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Let's Talk Native 01/26/14 Hour 1

Jan 27, 2014|

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Following his paid programming opinions expressed are not necessarily those of this radio station -- advertisers or sponsors from the western door to the eastern -- and beyond welcome to let's talk native with John McCain. John addresses the issues of native people their communities and struggled to maintain distinction and a autonomy. Call 71680315. -- wanted to join the discussion now here's your host John McCain. They're -- welcome let's talk -- justice John McCain and not got a couple of good friends in the studio government -- as usual in the studio and I've got. I've got Robert Del Monte who hasn't been -- in awhile but was a -- but he he got himself married. And and that actually try to start of this is the same time over the evening it was a little bit -- it's wherever the verdict is the arteries of the faithful -- I get a chance to have a conversation with the once a week even if it's not on there are so. Again I welcome both men Robert Jordan in the studio. I will have got great -- gonna join us probably at the bottom of the hour. And -- it is to catch up with. Somewhat. The last American -- on -- is doing and we're gonna -- let's get a little time talking about the you know not just Greg were when he of them but I a couple of revoked the some as a I'm doing because there's been a lot happening. It's official card yeah I it's official again I can I talk about it now. I've been I've I've gotten designated or named or whoever gonna put it as he tapped as the host for first voices indigenous radio. In New York City now I've had the honor and the privilege of guest hosting for TO ghost and ghost horse eyes wells being a -- of his son on several occasions. And I and I knew that that that jokes and was considering. Taking a break from. From from radio and he's. -- he's been offered. Did to go -- to battle mountain I think he's been teaching he's got a couple of projects to work -- including some. Some projects with children. Combating. Suicide in some of the other problems played a lot of in the country in and -- of the pretty. Dedicated and committed in in BZ gentleman himself. He's been doing the show for a long time. First voice and ended his radio is over twenty years old. He has been radio himself or over twenty years he's been a host for first voices four I think fifteen of those years for something along those lines. So you know he obviously did it deserves a break a summary does. And that's that this is what do you know what he's been working towards. He didn't want to -- and it's it's too valuable not only as they. As a show for. But that's it for -- country but even to the station WBA guy. -- which is it Pacifica station. It's a station that is then com a social. Issues station since its its its its you know its formation. Pacifica was not the name is that -- -- with the Pacific Ocean as to a piece there with those kind of born out of Vietnam War movement of some of that stuff. But WBA I was was one of those signature stations that that champion now the anti war movement but the civil rights movement. If it landed you know people like. Bob Dylan and abbey Hoffman and these guys would make their way so to WBA I has this has a strong presence and of course the New York City that that he doesn't want station. In New York City. -- and the effort now would visit the new program director who is more from W. NYC. -- who will plan to try to return WBA -- to its former glory to some extent. And it understands the value of offers voices into his radio as as a component that -- So when we jokes and gave me a call and ask me about filling in about basically taking the torch. And and carrying. First was it to his radio v.s for year. I was I was thrilled to death of an obvious I was honored to be asked. And then I caught up with with Bob -- who loses again and pro program director. We had a great conversation and we had a series of conversations and and I was surprised. How old. How much our views on on everything from. You know global economy to environmental issues to you know not just engages -- -- we wind up on so many things are so I think the -- of that I'm gonna have with a program director there's going to be pretty strong. Not joke is and is still going to be the executive producer of the show. He's just not going to be that we we host. He will join me from time to time throughout the year. He will probably call in not only is as -- earth attitude it was it's a -- -- -- -- -- But he may yet take it to your show. A timer to during the interview during a sabbatical. If it ever occasion I can't make duties -- -- step up and we're gonna do some stuff together I mean not. And in -- hill who's who. Is somebody who's been working -- my publicist. For the last you know 63 months and he obviously essentially. She's gonna step up and be an assistant producer for the show. In New York now to -- New York to build different than this one this one is the show here let's talk native. Is really a big part of just having a conversation trying to get people that are on -- going to be studio here we've got the you know you know six Mike's. Yet but that. And -- and some astounding. And it is on. There's one the other route to the other rooms though. So we we can we can host the and that's what this show is about that's why the two hour show so -- we can you really kind of almost being -- point if we have we feel like it's necessary to do that. The show in New York the first poison to his radio is not going to be at it as holding -- -- centric is additional ways. It's going to be more broadly. Dealing with indigenous issues not just native. Issues to. Of too well first of first nations and in Canada or native territories in on the blow imaginary line. But -- with -- indigenous issues in general not just. You know -- movement including you know like South America Hawaii and and New Zealand Australia Africa -- try to address indigenous issues and in a bigger context. Of course. I'm I Mohawk and I live at Seneca territory. And were broadcasting out of New York City. So we're going -- we're gonna hit issues related to state and we're gonna heat issues related to the federal government. But we're we're not gonna shy away from. Again from the international issues the other thing is that is obvious about doing a show in New York is that. Is that the UN is in New York. So that we anticipate this year is going to be a bit of a big issue for indigenous issues. Kept hitting the stage at the UN as well now I'm not one of those guys who is is a big fan of now or hold out a great deal hope. On what the UN is gonna do for native people. Or for engages people. But I do respect for the platform that is