this thing changing that much where all of a sudden there -- good morning. There's already conversations all over the country about how many Indians are enough. You know do we do we need do we need any more India and and so that's. And -- -- -- is -- -- preconceived notion that Clinton aren't 566 of these guys how many more than anything we have. It was clear it was clear that the process is content. By special interest they talked about politicians. Long. All connect into it and all over the place that we're having stadium. You know petition does have a conversation with judges. An amateur golf. Third party. Contribution or. Testimony whoever order a consideration in this thing third party means that. People who have nothing -- known knowledge of -- or anything -- -- Now I don't want to recognize the they might change. We women have different traffic patterns that they get recognized and -- grounds for this information in this thing in -- -- How frustrated and humiliating because they're making those decisions. And circumstances of the modern day. And in it and I've said this before we talked about this we were in Phoenix -- even just geographically I mean when you're looking at that eastern tribes for example that are. Fighting for a Kennedy recognition they -- for some of the first nations to be violated by the Europeans until it is day. They're continuing to have to battle to fight in the system. I don't know about Atlanta would do exactly. Even -- Cox's is let's Gomes is talking about he without -- in in the long and. It both expensive homes in the entire country are the Hamptons. And that's that's literally a synagogue that -- That was kind of a trade up will it will give you recognition but we're limited limiting you to the real estate that she's the -- out of Iran is -- gonna get anything. That's special interest within just -- growth there wasn't just the petitioner argument that was the reason that people were -- There were flat out saying that some of these very. -- reasoning that we're coming from the special interest. Or given. More creative way yeah more weight than anything else in there were reasons why people are being denied. Mama and among the things and it and I've mentioned on several occasions. There's no way that this that the threat or potential for a recognized. Even people's. Entry into the gaming industry that should have anyway that you may be a consideration that -- be that speculating about what somebody's intent is. How I -- but he can make that accusation or or any other accusation about while we're not sure if they have. You know they may have all of the other documents that against suggest who they are but. We're pressure there tension there are are right I mean who who does that judge whether somebody's intentions are pristine enough -- -- certain. I was wrong way and when there were starting to be recognition of certain. A native territories in -- we're per game in recognition was being pushed by special interest. Well I and that's the that's the the flip side you so you have special interest pushing for recognition he has special interest pushing against it so it's almost didn't. The debate that though the consideration has less to do with the people we're trying to give -- the first -- again look at the -- attractive situation they didn't introduce. In this process. For facility could do gaming. Gaming became an issue of this surrounded them to the point where. They almost had you know essentially sellers' fault the gaming -- so they can continue the process whether it gave me or not is is going to be a whole other issue. But it but again. You know. One of these that I kept saying over over again and in and week we talked about is we better understand. Why work and what are Kennedy is not why we're trying to decide the finer -- what it is because again if it were worried about. Voter suppression. -- were worried about. EU job how much money wouldn't get you know from you know for housing. We should be figuring out how we develop our economy's in amongst each other reestablish those legendary trade -- I reestablished. The relationships but instead. We get pitted against each other both for gaming. Market share. Four you know a federal dollars and a and I said it 11 of these guys have really clear. In my in my actually it was undated QNA. The first time somebody says. Yeah -- you that you guys are really sovereign because you get federal funds as of -- and -- you explain Israel to me explain to me how noted that there are countries all over the world. South America you know European countries and Asian countries that get billions of dollars from the United States. And nobody questioned the request -- the sovereignty of of Israel and yet they're getting billions not just from the problem government but also getting billions of of dollars from. From. The Jewish population that lives in the United States that sent the support I mean you know even quantify is that and I are condemning that. But don't suggested that because we receive. Finding. That was tied to -- sessions that somehow we are you wards of the state. A network that these -- acts of charity is not act of -- the obligations. That the federal government. Are always to native people and and I and I think that conversation has to rise pass well will you please recognize me so I can have some money please I mean that that that means that -- well. Then there's more I wanted to try to get this to have these conversations that are hard to that kind of president. In ignorance so that we can really have a real conversation well what's real. And home and what our position is that all we can effect things rose. But I think that's where we needed that we need to take a conversation end and that -- there were some conversation today that started to go that way but I think. In spite of the federal recognition process we need to make sure that we. We start defining different relationships but its -- of the -- terrific break here welcome back up of we will -- I wanna go more on that subject we come back is John Jane is let's talk native over it back. Get rid of Phil -- save a lot when you stop it now goes smoke -- and gas station on the Allegheny Indian reservation on broad street in Salamanca. Right off the interstate 86 and eight to twenty. You'll see now go directly across the interstate from the senate Allegheny casino. NAFTA was a full service convenience store and gas station. 