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Jan 27, 2014|

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Maybe it's time for buffalo means business -- your host buffalo radio veteran and local business that's the good buddy Shula. Buffalo means business is the hour long weekly radio show that spotlights local business. This morning's it was brought you by doctor Bob dental care for worry free dentistry -- your nearest doctor Bob location. And Mike copier fax business technologies for the whole first document diligence. If you like your business featured on this show please call 8430167. That's 8430167. Now your host bloody -- Good morning and welcome back to another edition of buffalo means business here NE SPN 1520 many -- -- Shula. -- other Saturday morning 2014. Misses are really like your first -- show of 2014. So to speak I'm glad to be back in the saddle again that's for sure. And we got a great show this morning to talk about business entrepreneur realism here in Western New York. We've got. A leading name and she is the owner of crunch fitness and Amber's. Perfect time of the year to be talking about this in January about fitness and we also have Bruce who's the owner of -- magical talked to Bruce. In just a little bit as well soared to start the conversation with and gross. Crunch fitness in Amherst so you're the big -- you're the owner. I'm excited -- you have been been able to bring the franchise to -- -- and thank you for having -- body. It's an offense you bring such an awesome recognized -- -- area answer with the people of Western New York can actually you're invigorating just -- I don't feel like it achieved a stock -- had this I regularly be you just you can have this -- about -- I -- it about it and very passionate that the in my -- cash and is that why you have a gym is because I mean are you into -- stuff but first well. How long his crunch fitness been around and -- we have an opening in from priests Alastair to priests now which is when a week. Started to get our name out there is business as -- to sell memberships last February so. We're closing in on a year priests now the -- actually opening scenes of the business has been open about seven months I don't. It's been amazing it's in the brand recognition has really caught on hand when people come in charge and they really see that were friendly customer service focused and and that we bring something very unique and different area Q did you have I'm sure. Personally it means a lot you probably know -- only -- you live a lifestyle of -- of healthy fit. Erickson says he would that -- so -- do -- it'll -- you do I do I live a life. But as you know life is journey and I eve had evolved like a lot of people and I think. The advocate witnesses. That people have a different paths and different journey and not covering aspires to. Go into bodybuilding alerts you look like fitness not -- percent of people fitness means that. They want to be able to live a little bit longer and the political healthier or the easily to get a transplant towards people play with their grandchildren. So I think that looking at people's that in schools is unique as when the most important things that I can do as a business owner. Yeah I mean and fitness in general I mean it's it's it's really didn't it's more proactive now you don't want to develop things like high blood pressure and and I cholesterol. So I -- to collect a lot of doctors are recommending things you know take care. Get in fitness before. To avoid these things rather than have these things and try to help lower your blood pressure with -- debate is that correct. It's absurd nature if you look at their recommendations by the surgeon general pupils should work out. Most days of the week for thirty to forty minutes and that doesn't mean running it doesn't mean high intensity exercise. But it means general exercise most of us tend to have jobs to -- on things and more sedentary soak in order to -- metabolism -- And speed things along a little bit more -- hard to get that activity and need to stay active during the day. Sitting for instance. Burns half the calories the standings so we turn to teach people are just getting more active coming in. Walking to a simple activity is going to help them to give work to get the blood moving in and as you pointed out to be able to lower their blood pressure. Help their cholesterol levels and people who live healthier kept -- from the stress levels to that I had a flagrant etc. let me see you working out so much I think that. Value. Having it. Be something that helps you to have a better day is underrated it's not just about losing weight but it's about -- smile on your face and getting that stress relief. So what did you do before you owned crunch fitness I have my master's degree in physical therapy I graduated from Tivo college. And I had the pleasure working Erie county medical center as a therapist for five years and then. I was looking for different opportunities. So I ended up working for striker which is when the largest medical companies in the world canceled hip and knee replacements. Had the pleasure of working with many of the orthopedic surgeons locally has consultant in the operating room. And at about that time just looking at the ways that Health Care Reform was going and some of the changes within the company's. I had and I started looking at different opportunities. For business. And I believe in doing something I'm passionate about it and that's when we started looking at. The fitness industry has an opportunity for a business so he started looking at Dubai for maybe potential franchises or cracked a location to attempt to put a -- we did BM. We sort of looking at different businesses that were franchising at the time