and and I've taken my opportunity to speak at the UN and I will continue to take -- you get the UN. And -- school who I think needs to be scolded -- advance what I think needs to be advance. I'll point out to the issues that are he'd -- -- and perhaps not widely talked about and of course on -- -- always push on the doctor in the -- discovery. I'm going to and upon that at the UN and upon that and on the Airways and in New York City. And even as I'm talking to to -- in these issues worldwide. This is a relevant topics though. There's there's -- there's a lot of things that the -- you've heard on this show that will make it on the air and in New York City not yet indicated consider about first voices is that it's also. Our rebroadcast on and on and forty other stations you know in in in like fifteen other states. In it in and in Alberta in on the Canadian side. I'm still talking to some folks who who have been interest in caring to show. And I've I've all the flat relative if doing a two hour show on another news station is is a bit of a tour. And if you're not currently carrying offers voice it is Israel pick up first voices industry it was a one hour program. And it may be a little bit more broad based so Soledad I'm gonna both the continue to promote this show but as a as well I'm gonna promote the first was in his radio. Yeah into new markets as well. And and of course -- All of the the audio will be posted on my FaceBook group page let's -- native FaceBook group page. I will posted on my blog. I don't I will continue to promote the first voice it is radio web site. Well -- jokes and we'll we'll continue to participate on on the side as while so. Anybody who really enjoyed jokes and show. Should not be disappointed you focus -- -- said to still be involved in the program. But I will be how I'll be the host and I think I bring something to the table I I think I might sound in and my style -- is a little different the -- since. But I think I don't think it is going to be this point I think I think that we -- and and don't move the bill bill listen to me knowing that it's. That is about god forever the united jokes and posted a great picture of him walking down the road. And ivory posted on my FaceBook group page -- the it is a really good picture in a joke that is a bit of a striking guy cavities that he's that he's a big tall guy long hair you know real striking native features. He's much better looking -- I am. I picture a closing theme from now. He's talking about his voting I've -- -- -- road and he's got a wide arms we spent the he's walking on the road almost. It -- with the impression that he's you know you know better India hope all talked about what billboard cat. Now we talked about oh how can you kind of feels that way with it that the goals are -- stated that -- the -- the -- That that word comes from this idea of walking and spewing away with the with the whiskers that's the cat does. While that's that's what I saw this picture of -- and as you -- in his arms spread -- cities want anything so it in his back is these so I -- to look at the photo it's a great photo. And he's walking under -- beginners there's deal -- going on the road he's been on the road and and -- and he's giving me the opportunity to again seated for a while -- while he's been a project so. Again I wanna thank you joked -- wanting Robert had only for. For welcoming his show I want to New York this past week it and we did the announcement from first voices -- -- history of from the the WBA I studios which are currently housed over. City College. In New York. Com and I'm gonna -- this is something I'm gonna try to do every week and make the trip to New York I start in February of next week this coming Thursday. Again I encourage you you haven't -- jokes and it's your last chance to hear him this year why check them out Thursday morning and you go to WB I dot org. And just go to the all of the tested you know the -- alive. All the shows -- archives so you -- listen to them either on the WBAI site I'll have all that information class enrollment FaceBook group page scandal from idea. My my blog. I was telling Robert you help me design my my business cards though last year so. And I'm almost out of the saga redo them and have for what it is Israel one side and let's not even notice that the so. This ticket is the arena and again I I I say it was a little bit of trepidation about. I'm bound to going to be doing two hours a week here in buffalo and I'm going to be doing one hour a week out of New York City in and all points beyond words words broadcast from. So I'm I'm really sad about this. I'm also I mean it's this incredibly good -- I mean I I got a -- -- -- -- Phoenix and I talked about that last week and that was. That was a great opportunity I think I. I left a good impression with with a lot of people down there. Spoke at the user Arizona state university at the senator O'Connor. Law school and so that was that was great opportunity. And then this week I'm I'm to me on national federation for just communities is -- is giving me an award for media -- -- as a sole evidence that this is. I don't I'm not expecting every month to be like January you know you're speaking engagement -- in new yen to our radio -- -- those third two posting jobs than. And -- in Kabul but I'll take you know awards so I mean. Take it and again. These and most of what I do was not paid -- it's it's about trying to get enough support to continue to do what I do. So when you get the kind of recognition from you on the crazy part is. There are some places out there. You know and I won't mention any specific radio stations -- who owns them who think I'm still -- two I'm too controversial further further stated that yet. You know I'm I'm. Not too controversial for for preferred. ESPN's Sports Radio WW TB. I'm not too controversial for the forty stations that'll be on including WBA I in New York. And I'm not too controversial for our organization that is basically a church based organization of Christians and Jews doers. Churches that are faith that a come together to form this national federation of just communities. I'm not too controversial -- that but. You know so it's nice to get it's -- to get the get the recognition and and made the announcement that that the work I do. Is viewed favorably. We cannot yeah I don't necessarily do with this to be viewed favorably I doing this to and I say it all the time. To promote conversation. I want a conversation he had on some of these issues that are ever talked about and so. Without having. Access to the mainstream media which I'm obviously getting -- more you know not just. You know doing the show now doing -- -- New York but. Yeah you know I've got -- and Susan are better on Albany who basically with a phone call like go out -- under