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Like the Mike he's emporium group page on FaceBook for notification but event and specials. Call 7165497888. Or go online at Mike he's emporium dot com. From Buffalo, New York in the historic homeland of the senators. Let's talk native rides on the power of ESPN 1520 powerhouse signals up and down the East -- of turtle island. Join the discussion unless augment that with your -- and John McCain. All right take him back just on days. And look -- I guess I guess that's it using -- you know we're we're in the New Year's flight fourteen. I'm a pretty good month here a minute -- I can write it down just to speak it. Arizona State University. And and compromise dampen and in -- I was glad you -- on on -- you have to -- there. To participate but. It was so again. I get got a chance to have a palace today in and put my stamp on I'm on this important issue. I. I'm getting an award in two weeks for media war from the national federation -- just community that Western New York so. That's kind of an -- announcement. I also have a and nothing that can't quite make us only get -- and in. I got on the video right bring up more next week than than this week but did. There's a good chance that. My reached in terms of having a voice. And it refuses gonna grow tremendously and -- that I'll leave it at that you'll look you can look for on my. On -- yeah FaceBook group page if if I get a chance to make the announcement before. Before Nixon to open. There's some debris be happening and economy time my time I put in. Call paper from the UB. -- teleconference planned talk about. The impact that that needed media's pad on the on our policy and now on I'm standing -- to NATO policy with the policy -- And I'm at least a thorn in summary side if nothing else -- -- and it has got to be some value in that if there are ways that aren't accordingly there at prevail and it well and it and there there's value -- that -- you know I think sometimes. I think people just beat you gain a little less comfortable -- -- like garlic. That there think that. I that's an expression that I've only heard from viewers on the -- -- identity that. But anyway that some have a I have a good month and I'm hoping that this is indicative of how the years ago. This jolt is. Is important it's important because. There is no other place that you can bet a conversation. Especially one that can get deep enough to go two hours and and and I. Any time ever had anybody in the show and you guys have been on enough times. You know that to our whose real fast when you're getting in these conversations I mean it's broke out of fifteen minute segments. It's it's amazing. I don't know how. You can do a chauffeur for only an hour. Again part of the teaser I guess I'm gonna find out an advocate for -- minutes weird news conference line that was one that was one of the other things about doing that the speaking for all the twelve minutes of course like at that -- more during the QA. But. Italian match you know with the guys are driving the show and I've -- -- about. That back we got a week ago we do here. I didn't know what I was gonna say when I I mean I I stayed up you know little bit late the night before to think about the things but. I literally got -- that podium and got that microphone and just totally made stuff up -- that little bit and I think it is a true stuff but but the point is. I'm not a guy who's gonna read a speech. At one of the things that the fertilizer procedure. And that's part of things and yet. Nobody had to have a conversation and -- we you know -- throat and analytical language some stuff that I get from guys like Paul -- I mean you you that your view you know I I was that channeling -- dollar a little bit of some of that club and and that's the value. Of what. Value of the what the show with the fact that we get together. A lot of people learn from each other and Mac. You've taken some of the stuff that that now leave you picked up from. From Ian from Paul and he you'll you'll buy at work. Ross I'm hearing you you're obviously in. In the news business first magazine pop thing. -- really positive things about oh loss operative being in be it has -- -- And I don't it frankly if the price and it was a few people that that. You're making these people statements about what Seneca sovereignty should be in Western New York but it's just it's that kind of stuff we talk on the -- all the time Europe. And I think I think having these conversations. And and and trying to make people get people to understand that we're not the enemy. But that week that do that we are here. And we do have some perspectives whether it's environmental issues but there's economic development issues whether it's it's you know whether it's social issues and if we. Can have more opportunity to sit together and have conversations. You know there you know we can try to get through some of the animosity has been built up out of bad politics. On either side or frankly bill -- both out of races I've I've learned more. By accident console with people. And I don't mean