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Let's Talk Native 01/26/14 Hour 2

Jan 27, 2014|

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Let's talk native -- John King is produced every week in association with iroquois promotions. You're -- boy promotions is a native company located on the catalog is territory of the Seneca nation. You're a boy promotions brings a combined fifteen years of emotional experience in professional and amateur sporting event and entertainment. -- boy promotions provides prominent native speakers for lectures cultural events media and educational institutions. Pass defense include professional boxing fantasy football events tournaments that we showcase that more. Iroquois promotions also promote self sustaining an environmental friendly projects -- our international network for your next entertainment athletic or cultural event. Be sure to contact iroquois promotions at 71653. To 4449. That's 71653. To 44494. Iroquois promotions. -- -- I was bird running water -- threat of those -- it was last -- and that's -- But I know I had bald bird and and thorough and on the on the show. And we talked about the -- film lab and I agree that that we need to do more. But we also what do you do well to Guam to promote the native films that are out there I mean you you have to be in -- independent film. While he bought a -- and find these places. Com or you -- to think about the video and and I think we need to do more I think need to territories need to step up and and and or have the facilities I mean Seneca Niagara casino they've got that that bears and lounge they can actually screen. Native films and there. Don't want that once a month they actually do what don't festival. Once a year and bring them all together -- I think but let's let us to step up and do these kinds of things and you know I think the word that didn't worked in Denver running waters doing in the war that dust or heart goes doing. And others I mean. I was open to try to make it out to the Sundance film vessel -- the first time that really gotten into understanding so what they're doing and I and I saw. I've read about some of the films that. -- work and on and and I'm gonna I would do everything and make sure that do get that I do see these films and and I talk about the I'll have the guys back on the -- talk about it. I would like to see -- a bitter about a footprint. Before arm. Top -- for replicating the these and -- film labs but. But I but coming back to Whitney what you're matching their Greg is it the education system we eat and in the heart parties. Without having some social as -- accessed in the social media. Om and and and and and in the me -- media it's hard even effect that I mean you you do get a lot of the right wing. In and not just Texas you know school books stuff but you get so much resistance I mean by I think was at the estate of Arizona that that and that the Columbus book what was he thinking Columbus rethinking Columbus that they actually they struck it from out from the curriculum they they did in the state. I mean and that's the kind of stuff that. You know that was the works against ever realizing any any truth about that about American history and and and where we fit into the whole thing. Well that is the same thing -- election right now with. The a true story have part time Indian I think I know that your temperature in the title. -- I think it's really interesting when you take something like. Nikkei. What is that mark -- -- I am. What route this story about the kids to take -- and and yeah Tom -- about Indiana -- app so I mean that and I remember reading that book. And it use a lot of language that works out really difficult to read it really difficult to understand but at a cultural context that's. -- -- -- and again I with a one it'd take a book and wanna take the word (%expletive) out of the book. And and and -- you leave you lose the context of the whole thing and it wasn't. Being. I mean it was you isn't it -- a bit of a racist tone even in netbook but that but that was the point that's the point of it it in and it wasn't. You know I and I I think people get over the top about what where censorship should apply and where should apply. And and yet I -- -- there's no problem with having the national football team based in -- in Washington DC having the -- rescued. I mean I got it all comes down to questioning the ruling class and whether or not what they're doing is appropriate or inappropriate it's okay. For somebody called me Redskins but I can't church like stand up and say. You know I am not a Redskins. You know it. That ownership that is. Is not ours and that's part of the public identity as an indigenous person in America and that's the part of the reason why do the kind of work ideally because. -- identity that is there for indigenous people is not how well. And as we try to claim those things back. It's a funny too you know they'd they'd stated that the team name is an honor. But the moment that you -- and and say OK what it's harder than mine. And I don't like giving -- to -- that they take on her back and say no no no you you can have. You need to go back to the rams and and they'll say. But at -- departed straight they're gonna -- -- fence around victory on the north Raleigh is an errand they're gonna throw corner blankets and there have your ballot. On again shall obviously -- gaga got. Highlight all of these you know again it's a movement that lunatic fringe but I'll tell you some of that lunatic fringe. Has been sold for -- history I go back to Alfred Bob. You know he's the guy who wrote that was revised and Alfred bomb to -- Embodies what has become. Or what turned into this mascot issue because he basically said. We should kill album the -- is because the good with thirty dead anyway. And we wouldn't want to see their legacy ruined so we wanna -- Abiola cherish these guys and what they represented denoble kings of the fourth in the plains. We don't want them. Look at them they're that they're just despicable being station it was just kill the ball and that's literally but what Alfred Bob was saying as a as an editor editor. You're the chief editor of a newspaper in Aberdeen about the quotas though. And that ties directly to me. Where where somebody's trying to own owned this image that they have this image that you replicate. It's not