the cap. Oppressed or whether there really is no one -- doing your style radio. You know providing and your voice out there in any sort of mainstream capacity. And there there are plenty of good native thinkers out there. There aren't so many good native speaker that's right and and I think. When I when I talked to certain people when I've done it whether it's two sides here -- awful lower on. Until two or whether I've done this is an arbiter show. You know one of the things that they could if they were pleased with that again actually have some initial would actually have a conversation with the -- one word answers when asked the question you know so. And and you know that's what they're looking for the look at the -- can do TV your -- decent and these these are radio. You're not anyone -- that you made I could be shot up as an earlier problem. I think you're expecting a look -- A bit getting an -- round yeah well. Of I may I can't even a dual double those from -- -- nervous then. But and also this I think. You know again it. And in the reason to do this show in particular is. I want a -- you're known as open -- here I want more people to disarm I'm not trying to be the only voice in radio. I'm I'm just trying to be. To help established platforms for native issues. I'm willing to talk body the animal and tackle NBC you facilitated some pretty good conversations sort of -- -- -- and and not just here I mean and it this has been a place to launch them from him and I know him right with the right to to a times I have more people stop and talk to me. -- problem Obama articles. Then then about the the radio shows in the in the and I've only been an effort was five months now. But there they get out there at their on the Internet. Men in fact. I just Lucille had noted in and I don't check the that -- the good news from Indian Country. Might my good friend and some I feel comfortable on my good friend -- domain produces a a month -- print publication but also does something weekly. As. Webcast but also. Internet. Publications called -- of any country and he actually. To the articles that are written about the there was -- code talkers who. Were kind of exploited the Redskins game he took an article in -- today in in the December issue of a -- period -- country. My good friend Brendan -- also brief post my. Almighty all of my my columns. I've had. The University of Arizona. They've actually taken a couple of my columns and and I know -- -- at least two but it may be more than economic I don't follow that closely and they've they've include so my columns in the indigenous governance that database that they use that at the receiver I got so Arizona between Arizona State University universe ever Arizona I'm getting some good play with with some of those folks down -- so. And and again. You don't necessarily have to agree with everything that I'm saying these things but but it -- the conversation that's what I brought to Phoenix. And and and that's why I'm bring into it to New York City and then in the forty other stations that the -- for which it is -- Some pretty sad about that the -- or take a break here and noble welcome back Greg you'll be joining us after the next segment. I hope. He he he had to bail me last week of the got a little bit sick and I understand how that goes because if you can't speak you makes for terrible radio. -- -- are they Greg I've got Robert nobody is there a government knows that it has -- gain in this is what's our native who respect. Iroquois -- to -- was a proud sponsor of let's talk -- with John -- -- to visit your poison gas and -- but on the Allegheny territory of the Seneca nation on the corner center and broad streets in this city of Salamanca. You're -- gassing goes sells discounted tobacco products and convenience items can provide full service gas. For a quick -- from the southern tier stuff that iroquois gas and -- open from 6 AM till 10 PM every day. 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And the excellent quality you expect from the -- but he incorporation. The -- oblivion express since we've also reached a fitness room he indoor pool spot and more. Called them today 7169457600. And stay Smart with Holiday Inn express and sweets. From Buffalo, New York in the historic homeland of the senator. Let's talk negative rides on the power BS CM 1520 powerhouse signals up and down the East Coast of turtle island. Join the discussion on let's start -- do with your host John -- All right let's go back -- John McCain Tom. Look at Florio. Get back into the media -- like they -- chance but to make an announcement anyway. My good friend John Williams got a hold me this week and he wanted me to. Dimension. Any event that's coming up for next Saturday I've actually got the flyer to this posted on my peaceful group agent. And I'll mention that a couple times this show but by all means if you wanna keep up. I'm not just while I'm doing but believe that issues that I tried to. Promote dom you bio means you've got to you've got to sign up as a as a as a member of my group page I got almost 4000 people on their but. Let's keep growing and out. And then you'll you'll see stuff post on there that you can share in you can you know put on your own pages you share and other native. It's -- it's all going to be native stuff I mean it's all going to be. Let's talk native styles style of information and and it and you know also I virtual visit to join a group page. Look for -- the stuff that I post. And not that I post that he anybody can post information on there I can't guarantee everything -- on there's gonna stay there if I think there's something inappropriate and a big drop. But I'm not. And it I'm not editorialize -- or censoring stuff I'm just think that is if it's not get it if it's not a pop. And be positive few good happy stuff I mean I'm just think if it doesn't contribute to a conversation that I think. Is meaningful and necessary then I will take monkeys -- discretion on both days but but but anybody can post something. Yeah and that the likelihood is that it'll stay that -- But this is both and this is -- again Don Williams the part of the the apiece givers and they got a piece here is gathering happening. I think for native vendors and it's a big sale day it's at the Niagara frontier American legion post 1041. At 533 -- street buffalo. It's February 1. It starts at eleven a camera at the 5 PM it's tea a pine key contest that's going on there and they want the entries in their -- one. 1 PM they want to bring to. If I can make it their make sure the brink three. For the entry. -- arcades they're really -- be that we Chinese auction at 55 the the regular prices that we other live auctions that there's going to be vendors and Robert you're gonna be one of the. Yeah ourselves a great event itself