you know and -- institutional. Mean. The only run around doing wrong yeah XEL the guy audio over over over a couple of copies -- -- is -- this with people and having conversations that can be wide open. Not a you know kind of work particularly through one direction where people had in mind. Talk about things and look at what. You know what -- what's good what's bad about any particular issue. I mean yeah I mean considering back moment you you still have people authentication powerful. On ass and I counsel who think that they have the exclusive right to. To -- on the issues they think that they had the exclusive rights is to speak on on issues relating to Seneca people as Seneca nation. They they forget that there are servants of the of the people that they Arnott. They have not been empowered to have -- the only voice out there and that's what I see when I think people get annoyed on that -- I was speaking again. They're people get nervous because of that and -- don't get nervous about me the same way because I'm not senate with an author we're about my political ambitions. But they do that that's what seems to well you come out of I don't. You know. -- don't you -- some positive things that most these people wish they had said that they're almost like you know matching their T think it. And what's he doing you know he's he's he's stealing -- that I didn't know without there. Not -- I'm not both. You're you're right but that comes from insecurity -- and it really comes from a position of politics. In others there's too much financial gain a lot of times certain of these positions. And makes people nervous to think. Every everybody's trying to second guess my motors or anybody else's speaks. We think that we're trying to undermine -- and you know -- her authorities and discredit. Speak you know in we have our own opinions and you know we talk -- I've talked a lot -- -- of people. I didn't formally most of the things that I actually like anybody else on -- blue. You know it was that or gain on me it was by an area with people living in look at that. The issues that row they're growing make a lot of mistakes. And seeing the mistakes of others and I think that's -- big thing but. But it but again I think you've seen that you see is that the sense that. You know especially from from those around and I'm not that I'm by no means in my -- on -- -- in politics. In of itself but career politicians. That becomes a bit of problem and you see that the state level we see at the federal level you see that they don't want people get into that business of being a politician. All of sudden job security I mean you see it all time you see somebody who. Makes all these promises to get elected and then I don't fulfilling the promises they spend most of their term in office. Trying to make sure they don't -- -- -- thought you see even at the echo you know at the presidency level of the United States you know. Barack Obama spent most of the first four years trying to make sure that he did get another four carriers and in what -- -- -- we have got to get reelected -- And I think that happens when you forget to indicate that community when you when you quit listening to the people. And you have your own ideals of what you want to do where you going to do. And you just lose out that you -- -- -- opinion in that touch with. The people that you are supposed to be represented. On I don't know what it's gonna take a profit off and say it is Russ and I have been in business and trying to. Evolve into different projects and different things and I'm thinking you know like why don't people get it -- -- make you ought to be the boogie man and I get to be to connect I hunt him aspect. So my theory is maybe we have to have a working model something that they can touch and in feeling in his. The film project at the point that we're trying to make and then maybe people see that it's not. You know it's it's not now for just our gained. It -- an alibi for the community that was my last column last week my in my last column I was was about you know how do we -- how we follow that road back. You know without. Feel like we got to go backwards and and my point is. We need to start operating you know in a wayward conversation. -- -- in the and you get consensus I'm not this not taking over. You know I tribal government during the -- it's about. So it's a community. If you start setting that example even at even at the project level if not the community and community level. All the things that you know they processor that they used in and you know it or it's the process that was arteries. It doesn't really bother me too much it you know. I have to look at it is the securities again people most of people love -- jet. Is that that's the way that they think well that's the way that they would do. And they don't understand that. Or they don't understand the concept that somebody else could be doing it for reasons that you just well. Agreed there you know with alternative. Moved. There people long to have a repeat places I'm not saying that. You are -- doping policies or or you are saying that we have all the citizens participants will limit. Give more people -- -- going to started doing an example of just having our fires have been conversations around a fire pit and I think. Was it even just last year we've tried to bring more people intimate circle whether you know and sometimes it's just. I'm bored dot I don't wanna do yard work if you go start a fire gonna configure for the next four hours and just enjoying somebody's company but you know we've we've started fires and and had a crowd of you know 78 people on the fly. Just it was a little -- Some of it as some of it is you know what let's talk about what's what's kind of been going on in the