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Jan 22, 2014|

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The following is paid programming opinions expressed are not necessarily those of this radio station it advertisers or sponsors. Maybe it's time for buffalo means business -- your host buffalo radio veteran and local business that's a good buddy Shula. Buffalo means business is the hourlong weekly radio show that spotlights local business. This morning's it was brought you by doctor Bob dental care for worry free dentistry -- your nearest doctor Bob location. And Mike copier fax business technologies for the whole first document diligence. If you look like a business featured on this show please call 8430167. That's 8430167. Now your host bloody -- Good morning and Brenda lacy and her body -- this week on buffalo means business we have a great lineup for you including Batavia enclosures. So -- text studios. In K 100 Connecticut -- Mack-Cali -- our will be co -- with me and speaking of pomp. Let's go to his report right after this week and buffalo business. This week in buffalo business the AAA pigs the current both lower average for a gallon of unleaded gas at three dollars and 67 cents a gallon. Local motorists were paying seven cents more per gallon than a year ago. Sovereign self storage recently purchased seven more facilities in four states for reported 98 point seven million dollars. The facilities are spread out across Connecticut Texas southeast Florida and New Jersey. They will be branded under sovereign store urges uncle Bob's friend. -- hardware at nine north main street in Holland has joined the growing family of dealers stocking the long lasting environmentally safe. New contestant light balls. KBS information systems was named among the top 25 cloud computing companies in the buffalo area by business first. KBS placed 22 on the list of area companies ranked by the number of employees who work on cloud computing. Business first of buffalo is reporting that federal action may expedite traffic using the peace bridge. At the urging of key leaders including senator Charles Schumer and congressman Brian Higgins. 220 point four million dollar funding increase for the US customs and border protection agency. -- mean the new inspectors can be hired and trained for the peace bridge and other US crossing points. A new operator has been chosen to run the Thursday conscious -- canal side. Philadelphia headquartered global spectrum was chosen by the Erie Canal harbor development company to run the series for the next three years. The previous operator buffalo place incorporated had -- the concert since their start 27 years ago. Governor Andrew Cuomo has announced troop -- proposed 100 million genomic research center. Connecting the university of buffalo Roswell park cancer institute and the buffalo Niagara medical campus in his state of the state address. UB will partner along with the recently opened New York genome center in Manhattan. Along with the college of nano science and engineering in Albany. Catholic health plans to sell two adult homes and one nursing home to comprehensive health care management services. The three. And saint Vincent's home of -- meter construction company of -- New York has begun restoration work on Buffalo's historic central terminal. His company is donating labor and working with the construction trades apprentices to perform the work. Independent health has been named one of the best places to work for in New York State for the seventh straight year. And names in the news this week include. -- matter as though she was promoted from associate to partner at for Archie -- LLP. And James Chrysler facilities supervisor for anywhere cap has joined the board of directors of the buffalo central terminal restoration corporation. Tammy gore scope was promoted to president of cats America's. She previously was vice president at the -- headquartered company. Paul soccer Mundo was appointed operations manager Russell bonding company insurance wholesaler. Jack trolley was named a job developer at goodwill industries the Western New York Diane Warner was named as media director at SK AM advertising group. Matthew -- pokey has been appointed an associate attorney at -- law. Focusing on business and real estate transactions. Buffalo start -- public and private financing. Community economic development and litigation. And her son and burger was named appraisal risk and environmental manager at Evans bank. And that's the business news for this week. Welcome back to the shower here or money or -- -- and Lenny is the -- order of Batavia enclosures good morning -- good morning. Great to have you on board with us we appreciate you coming and attack about. Your business and should people understand exactly what you do and I understand that your business has been making closures since 1988. Almost 25 years can you describe what the enclosures are used for in the buffalo market. Well we. Make enclosures that are predominantly used in the electronic industry so. Things that would house something in the circuit or something electrical and it. We would make those. Power amplifiers. Linear motion controllers. Products for the data storage industry. Anything that has something to do with electronics. And we also hear a lot of things that are not in the electronic industry we're that accustomed -- -- came here from intensive purposes sell a lot of bracket tree. Things of that nature we -- with steel and limbs and things of that nature. -- -- -- and I think of enclosures -- about keeping an eye care protected and -- you're making sure that my I'd like is protected until I can roll it out again. Is sort of a common misconception when you tell people you do for a living. Yes actually if I had a nickel for every time somebody called my office and asked if I would be closed or tortured him bathroom I would probably you have more money than him today it. But no we we manufacture things that are almost exclusively in the electric industry. So typically who would