real it's just an image is into you replicate when you're doing your last American Indian runner. Yeah -- yeah it. When you actually didn't take a look at this that they can show and so completely. Observance -- -- and yet not. I mean -- we were to apply that any other race in America. It would be -- it would fly at all and you know Josh Duncan started like the idea that we're here that's. -- -- It because it just gets worse to me you're calling -- its that's elected official talking about Detroit. You know that's -- and I just really don't think it -- I just think. People are Smart enough not to speak you know. When he was elected aren't. I guess yeah I guess. Maybe it is a little bit to growth the referred to -- -- to get it is the proper person and again but. I don't -- you know that -- -- if you don't share that view but we don't at all. Is how many do and and that's what I see. You know people always point -- Canada as this as this. Really well adjusted country. And yet I know how strong the racism is they'll -- was I think it was the of them the paper out of either win Winnipeg Edmonton. They actually had a FaceBook group page. And they had to take it down. During the I don't know more stuff they said and -- -- a public announcement they did in the paper that was on the news it was in on television and they cannot base -- -- -- look. -- closing appease the group -- because we don't want facilitate the the the victory all the races vitriol that is -- -- expressed this is just a poor and people are about arm there doing it doing it anonymously. But they felt so strongly about calling down eight people because Seattle more movement that that a newspaper. Literally had to. Get rid of there any of the public forums that they were part of because it was -- over -- not by controllers. But by by a large population of a blatant races. John I think you're trying to really Suharto be seen again. -- The delays that are you know I got so I got old and -- I got to -- investigators denied it is that we don't have learn normal to dump button. Though we're we're being very careful but Mel BD CI yeah yeah yeah that's like a UPC you've got a lot rug and throw it. Got chased out of -- out of a public spot because somebody saw you in a business card with a body. Now that's not that's not my problem. I -- -- what you -- solicited. Yeah. I don't know -- did -- did yeah data David gigolo or something I mean what would be -- selling. -- -- -- -- don't -- that David David David they do that is -- photo corporate -- for that because a lot of -- for that crap at. -- we don't around here that America. At grade do you look at yeah to land of the free land but when I go places and and I talked. -- American history and I and I put. George Washington into a different context that they used to hearing or Abe Lincoln or Teddy Roosevelt or injured Jackson or Thomas Jefferson -- these guys and I -- right on the I'm I can almost go president my president find something that one of them did that was. You know again. Blatant racists you know of racism and I tell those stories I actually had somebody from my own for -- little classmate of mine said. Did you like any of them and I said. Think every US president was -- was bad on all fronts but. From a -- perspective they all adopted the same regiment in the same policy the policy was to get rid -- so yeah why. Do I have a bit of an ax to grind -- when I spoke out and in Phoenix at that hey. A little annoyed and angry -- angry about. Not just what took place but the fact that people will reconcile in their own right in their own minds. About what is our attempt to even deal with it they'd wanna pretend it never happened -- that's army part of it is. Is. In my experience well when I have these conversations with the with people is they they have this. Very guilty attitude about it and they really don't know how to deal with you know when you confront them with the stuff and you and you point these things out. And and and they realize yeah you hear you're right about what you're saying about George Washington and the others. They don't know how to deal with that in Allen and and I think that's an aspect of this that needs to be addressed to. -- their whole bubble yeah Dario -- it's so comfortable for them to even think about that man. You know and and yet just a little hard for me to feel too sympathetic about the discomfort when after whenever it a that there are residential schools I think about him but even. Even not just what's happened to the people that came before us I mean -- you ball at some point. You know either watch our kids. If we we open ourselves but the worst part is apparent and and Greg this would you know a year you -- you doctor alluded to earlier. Knowing that your child is gonna have to deal with this thing and I used to think. What when my my kids are Smart I'm not I'm not gonna let -- have to go through the stuff that I realized as my as my kids got to be teenagers. That I couldn't Shelton of the province because that was an injustice to they had to they had to know what was out there. And I don't the first time that my son got into a real battle at school because somebody had some video out coats and made a racist remark. And and he had to stand up to and and and I was glad that I had not at that point rights -- this idea that I could somehow shelter my kids from the stuff. That there you know he was more he was -- prepared to to address the issue and you on of course. When you live on and -- territory where you have a a dominant non native society around you. They're you know -- the the first tier of people that -- involved with. Usually have a better understanding but once you get beyond that and you realize that you can't judge every. Buddy for the further the people that are friendly around you because it changes the farther you get out outside of your your sphere of influence. Who where I live here I mean I have you know my daughter's seven. Seven an -- and we had this discussion about the mascot issue you know and and she heard me talk about it I've not sat her down and -- outlets and you have to understand those that this is that the -- I let her come up what. Her own opinions and their own thoughts and we've had discussions about it. But we had a really deep discussion about it once and -- and she absent some very specific questions. To which