past week -- our growth and and I and I think understanding that -- that governance. Is not a specific per view that needs to be delegated to somebody else the idea of of a community engagement in and in community project coming. Knowing eating getting into -- we'll talk a little more about what is our medicine that we come back from break here and and the reason you're in Phoenix originally. I think you'll get tried to come up with. A more organic approach to how you. Start thinking about your your own native. You know needed issues there are -- community -- and I think. -- you know it it does it affect even the conversation that that we're having in Phoenix that at this recognition conference and I think. That's where we need to a begin to have that conversation and then. Go beyond the conversation we need to start doing these and I was glad that that food is our medicine for instance. Became a project of the Seneca diabetes foundation. Because I think the star and has and I said from the very beginning. This wasn't a -- and documenting the yields and and and you know -- that money get me during it wasn't about that it was about. You kind of changing a little bit of a mindset in engaging. -- having eight and not just the community garden gardening community in the things we talked about the very big break welcome back -- will get on. On to that subject will -- uninteresting -- Frankly we have so much conversation about the the recognition. Conference that that I've never heard what it would what you went down there for other than what the -- by name only so we'll follow it back. This Jack Jane is let's talk and we're -- looking for. Great cities and tobacco products and gas just stop at the crossroads crossroads smoke shop is located right in the heart of the catalog is territorial the Seneca nation. At the crossroads of route 438 -- for sounds plank road. Crossroads smoke shop carries discount tobacco products -- full and self service gas prices that are only possible -- territory. Crossroads also carries convenience items include pop and snacks from from 6 AM until 10 PM if you're looking for real savings to stop the crossroads crossroads mall shop. Looking for -- gets truly unique that it VIP hustle in the title want the syndicate territory. They have women's -- jewelry shoes and accessories in style from bullet hit the fit club and Durbin. VIP -- also his mens stainless steel jewelry hip hop fashion jewelry -- shirts jeans goodies leather motorcycle jackets and specialty items like Lucas and -- -- bracelets. You haven't seen it all to you checked out the hottest boutique on the reds. VIP fossil pollen -- go in the tunnel while the senate could territory just six miles all they -- 48 days. -- left on 77 left on morning Joseph and look for the two authentic TP. Let's talk native with John McCain is the only native radio talk show in Western New York. I may actually be the only radio show of its kind anywhere -- can be heard live -- Sunday night on TV fifteenth when he's. Powerhouse 50000 -- signal and online. A live web streaming archive shows can be accessed at KV 1520 dot com. And on John McCain's native tried blogs had less -- native tribes dot Blogspot dot com. Join the let's talk -- John -- FaceBook group page where you'll find links announcement someplace to offer comments and suggestions. -- Thanks for coming back to let's talk -- -- A phone line is open for you -- 7168031520. Years let's start native post John McCain. All right they've gone back to stunt gain less active I got again I've got -- John apologize studio got that -- Now again Ross. Do you down when -- coaches -- conference but -- you -- down in Phoenix. My you -- gone -- or does the diabetes. Conference. And and what the weird it was this we were at. The mace. Hilton so we were in -- and -- now. How on how whether he participated in was this was -- good -- conference hundreds or was it was I believed they had a hundred. In. 25 people registered to be honest it was a little smaller than. They knew what I had hoped. Not quite sure how the University of Oklahoma decided to have their venue they're in mesa but apparently they've done it before so this with their sixteenth annual. And somebody had mentioned you know kind of in the ramp up that each year it gets bigger and better services. It was one of their bigger ones. And we had gone down here is the Seneca diabetes foundation board some of the board members. To talk about our food is -- medicine program. We were invited in gave us the opportunity to kind of share with other tribal nations what our. Initiative has been the progress we've made up to this point. Mind you 2013. Was our first year. With our program here on -- territory. We had some some highlights there's some things we know we need to improve on. We are in the process of planning for. 2014. What I sings I wanna say it was kind of nice having gone only down to mesa. As soon as we registered. Some of artwork there was some film. So familiar faces now. What are the images for the conference was obviously was iroquois and looking at it it was beautiful paint done by. The -- a small Santiago was on the cover and was on that the banks that they gave only. So it's kind of nice to travel that part down in in distinctly recognize voices -- iroquois. There were some vendors down there that a fellow basket maker care hail from believe she's from analog is well. And then -- Bologna whose. Quote -- was there and she just has some beautiful works out. Kind of comforting to think you could go that far from home and in ran into some people that you. That you know. But it's also it's been great because we see you know again even in our conference -- the idea that we're having influence in the conversation in. And again -- from