and and Robert what he represented -- -- -- -- my brake businesses -- to score award works. I didn't do all kinds of things out of wood. And now that'll be your first craft show the seasons or report that would you not just Morgan would now you're you're actually can do some. The -- -- I -- family to sell you know I had the typical woodworking shop when tables bands as a such as profiles that rose as. And I recently. Invested in a laser on graver so now I -- and engraved. And -- dark relics and do trophies sign image and all sorts of cool things -- but you're set I'm gonna work on you doing something for. Let's -- native actually in. Now now that I'm the host for for poisoning his radio. Well that's a lot more words but it might take a laser video that at. But but again if he's givers gathering Lou without moving too much focus here is again it's ever first Saturday. It's basically an all day it's 11 AM to the 5 PM. And I incurred fuel and colleague now to participate but destined to go in look who will look at what they've got there. They fund raise and the reason they fund raise and -- community projects they and do we singing and dancing said that the just always figures will be there. They'll be need to be worked in scope of smokers and all of those it's that it's totally open -- the public. Everyone's welcome. And if David wants more information on the event or on this -- idea. On the benders. And the debate on death. Give a call 716. 9497755. Again -- -- on encounters that are there were first and 11 AM by -- Peacekeepers. Again I -- match a little bit and on Wednesday. I am going to this luncheon that's the honoring a bunch Cleveland in in Western New York so the via national federation for just communities is that they they have a whole. A number of off topic that they bomb that they try to give recognition for people for leadership and in Western -- And and I got chosen to be is they only -- one hopper for media and and I was it for the here so I was I was -- obviously pleased and honored to be to be honored. They actually even -- they indeed. Beauty an article line it's particular I don't read all the publications in Western Europe every every week. I do get the our voice and buffalo spree in some of these others. But the business first. Tom Ross to denigrate our when businessperson I'd I've riposte to my. My group page and then -- and again could threaten Liz -- filled out of these species this growing energy finds a businessperson. Had actually done it. An article. Talking about that you were there giving me and and I I look the same thing and they specifically named me in this article not every the other awards. He -- -- -- that and then I got they. The caller of the email from. The national federation. Let me know that they'd done this through so again I -- -- grateful for the folks that that put me up for the so this award and and this it's well deserved John -- you're you do agree job I'll be there -- -- editor. Obviously an audience through the -- It's a good thing on and I appreciate that I've known max's. While Michael marked as part of I think he's the one -- put them up to it if there at the other guys have a table there's so it will warm weather so again look forward to that and to that and I know some -- friends that -- the plant would and so that's that's going to be a a fun deal and and of course. It was nice to go call the folks saw a lot over at the at the at this organization and say look I've got some other news and and it got to drop the -- -- would with the whole thing with with new York and so just the idea that I've got you I think back. Two years ago on buffalo spree did a profile on on my show. And the our -- -- one and they've they've -- like within a month of each other. And I'm thinking that was two years ago and the -- just transpired since then I'm in my fourth year doing the show now. I've gotten a lot more media attention. On you know again and how often that I'm I'm on with -- in -- -- Two sides how often I I I do a Martha bass or show I want the month in Minneapolis Saint Paul. Laura with -- without Waterman I'd do her show you know every couple months. Obvious TII was a fairly frequent guest on first -- to do just radio. And now I'm going to be easy though so. Lots -- lots transpired that the the weekly column that you -- times so. You know I'm getting I'm I'm getting out of Fairmont a play on the least the commentary that a law offering up and again. The beauty. Of this show and an interview -- desserts and in New York is New York I will I -- politely. Tried to have a fairly high profile. Guests on at least one guest each week. And that was our high profile there will be people that I regard -- a highly even nobody else but -- Ever ever released. But but here sometimes it's just about median and into my friends you guys and others coming in to have a conversation because. When I first. Got into doing this the show. Part of it was based on how often and in that you've heard you for Paul dollar loan and others say an all time we've had some great conversations and other people -- here. -- -- I still think there's funny people who don't here's the show that should. You know -- people who. Are beneficiaries of the of the issues that advanced including our issues with the stayed in with the federal government and I think -- -- more people who. Rely on our sovereignty. As not only as a as the -- livelihood but in in job. In in providing jobs so people. I think they would -- to learn something I've had two great guests on the show up and and not just native guesstimate but some great native guest but he can. I've had some of the people who -- view -- our adversaries iPad. Dennis bako who was the former state attorney general who now is look it is a defense attorney defending some native people but. It's you know I've had I've had some great George easier if George -- easier to. Who'll -- I think I'd be you know Matt thank you you -- I went Albany that what time we got George to write a couple letters to the Thomas Maddux who was the commissioner. For their state taxation finance saying look. As a as a senior New York State senator. I don't agree that -- the state should have been be interfering with the definitive -- and at any flat I'll set it that way I'm and I. I work for this -- an end and drafting a letter and and he not only put his pen to a but we actually got Tim Kennedy who was also you know he's an up and -- -- here in Western New York he he makes a lot of news from -- and seems to be on the right side of many issues he was on the same -- George Mason -- this issue. George followed up a year later because he never got -- an adequate response back from automatics for the the debt -- department -- Asian finance. But George is also the other chairman of the New York State. State