I answered and at the end of the conversations. I told her that it's important that she doesn't talk about this school. We queen of the world I have to tell my seven year old she's not allowed to talk about this the overtly and blatantly racist. Moniker that's being used and -- popular culture. Because should get ostracize the board at school by her teachers as well as buyers cool. Yet at that guy that does that -- -- life and I understand what you're saying. And -- be different if she was a teenager Tom. Where -- you get district is spread her wings a little bit but it's seven years old. You don't want it I mean there's still teach our kids to pledge allegiance that a flag in and you know I got my granddaughter is four years old. And he sings. The one with Pilgrim's Pride and with us on. My country it is the land of liberty of the anything yet she starts this thing that's on and I think -- Pilgrim's Pride. My father died and I think it. I can't wait to be able to have this congress. Are quite yet. But it -- -- an opinion but what they're doing to my four year old already. Yeah that that the. You know if if we don't get into the education system we really don't have a chance and I agree we should on the media portrayal. -- people. But it's the education governor our kids are in school the American kids are in school parties -- -- -- day. You know that's where of indoctrination is happening we can infiltrate the books in the teachers it's it's really going to be tough to change in the year when I was. -- -- where it what did what the cardinal or if I'm not sure which comes first and that's where I'm I I agree. But I know there's there's nothing wrong with certain education and home I've had a discussion -- -- And he's he's just. Looks at things a lot differently now yes and he's one of the top kids in the class as far as social studies and science. Then they -- he's really taken it you know knee deep questions everything now. So I think it is starts at home because he's got the weapons -- Altered to think it. Yeah which collars. And that we are -- a break here now -- effect I -- on -- Greg we still are more are probably about the among the problem me again much thought about my New York gig I've opened it somehow -- you but you know I would I want kids anti focuses. Sabbatical. Is involved. 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I'm doing -- I'm dig your effort yoga sin and I know the did you go to residual haven't yet. We -- yeah. And we. Right at York. Good people. Yet years he's either really good guy and and I think he's done. Great work in an area and again when you when you start talking about loan figures and you know. I'm a bit along figure here but I still live in a native care -- -- home to not feeling alone but when I get in the media. You you become some singular but I look at I choked in the in New York. Doing what he was doing and I look at some of what you're doing in in DC. And I think that we needed to make sure that that would provide support system street what did not just because we don't meet -- repeat which we may. But. But I I think we need to -- Make sure that we have enough conversation even not and not just on air but on -- as well. I I let you get to back on the show in in New York not only whenever you can. -- some other reason to go there at the because I think when you went to do that Kamal bells. -- -- A break I thought you did very very well out and you do it well not to. Did get a gentleman that was on what's his name. What was it what was general goes on with the and the thunder cloud or -- So any was on. -- he. You know he tried to be witty. Com I don't think -- Represented the position that that was okay. A very well I don't think he did. I thought you did did much better in in cared if fact if anything. Between human and I don't Bob value you actually had him changing his mind towards the end of the year view and and I watched the the extended interview that was online as well. But but again I think what happens is you have a generational issue. On a lot of the stuff. And I think it. What you represent didn't and I'm on the older end of this generation it's kinda to bring change but I love you guys as the younger guys that are coming up -- behind year. I think that we needed to push these issues that I that I if I can get you back in New York. It's always better have somebody studio than phone although the I enjoy having one on my -- my phone here. There's just not a real good reason -- Greg Greg view that buffalo opener between clubs have good reasons it to New York. Yeah I'd like I would apple like that luckily. But what can I think that you you communicate in a lot of these issues very very well so not only are you a good communicators in the various mediums that you use. Which you and again but I'd like that you go through the little of that because I I know. You know what when you're from. Doing your Euro is it called -- no oh. Yet. Well no this is certainly go up it's oh lead -- you you're actually essentially making a fraud to the purpose like a stamp. Yeah abide by taking our work our are our image you're you're cutting into this. -- linoleum. And then you would you would use a roller that you -- printed they need to do limited prints from I didn't understand. The first images I thought I thought you were carving it would at first that it relies two and then I'd edit your video made it very clear of course you an idea -- a little bit. But I. That's some great imagery and I know you do a lot apple with with over delays and and I templates and all kinds of stuff that you do. You you have a a pretty wide. A variety of of tools and techniques to use in your. In years your campus -- whatever else I'd. You're you're two BR yes I don't know. In my visual arts. I'm I'm like over educated in underpaid. I know how to do a lot of things but yeah -- reflective artist is constantly are so. And and those those legal cut. I can do a -- would as well I have done I'm on -- as well. And it worked the same way it's just an old printing style and -- I'm I just don't out now Peru more money to facilitate an actual printing press. So. Yeah but nobody -- something that there's something different about doing a printing press wouldn't be the same thing I think. You know I think the whole craftsmanship and into it the way you do it is is it the whole