call you for example of somebody needed and closure of the type that you produce. Who would be your profile customer. Somebody's. Somebody that is a designer and engineer. Electrical engineer mechanical engineer. People like that effect just as I was driving here I got a call from somebody in Ohio he'll. I'm looking for technical advice on how to design a product and it's a very large companies announced he's small companies. Right right and had -- -- you hits and a call from out of state how does one become aware of your particular business and we have a web site advocating closures Beckham. And I hit. The context -- out. You -- states as a result of that. And we have some people who have. Had tactic where does that it also spread outward so we have people all over the country did buy from the team -- I would imagine that that's got to be the ultimate compliment for your right when you get a referral from somebody oh absolutely absolutely -- a former advertising absolutely right. When it comes location you know we talked about getting a car from Ohio but. You're located between buffalo and Rochester is it contagious where you. Com. Or could I know anywhere. I know this is being recorded so I'm probably should be telling the truth the truth is no it's not advantageous. We are. Halfway between the TV and -- -- -- but -- -- buffalo which at the time we made a decision. We say what we can get bull market but the truth that is bull markets are very parochial. Soul. There it's very hard to pull work from both of those markets. But we have had some success and we would we continue to grow mean we're we're having a great year this year. Good for you it's nice it's encouraging to hear an -- I think that the worldwide web is literally that. There weekend you know -- word out anywhere around the country and quite literally around the world. So with the advent of the Internet just exploding in our over the past 1015 years -- how much has that helped you so that you don't need to worry about being. In Batavia between. A former Rochester on Betsy actually it it's kind of strange we have. As much or more business from places outside of Western New York than we have in Western New York. And I'm not sure right I know why but the the Internet has has helped us a great deal of people looking for the types of things that we do. We have some specific and unique skills that most sheet metal shops don't have. The our engineering expertise. -- knowledge of electronic from -- technician by trade. So I understand the needs of the electronic industry so we're very comfortable we walk into an environment to make recommendations which. Most electorally -- can't get from. Someone who might be -- on the street and. We're talking of money -- murderer from Batavia enclosures if you'd like to learn more about attack. When he's really unique business -- check the website it's easy to navigate it looked at a myself this morning. It's simply called Batavia enclosures -- dot com. And -- to talk when we talk about these broken heart locations that you do -- in addition to the website how many employees do you have that your location in Batavia. We have ten employees are now. We purchased a new building about. A year and a half ago. Well we had four. And in over the last year and half we've grown to ten. We expect by the middle of the summer to be somewhere around fifteen and people. We're growing. It's going to be encouraging for you to know that you've got employees that have essentially more than doubled yes we've more than heroes -- last year. Congratulations and had a lot and say you are planning to add more employees as it -- different skilled workers and -- it seems to be so -- esoteric. Yes. That to difficulty where it went into two problems one is finding people who know our industry which is. Almost impossible mean people come in at some mechanical skills they have some. Work experience but very typically have very little -- those two things the other thing in trouble finding people excellent work. Care and wait too many people. Who want paycheck but the work and we get people yesterday. You know you start investing in them and they decide in it she worked at it. The -- -- no idea -- and yell at our place today it's it's all work who is known for its work. And we attacked by your own background being and that of a technical nature what was your education like I. My technical. Career start navy and as the electronics technician and -- -- I got out place bent nine years. Working for error and the company in the machine tool industry. In the service department repairing machines that are machines and I'm working with now. And getting competent at the use of those machines. And at some point -- -- -- -- teach somebody how to use these machines to make money can probably make money with speech so I stepped out and and -- it and point five years later we're still here and did you stare right in Batavia it was your first place and we start right in Batavia and we've been hampered. The vast majority of 25 years are you at Genesee County -- not actually an eerie county OK in buffalo ovaries and Akron. That you just figured of course at this sort of in between the two cities -- and and restaurant in your report makes sense as yet -- before make it easier for -- it bull markets right down the truth was that was far enough away. From bull markets where it was very hard to draw the -- to Batavia you -- we had a reputation island. You know it's not nearly as hard as if you -- -- -- Tony Gibson staying power to -- the opinion business or violent. And are growing. And I feel that's that seems pretty technical by nature yes you talk about the challenge of finding good employees. How do you recruit those folks you go on Craig's list Alan -- in your jobs act thomas' against simply word of mouth. Well we've we put. It -- papers. We -- -- put ads on. Craig's list and -- believe that we get some pretty good people off Greg rose. We have retained its recently -- Outplacement service to bring us good people and they they brought