and we looked at many different types of business but. I think in order to excel -- things in -- you have to be passionate about and then. Because that is something that I've always been passionate about that's where we start booking and also realizing as we talked about that more people want to get fixed. And so it's like a decent has passion about helping people with my background in health care it felt like the perfect marriage that I can really. If successful as a business person but also be able to help people to get fit so. We looked at several different brands by. Crunch is a very recognized. Brands and to think back customers migrate to brands they trust. And so when I visited crimes in Manhattan. It immediately felt as though it was the right brand for me to do and be partners it. I mean as an entrepreneur and -- who's never done this before. Who's bought it to him before was it easier than you expected the process of buying up a franchise. -- signed the paperwork and to get started. Was the easy part. -- the hard part is that everything other than that it's I think anytime you do something in life I think whether it's didn't you know back when I was physical therapist. I think in general it's easy to say all I annually it's going to be like when -- -- -- but until you actually have that role in your life. You don't realize that the challenges are that are going to be involved in the process. And while it's been challenging it's been unbelievably rewarding that you would not do that is you're glad you have a preference as it has absolutely working with crimes. Has been -- on their group of people in the leadership positions. -- They are the top people in the industry. He and to their goal is not to -- 200 franchise owners with engine each. He can have a group of people that are counseled about what they do says that. We can call on -- -- bulletins last owners with margins because they want the right people to their chickens. And actually turn people away from franchises -- crimes because they want the right people to be doing it. Now that that we we've kind of a special segment here because. DJ Anthony from kiss ninety point five known around buffalo for years and years and years. As the you know the great evening guy Pakistani point fives -- just got off the air. You know a little while ago here we are in the morning and separate now earlier this. DJ Anthony is here with -- side I do any -- get a cup of coffee doing all right and you know I'm going to let them doing that with a reason we've we're bring in Anthony and this year is because DJ Anthony. The popular DJ Anthony is actually. He he's gone to the -- -- I've known you for a very long time Anthony. And I think you're like me go up and down in and and -- stuff but you look great right now thank you and your member of the Jim what do you what do you like about the Tim what do you like about her -- Well there's some different things like about the -- you know the staff and everything when you go in there you know it's like a family. I like the people that work out there's it's a nice range a nice mix of people. It's a really really nice -- a lot of equipment -- a nice high tech equipment. -- you know very high -- get on the treadmills -- TV. IPod docking station and you know. Adapted to clean floors and cleaned the place is nice -- the whole scheme of crotch and it's not too far from the station and it's like minutes from like everywhere right. But on I just think it's it in only you know me for a long time. For me to go to a gym every single week this like the first time -- that I've gone to a gym like every single week so there's just something about the play something about the trainers have been about the ownership. It's just a really nice place to work out and now they know what they're doing theirs and it's gotten on the right path and I got my. Kim -- my stamina back. He's doing good as I think he's doing awesome -- works -- very very hard and the pleasure to have DT Anthony and working with us now do you get duke it like god this time of the year a lot of people make resolutions to lose weight narrates so this this is the four weeks. That everybody. Are we dwindling right now it conservative those resolutions are people really keep -- still three weeks and in that area -- I believe that people keep their eyes are keeping their resolutions I was in the Jan. I'm in the -- a mystery -- -- as working on this Saturday. In particular and I looked around and and the energy at 7 o'clock in the morning of numbers working out sweating. Helping each other at the group fitness -- getting started people working with trainers. Brought huge smile to my face because it's not only people achieving their goals and setting Nichols. But it's also. And just really fun to look around and -- as a business owner. It's not me it's honest it's the -- -- but still -- providing environmentally safe environment that's very affordable for people. Hands are clean with often equipment and it just allows people I think to Kunming in hand to chief circles -- a comfortable on that and these environments. It's it's like with -- -- -- your you seem very proud to be with -- this morning very much yet and it and talking about it. For free you personally. What made you want to pick and -- There's a lot of reasons I mean obviously you know you get older you. You you want to skip back in shape and like you said that have helped -- on the -- You know being in the job that I am whether it's being it can suspicious -- this year being on stage concerts European public guy and he's being -- about. He's wanna feel good about yourself you know like you -- field a year -- and then being on the air for six hours every night I want my energy level of the up. And I don't