native relations. A community. And you know so -- not much from that. No they they haven't done much and and I think if it's then. That's left a little bit of awkwardness now. But but it's still there and and I keep our press -- from time to time and and I of course I don't pull any punches and I don't the fact the last time they had what was a roundtable discussion I thought it was I thought it was terrible at that it was weak at that I. I think it avoided. Pertinent issues to turn out to be a bit of a dog and pony show for a for a whole bird and what he was selling out in terms of the united stews and your fate. Site I've I was his point and I and I expressed my disappointment. I will say nymex that I haven't talked to Georges or at least admitted leverage out -- again but you know Jorge de grace is up to it to be on the show. He's called clinical advisory independent studio and then nine I do need to give back in he he's a big player in in Western New York outside yet. TV -- that we're still battling New York State on a lot of taxation issues. Very fuel or very little of it happens through Western New York most of it happens up in and your more doctor pepper and and it -- are kind of out of you would Georgia's watchful eye and I'm not saint -- that is the guy who makes or breaks the the decisions on on these things. But he's influenced some. I think in Western New York has is really kept. Both state and federal prosecutors off our backs in terms of trying to a sort of law that they should apply to us unfortunately you still have some overzealous and look at the the debacle with the -- with the three -- -- casino. You you had you know state and federal authorities going in. Charging the guys from than men's council of the long south -- there. And then fallen flat on their on their faces. A in in a federal trial that lasted weeks and you can how much money. Was wasted you know it's kind of like you know it is the stuff that's still pending. Relating to the the sting operation at the ATF tried to do. On this. Oklahoma City -- Kansas City, Missouri. For all of the millions of dollars an -- talk about the -- a couple weeks especially because it was a that was actually inspector general report showed. Just the lack a vote accountability at the -- -- has done what they call the turning type of investigations. But it is big sting operation millions and millions of dollars of what the product I mean we're just I don't. Dollars not paper we're talking about tangible goods the Marlboro cigarettes Newport cigarettes. And for all all of that. And the object of their affection when it was our businesses given guiding -- needed people. Tara sundown on -- Wanda was operating the territories to communities. What -- -- private enterprise. And then will Perry was essentially the trucking agent offers you know for the product. -- and ultimately people that -- got -- out of their -- -- -- realistic so they have thrown all of this money they -- got a bunch of other people you know some of the truckers some of the people involved in in the thing. But. You want to come in with -- with you know toting automatic weapons and you know in ski mask and a lot of stuff so this the kind of stuff that that continues to rage on and indeed show. Is -- wanted to -- platforms that the for anybody hear about this and I know people say like -- thought by the people can you talk about it to me as long as. The agents of oppression are still most of befall their people on the keep talking about it and and you know people wanna hear about it it's not because they every -- little. I mean nobody likes this this happening and I and I never had anybody call on the shows the pop up to the ATF for -- I think people. By and large agree with a son position on. On our sovereignty in and our rights to conduct commerce and and an especially when it comes to the native to native -- -- -- this sting operation. Wasn't necessarily although they did try to. They they -- it -- -- by using some sort of need of operative. In Oklahoma if I recall. The also because some people here would rather deal native that if rate so even if so wasn't just the -- a guy's throwing up with a truckload of cigarettes any -- -- -- They tried to create an Arab -- definitive for regional thing but. And let other government or went to a break here in the back I'm I am anticipating that great -- should be doing this at some point. So while will will come back with a great view of the part of the show as well. And if you haven't heard our remember called Greg's been a frequent -- -- effect I -- all of the month. He's got some good projects they were -- -- agua Hume and now we come back the start games -- knocked it over back. Let's talk native -- John King is produced every week in association with iroquois promotions. You're a boy promotions is a native company located on the catalog is territory of the Seneca nation. You're a boy promotions brings a combined fifteen years of emotional experience in professional and amateur sporting events and entertainment. Here boy promotions provides prominent native speakers for lectures cultural event -- media and educational institutions. Pass defense include professional boxing fantasy football events tournaments at -- showcase and more. 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Here's what's on native post John McCain. -- Our I think it's going to be happy sad cases that site -- of field but you Robert. Looked thought a -- of -- to business first off you're you're just where would work you're located on the to score discrimination. And and you do a lot of EU bend and a lot of the events. I do artistic things that I do a lot of craft are related things make a Lotta ornaments and a plaques and -- I do some commissioned work as well and I do the finals sign -- I do though the local craft show circuit here now Western New York evidently. Traveled outside of this area but at least get -- -- assessment at some point even over to grand river and maybe in July for their power while. Indian and you can purchase your stuff online yet to score would work start come on you can glory to that to our website it's been revamped its gonna fall shopping turn on it now. Task for what works or FaceBook to eat it like my page and I usually put my new stuff there before it's the web sites you're here. I don't -- it was again my good friend a great deal Greg are you with us yet. Yeah I'm here all right Greg for some reason you're not showing up on my monitor yours though. I didn't know that you were and you know you're here -- -- set and again -- it's good to have you on the show Greg -- just does -- out of a matter introduction you are. A permanent -- you to. You live in the DC area you'll are. Rapidly becoming a a fairly recognizable. Player in the our community as far as I'm