us the very first person approach was. Hard workers -- some. Mechanical skills and those actually nothing about -- industry. People willing to learn and I think you can do very very well force. -- raises an interesting philosophical question running would you rather have somebody who has agreed to work ethic that you -- to train. Or would you rather have somebody of a technical background that doesn't seem to have the best work work ethic -- Hands down so it knows how to work writing teacher many gas ET network news if they have a area down -- agreed on it's got to be. One of your main concerns I would imagine when somebody comes in are you the guy they're pretty much mentors and through the -- Yes that's one of the reasons we're growing as slowly as we are is I don't want anyone train -- people accept myself makes acts I want them to know and understand it I expect them shall Einstein beat irregularly. Produce while there. We don't horse around at work at all. Except -- Amber -- which we do a lot of and so we we have a good time work but once legal and the shaft where the machines there. It is their demeanor steal they move very rapidly and can very quickly mainly for. So we know for certain Israel say for if there's somebody that's not. Doesn't that mindset. They won't last week. Right there's Iran safety issue then that you want is to be concerned about being aware of what's happening around them and that's current. And it makes sense do you have any sort of OSHA regulations -- to abide by and. I'm OSHA should be district is -- that's correct. And if you wish her a very I'm very Easter. Idol on each Asia Latin you know. We were very very careful about safety. I can't imagine that -- kidnapping your priority and I salute you for that and our remaining moments Lanny let's talk about their river friend the riverbend project. It's bringing some high tech jobs to Genesee County had to sit and take your business. Actually we're. The types of companies that might gold there could be benefit us. If their high tech and their in the manufacturing industry. They're going to need something to put their product and it's probably going to be mania metal. Because electronics don't handle plastic ball well. So work. Anticipating there will be opportunities air force but it's. Our our our reach is really into specific markets at this point. We're very being -- to tell come. We're kicking hugely into the data storage companies. We started -- second company. Making data storage devices and we currently live in what I think is it this would be -- we currently at the fastest. In most densely populated server in the world. So. That's another huge aspect of our company. Attention as you work with cloud computing companies yes. I say yes did you ever think when you started this company that there'd be this sort of technical evolution that's happening in our lifetime. I'm not sure I would have believed it would have gone this far and as fast as it has but I know it was coming because as an it industry and electronic industry hadn't seen. You know years and years of changes it happened very very rapidly but the rate of change. Is increasing things that are. Brand new on the shelf are already obsolete -- site design so. It's it's an incredible change in Israeli LG. It's really evolving quickly. And in regards to the river and project do you wanna explain a little more about what it is and his or listeners or where. It's a Brownfield bits being converted into the industrial park. Four high tech companies. Will it'll remain to be seen over the next couple years how many companies. -- participate in in growing that how many what type of companies are going to be. I suspect that it's going to -- a lot of money. You went there with that's encouraging especially for Western Europe which seems to take -- baby steps sometimes. When it comes to progress in this area well. He'll Western New York is kind of an aberration to the rest of the world their their places around the country that are growing. Enormously. And with the regulation legislation. The different aspects of government that are involved in. Business I imagine a year and a half Google I had bought a brand new building. And dumb. Within a month I got a built from the county assessor thank you thank you for coming to -- and putting up for a new building he should text her. You know had heard cruel joke that's a great way to thank somebody -- are building a business you know. Exactly now you know people might recognize your name to you were speaking replant your Byrd who is the owner Batavia enclosures and really a fascinating type of business. But you're also very politically savvy get. Talking about your background Maryland in how people might know your name well. -- I started an organization called primary challenge and that was after. Having run forward this state assembly in the state sent it in trying to figured out how things are done and understood you know understanding the process and what I found is that we have a pre game it is. Producing. Generation after generation of like -- monarchies political monarchies. And the people have been locked out of the political process by and large. Having put all the pieces together. I formed or an organization a primary challenge and I teach people how to. Enter the political process successfully and we have literally hundreds of people now. That are state -- that are now in elective office and I think it's been very very successful. How do you certificate -- with your busy schedule we've only got about 92. Spend. It's gotta keep your really -- -- -- thing. Over the last couple years the last three years may -- I have at hand to step back because of the tremendous effort it's been two and get the new building and put in a new laser and things of that nature. Outside had to step back and rely and the people that I've trained over the years to to push primary challenges effort forward. My kudos go out to Carl Paladino who is adopted dad. Process and is really. But the process and spirit statewide so. I