from on an arts standpoint we're so used to. Other you know southwestern -- in and and other. Com art and jewelry -- becoming the dominant. The presence mean even our own shops are you know -- events. It's neat to see. A stronger and stronger and more presence of Horton shoulder -- presents yet. If anyone to see these guys do well I mean it's not cheap to to travel -- pay for your own hotel room thinks so. I hope these -- that went down it was worth their while. So what what came out of it that what specifically. Westar. The deliverable I guess from your conference or. What was your sense for what tonight. I think it's it's kind of like what we've been talking about we hired our program and the food is reminiscent isn't. I feel it's not the end all be all program it's not going to. We're not solely responsible for the diabetes foundation isn't going to be solely responsible for. Curing diabetes within Indian Country what -- think what we do what strength is is we -- We are one of many we're component. Multiple. Directional. Answer to the problem diabetes. There was a couple -- centers there was a gentleman who is sound. He is from them relax then to chip away his name was -- final. And he was there he had done a movie basically he realized that in his age group. He was nearing fifty. And he he would realize that. A lot of native men his age just are not proactive about their help so he did a documentary -- walking into the unknown. And he's he's a certified physician but he had filmed himself. Giving. Doing his lab work in his blood work to determine whether he was diabetic in and he went through even went through in keeping them. A colonoscopy. In on the east of you know how that is a film that I'm very discreet yes he did. So I think this film has been out since like 2009. He was there is a prisoner he showed his film but I guess again. He's he's one of many I mean it's it's it's it's a multi pronged approach to try to just get the awareness out there. There was another gentleman he was the physician. That ship it to keep might have been. Vietnamese maybe. And he's developed some new. Procedures I think -- he he kind of kind of the shock factor he had some pretty. Intense. Photos of people having foot ulcers in the whole healing process in the amputations and in different things. And missed some pretty intense -- -- -- I put that on his Unser packets the way the the way and they -- -- Canadian cigarettes with -- I think they've got like you know black along with. -- separates us up on the on the stuff that is our worst enemy and here's what -- -- but -- what is our -- program now. Just the idea and the concept and I know we've talked about this I mean long before. You were successful in getting did the Seneca diabetes foundation two. To do it who's Armisen project I remember the three of us sitting around talking about this and and trying to. To have that conversation about how we. Start viewing. These the most preemptive thing we can do he start to talk about diet in that -- are talking about gardening and start -- awesome of these I think. Because we treat food is as not just our nourishment but about our Madison. That it that it starts to change the way you you look at it in and I'm not saying that it was gonna change overnight it's like anything else the very thing we talked also. So the idea that that a process was begun. I think had I -- name alone I think had a has it has a powerful message I agree I think it's significant and I can say 2013. Was listener. Our kickoff here. We're starting for planning for 20141. Of the things and this is what I shared at that conference down in Mason was. We're trying to change people's behavior and -- and -- -- -- -- that was going to be thinking about Alice say have a hard enough trapped could have a hard enough time trying to control myself too little control somebody else when -- -- -- I give up out of control I -- since the last couple years these discussions that -- yeah. By my nose. I mean it could have been a bigger I didn't. I garden for the first I mean I I had to -- the -- c'mon I'm on the board and I'm part of programs so. A garden for the first time this year. And I really enjoyed it. And we try to awareness seems. In general. And and even the shock factor guys I was supposed I think our people have to realize I mean. You know a lot of the nose of the worst maladies that come out of these are are also associated not just. With you know with -- and birthplace but but not being observers enough about what you know. You're your own health I mean. You allotment fuel will let something go because before they were diabetic. And he'll apply right you know they -- various. The symptoms go to the point where and you know others they're having you you know amputations -- any further their vision has gotten the point where they came here anymore. And I think I'll I mean a lot of that stuff I think is is. That would I think -- I've been here quietly yeah. And they can't speak Eddie Guardado. -- but up but I I think that's because I know that -- they don't blindness is is a major. A factor associated with -- diabetes I think. The very idea that we've become more observer it about. This the symptoms that we have. That ties directly back to two again information -- right well. And they're saying the statistics I think even on the Seneca nation. These statistics for the increase in even childhood died of diabetes is increasing. And beaten I could be wrong but I'm not quite sure where our health clinics are as far as the and community education and those kinds of things. I think there's been a shift. So again I think our program is just a component it's it's one player -- of many. But part of it is it puts the response what we're trying to do is educate people