concerned and and is from Vermont from everything I've seen. You you've obviously done. In a bunch of the television and radio appearances not just on my show but. I know you got he got pulled into the into the Washington. NFL football team mascot issue a few times. I saw you on. The totally biased. Program out of New York. Couple months ago where you did a great -- so. You're not only. Are a -- a -- a pretty good presence as an artist and the balls. You graphic and a painter. But he does some of your performance art. And your -- and you've you've crossed that line had acted as a pretty strongly as far as I'm concerned. Yeah I'm kind of a big deal. Well you are other big deal and literally you are you are a fairly large man. And you are a deal -- -- -- -- -- technically you are a big deal. Yeah I -- like you and I haven't -- in the new deal yeah. Ongoing. But did the discount card section to the deals deals deals deals. Deal with that they don't yet -- a has got to buy YouTube is tiger white nights ago in new meaningless and it could -- Got -- Yeah. -- -- the ball and she's a good guy blood he's got -- she's with you because let's face the -- yours said that humor is one that requires. That's a pretty good level of tolerance that they do as well. -- an it would funny particularly and dormant for a long time and and I used to teller that I was funny for a long time and she would -- I would actually like one reverse superlatives that she was class clown. And this is like now you're not funny funny. Years and I wish and it worked at the national museum of American Indians here in Washington DC -- that in our -- year. And most of the -- native women know what to people I work with were native women in just you try to be real quick. Real fast. With a good strong -- warm and about a week into it she's like oh my gosh really like -- and tell you as. I've been lying dormant. I think -- And I figured I I've you know I've heard some of your. Your interviews and I and I thought at that you've done very very well and and there easy for some people talk about because some people can are really comfortable talking about them. Only on the face value of them and in the native mascot issue is you and I can -- view on this thing. -- I don't like stop just talking about inappropriate word it to me it's in such need a bigger deeper issue than that and I know everything from. In fact imagine the first and in the opening segment that the the column that I wrote about the the code talkers being exploited at the Redskins game. I just thought that was so inappropriate and and you know I got enough play that that that article -- now Lee on censor news on my blog at and the two replies but. News from Indian Country Iran and and I know he got a lot of play. Because. And I heard the -- you've addressed the issue is well and you don't let it just simply sit there as yet the Washington football team has a bad name. Well I look give -- name calling in and just you know schoolyard bullying was the only problem indigenous people have. Where it what you know American culture I think we'd all be sitting in different ways and having a different kind of discussion is to really just not that simple. A pregnant it was probably have we -- and worry about it but but to me it's emblematic of everything else and that's why is that it's a if -- valid issue. But it's not a valid issue if you don't -- -- and I again frankly. What I've heard that when the Oneida nation now is a unit -- -- harbors stepped into this mix. And almost began to try to you know by you into this discussion. He's. I've got to let's be honest here each -- it into a discussion of romantic nationalism. Because that's what he's talking about we just want to be considered. Americans in action and that is just a romantic. Nationalist point of view which is completely contrary to most conscious indigenous people. Who are politically and socially aware not -- of their standing by in that are tribal rights and privileges. Well with -- autonomy distinction think he was saying. That -- where he was complain about the we were being singled out in a way that was un American rather than saying we're being singled out in a way. That it is again emblematic of a bad policies that are you know several hundred years old I mean that's what he was missing until when he did that. I just thought it became distracted you and I have talked about other people that are that are brought other ridiculous notions into this into this debate they have no place. In it in I mean what I think about. If you if you concentrate on this on the Washington football team. The and you didn't. Have the ability to cross over. When you had all of those teams in in the month of November who were citing the trail of tears. As as an appropriate way to to get that playing a team that was the of them but that four some sort of -- of local -- so. You you could -- you missed that whole point because it is about it is about education is about what's socially acceptable it's not just about he word. Right right and that you know. Eight it is it is more complicated because. Or I mean -- who. Didn't spoke on it spoke honest -- -- things about how everything's connected. And everything is connected. I'm I just quoted in the book on yeah I talked to 32. The -- let it. But it's true and it -- you know and and this issue. You know as a standalone is silly. But it's connected to relieve the way the people viewed native people the way people treat native people. Which overflows and sovereignty and right and then they can go into individual rights and that goes into like Indian child welfare act and so. Everything -- connect my and then the. Bottom line is it it it it. Clearly leads into. Into what some people regarded as -- morally no more dormant -- word. Racism and -- and it's clearly there and and your whole the whole piece that you do on. The last American Indian on earth. You know just the feedback and end the the interplay that you get on some of these things it's been incredible. You know as as I've watched. You continue on with -- project I'm just I'm just blown away sometimes out on the specifically shocked earned an outraged. It's just amazing to me how consistently. Bad the theater actions you have bar. You know I think it's really tough -- -- at the part of this woman about this. -- About project and she kind of knew a little bit about it as she's you know follows me -- FaceBook but doesn't wasn't really into NG she's been on. Native woman and and she was having a hard time understanding. Aspects of this and became really clear when I told her that an experience I had. Where I was at a party in order for something specific challenges going. And party address in address. And she got really excited that I should have you overboard in my party and and sell