mother. You know feeling that you get from what you're doing with it doesn't school when I was a kid but there in the -- -- I didn't -- -- -- a little -- -- -- Yeah everything it's and and I wanna do a series of them I mean trying to sell those things. Those little things all that helped facilitate. I have a solo show coming up to coincide with this. Washington Post he's coming out that's going to be. It's gonna be bigger it's going to be like 3000 words is going to be elected cover story forward. The magazine. Spend some but I hope to be a game changer. But I'm just trying to pull together a lot of little projects and things to coincide with that. Including. Video. Dakota fine who's the photographer that I've been working for the last American Indian on her. Yeah yeah a great deal and Dakota line and it just -- -- into it does mean. -- fine. At that he's this this will Jewish guy call my little white -- and he. He's but he has an Indian name actually as -- -- there -- about ten Indians so. -- We we do referred that is coming available -- there and Robert studio W -- an Indian languages they admire. -- but -- I have. Does so you're gonna you're gonna do it you -- into any event or show that'll be cup run a couple of days or what what what is. How the shaping up what it would be really talking about here. I have a an actual. Show. It opens in March. -- still pending. But have. A solo show. More I have on the work that I've been working on -- all of these are some of it will you know chronicle back to the last American in order. I hope actually have a show for the last American -- on earth. That little used Dakotas photographs and work together on on those things as well as working on a bill for that I have a I have a flash mob sort of performance piece and I'm trying to get together here in the next couple weeks. So I'm just you know doing a lot of stuff this. Consulate. I mean that you can really do. I can't wait for holiday become bigger I think it's going to be pretty yeah I look forward to the show on -- the it down there that that definitely. An and I again I had a a great conversation with with Chris from the Washington Post work on this. This does cover piece. So I I look forward to that coming -- I I think that you. You are at a place where you're about the launch and in and I'm I'm I'm hoping that that. My being able to host for what it -- Israel will do. Some of the same thing for me. I I think that you and I are both. You worked into her media to try to do same thing. And I know it's tough it's it's -- I mean I noted government being over educated underpaid and I share educated I -- I'm certainly -- eight. But but no I look at what a lot of what you're doing it and when you say you know how to do a lot of things. I see the you're -- you actually do that it's not that you have you know some some -- skill that you're that you're not employing. I've watched it like some of the stuff that you've done all over the years in the team. You know look at -- cited seen some of the the deeper types of our. Visual art the you've done and it's it's an impressive -- resonated you have been. And I think one when people really gifted to WOR. I think you're gonna. Yet again I'm I'm look at prism from big as big as some big deal that a great deal. If I was in Indian you'd concede blushing right now -- I appreciate. If there was a review we could see just radio must've been the I appreciate that you know it's. I don't know it'll be interesting to see what happens I mean it's like you're in New York saying it's you know it's another opportunity and another thing kind of be excited to see what happens in. Home you know. My big thing is that I -- it obviously that would make it I wanna provide for my family. But I also wanna be in a position where -- couples some other counts of indigenous artists and because I think indigenous arts. Opt in our -- modified as being as you know this little kitsch being on the side that there are some incredible. Modern artists. And and I think it it. You know we just need to all band together work together I think there's an -- I'd go around you know we can all support one another as as you have supported me so I. But I think New York you know and in the -- I'm open do I'm gonna go to New York every week so I'm I'm gonna try to. You know lift as -- Xerox's. And and make is as much noise on a lot of issues as possible but. New York is -- is is a huge huge art scene and and I know that the the enemy AI has they wanna do more with their with their New York museum. And I -- gonna work with I mean -- while trying to do a little bit more on the promotion of it was visibly that the New York museum. But I I think be great to try to get you know you know -- if if you do a show in DC maybe we can work on trying to get you up to New York as well. I'm not opposed to. At that I've paid professionally. That's the big deal I have some. And I got the performance -- and other claim that the identity thing but I have a performance piece that I've been trying to. Altogether conceptually that is. That about identity particularly. Identity. As. We look at it in the modern age -- Blood quantum you know what quantified issue is being an indigenous person. And how many generations. Do I have to Mary. As a native person I'm not native to lose my bloodline and no longer be relevant as an indigenous person. I think those are some really really hard in important issues within Indian Country. Goes right alongside the concepts and ideas of identity. Well I'm an and it isn't that that is one aspect but united Robert and I we we -- of we have a conversation about. Other. Other areas. And not just education but but religion and culture or cultural indoctrination. At what point does your identity. Com -- you know cease to exist as. You know as original I gas and wind it becomes so much. An amalgamation I mean I I worry less about the blood quantum issue. Because to me it's more -- cool you'll are not what your DNA you know -- than an and I think. The identity is not something that is that is defined by -- by blood and I think people who get obsessed with that. Forget that in order for us to maintain our level of autonomy in distinction. Then it -- there's there's another layer of of what you're gonna teach yourself what are you gonna retained what are you retain his partner Coulter witty and every team. As