know I just I'd -- to do something about it this kind of weird how I met them out of nowhere. And then when I met him I'm like -- and I went to Jim unlike all and then it was as I've been injured and hooked and what's your favorite piece of equipment. But he looked around I mean obviously eglin air our hatchery I'm running and you -- thing. I'm running on treadmill for our country music -- and 12100 calories you do now warning -- from the tried our path and he runs for an hour and a half. Without stepping on opt out I'll -- you do interval -- I stop output the treadmill at the highest level fifteen. And I hold onto it and I walked at high -- like incline on the treadmill so I'm either running. Forum at the highest level fifteen with a treadmill like almost up in the air hold onto it that's what I do for our country take a break. But this year opinion and -- someone's holding on to like that vs. Running and it treadmills say you get your -- is moving all our place you're battling and anything. When you're holding and does that burn as many calories is when you're not holding him. So the first thing -- -- is an activity that people view it holding on or not is -- -- just getting in the door is the most important thing. When eager to be steep and I'm teaching Anthony's working. It Ken Peters challenging those like -- honestly do it without holding. A lot of -- engage in. It. It's like I mean you staircase that I'll answer L. On in general when you look at that calories on its front now. It's probably that -- the most accurate way to judge how many calories you burned a lot of times looking hats you are then. Your heart rate monitor their -- from device that you can purchased that we -- are seeking to me Kelly cheaper and that's. Exactly as long -- breaking a sweat your heart rate is up I tell people to utilized -- perceived exertion -- When you're on -- now gauge how hard you're working you're working from zero which has not hard at all to -- to your maximum amount. You know seven is great if you're working at that level fat and whatever it is for you might be different for you and -- me. That's for you wanna be mean to work as hard as you your doctor's approval of course -- -- -- -- burning calories in an Aqua engineers. I feel it move in the freaking -- You're inspiring -- To. Try this time it's priced so I know I mean there really can mean energy level there is great so would you like Blake. And then DJ Anthony are our friends so in your opinion DJ Anthony what I mean. You know I was and is I mean she inspired you like she she does mean she -- You know army mother of two kids and I mean look at her energy level and you go on there you're seeing -- in their working out your liking him more inspired the like. It's like. It's it's not just because she looks. The partnership us greatly in great shape it's because you could tell when you wonder she really does care likes cares about every person coming in she's proud of them. Part of their goals and like you know you we keep it almost makes you wanna come and do well you know you're in there. And you see other people that come and it started there when you're there like I C fifty girls I see like 650 people there. IC eighteen year old you know college students as he's such a mix. But you know like there's no did you know he anyone fits inside crunch and you feel really good you see everybody's levels -- museum like and for five months they've been there and for awhile. He like wow I'm really happy for that maybe she's done it. -- for awhile so yes you know it's just. So open and glad. I think the most important thing for people when they're turning its journey to see why is it that I want to do -- You don't know why it's gonna be hard to going there day after day when it's tough and you have to fitted into your daily life. To ask yourself why and then to become inspired and say it's -- -- be healthy but it's important for my life it's important for me to be good role model. And a I -- that Africa incredibly blessed to have this opportunity to give back to the community. In a model that's very affordable it's an awesome on customer service not a reportable my -- low cost not -- at a very high value model for our customers. And like I said you for coming from a health care background the fact that I can give back to -- help coupon off look at fits. Publish the working class town and we deserve to have things that are nice and are affordable. And aren't gimmick and it's just so cool it's gonna give that back to keep whenever members come in. And just know that that's why we're there. We're here with that and gross who is the owner of crunch fitness and -- from -- corner -- home insured and drive. In Amherst. You have other things there to you you have other things other than. Wait equipment -- of Bosnia sent it -- right. We do so as you mention we have a large variety of cardiovascular equipment and tried now several types tried -- few different types of testicles. Bikes rovers your mouse got knows. Huge amount of weight at thirty minute circuit for people when they come in and they wanted to reach the seamy feel not sure where to start picking your thirty minute circuit which will target their entire body. And -- -- on easy on their joints we -- as you mentioned have to handle himself for a DG CL crowd they ought to cut man get the work out and hand. We have something called high German size which. It looks almost like the -- between bad and has a warm water current that runs under -- and so it's gonna give our members and nice mid sized. Pre or post work out so that they can. You reduce their and a little relaxation at their muscles the size you -- that water massage or whatever but it's. -- -- -- Well. This. The you know the the the Niger has as