really don't have to be as intimately involved when it comes to me for technical questions or advice and there. When they -- media review petition or something of that nature given. Legal advice is -- an eight. Legal advisor. I can do as well but right now my focus is on the business in. Further. Foreseeable future it's gonna have to stay there. Well I wish you continued success at Batavia enclosures. Any amendment right to -- to -- website it's. Batavia enclosures. Dot com and you write about your phone number I get the phone number is 5853441797. Anybody who wants can call me and my cell phone 7162077138. Terrific money thanks and I -- continued success and I look forward. To talking with you again about your variants in business thanks for coming on the show thank you and. My pleasure have you heard proactive is better than ever stayed tuned for a 100% risk three million about a getaway with -- And do you have trouble skin acne with proactive your acne can heal and you can prevent new break out. Come on now for your 100% risk free trial giveaway of proactive including two free extras and free shipping. -- get proactive dot com or call 1807453950. That's 1807453950. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And welcome back to buffalo means business after having a great morning this and that -- after a good start and Brando -- pinch hitting this week for a party issue a lot. And we're delighted to welcome another guest to our studios. It is -- swipe -- joining -- -- morning and good morning nice to be nice to have you with us in the name -- businesses via text studios that's correct and again you -- much like Ireland's guests I think there's probably some misconceptions about what you do so please explain -- the founder of swine attack. Well -- you do. Actually. The the founder of some of -- -- pain anger our our restoration business was my father whose name also was an aha so sometimes we get confused and I'm Henry -- -- acquired -- that was Henry B. And he never wanted anybody to call me Sonny -- junior. So hole. -- -- -- -- He called meet John and many people knew me by that name but of course when I went to school became Hendry and legally it's -- so. When people see the business founded by -- XY attack they assume it's me in and actuality it's my dad. IC so what exactly do you do. Well it's a multifaceted. Restoration business I think that we're probably the broad. Scope for -- Because and entails. Historic. Investigation. For instance that we've recently -- a project in Auburn New York. At the world at chapel which is the only surviving. Sacred space there was designed and decorated by Louis comfort Tiffany. And before -- know we could even start obviously we have to study. The Tiffany technique. We had to do what is called. And exposure. And what's entailed Lyndon exposures she takes office it's depending on the coding that's covering the original. Designs and and decorations. Our view evaporate down and carefully in order not to -- some tractor or delete to what. All the information that your gonna fine underneath. And it's sometimes surprising to clients to find out that. These things are are not gone they're simply hidden. And you'll find that in most sacred spaces that have gone under different regimes. Decoration over the years and we used that same technique. When it comes to bomb restoring churches. What happened. Basically. Because of the fact that I started my career -- mine's dad in the mid sixties. Which I called the great church iconoclast them -- -- that time because them the Molitor was less is more. Everything was and degrees of off white and so forth and I saw the pendulum start to swing. Back to the -- not completely back to where every square inch yet to be decorated put in order to maintain. The armed architectural integrity of -- building. We were starting to see things. For instance that the north park theater where they put up a temporary covering over this beautiful stained Atlantic class window. Simply because there was a change of ownership. And things were done for expediency. For you know financial reasons. And I can't tell you how many times my dad and I would take on a project in this old -- bother you know. Just take that now it's not important because that was the mindset. We're going through. You know one person explain to me the scientific evolution that you know from the time of -- The moon travel and all those things all our answers were going to be founded science and technology. Well that's fine but that's that's not a reason we live we live because were science sensual people. We're affected by what we see and what we hear it's like beautiful music very often. I'll explain to people what we do. In terms of interior decoration is much like. Musical metaphors. Things need to be in harmony if you can have a building that was built an 1853. For instance. And you -- decorated in terms of 1999. While you. You'd create this terrible contradiction. With -- And very often while we do is we tried to find. That true character of the building. There was. In English author. I can't remember his name. But to what he wrote is very true that the walls of the church for instance or any historic building. Are written in a language. The collars. The architecture and so forth and if you could read that language. It -- tell you the story. And that's very off -- we've we need to do we need to find that story and then return it back. So you don't just Waltz into a place and say okay we're gonna do this and that you really take time to study it and analyze it and figure out what their background story and it's. Yeah out -- Wallace absolutely and the thing that. Because this is Lowell police. Based broadcast I'm assuming. That. I have never been. So overwhelmed let's say until I start investigating spaces. Here that we haven't buffalo. When you take the armed population. As it is presently it's hard to mention we had Frank Lloyd -- here HH Richardson. Louis Solomon. You know all of these exponent it's. On the very best not only just. Nationally but