your day to day activity. And and I'm not just I'm burning tobacco in the morning. You know and and and planting corn and in the in the spring but I'm talking about those things as well. I think there's there's a hole I mean I I get concerned about. You know frankly even even along house that does a planting ceremony but doesn't plan it. Or or who got you when they do the strawberry ceremony they have to go to wegmans and by it in instead of using the over the while -- what we consider the first fruit so there's certain. This disconnect that we that we see you know we we talk about. How are none of our communities utilized that the clan system as they. As an organizational structure anymore. So we we lose the sense of family and then. Not just that the nuclear -- that we we we lose a sense -- extended family so there's a lot of that stuff. But you know certainly the blood quantum is a very very problem. Valid topic to talk about because it is being used as a way to extinguish us. Stroke. Come hey listen I am trying to -- the most up to earn enough money so I can have a full panel can choose from top -- For my next opening -- I -- appears to legitimately native as possible. -- -- that Newt it's going to be hot at three. And I and I wanna get some indigenous. Panel and underwear made special to you know Nike is making those penalty in sneakers -- and you know. While band has been making Pendleton because now for a little while. It look like you may have turned a couple of and that is the panels and speakers on site with the magic marker. On your. Here we are likely to think up ways to promote gambling on -- you know I tell you are. What you're drying out there white man looked like -- like like your. 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Thanks for coming back to let's talk made -- a phone line is open for -- 7168031520. Years let's talk native post and John McCain. And our IDs going back to Don did have got Robert Almonte immaculate studio and a great deal line Greg let's talk a little bit. I want you to you talk about your website how people can order or stuff. How we can get more -- two years. Your -- What's the easiest way for somebody to learn about -- deal other than listening to my field religiously. Yeah hold on I'm trying to grew authentic PP -- yeah. Greta what do you do whatever you don't know Google. What do native Americans because it'll fill in they're algorithms will Phillips of crazy stuff get it. The great deal about com GRE GG. And you can find me on FaceBook. You're confined. The last American Indian runner dot com. Actually got called out by another native blog. For being disrespectful to native women so are most of that that's pretty funny you were dancing you do being disrespectful and it it would. No no well what I wouldn't -- an update okay there's this rappers -- Gucci mane and Gucci -- There's this story about him in in court. And the judge asked him a question and he responded with which I might be. And and so we had this joke when I was an affair with bunch of other artists. From under the -- And one of them made a sign for me that's that big giant might be which is the answer to the question of are you really India and so we were just kind of -- and a popular culture and everything else. So that's this group of indigenous. It's like two or three indigenous women they have a web site. And they pulled this one image out of the hundreds of images about their last American -- on -- And decided to zero in on this image being problematic because. I'm disrespecting of women -- Sturm and everything else so I actually re posted in said that really pisses me off they spelled my name. I think you know I can't argue with them. Today that it -- a British Buick G issuers UG. Yeah -- that. At that. You know like they're not gonna take the time actually talked to me who -- -- -- then you know I'm not gonna try to argue some. Well I I've I would down that road to a month I was in the span of the trees suspense. Hunger strike. And my and I admit to comment I don't know by senator -- road -- the lead eroded the blazes that at some with the -- debt buyers cheeseburger. And and I -- up I think haters coming out there is that I would just respecting me amendment that I was though -- the woman haters so. As it and I just wanted to kill yourself by just think that it's wrong even. Even suggest that you're killing yourself I think we have enough -- -- suicide problem in our in our territories that. Just because the slow suicide that your purported to be a ball that doesn't mean that it's a suicide nonetheless that he threatened to kill yourself to prove a point. He's not a good and effective way to do that in and Amanda site I -- obvious though. -- you're not alone there I've been I've been down that road though I like they're buying a woman cheeseburger if you like -- -- it. Well as I said I would argue I have been as hot dog that you would put that it was like fail -- of McNabb and know that -- But it was like have you seen that in showed -- -- -- Lego like -- like a might have -- I have a daughter native and I'm work really hard to make sure she feels. Open and empowered as as a woman. As -- houses and indigenous woman. -- -- I would never I don't ever call a woman you comment and you don't man at their job they won't I won't call -- A dog I mean that's the color I -- uses if I'm gonna use that but that but -- -- -- anyway but no so. But again let's let me give back to to your -- some of your -- so if you go to Tom your website -- again say it again. Greg to deal dot com GRE GG. DE AL dot com I'm working on the site actually expanding it so looks bigger and better. Get a break it down to -- project -- that so many different projects. And the last American Indian on -- dot com there's a FaceBook page which just has to handle thank you type in the last American Indian on our -- come up well. I want you to do Greg and I want to do is frequently actually. You know I'm my my. FaceBook group page -- it has quite a few members and and a lot of people share this that the on their so. What I would suggest he is. By all means feel free to post a link to your to not only your web -- -- -- FaceBook page. But your YouTube web -- as well post with some pictures so you're contributing to the let's talk native. You know fifteen there. You know they don't just put the website without