it displays everything. Well you know -- alien who was her birthday clown and I continue to below the opinion -- -- Our bits that you -- And explain to her you know like. There is that what I'm actually doing is I'm actually game. Immersing myself in in racism essentially elect first started doing -- it was it was extremely. Difficult. But I've kind of gotten into an inoperable group that I can. Poke fun and and let it be what it is without me actually. Sort of suffering and it is and you're you know this constant barrage of races. But that but that's exactly what -- -- that's what ultimately ends up happening. I mean everything from security guards and police -- You know during an army simply because of contrast. To you know people making comments to me. An and when I have the opportunity I like to turn it around -- them you know. But yeah I did you got teased animal mall assists. That it has -- regardless of that and it chased out of them I got banned for life. -- He's got to look up I don't got bad that you via you you can't ever go back to them all and then that the system is that we get your. Get bigger break your -- little -- a great Rebecca without argument is over mortgages. It you know you've got some good things happening coming down the pike obviously I've had some great news have been sharing and in the first hour but the and have a pre summit together a little bit and now we'll talk about -- -- -- this guy gave his let but native. You'll be glad you took the time to stop and say that the your quick smoke shop on the counter -- territory of the Seneca nation right -- -- Wanda -- -- for 38. The -- -- smoke shop is a full service convenience store and gas station providing discount tobacco products gas diesel and propane. To convenience stores open from 6 AM to 10 PM daily but the gas pumps and pump house are open 24 hours seven days a week. Peter quick smoke shop how to support the let's talk native with John King show on KV 1520. Size does matter the policing their tobacco accessory shop proves it with the largest selection of unique to. -- items and hand blown glass pieces in Western New York. From last two wood to metal they got all the finest pipes as well as who gets. Tapestries wild very incense sticks nag -- sense -- incense candles and so much more didn't he get the naughty side of the police -- bear with great bachelorette party gift some more. The policing their tobacco accessory shop in the building formerly known as -- racing. Behind the red smoke shop on Bloomingdale's in the tunnel on to -- territory. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Or from Buffalo, New York in the historic homeland of the senators let's talk native rides on the power of ESPN 1520s powerhouse signals up and down the East Coast of turtle island. Join the discussion on let's start maybe -- -- your host John McCain. All right they've gone back exactly Jane. Look I've got his we have got Matt hill lose almost always hear. Robert Del Monte who hasn't been here for awhile but is the who was. Europe period of time very regular guest then I'm glad to have Robert back in studio and I've got great deal -- hey Greg again. This project that you're doing and and I don't know when you actually. I all of this is that if this can never have a a stop Peter finish date because even if you're gonna. Put something in the can as -- a pro murder -- video -- documentary and this thing. If it almost feels to me like. You know we regret talking you know during the break here is that this Seoul says you know. Reality. You'll. Comedy sitcom that kind of potential you -- to a one of those reality cable TV shows on this thing and just you know at each week. You know you can be a way to pull out a half hour worth of video out of some of this in the crazy interact as you view that it would just. That be easy to do. Yeah -- them but it's it's it's seems like such a simple thing but it's also so complex. You know talking to. And and -- almost -- -- a process stood too I was talking to. A white woman and she was asking me about this project and she was. She was asking what some of the experiences that I've had our and then she was kind of asking me you know what the point is. And I explained were so many experiences -- patent thing to people set and everything out and said you know. A lot of times people are are passive aggressive and sometimes people are just blatantly. And an overtly. Bigoted or racist. That they'll. You know -- their mouse making Indian noises you know all of you know. Hollywood movies. -- they'll call me you know -- an engine. Or they'll call me read it or they'll call me or about say how you know most -- things. And and I told her that her reaction was -- so -- Indians are allowed to do those banks and that and the Eric I don't understand why so. You now it and that's exactly I mean that the thing that I know you've got a job. A you're being profiled in in the Washington Post. Magazine this this coming month. Yeah -- it's coming up in February. I don't have a print date yet but it's it's going to be a big big story they've been followed me around for a couple months. But and the reporter who's doing a story I don't recall name they've been improvement in it what to name. Craig -- ST she called me an interview be about you and and I polarized that the nothing that. That I sought immediate Lee in what you're doing is it is that essentially what you're doing here holding up a mere -- somebody else's reaction and and to me. What it what what people how people react when they CU. Is it's not about what you are it's about what they were how they react and and to me that's what's incredible about this thing in and yeah I know the you've seen. You know such. You know. A diversity of reaction whether it's from a child verses you know of foreign visitors and in. In in -- the DC area obviously. You're not an area where there is a tremendous amount of people flowing through so you you can get some. The diversity of the people that interact with -- -- obviously every race that that that leaves in the United States and -- and all the races that visit the United States. It may seem to make it through the DC area but it but I look at some of the reactions that you've gotten and even did this reaction just describing. They just don't get it and and you know and they don't realize that. He even you're your get up is not you're you're dressing. In a stereotypical. Image you're you're not yet there's no there's no word traditional. Background to -- to -- -- mean loosely but you're not wearing anything authentic. No I'm I'm I'm wearing what is socially acceptable in American culture. As being decidedly indigenous. I'm trapped as the stared at it up and Indian and Indian. Right and and -- actually had other. Indigenous people get out of me because