your massage you do that now because every time we do an hour and a half usually then boom -- And to the station using guns. But I might -- -- to. Together. Christ is extremely well known for crunch started in 1989. In Manhattan and it was a small group fitness studio at that point. And evolved to a large -- hand cranks is an innovator in group fitness if you read shape Purcell for men's health. They're constantly featured for the -- -- that there are battery itself and the hair and so -- only in Manhattan and Miami rally in San Francisco as corporate models. And stand me evolves the franchise cynical part about the franchises we can bring the coolest. Classes that are developed right in Manhattan and be much the first -- barrier with this area with those classes so. We have at this point seventeen group fitness classes that we offer different varieties. Over fifty classes a week and we have things that you can apply these yeah -- TR acts. We just Friday in our classes which are extremely popular on the ballet are and we had other classes you know sometimes both say we'd like it's started I'm new to working out. We have a new series of classes called boom and they're named after the baby boom generation however they can be utilized by and our members. And they are a little bit slower paced more functional activities says that those people who want to get started in don't know where to start are nervous about getting injured the perfect path for them. Do you have any plans of opening any other locations. I was -- -- to open in other -- and so we will be working with the broker hopefully shortly to identify where that will be. So can we I mean do we have any special offers -- at this point we do rehab rehab and off in January sponsoring now. It's free enrollments and our -- membership which gets -- tired in access is balanced. All the classes. Is -- 995. A month. In with that there's no contacts about their only means you page ago stop when you aren't there's no long term commitment. And we keep it very simple it's ten days to cancel so you're not gonna be stuck with the number six years later and getting a cancellation -- Says very simple on nine and pat them on and if people want to hand used to -- to -- some accounts are bringing cast whenever they want. -- peak membership and that's 1990 month. To make it very affordable for people but it is and that includes a -- massage work autism like or limited an unlimited for the 1995 is being hired -- with the classes. And limited had to massage and limited tanning in the can bring casting -- -- -- for future entrepreneur or as someone who might be looking for franchise to do something. Yeah as a business owner what. What have you learned as a business owner I think the biggest thing I've learned analysts you find it inspires you and -- passion about next. If you have those two things are going to be successful because you're gonna be engaged involved because in this hard moments it. And you do work until 2 o'clock in the morning had two small children -- -- -- -- husband who works I first I was able to resign from my job to run the business. On the reasons why you're doing things are gonna what -- what carries -- than tax on all so be inspired and passionate and find out what motivates you I think. I think people have a perception of people who owned businesses is -- and some ivory tower. And you know amount -- that. You know that there were stated that they're just -- oodles of money the rich people and that's this is that the case is it's a lot of hard work a lot. -- I come from a working class family in on the New York. And my parents Islamic college and I always to stop that I have to make most my talents and I feel that I've done in my life. Would you ever want to work for somebody else at this point. In your life again or -- pretty happy being your boss it's fun to be here in Boston there is steps plan a degree of flexibility that comes with that. When I -- a previous careers it was much more challenging to get things in my day where now I -- had a little bit of flexibility however. Is your analogy if you take him a moment that your data -- with the kids. You do that work later I laugh when I go to the gym I don't work I interact with the numbers I mean I do all those fun things general trees and I go home that's when I onto all the business works out what's the worst part about owning your business. It's all consuming. It consumes so it's not something that. You can just walk away at 5 o'clock in San gold and now -- -- housing market at 9 o'clock. You know I care about the business and so I think that's why it's all consuming for me I'm never gonna let it fail. I want our members to feel as -- I'm committed to me and that. When they pay S ten dollars a month it's not ten dollars a month that it's I don't care about it and try to make money on it's it's really my intent is to get back. Eminem and open the floor here we got a couple more minutes for DJ Anthony what what what question you different. Well what would you like to ask you you've you've you've go to her business you I mean is there anything that. -- you'd wanna say to her teller. Well thank you for some of the place out there huddle look from the last seven months. It's an open. I think I. Noticed there right away and and you DJ Anthony. I noticed right away you know and you seem vibrant. And it just seems like it's it's -- -- -- -- -- and it's clear when I don't work Alec -- and go to the -- It ruins my whole day. But -- -- like when I do go to the -- like having blown consistently McDougal like public. We have a ton of energy and it's really weird like I mean you have to find a place you like to go because there are some people who grow. Who want to exercise they wanna lose it