in the entire world. That we had those type of people here. And in church. Decoration we had people like professor. Two and April raji who decorated the -- for our lady of victory basilica. Now to give me an idea. Professor raji was a professor of art in Rome itself that the at saint -- royal academy of -- And he was brought here worked here and New Jersey area by a father Nelson baker. Brought him and he would have been one of the two or three top people in the entire world. And we have his work right here in Western New York so very often. In my career I would go there because it's the encyclopedia. Wearing of what we -- who. How interesting. Characters and -- that I guess in many ways there are so many hidden treasures and Western New York. That people aren't aware of this rich history was such advanced sort of background now hole where about the information that lies behind these walls. Well that's without question I mean there was -- movie once made in buffalo and oh when it comes to. Architectural wonders into hiding in plain journey that and I can remember that you know we have it we have them right in front of us ask. And we passed through them unfortunately without recognition. The -- hour here. -- Andrea just kind of curious did you mention a bunch of different sacred spaces what are your favorites I mean what are the ones that people should go and see. And because I was doing this as my my dad was in his later years we started visiting all his Catholic churches and amazing ones like Saint Louis but named the ones that your fund over or ones that you've made. You know you've restored let's say. Well of course you're gonna get me into trouble off envision a scenario that's what we're good at risk and insurance alliance and spread false here -- -- down. I would say. And -- the list them in no particular order because. Not necessarily in order that I mentioned Amare -- lately you know in terms of importance but certainly our lady of victory. The silica. I don't first presbyterian. At symphony circle. Blessed trinity on LeRoy now that. The church on LeRoy avenue on really fits what we've been describing its terms of hiding in plain sight because it is a national landmark and if you've never seen it and you live in Western New York. It's put it on your bucket list because. It's just an incredible. I'm building architecturally and from our standpoint. Just a little background it was. Decorated and designed by the architectural form of Oakley and shalom all. And -- are Oakley. Especially was terror cop. And like you would see him McCallum at building an -- other various other buildings to guarantee going and so forth. And die he worked with -- the president of saint Bonaventure. Art college at the time father Pressman. And they came up with this scheme. And they made handmade. Terra -- decorations. And the the number of of religious symbols alone is mind boggling there's something that you wouldn't expect to see. In Tuscany and Lombardi or or someplace of that nature certainly not in just a working class neighborhood. But they had the train and it's just an extraordinary building. I mention our lady of victory basilica of course. Corpus Christi church. Which is the church. Excuse me that I grew up then and Clark street in buffalo and adjacent to the pro market. And very much of what my family. Has done in my own career my dad's career and now in my days sung min and grandsons. Who are card carrying the business. In their careers has been affected. By that there was a collaboration. Between professor raji who I mentioned and a polish artist by the name of Mary and judgment. And they did the murals and apparently the victory and they collaborated on the painting which is above the altar at Corpus Christi. Which I think is the largest. Reproduction of a Raphael painting. In the world at least from my eight. Close to thirty years of investigation. Into that subject I haven't seen anything quite like it are the figure's arm. Larger than life size and there's the painting is reproduction. Of rough fields painting. The dispute. Over the atlas that segment -- dispute Dallas Sacramento. Which is in the Vatican. And I and it's meant to portray the she'll mark the low to. All of oh what faith involves that's basically the apostles creed in in in in art. And certainly the other. Hopefully churches. And this one probably is gonna become a surprise to most people but saint -- mission of mercy. On. On Walden avenue. Also -- Chester Oakley church. Should be some day a national. Landmark in your working on -- correct yes I am. I wouldn't Amy patriots yes yes overseas nationals or are you in woman's hands and teaching them I have to tell you Germany can't believe this but I grew up in the past eternity parents. And father George reader who has been there for a number of years past and my mother my mother was a longtime parishioner there. So the church's magnificent. -- -- -- you know you sit there during Manson look and it just everywhere -- these unbelievable. Pieces of our work and just a glass and it just absolutely gorgeous church and I really different they -- here a lot of credit for doing what he's done to sustain a church -- Neighborhood that hasn't the optimum place for to -- When others that you've got to see and it it was a result of me talking with your son Brett. It is Saddam holy family. Which -- was called Saint Joseph up in Niagara Falls. Pine avenue. Right across from George appliances you know not a real. You know -- upscale. Neighbor you would think that you go inside there and these guys Hampton are I mean. He just it's it's the year awestruck by what they're doing and it's not quite done but it's it's looking really good. Yeah I think what we've been able to do and and I feel very fortunate to have lived and worked long enough. To see it's from you know we'll start days of the sixties is that. There is a new appreciation in on you hear -- talked about the buffalo Renaissance right now I think it's very very real and those of us who. Grew up here were born here and are