and at some point there has to be responsibility. People have to just step up at the same thing that we're talking about with. You know that the nation building. There comes a time where. You can't expect the nation to just do everything for you have to take some ownership of and the help your education of your situation whatever it may be. As you know especially if your parent if you have children you have an application. One an and it might you know one of the that I talk about his. Is trying not to over institutionalize these well one even though the the you guys to the -- project and it's not directly associated with the with the was our medicine but. But it it it becomes a part of that same -- and and my good friend -- -- from when I was not that just happened becoming by. When in doubt when you guys are doing the peaches then. And he made observations that perhaps we can't even appreciate. Is much is. Yeah after talking to him I mean. If the idea that it was that it was such a sense of community of people weren't there because they repeat to be your funny wasn't a job it was it was a socially bad thing. Jazz came out of that thing being in a an -- -- -- great part is we always to two. Wisconsin -- -- Wisconsin. When we want that food in their sovereignty while I gather that spring before it's as -- Food sovereignty summit. And we were so impressed with with some of what they're doing and yet -- -- one of their guys that was and sees us they say. While he is doing it as a sense of community that job not as a nation sponsored project and and and I think there's only is that for that I and I know mad because the facility you work at it if it gets utilized in this thing. And but it also pulls in not to staffers as on the clock but it pulls in. People that do that are familiar with the with the building and everything else it is that it does have a sense of community it's a pretty good event. Good experience except for a slasher and movements have when we -- that and it's it's a good time. Yeah well you know it's interesting that you bring that and we're talking about it because I was just. Sharing accord of the speeches today so I'm looking down in my pantry and I am thinking. All right so for 20142. We really have to order seventy bushels of peaches I mean at some point because. First of -- was on our dime and then it became. Line item for the community center as far as even just fine. Hold. What's that put forward and perform for error out of Purdue we have pellet McCain Jackson thinking do we stack and again it had been -- -- -- it didn't cost. The participants anything they just needed to shorten it in granite they did we're averaging four of these projects anywhere from. Eighty I think our high was over a 120 people. And that's significant I mean I'm I'm proud of those numbers but at the same time. Part of that was to educate people on the process of caning so that hopefully they had the confidence to be able to start doing it home. And now thinking okay who's gonna we gonna continue to fund it does it continue to be a giveaway or do we start to pull back a little bit -- too soon. To go back again just encourage people hard if you wanna participate maybe maybe you need to bring down your own case the jars. Maybe a community center can't or chooses not to. Find it completely together you know maybe -- sort of like a little it could be a little bit of of give back from community members. But if if that's going to be if it's cost prohibitive in people aren't gonna show up then I don't want it to turn into the -- I don't want people to not participate because they can't afford. To get to come down with a case -- -- here so there's there's a little bit of a mixed but we've. You know had discussions with the community centers that. How do you engage the community to want to come back to -- compare -- to leave that community and to wanna come back to harvest that white card. These challenges why did it I -- just waiting for the handout or are they willing to take time away from their date with their families. Not a weakness and we we want them to bring their payments. And they were going to come down and in assists. While and -- I'd like to see this documented. A man I'd like the whole visual arts thing. I think he has to do videos the -- that even were just compiling videos and if -- there with -- how to edit I think to produce a bit of you know a short documentary -- I think that you give people a bit more. You know. Now you can restate what happened and you can view shown over and over again and to the point where people are gonna. I -- something will be shamed for an operative dwelling on what I'm doing it. Give it to make it -- try. Culturally significant especially when it comes even to the white -- It was such a part of our guy in our -- existence and it and it continues to be. But at what at what level and so you know we're trying to decide activities and in different things that will. Engage more people and again it comes back -- in how do we engage the community. Jackman and you know I -- piece on YouTube. Conference. Her entered. Project in the western states and more and it was a co -- And the people had such -- its sense of pride. In growing -- food and -- got the broken another 200 New Yorkers for is coming up -- but did a real sense of accomplishment and they they got a lot more. That was set up a little different because they actually had employees that work right let those people that have and heart kinder currency from drugs -- up college room. -- -- gave him a sense of pride to sober up and use it as a whole has multifaceted and expert. By the guy did creating these things that are that our community involved that aren't necessarily. Our project funded by the nation and I and not