and they tell me that I'm. Appropriating other tribes that I'm not a part. And -- guys -- -- address is very plains Indian yeah. But. Maybe it was a really interesting discussion because they're like well. You're misrepresenting. Your perpetuating the stereotype. And yeah you should say yes. And yes exactly. You know like what they perceive to be as planes. I perceived to be as the only acceptable. Elements. Indigenous element that that people can know and realize are decidedly indigenous. And have been misappropriated in American culture as being decidedly India indigenous particularly at tracks. And and that it becomes. I -- and modifying myself but look we're going to be modified anyways might as welcome our buyer -- and outlook on life and invoke the reaction and I think that's the that's the key I mean if you war. A holding the Sony to stolen. About New York address people wouldn't wouldn't understand this and we if you war I mean I did when I went down to Arizona. Brian clad SP who was the I'd -- squamous but he's. The president of the national congress American indeed he wears a a woven hat all the time. And and you would not know what that means a minute and it and it's it's not a and it is not ahead gear. That people would associate with native people so when you're wearing that this -- that this kind of a mockery of a headdress. It and even doing that that the the the hand print on the base and all of that up. You're trying to be the extreme about the stereotype that that people about the that you putting that you know. Red yellow and blue all stripes on your face which they've used the stick and every little child that ever played and native -- that I mean it. Did it that would if they invented the you're doing this. To get the reaction from people and -- and I just I think that the story need to be told out of though out of those reactions is. Is going to be incredible one 1000 glad that I -- question this is based on your character earned the role your playing. Is based on the stereotypical -- correct. -- and to a certain degree even based on sort of my own experience and much of mind in -- experience has been social. I did grow up in a predominately white. City and neighborhood. -- and you know. Kind of dealing with the social aspects of being indigenous in America. Has been a lot of what my experience has been and that's something that I'll come back to it. And that's -- on concern about my kids and as a a lot of it is sort of my old enough respect as well. My question is it if that's whatever briefings that we are is that our fault for not giving enough media there and move our own movies to whom we are. Bob and that's what the hold -- the -- Johnny -- You know he's pledged that he was going to change what the Hollywood stereotype was. And so he turned into something even to me would've been more mockery and at the end at many levels -- -- short unfortunately. A terror yeah. And it's crematory did yet. Though but just write edit and and I don't you're saying that -- my father of the -- few workers and so we we grew up in the city when when of the kid I didn't grow up as a child. On -- reservation so being the only native. -- key -- and growing up and go through high school playing sports and all of the stuff and Robert you and I were talking about this. You you automatically get people asking you the stupidest questions you know like you're -- TP do you you know you know. What what food do you -- in you know and and the whole thing with a headdress and and you get asked those questions time and time again and and people. You wonder what your family life is like an Andy so they have all these these these. You know get Hollywood instilled. Impressions of what must be like that's events and we got to change that image and we've we've got to start making the movies to show what our identity is. Well I think a great. I mean is if you look at indigenous movies you know they they have a really difficult time getting off from being independent and sometimes -- campy. And so -- it. Our image you know what we can we can make films on the long and try to. Change our image it's actually still really difficult to do. -- and I mean. I would love their record there'd be a better understanding of the diversity in the country by. There just isn't and nobody is willing to jump in and change that move when you start looking at. The school systems particularly. You know this school systems out there run by conservative America like out of -- yeah I read it all the text books the right. They're not gonna talk about indigenous people on the what undermines the American dream more than a relationship. That America has chat with indigenous people. Age it is completely undermines every way you know it's -- You know. -- free Europe from the Iranian the Nazis and the Holocaust that they put forward but let's just fire own histories being. Magnificent. You know romantic. Notion of of opportunity. Why did just this quote talked about former from a mechanic records -- Referring it was caught down Neil young's involvement in the the tar sands -- protests and and and what he's. The oil in Canada for the conference you know. For them to to use got a they have again. Yet at the same mentality that we used about how you did doctrine -- person discovery and you store children and you killed those and you did all of these heinous. Crimes against humanity you that you invoke god for that as well so I hear. You know somebody who was essentially the leader of about other. Large country. -- with a large native population and will invoke god as the as the justification for. For reaping the earth I mean it's just it's just amazing to me but this is. But it but again this is the stuff that down the debt. That people understand and while I agree -- Matt we need to take more control of the media. That Hollywood's toughest place because that's a big hill to climb that's such a big if that's such a big project and I I don't look at what some of the guys like. A bird. And and can the the other gentleman he's they. One of the hard Joseph who was involved in the these are -- just throwing harder yet doing this job. At the Sundance don't vessel the native homeland those are some great films that come out of there but we've got to really go out of our way to find them to do it to watch some of what we're -- top of the hour as they would mean we're gonna we're gonna finish the hour -- -- and and and Matt and and Robert and -- stay on the subject is. We have good stuff going on here but so we'll talk about -- on second hour. This John game is let's not native -- -- back for power to break after this yeah. Buffalo's home for the number one brand in world wide sports ESPN the 15:20 AMP WW KB buffalo on ESPN. 1520.

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