seeing yet. One priest dominated okay and -- I'm sure you felt. Not in my lifetime. Who did you ever see this and I have don't know how many times I've heard that that I would never see this but I am -- was last time we saw. Three cranes. In downtown buffalo the man. -- is really excuse me how. We've got about two minutes left -- I'd be remiss if five pollen I didn't charge you about the north park theater which is just have beautiful building and so exciting that it's been bought and it is now being restore. And about a minute or so can he give us a quick rundown on what you're doing at the north par. Yes. And it is very exciting and the Christiane a family. Who also all left bank restaurant right. Is the main driving force. You know behind the purchase and restoration of the theater. And I have to say that I have to compliment them because they they really have a very highest static in terms. Of you know they could have opened it as a movie theater and without a lot of changes but. Did they were interested in really. Bringing it back to law its original glory. And for folks -- who do is planning on the web site but I would encourage you. One the theater opening opens. That your gonna see eye popping. Art and design their debt. Just very quickly. Caught the art was stunned. My god. Why can't I think it was named the artist who won that contest. To design the exhibition for the Pan American. And there was 400. Entries for this particular contest and he was the winner. And his art. Maybe you can match -- once the show airs. It'll come to me after profit stopped speaking of course like there's. Six original pieces of art by this artist in north marked. And -- -- -- you can also be seen at the -- trio gallery and then all their heart galleries. In in this area and in other parts of the United States. We look for term for chain we have to leave it there Henry they don't be like a show within -- show -- in north park and it's really negotiates to have us. We're -- congratulations. And how wonderful business and really another piece of business or sore -- you know learn about. You can find more information that's -- a text studios dot com as WI eight TEK studios to -- count every thanks so much for coming in this morning. My pleasure thank you very much don't complain about your cable bill going up enough enough to do something about it grab a pencil and shot down -- special number call 877. 319 -- TV the more cable TV rates go the better digital satellite TV looks so canceling cable and get more your favorite channels and 100% digital quality for less money call 877. 319 -- TV and just putting port 99 what are you waiting for pull up your major credit or debit card always have a 7319. My TV that's 8773190. My TV. Can be heard proactive is better than other states in for a 100% risk three million about a getaway with -- And do you have trouble skin acne with proactive -- acne can heal and you can prevent new break out. Come on now for your 100% risk free trial giveaway of proactive including two free extras and free shipping. -- get proactive dot com or call 1807453950. That's when 807453950. And welcome back to buffalo means business I'm Brenda -- are hosting this week in place of -- Shula who will be back Hampshire next week thank you so much for tuning and and we had a very interesting show and I am delighted to have yet another interesting guest in studio while consumer Kwan who is the president if KB 100 can at a -- hello mark. Good morning and nice to see you good to be absolutely now came 100 -- -- -- sounds like something out of the future teammate so. Well actually it's out of the past as Eric. The original company was company called reaction laboratories. And tunnel on them. Run by a woman named Ellis Otto. Who actually she provided. Boiler water chemicals to a lot of the industries here and you know Niagara Falls and buffalo and come Monday area. And in the course of her working with those clients they had some particular difficulties with their fuel and she was -- to -- she could come up with solutions for. And after several years she invented what she called -- 100 -- that was her laboratory designation for the product. And it turned out to be very successful and ultimately she changed that and is her clientele shifted. In two different fuel users and -- use diminished. She stuck doing the boiler chemicals renamed the company Connecticut laboratories. And worked exclusively. The Q1 hundred product line. Now in the simplest terms -- and is it fair to say that K 100 makes water burn. -- Oh that is their tech line and yes indeed at the -- and how how it can happen well one of the prince is the worst contaminant that people deal with that view of fuels as water. Water cause all sorts of issues both in diesel fuel. And in gasoline and now that we've gotten to where others eat and fuel as opposed to two straight gasoline. The water issues it is. Really exists and it be used to be if if you have regular gasoline and you have water and at the water will go to the bottom. And it would stay there and wouldn't really could cause any real mischief -- -- today actually get into the fuel line carburetor whatever. When they added ethanol to gasoline. What they did is they put in at a chemical that reacts with water. -- oil and water don't mix but ethanol and water certainly do. And now that you've got this new sort of new chemistry in your fuel tank that creates a whole new set of problems that didn't exist before. So getting to the essentially what happens as the water combines with the ethanol and then the ethanol becomes heavy. Drops of solution. Out of gasoline. And causes what's known as phase separation. This -- used dubious solution of two chemicals is now. A separated. It separates in two phases usually get this heavier phase it's on the bottom and later phrase it's on the top. And neither one of which is have good fuel. So. Whatever you whatever engines or whatever. Vehicle whatever we called tools and toys I have right has this problem. It won't run at -- -- well. So what K 100 