to condemn you know enough not to be afraid of -- money and I think let it be something autonomous and I think that's with the kind of grew up with. Myself you know because whenever he -- that's what theory -- better. Well and we talked about that is as rusty had mentioned his meeting coming up this week on alternative energies and in different things and so we there was a proposal to start building some greenhouses. That would be using some of the he byproduct from charities facilities and does it make sense to attach a greenhouse on to like a Cogent. Operation and I and I think it doesn't that that's one of many things that we're going to be. We're going to be looking yet in the other thing that I would like to see us do is. Find some common land within. You know centrally located within the nation in start fruit orchard. And or again are encouraging tribal members to plant some fruit trees in their yard in -- keep putting it back to. Look at the pony that's going to be shared -- in your immediate family in your extended family and maybe you know for our family my husband has a huge family and in refine. Some common -- amongst our family and replace some fruit trees. And you've got 5060 people that are gonna benefit from this. I went and I had to get up. I think that did that buddhism are bad arm is our medicine project has been a a good start. And there's a lot of room to do some great things there's a lot of. To -- I'm not saying that it's not it's not perfect -- -- it's too I just answered it -- You're just there and it can't -- opened in and we're not saying that a that I have all the answers that the diabetes sport hasn't answers -- it -- that can Parker has -- -- We continue to look for community import to make it better. You know I don't know participation the conversations are still there summer conversations that we're having bush entered. Our you know or -- room this original -- -- led to a sustainability and I bet they know and bloom that's -- -- -- we will Tuesday. There's a bunch of I want talk about that as we go forward. One of the things that one and before we close is that he would rather than the concept so as we developed the food is Imus program is too. Evolve into a best practices something that we would continue to tweak. And improve in that we could take to other nations and share. And that's kind of what we did in Mason and a -- to see iron presentation was significant outward half which is a lot of time. Presidents like it was there is a matter effect and he kind of kicked off in in in he gave -- synopsis of of -- the diabetes foundation started in what its function was and so it was nice to have him there. So that was our first time second time that we've been able to take our program. On the road to be able to share with other nations that -- this is what we're doing within our community again. We're still working we're working to make it better but we -- we have a lot of interest we had a good question and answer period people were engaged. At the end of the three day program. Had a talking circle which was kinda. And how quickly feel about those but. Anyway. I know we had impact because they were at least through four people that mentioned. Things that would distinctly talked about in our enhanced presentation. So I I know we had a positive impact partly. I'm just glad the good note just go to -- just to snag. They definitely -- not going to be denied W itself. You know we -- -- -- and it I clarify I I just want to clarify I I did not make. My own travel arrangements there's this issue I made -- and John's -- arrangements and they. -- over my husband wasn't feeling well whether it's like he's a party yours but but I appreciate the fact I headed directly in -- -- -- -- -- that I make and I do -- they -- -- think that I and I hope I don't get myself in trouble so I had a direct flight and put us into that. On the plane at 7:6 o'clock in the morning. I got it changed my flight my direct fight. And left a little bit earlier so we could coordinate getting picked up when we return to buffalo at the same time are close to. And I didn't realize it but again had mentioned president trying to it was was in Phoenix as well and participate in their program. Well I got to write home with the president and the First Lady they got and before I did they say BC we got to sit together it was nice. And at some point in the flight. I notice president Snyder had headphones on and he was this into an iPod next line at least and singing. I was reading an I was quite paying attention and I looked and I realized. He was serenading us to collection he was listening to Hank Williams and it was singing -- -- You know that everything you don't get the returns and. It was one of the highlights of my trip and I apologize to president -- I just told on them but. That was a highlight of my -- I just have a whole -- expectation next time we're -- a public event with with president's -- About what his capabilities. What I wanna say is in regards to the Seneca diabetes foundation we do have our annual fundraiser coming up. The diabetes spot is going to be held Friday February 7 at these and commander casino. So if there's anybody out there that would like to attend sponsored being apart open. And this. Is part of the evening. We're not solving it more jokes about about what happens after these things -- -- or -- then you -- -- -- so a time all right well I was gonna tell you never know it's gonna happen that we. And that is as good as air way to mark society via the app that. -- thing I did -- active resist I I don't big bump button though all things though. McCord brought you help because so we talked about that respond to debacle. A lot of people realize that that we can actually tell you a more