but they hate walking in the door of the. Yeah right the culture that we and I think -- DJ and and -- earlier the culture that we had. Established with our facility at being extremely friendly if new commission -- people. So everywhere in the -- at the -- task we've really train them hello his goodbyes making sure it's extremely friendly. I think that those are things that bring our customers back and then just the huge variety of equipment and helpful staff the clean environments and we really just try to create that environment where people want to be so that they can achieve circles that we can support you you you probably feel pretty good about that too when you see people were getting results. I mean doesn't that there is I mean it's a huge note debater yes I think my personality is I am proud for them happy different because they're the ones have done it. And until the provide that environments and be able to support them in circles you website. We can't we have if you go to Debbie Debbie Debbie Utah crimes. Dot com -- locations he can click on -- And we also have a very active Facebook's site over. 3500. Men like her size and we to a lot of engagement on society and that's crunch Amherst. On FaceBook. Maybe we'll see Pete's pitcher DJ Anthony and there is on their and the owner of the of the joy you will have you ever gotten. -- we got a sample and here in -- here. -- I think investors anything else that is or anything else relieve an out I think we learn quite a bit about you. As a person and he was a business owner crunch fitness is an Amber's. I'm sure you've heard about crunch fitness they got a lot to offer. Different than a lot of religions would you say Anthony absolutely may be because the atmosphere -- just a lot of different things can almost guarantee like. Yeah I mean you. I again I say four weeks ago when and you knew you were meant you were talking bar crunch fitness you like going to -- -- tickets somebody don't like to go to a gym that's not. Schwarzenegger. I mean you know the average person again doesn't like puck into the dormant for a. The average person is the person that wants to be there and that needs to be there and those are the people that we're trying to attract -- pioneered it. And -- judgments philosophy that's really where. Our culture has come from we want people -- this size shape. -- walk of life to a comfortable environments and it's note that they can come into our environment and they won't be touched. And it it's just healthier so again if you're gonna go anywhere. This January -- talked about New Year's resolutions losing weight. Even mean someone like me once and lose twenty pounds and twelve weeks. You could do with it right you can lose twenty pounds and pounds Cummins gas crunch fitness in hockey it's it's. You know and down. You know don't break the resolution but more importantly go to a place like crunch fitness in Emerson and really experience of people DJ Anthony are experiencing. And the proprietor. The proprietor and the owner you know mark their calls the proprietor -- -- -- -- it's an old terrible we will go with owners vibrate at. Anybody ever tell you proprietor. I -- they like to find the rate acts are. All right let's go again this has been a great segment with you go to crunch fitness if you want to get fit you get healthy wanna -- happy. -- -- -- DJ Anthony thank you very much it's an -- him -- -- show this morning they give money and you know a common it's crunch time and come on and it's crunch time and grows older crunch fitness and Amber's. Thank you very much for on this one Q do you think you DT Anthony thank you appreciate it will be back with their second segment about plumbing businesses are -- to this thing. 150. Million people suffer from headaches all you want is for them pounding in your head to stop. Michael likes stops the pounding my girl X was developed by a neurologist and founder of the New York headaches senator I'm urologist doctor. Alex miles cup after studying and researching the human brain for 25 years of default to my girl X which eliminates pounding headaches he works for my patients and I'm so convinced it will work for you I don't -- guarantee it I put my name on. Doctor -- -- -- Lex gets rid of -- passed without -- -- sodium or preservatives my -- works unbelievably fast and it's gentle on my stomach find out -- major free bottle of -- -- call 805395157. -- -- you're one of the first 100 colors you'll also receive the Michael -- quick -- to headache -- absolutely free that's 80539. -- 157. Or go to -- -- dot com MI GRE LEX dot com or call 8053951. PDs. -- good morning and welcome back to buffalo means business here and -- Saturday morning hope you're doing well my name is buddy -- And now we are here right now with Bruce it's rope bottom -- I'm hoping -- -- this group Oscar -- but are right he's the owner of nitro. Magic now. Nitro manager makes me think of like a race car are okay but it's and it's totally the opposite. Of a race car it's nitro magic ice cream which is. -- -- Beautiful thing we're talking about ice cream made in how do you make this ice cream experience proves to me because the listeners right now they got tight script. What is I mean we're talking -- romantic ice cream. Mean well the electoral magic is made with liquid nitrogen. So basically what we do as we flavored cream. We freeze it instantly with liquid nitrogen liquid nitrogen is 328 degrees below zero. So for reasons this -- instantly. Hence you get a wonderful rich -- creamy ice cream that's fantastic. Flavors are limitless. And we can add anything to order we can. Bring anything to the party it's fantastic analysis is your business a franchise no it doesn't autism is created rate here in Buffalo, New York by us by myself. My