person in that particular instance. Is K 100 highly reactive with water mean much more reactive than -- an all those. So what it'll do is that I actually could hit it goes in combines with the water strips the S and all of that that. Mountain water molecule the ethanol goes back and the solution. And essentially it solves problems. So when I create any problems for whatever Victoria's and -- -- Paris scooter -- snowmobile. IC. And essentially what happens is and and what we mean in order to do this. You have to use of fair amount of the because it's a chemistry issue brain you have to use quite a bit of it in order to reverse that particular reaction. But. What we really recommend people do is that they treat the fuel. As a preventative measure and you can use for instance ten times less. To prevent. Then it takes to reverse that to that that particular facing execution so that's what you wanna do that it's. We would prefer that people doing an old -- let's face it just really really frustrating. If you have something like lawn mowers snow blowing you're trying to start it you're spending. For his you're sitting -- pulling and pulling and pulling narrator saying what's wrong. Well and you know in modern it used to be. You know you could -- drain the water -- -- bowl or you could you know -- the spark he could -- you could do something and sort of recover from a hair trigger localized thing in the face separation is something that. Not a lot of people know about her later I would wager you've probably never heard of it you're absolutely -- -- -- fat aren't OK and so. You know the average person when they've run into the problem don't know what they're looking and they have no idea what to do about it. And -- you know look we've talked to a lot of manufacturers. Of equipment and they're just totally frustrated because. Their custody -- people who -- by -- but they're brand new -- and bring it home. Put in their era and take their obvious candidate for -- immigrants for -- blissful. Push some fuel -- And may be of runs for the first. Couple times and then the next thing they go to started they can't give it to go home. The first thing they do -- they call that 800 number that's printed on the side of the motor and they said why in the world. Doesn't your machine Monroe what kind of -- could be sold. And so the manufacturers are really. Frustrated and they're looking to find. Ways to educate people about face separation. Teach him that how they store their fuel it is important. And then also teach to London in order to avoid trouble that they really need to treat this fuel -- is to to preserve. Sort of use your example about somebody getting snow bar -- why would they do what they use. This product first and foremost. Finished them in order to avoid the problem exactly I say -- essentially. When your store fuel particularly the that ethanol blended gasoline. They tend to. Deteriorated severely quickly I mean compared to what we used to you. You know if you thought about it before you -- actually -- the other five young candidate assuming it through in the garage. You've used it it was gone and I get Smart and ever thought about whether it was there for three months of ten months or whatever. I cared about as a man law tomorrow it's stared airmen and yes. So what happens now is you do that you need to do that same thing with this. And won it because it says it unless it's stored in a totally. Invent political a container that has no exposure to hear more moisture. It will begin to absorb moisture from the air and that phrase separation process will be -- -- -- and then Newton and once that happens. It's over. Right we're talking with mark Klein who is the president of K 100 kinetic -- and -- based in Youngstown. How would do. How do you get the word out to manufacturers who needs who needs your product. Well we spend a lot of time at trade shows. I mean that's one of the lord in in terms of reaching that particular audience. Because you know dating. They are also interested in going to those same shows to see how their engines. They're performing in the marketplace and talking to the people that are using them. So it's a great it's actually one of the best places that we found in order to make connections with these kinds of people. Is it unusual -- define businesses like yours are you among a select few who would do what you do. Unfortunately none that they've they've got a lot of counsel Monica petition a lot of him out of its region you know it's it's an all different levels. It's that there aren't very big barriers to entry in the business and so people. Who think they have some kind of formulation that they would like to use for this. They're out there and they they sell. Right right and -- so what kind of standards and meaner or do you learn. Don't know these are they only seeing him or it's. Well do it there is some EPA regulation OK so you need to conform to certain things but that. That in no way. Speaks to the performance of Oprah and say and now and it's. We've we've discovered that it's this is -- this is a business full of many many claims and that so much. Perform and and so one of the things that we emphasizes that we perform and we've developed -- of demonstrations and test. There's that we use it. And demonstrate that are competitors don't do. What we can do right. And once that's done typically that really makes the sale you can stand and your reputation there in the Harry Reid to say look. Ours works there doesn't -- and we can prove it yes you know that's it and it says it's very compelling. I would imagine that proof is settling in -- putting in this case that -- is the president do you hit your own standards of quality control it. In her consistently -- enforcing your. This -- read -- and we have. We used a blend the product ourselves in them and in the plant. But as we've grown so much over the last several years that we what we've done is we've had to go to contract splendor how reality. And so every shipment that we did is tested before we use it to you