something to it and by all means. Regular base wants them on throw a post up there you know the thing is it cycles council quickly I I have a Fairmont post that I put on it so. Everything's gonna cycled back through so by all means once a month throw a throw a link up two year you know up to -- your sights are on your site or whatever also. So we stay engaged that way is while I'm at that time I look forward now now I'm gonna share it but. You know it's always I was like -- wonder what other people are posting stuff on it so it's not always -- bio means use -- my group pages well. I am I I can be sure that preceded that now I'm not so. Are both of your -- the American last American Indian honors the site is that one -- Link back to be able to purchase some of your -- worker are only a great deal dot com. Calm day -- -- Tumblr account there should be an about page on their that would have and -- contact page and you know you can get in touch with me anyway. I do have a list of thing. Well I think I just -- on them now so hopefully group calling back now. The other thing that I did was I've I've -- Posted the videos like when he did the that the call bell. Totally biased show in New York which is it's a cable show and it. And it's actually pretty good -- excellent back and look for look for the show again because I didn't I was familiar with -- until Greg. It told me about it I'm not an avid television watcher so I mean I'm pretty selective about when I watch him not because I'm. You know that finicky I just don't take the time it done to me when I went to new York and even when -- with what went to Phoenix. That I. -- check into hotel and I never turn the television and -- -- that I remember when that will be the first thing I would do I would walk into -- hotel and evaluate it way you know the quality of the television that was in there and and and then see what was on the immediate menu. And and now I don't even bother anymore and and and I know the missing some stuff there because you just stay relevant with what's it what's going on in it in the contemporary world and not because. You know we need to really know what's going on with Justin Bieber but but you know I think the balance it all out you guys say. How does that rate I'm Heidi how does this craziness that that is -- like beaver re up there. When you've got this lunatic out in. In Michigan. You know talking about hurting putting a fence around Detroit throwing all the Indians in there and throwing corner blankets over the fence I mean how how does that guy get -- -- -- that stuff. And that not near get nearly the the play that that some -- more on teenagers. William even the dark dynasty thing guy you know was huge you know and when that thinking around as the biggest story in the world and in this Carey says what he says and it was just a blip on the Internet wants and that's. Yeah I mean and and it's hard because that on one hand. I hate to. YouTube. Give some of that the craziness that much play but yet -- you have. Do because there's so much more in this crazy is that so irrelevant to anything else so when you have somebody say something outrageous like this. I come back to same Venus earlier. You don't know how prevalent this stuff is that when you see what what's transpired with. You know again with paper in and in Edmonton bill or. He would that would reform or or any of this stuff I mean. It just seems like some of these guys get away with saying this stuff. And and that trust me when you say something about you know what one congressman says something about. Uh oh woman's body shutting down if she gets rates if you want to pregnant that was all of that was like three weeks and then lose. But this guy can say this kind of stuff and an added that the crazy part was I saw an interview about this and they down played the native comment they actually who was more about interviewing. Interviewing him. About down. -- about calling downed Detroit. The interview people on the street is on the Detroit. And and so it was all about them insulting Detroit not insulting what. The hope they it was looking a part of the conversation. So -- and that's. That that was. It was absurd to me in -- and again I think. Although some of the absurdity is laughable. I and I think it's important that we do. Not shy away from laughing at -- the third but let's not pretend that's not real. While I mean here here here we were congressman. You know he's -- no laws and those those laws and policies affect directly affect us. And so you can tie education or two that you know what -- that that that was educated in the American educational systems learn to think that way about us. And -- -- making laws that bulls ultimately hurt us. Why and and I and you look at state by state so whether there they're federal officials are -- state officials -- -- look at what's happening in the state of Wisconsin. They're actually trying to lower the threshold. So teams can -- utilized the native mascots more. Everybody -- everything is going in the other direction except for in the state of Wisconsin in the state of Wisconsin they are trying to lower the bar. They they basically said. In order for. 48 a team to have -- native mascot. -- eighteen and pulled. They need to have you petition you know circulated they have to have a certain number of so. It's about numbers and frankly I came back to this team morneau went Obama weighed in on the whole Redskins name thing he recently said it filed a team. And a sizable number of people found that -- name offensive. I'd think about changing. Errors all look at that period of you the president he's so I think you -- wasn't on our side that was pitiful he basically said. If a number of enough people were offended. That it could be. You know that he think about it not that. On the face of it gets a bad name he should be changed or that the you know of this tonight -- -- should think about she indeed he does -- that they said. If I -- a team in the name was offended enough people. I would think about changing the -- pretty sad but we -- take a break we're gonna finish of the -- -- I think Greg telephone nobody these back and we'll pick up with him. And to wrap up the show. But welcome back after this is John McCain is the fact that if. From Buffalo, New York in the historic homeland of the senators let's talk native rides on the