truthful account of even some of these controversial issues. Then the rest of the media and all things for a reason all things -- come to pass her reason why you know and again. You know I I I appreciate. Having the opportunity to do -- you know and having the opportunity to. That -- not only dress you know meaningful social and health issues you know like when you talked about years this. The two conferences that that we are often in these last week but. You're just in general and and the fact that I that I actually getting an award this month. You know for for doing media. -- and in fact I was surprised that not only get some look at abuses and the business first magazine I see the article that that that the featured you know -- your interview. I didn't even know but for whatever reason the the national federation for just -- it is they actually had a business first article. Not everybody it was a receive in orbit on me which -- -- the that was that was kind of featured in the magazine as well so. We're now is really stuck to annoy people we get to two -- when you get this award is at a luncheon we intend to Atlanta back there to support you should have gotten from many in the mail it to happen and I equipment listed the wanted it done. Wednesday's. January 29 that. But I may be rushing off to New York that evening it but we'll talk on that -- actually but if you guys haven't gotten an element for the you do get it and it back to Vietnam. Now what makes one last thing -- tablet -- -- -- but that's bullet through the show that we know we. Have to do that. What are the things they came up while we were in. In the Arizona State University was there's that gentleman by the name and two -- Enrique. Acosta who is. He's native and he is involved in. Trying to push for the Catholic Church to repudiate the doctor or discovery. And he was you know he had gone to South America. He is also very familiar and has worked a lot with that was Stephen Newcombe who we've had the pleasure to meet when he did not see UB. This fall. And the McGuire Adam Mitchell a number of times this is a big deal and -- and it's not because I believe that if at this new Pope. Officially repudiate this this doctrine of the Catholic Church that is that is permeated through. You know all through Europe and in in the fifteenth century and ultimately has had such devastating effect to. Now the native people north and South America but frankly in Africa Australia all from with. This repudiation isn't gonna make you go away by itself. But it finally cuts the final legs out of I don't -- this thing comes from and because as I mentioned earlier in the show. That there are. Supreme Court decisions that essentially codify. This notion that somehow. We -- became subordinate to the United States upon or do you not just the I think it took to Christian nations because we weren't Christians. We get to start hacking away at that thing and -- every clear even as I talked to -- to bark when I was in in. In Phoenix. To my my thoughts on this thing isn't necessarily that toppled the house of cards so we throw everything into disarray. But in terms of going forward that we begin a process. I'm saying look. We're not gonna use your court system. We're not gonna use your use this this house of cards that is federal Indian law because it's based on on a faulty foundation it's based on. All these assumptions that are frankly untrue. We're we're saying don't make -- challenger laws because it will toppled but is that let's go forward as human beings. Sit at the table let's let's have let's do what humans are supposed to do utilize our gift of speech and argues the gift of reason. Two to solve the problems going forward and so it is no longer will the United States or anybody else to view. -- court system as the as the means -- for resolving conflicts with our -- people. Well one of the things. Like that is that you know we're we're trying to get. Kick it through work. Or it goes in there is no answer to that quite are fun but. You know those sitting in Peru for the just recently uses religion -- Have been in this kind of People's -- People want -- positive things that -- religion but they've also been the most destructive practices. For -- Why edit and and again albeit we do you have to be all the sudden become a theologian but I will say. -- that it bothers me that even as word dressing. Our issues. That religion becomes such a part of that conversation and we didn't get his talk about that that that was a little bit disconcerting too even Phoenix. But this idea of repudiation of the doctrine -- discovery is that it's gonna have impact this year -- fourteen he's going to be be here when it comes to. The did permanent Foreman -- -- issues that the UN so this is going to be a big deal and and as I hinted several on several occasions. I'm may have a little more presence in New York this year so we're gonna see what happens there again you guys are thank you for coming in we're gonna and get wrapping up here. We're gonna. A lot of these issues there's still ongoing I thought you and Kevin Ollie -- -- more specifically about -- -- medicine program. And number Ross of course your hero is book in the city and was that was that night and well -- don't keep banging away again look for an announcement next week either during the weaker -- and that's again the show and now we'll see what happens there aren't you guys. Thanks -- all right. Thanks for listening to let's talk they do join John McCain each week here on ESPN fifteen money go to -- let's talk native -- John McCain FaceBook group. And offer comments and suggestions on issues discussed or those you'd like addressed. John -- week that some. -- night at nine.

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