background is. Leave or not it was a packaging engineer for Fisher Price for 28 years and when they do -- they took early retirement and early buyout and I made ice cream. With liquid nitrogen back in high school when I went to cardinal O'Hara Bakken. I don't want to lawn -- McCoy but basically what we did was we made an -- -- take it to the next level. I love people love entertaining and I love. Food so those three things -- said well this is awesome I gotta take this tonight the next level what happens when you make them. The when nitrogen ice cream is. Not only is -- delicious extremely explained earlier but it's a beautiful fantastic show it's a wonderful wonderful event for a bride bride to be. You're you're getting a fog shoulders lighting. We've we bring in aluminum table so it has a very icy look to it. When we do an event like a wedding for example. We will to the -- would pick four flavors we come and make the ice -- bright and from your -- The crowd around the table my biggest concern is and to get food to the customer. My biggest concern is to get people away from the table -- election fantastic show because it is appearing very accurately estimate Dantzler while there are watching us play I'll tell -- a nice when -- announced the DJ we're going to be servant liquid nitrogen ice cream in the corner. It's like somebody kicking until and everybody comes. Milling over to see what's going on and it's it's fantastic and wonderful. Are people skeptical who don't know what's liquid nitrogen is like I mean -- you know I mean you don't have to be a chemists to know. You know that it but you know it's it's -- chemical kinda word president. Very very good question actually. 78%. Of the air we breathe is nitrogen. So what we're doing is what we take when you put licked when he put nitrogen liquid state what it's doing is it. Breaking it down putting -- into liquid state and then when it comes out of the tank at minus 328 degrees. We're just -- cycling it all of that fog in steamy see coming off with a bowl of ice cream is just the the liquid going back into the atmosphere is aghast so it's perfectly safe -- does it take to make. -- that freezes up and the less than a minute. So who makes the cream. I'm actually what we do is we have a blend of cream that we've. Experimented with over the years and we've narrowed it down to a actually believe and that's a pretty healthy cream based because we're down to like a 10% cream. If you go to the competition and go to them a friendly slowest thing and ordered dish of ice cream they it's like a 22%. -- cream basis 10% and the reason I can do that is because the ice cream is made instantly so it's an instant freeze. Real rich and -- it doesn't taste like any ice cream you would buy store bought. And the reason is because when you buy extra -- scream when you go to wegmans -- pairings and buys their ice cream they put 80% -- -- it. And the fluff it up with air to get the ice cream to flow into the packaging. That's the process for making ice cream at the retail level. Air when you mix air with ice cream when you freeze it does one thing that causes crystals and ice crystals. Our freezer -- so you don't get any of that whether we can serve a smaller portion because it is so rich and dance however when we do events. It's always all you can -- Now. I mean an end. I'm just soaking this all in here because. It just sounds every it is her taste difference absolutely absolutely -- out for one the everything we use is top notch all and I'm I'm obviously probably it's all buffalo blocked. On my employees -- buffalo come from buffalo born and raised here and everything we do is we're trying to keep it within Arab community here in buffalo. The end it. It is very very rich and danced in the flavor lists being limitless we could do anything McKinney had fresh fruit to it likening it varies likening it. Mango I can and it it should be healthy. I well you know ice cream and as -- -- well let me elements and a -- we will we do adjacent to the table were making the ice cream I have a topping buyer that is the self serve topping buyer for the consumers or the guests so you know -- may have a -- Eminem's mini chocolate chips rainbow -- -- -- sprinkles. As soon as you. Go to the topping -- -- and all bets are off at how healthy it'll be -- because you're loading it up with what you want but it is a healthier option than your typical ice cream that you buy. Store -- Paul Warburg gonna bring him a partner in crime here Paul Bauer who's the -- chairman. Reach free Western New York. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And you know you and are looking at some of these brochures of the things that Bruce does when he Burgos a -- wedding. Or apartments for a party. I mean. Well I saw this in person. I saw it was his first unveiled -- -- I think maybe six years ago or -- sixers are correct for that right before. We went on the air here. And so it's quite a -- it's it's something you've never seen anything like this reality is that because he's he's. Producing a product right for these manufacturing. Something. And so it's ultra fresh. And it kind of gives it feel to the effect he's been doing this for a long time. He's had a lot of experience to really perfected over time affect -- remember a couple of years ago we did the -- party for the it was called -- swine wheelchair he actually was therefore. So he was and so he's been doing this quite a long time for some big big organizations to I know Geico is used you would Roswell and so it's it's a proven thing it's not this you know I'll try it -- you know he's never done this before he's he's had a lot of experience in the exact. We've we will serve anywhere from fifteen to 5000 guests. Last December we didn't. Christmas