power of ESPN 1520s powerhouse signal up and down the East Coast of turtle island. Join the discussion on let's start -- -- -- your host John -- The entire world in March there watching each step on the runs and that's small bladder wounds after a moment. And waited with great anticipation. For that last stand and -- -- lands -- -- -- for. Sure they impossible become possible and today -- this guy. Pass at all. A message from the foundation for. It's the home of smoke and feels OJ smoking gas with five to -- 87 -- every Tuesday plus tax free savings every day on gas propane and diesel. OJ's has a wide variety of tax free tobacco products plus roll your own supplies -- papers smoke -- candles and special request products like -- close premium cigars and more blue jays smoking gas now with Seneca nation fishing licenses and accessories. Open every day for a toll at 2111 west perimeter road steamer on the beautiful Allegheny territory of the Seneca nation. Call 7163546435. For OJ smoking gas. When it comes to your favorite tobacco products and accessories your full service -- is the second do we Indian market on the tunnel -- syndicate territory. From filters little cigars and stuff to blunt wraps and roll hero product they have -- -- or they'll get it for you. Second we even as the latest good. The prices are low but the -- and NS servers are top of the line at second do we get Indian market on Bloomingdale's in the -- while the Seneca territory. Just six miles off 48 day left on -- -- look for the two authentic TP. Any 126 dvi. Let's talk native is generously supported and sponsored by big dog wholesale roster John enterprises native wholesale supply and Neville -- -- -- -- -- merchants association and the advertisers on this program. All right guys don't bag -- And I think I'm Greg Greg Greg Greg did you if your -- analysts. Here I'm not sure where -- buy new European upon us but -- I was taken -- -- I'll blame it on you is my -- pointing it you. They have the yes right do. You think they get better at this I mean it. As I was asked on -- -- weigh in here all of a sudden my. My data usage one month went from. Ten -- feel like 28. And and masses. But by using your band with that bothers you try -- -- -- and -- I don't know -- -- -- -- -- with a 500 dollar phone bill that month that the when I was real happy about that but that. What do you do I guess. I -- this one I've had yet I'm heading down the road for more of this not let. Him but he you'd do. I was that you are really I've -- I had did that talk with the -- and quite a bit when it was done in new York and I remember a few. It was a year ago you posted a picture. On FaceBook that had him com CD in a cafe with a laptop. And it was -- Department of Homeland Security photo. Somebody emailed it to him and they nobody would say where exactly how they got it but. There's a picture it with a frame you know and at the cardinal insecurity in its fight is Matt I would -- on the -- that was like really paranoid about there's cameras every place you haven't. This can't that a lot of places but you are and where you are New York you realize that there's cameras everywhere. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I'm cinema or on every corner of the buildings cameras -- -- as a man it was a bonus for blocks. Well I think Greg what you when your story comes out. I'm gonna wanna really I get you on the show in New York I -- of -- the Boston Bozeman now this isn't the this the magazine right this is -- the monthly magazine. Rat they have a magazine or weakness on this Sunday edition Sunday -- -- yeah that's that's. All I know. Circulation really I think I. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- So -- -- I think -- too and and it sounded like you know again the reporter who was who interviewed me. She she was very enthusiastic about about what you were doing it about what she thought the story was gonna do so. I look forward to that. I I'd like to you know after after comes out. Well I'll try to get to one on the show on Thursday morning you could call in and we talk about I wanna -- a book -- quote from the over the article and double pump up yeah -- show in March starts to take more shape by then. We can now pump up -- your show in DC because the -- that the world's becoming a smaller place and and do a lot of people they. That gold from new York and that that whole area down to DC and of course. You know I guess that there's forty other channels that are caring for the first voices -- his radio I I worked like heck to get this show out in to a lot of markets. But I mostly do it through the Internet the thing about doing the New York -- now is I'm gonna have instant access to millions of people and name Iowa I wanna use it for the people were doing good work but yourself. I think -- good man John am I am very happy -- two that you got that opportunity and and I think. Mr. -- source is on point for using you so congratulations of that -- I think that's I think that's really really also. -- -- I you know why do something else here that I know that she's not shies away from but I can also give. We give our good friend was still a plug. You know she's obviously huge fan of yours he's been he's helped me out tremendously she's gotten to know. Everybody is a part of the show including my friend here Robert. And -- she's. She got a chance -- to meet Ross John when we came to Washington and so. You know if you become a big part of what a lot of what we're doing and -- -- I and I think it's as a person in PR -- summit I'm gonna use on a weekly basis on when I do the show I don't. You know this show is different week -- -- kind of -- the show sometimes and I get it was the guys on the drive the united decide when not talk about. You know I have served you set up yeah it's like. It one day I text you at the other day methods are you still look good for doing that showed as we get is that we're gonna talk about that. Oh we have to have something that we gotta talk about. To hit. -- -- demo and that you're gonna have me on that we do like make sure and watch my top so that we can. As like our eight neglect and I've never really got homework which he's. -- you know about what size is making sure you know that my basis. He had afterwards as resistant -- what you're you what I have our -- -- -- -- conversational with that. You know and