know before we go. Essentially imploded into various different sized containers that engines and distribute. What -- have background with an employee need to work for K 100 connect Lance. Well it depends on what they're going to do I have the reality is. Of the factory itself it's you know what we really need is just hard working people that -- show up. As to your previous cash -- You know it's important. And that they had you know we we actually have the same staff that we've had for many years so it's it's -- we've been very fortunate. We do call in temporary. Labor when we get. You know. The crunch of border select you know right now this is really busy season so we bring extra hands and and the -- the most important thing is is that they followed corrections yes they stay at the job and they show up on time. I -- I guess in a member of the -- users are always started I was hiring challenges by and they need to be able to take simple directions but you know during ours is not complicated -- we don't have. The issues your first guess describe the ass so -- it's more. Good work ethic and you pay attention and -- we get along with the rest of the folks. Similar to NAS style when he referred -- and the first segment. Would you prefer worker who is. The ability to learn for it shows up on timing is dependable person somebody who may have experience and maybe a little less reliant losses. And -- that obviously the first -- chatter we're hearing that the work ethic is everything and as long as there is the basic intelligence and train ability. We can we can get. You know that's the kind of person we would we'd love to have courage work for us how many people -- your -- right now -- they we have five at that location yeah. And then we -- of -- basically have sales reps and distribution and all that which is general around the country focused primarily on the East Coast -- Is it is a weather dependent as you're describing some of these situations where the product -- most -- use. Bestseller news there. If there is a season alluded to it -- we have products for both peaceful and is. And on the you know on the gasoline side I've talked about the phrase separation which is sort of the number one issue facing that. You know users of gasoline. Since you know the round 2008. When that was in -- -- and that's -- -- introduced into the thing so that and that's. Even though it's a year round problem. For instance in the wintertime -- ago. Until their snowmobiles the DOD they've got there went to toys and then they -- their summer -- And then particularly in the northern climate. You've got. Essentially there's you know in the summertime people are busy in the boat sooner. Ski do si -- and and such. But then in the shoulder seasons they -- -- all that's that's their -- put away and all the winter stuff starts in my house so there's a low for -- in the spring and the fall and then the winters usually very busy in the Summers -- is in terms of gasoline. -- the diesel side the issues there again water as a continuous issue. Who is diesel fuel will run unfortunate world. The haves and have microbial growth in the presence of water. The since essentially. Little bugs live in the water. And they will eat the fuel. And fifth all these things and it doesn't hurt that odd but doesn't -- doesn't lullaby known for unfortunately it doesn't as long as there's water present. The bug can live fan and so one of the things if you can one of the ways to control microbial growth is to control water. And because K 100 those controls water. It that that's one of the things recruitment and him the other thing with diesel fuel particularly in cold weather Michigan into issues with the -- jelling. The fuel essentially becomes -- like. And can't be part who'll -- it through the filters in the system. So essentially what happens -- you you may have thankful fuel which can't get it through the engine and Jamal Ron. And so we need something that can prevent that jailing saying okay 100 and that's one of the features of that particular product. So when you but essentially again I treated before you have the problem acts and you can prevent and in this cold weather that we. And -- recently. For all those ring enough that we couldn't make it fast enough in and out the door quickly enough we're still back quarter from that spirit -- this morning was we're hoping to catch up. Finally realized I wondered about the enemy we haven't had a lot of harsh winters lately but certainly this year India better than him this this this has been very good to us at that sets somebody's -- or bad thing that's going to be zero we're -- -- an investment -- and and that you know -- perspective. But what's interesting is is that the the from our perspective the best thing people can do is essentially treat their fuel on a year round basis. These emergencies. It's. -- you know that they sort of illustrate the fact that the fuel needs to be sort of condition properly in order to function under all circumstances. And if you do it on a regular basis to save money and you avoid these kinds of issues. -- I've learned a lot in this segment and -- why I'm sure listeners to -- and we Pataki and mayor Quan who was with. K 100 kinetic lamps and Youngstown thank you very much are coming in this morning. Thank you for having -- in the spirit. It was our pleasure even listening to buffalo means business associate next week right -- ESPN fifteen twining. Thank you for listening to buffalo means business -- -- to buffalo radio veteran M local business have a good -- Shula. Buffalo means businesses an hour long weekly radio show that's spotlights a local business brought you by doctor Bob dental care. For worry free dentistry hold your nearest doctor -- location. And by copier fax business technologies go home of document intelligence. To have your favorite local business featured on this program. Please call 8430167. That's 8430167. Thanks for listening to buffalo means business on ESP and fifteen to want me.

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