party for Geico Geico and it was a 2800 people event we also did north town. Lexus we did their Christmas -- that was sitting in that was in the 700. Guess strange we DD CMC spring gala which is held every year at the released the year we did it was that the him. Convention center downtown and that was very big and -- Roswell park -- Rosa Parks corporate picnic which was. Over 3000 people so wonderful is fantastic. How many people have to attend something like that when you going to be it must do more than just you producing onscreen for that many people oh absolutely I have a I have a crew of a crew of culinary. Ice cream makers that are that only fantastic at what they do but they are. Excellent people and very friendly and again -- buffalo born and -- sort of 2700. People. Unlimited. Can I ask comedy. Units how many gallons that was that to me that you did well what we would but we would use there we're we would use five -- and in it would come in five -- increments so we've we went through. Bombing actually went through fifty gallons of ice cream easily very easily or serving in or six ounce container so and again. Like us earlier it is it is a very rich and dance. And -- all since we do do more than one flavor I always encouraged against the combat can try another try in other trying to other so. It's wonderful. You properly drop by a good topic here flavors. Tell -- I mean there's like an unlimited. About a flavors you can do right absolutely on any penny for every could dream up we them typically for a wedding the most common flavors are. A mint chocolate chip and French Vanilla karma for summaries I think because they're safe and today you know. People you know have a different clientele of -- guests at the event so. You know the ages or different so they do those two typically then. You know we can do peanut butter that you always have to worry about you know allergies and we've done peanut butter we've done anything you can dream up but one of the of the last favorites we've done is salted caramel salted caramel ice cream which is fantastic it's a little karma base. And then what we do as we put sea salt in it so it's unbelievably fantastic I did an event at jumped. I need to Franco's. Church downtown not long ago and it was a corporate event and the gentleman wanted something with bacon so we did maple Wal-Mart with. They -- chips in it real -- real bacon and I have to say. It was the best ice cream I've heard I've heard accommodation. Even though it's strange sounding for -- news it's been pretty spectacular fantastic and then fresh fruit -- fresh -- to be -- mango or if you do strawberry. Shortcake or strawberry cake -- you can actually Ed. Pieces of cake along with fresh strawberries along with the strawberry flavoring so it makes a wonderful experience that. People so people have to known advanced oh what. Kind of flavors are gonna ask you for -- absolutely what I do is some when a bright to be approaches me. I was -- off. Information packet and in there would be -- realist and I have. But along -- at the bottom of the flavor list they actually say a challenge you to come up with a flavor that. You know would be different office and we did events that we're signature named we did an event that. The Niagara Falls aquarium not long ago and the one -- something aquarium tied -- one of the flavors -- remember we did was squishy fishy orange. So we named a squishy fishy -- we actually put a Swedish fish in each ice cream that one not out and people loved it it was fantastic and only. Made -- a wonderful experience but the kids like the that the taste of the ice cream and then they thought that the name and the little fish was awesome and I also -- throwing in. The -- part of it I would say 80% of my businesses adults it's incredible how many. Most my businesses adult driven it's -- it's fantastic I started this I was thinking it was going to be kid driven but it's definitely a deal. Leaders saying country close. Yes used you on it seems unlimited among different. Clubs and organizations that you and proms I think you're talking about to a prompt absolutely every year we of you know we've been repeats for the Orchard Park post prom party. We've -- Lancaster it's prom senior prom. We did Wilson. High schools -- post prom picnic the next day so we do a lot of that and lately I got hooked in with the -- the buffalo public libraries so. I do an ice cream social for a number of libraries and we're doing on this summer again. And I also do a lot of college ice cream social speaking of ice cream social Contra care -- bill. Helper so we we error word out there quite a bit -- mixed in with the corporate accounts it's wonderful so. Went so the process of this we knew we knew going to a wedding at it described the -- describe -- people are seeing. When you're doing -- say use it like this flame thrower type of -- involved. Or obtain can bet they get to describe the process what are people scene. When you're when you're making ice cream and an event. Very good question what we do is we M we'll go in set up the ice cream. Event before the wedding starts were not interrupting anything. When we go in we turn on the lights and there's these beautiful blue LED lights that. Have a gorgeous glow across our -- tables. We have a stainless steel tank with -- -- liquid nitrogen and and Mike Shanahan held tank right no no it's there it's a tank that's probably three feet hi all three feet off the ground it wastes. A 18590. -- summer in their range when it's full. He ended his fifty leaders of liquid nitrogen so it literally come from -- word from you know nozzle out into the bowl of cream that was flavored so my shops will be making an end. The whole table is covered with this beautiful fog and goes