then you throw the other two guys in here at the easy birth -- to -- two -- so 88 have a meaningful conversation again this show is different because. This is that a show that is that is based on. Get people talking people can call in and be a part of the conversation. But I want you to be here. In meaningful conversation that hopefully continues the when it with the show that it to a New York is going to be a little bit more structured in this it's only an hour so I don't have as much luxury of time. So it's gonna have -- little more more organized. An and I do plan to set up you know with with Pacific -- and and and compartmentalize it a little bit -- little bit more structure than this what this is free form radio that's I want to do -- New York one's going to be in New York is going to be it also have a some of the same. Add that element always -- and we can be reading off the script to serve on that in -- masters at. It was a fight they are good that they indicated that -- you -- -- that but. I was the only person who wasn't reading a script and I did the the top down there at at the conference. Yeah out you have you know bush is that the that's also. That's something that only some people can really do you know and that it was a hard thing you know it's -- all that information in your head in I've actually written. You know auctions speaking engagement for and so topped the stay on point I actually do better just telling -- in my head just talk that's an idea. You look at people's faces that you eat you know when you're engaging somebody you know but I I've literally when I did the thing in Phoenix I didn't I had like. Four pieces of paper a little like the notebook paper -- and at the hotel that role like. One word sentences like every -- and then I got an idea all the followed the first one I didn't even turn the page to. I know I was gonna say until I got there was it your first line the -- he said it. Well there's my regular I was sitting there were there Robert Norwood who is -- You know a pretty good speakers all right because he's the pastor and he does all that in Canada that he's preached year right and a good way -- nothing in that way. But advertise sitting at a table and I told -- some of the those -- the way it is my hope they'll sell us stuff because that's when I was gonna say at that all of the ideas of after you anyway how does appear as they -- that I just got up with the -- As the as the government notes. I thought it was a nice guy turns out he wasn't and I. It was a good that I had you know I engage those folks pretty good I was I was please do it I look forward to doing those kinds of things again because I think I bring in. Another. I I should I think the characteristics of a of a meeting like that because IE I bring in things that people. -- and are prepared to say necessary publicly. And and what I think that I talked about talked about this not only with Liz but some other folks you know my my good for -- dollar -- I -- I think we've got to a place. And where there are certain people and I and I can't count you among the people. That normally would not have been in these conversations. But I think that the sand box has been played in so much by the Harvard and Yale guys. That. That they need guys like -- that'll break down the walls a little bit because. They're there almost confined by their own rhetoric and in when you get us out they're a little farther out there they're not -- Kamal there's as far as I mean you don't get these guys out there's -- John McCain. But he gives them some place outside their box and outside there. -- their own restraints. But they don't go as far as I do and and and gives him more room you know from the -- from -- from prefer the guys that are in academia and I think you do the same thing for those people. Yeah I mean I've maintained that there is I change afoot in Indian Country that you know. Does that assert there. Their power and authority through their jobs through your education and thinks. Don't matter as much as people who are not just willing to stand up and each. And speak truth. But that are also willing to. They're also willing to. Stand as you know. A beacon of truth and and that that's becoming more more prominent just like it was you know and -- civil rights movement that did not about education it's about what you're saying and and we are saying to at least an -- Wife -- and besides you have to do that that's the thing. You know I think there's there's ways of leading up front in their ways of leading from behind and ways of advancing your -- same time. I'm not afraid to you know to you know to draw a little bit of a have a little bit of attention put a put to me. -- knowing that downside of that I mean. A lot of people are willing to get you know get the lavish attention I'm not afraid to get some of the negative attention you've got to take that risk and and you got to take the risk that you're gonna say something. That may not be popular. Well but it's thoughtful enough that that somebody needs to hear it and then may be changes. What it gets brought into the current lexicon and and I think that's that's what I think guys that you and I are doing in. That's what these shows about that's what I think he opens and is done. Ally and that's what I'm gonna continue to do. While I'm you know while hold the Mike. All right Greg will face -- apple will talk as you as this he's about those in the Washington Post magazine. Will Los -- up for -- join me in New York and Elizabeth the be a part of that is well thanks for thanks for joining me it's it's always great to -- yet. Thanks for having -- I'm always really have to be here talking all right. Again I'm Matt Roberts thanks for Joyner Robert good to have you back -- -- that we I was utterly. It's great Evian and in the studio though so they -- covenant. This is John game -- let's -- will be back next week. Southern Illinois. Yeah. Thanks for listening to let's talk they do join John McCain each week here on ESPN fifteen money. Go to -- let's talk native -- John McCain FaceBook group. And offer comments and suggestions on issues discussed or those you'd like addressed. John -- we back Sunday night at nine. Buffalo's home and number one brand in world wide sports EST yeah fifteen. 20 AM WW KD buffalo on ESPN 1520.

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