rolls off the table under the floor. And like I said the people who would rather stand there and watch me make it and enjoy eating it so it's a wonderful -- Variants. So Boerse both taste wise and -- -- -- is that possible it is so good use it as as we've said before. You've never tasted anything like this because it's so incredibly fresh. Who's just done right. And he says the reason why it's not like and sell at supermarkets a -- because it is fresh neglect that is that the reason exact total ever be deliver -- like. He'll never walk down and -- of the supermarket and saying you know would like seven. You know liquid nitrogen ice -- Exactly and the reason is because you have to put preservers and and we do not do that but what I do do an addition to the ice cream is a I have a golf ball sized ice cream. Suckers and I dipped in chocolate and their nitro -- I call them and they do extremely well also. How did you how to -- that you did in to the ice cream business you don't Quebec Hillary you don't -- you mentioned you worked at Fisher Price. But he has this been a good entrepreneurial. Move three women do you have easily enjoy it Europe -- very proud of this product. You know. They don't agree what do you like about this business. I love. Being with people I love dealing with people like that across the -- relationship that you built with people. That. Crazy about the corporate world anymore you know you go through that you every -- -- Obama -- wonderful wonderful opportunity. What about eighty. It's -- what about. Like a bricks and mortar opportunity but it could could people ever vote to. You know I notre magic ice cream store and buy it that way. We did a story in the gallery mall for a year and use that for exposure for my event business it was wonderful and successful. But we -- decided to move into the human side of the business. How are on how to people book events there. -- attend all the bridal shows. Here and I. We do all the bridal shows so I meet brides to be an excuse me -- brides to be and we. -- either at the bridal shower -- An event. Where they would see us. So someone wants to ball Q so -- about you for a wedding of one of these parties because obviously. This is of it's like a magic show with ice cream out of Alice how does someone be it almost viewed -- to talk Cuba. Maybe bilking her superior question we have. Of very of we have a very active FaceBook account and we have a web site. And word of mouth has tremendous for me we do an awful lot of word of mouth business a lot of repeat business. And we have -- we do bridal shows we're constantly doing. Bridal shows or our exposure is out there and you know that they brought a show our news that we normally do little and big and sometimes I gravitate to the smaller ones because it's a little -- and you can talk to. Brides to be as opposed to the big ones were -- more or trigger kicking stupid do they just -- when proprietor people wanna -- do they just think -- school they do they do and actually what we do is at a bridal show we set it up like we wouldn't waiting. So they get to see exactly what little -- at their menu. Along with the pictures and we have a dvd and we have videos that they can see. We run a film to get the -- so they can actually see what -- that would look like obviously. When the room is dark in the lights program it's very memorable and we really become the talk of the the event it's fantastic people absolutely love what about Bruce console was seated either through your -- say order due to be even. Absolutely of the of the YouTube. Nitro magic. They concede. Probably a minute. Minute and half -- We have record -- two and there and then if they do like me on FaceBook they would see every event we've done in the last 23 years my numerous pictures. Do do more to other people do this or why -- I really haven't heard too much about this okay where did you hear about it I -- a long time ago and the show shark tank. Which you know shows -- people entrepreneurs. Stuff like that and but that's really the only time I've. I've heard about it. The other is there's a few hum a few businesses out there that you -- a little differently than we do they gravitate more toward the retail. And I am more interested in the event. For one and second of all of the the processes has been around forever -- I picked it up high school you know here's a year ago so it isn't like it says something relatively new. If you watch the food channel they do an awful lot of cooking with liquid nitrogen these days so. Liquid nitrogen to seems to be the in thing today you know it's it's very very popular to be president freshness. Absolutely candidates a totally different taste every product you know I. I didn't even dabbled with making popcorn with liquid nitrogen and it's wonderful it. Freezes and instantly when you bite into it. Steam comes out here nostrils your nose it's. That's really quite amazing it looks that Natalie looks nobody has. Wonderful frozen popcorn taste so we've even edit popcorn to our scream we've done like a karma born. Ice cream which was fantastic so that's you know again getting to that limitless what flavor list. We can do pretty much anything what's your favorite flavor. Well I have to say lately it's it has to be that salted caramel it's fantastic -- and explain how good that was I used to be strawberry cake batter. Flavor man but now I'm into that salted -- spent about something like an alcoholic drink like dailies or something I would think that would make you scream absolutely we've done it many times we typically do -- demand. We've done -- we've -- -- -- we tend to go. Wine festival not long ago it in our park. And the Booth right next to me was selling -- -- And we can married and up kind of like the Reese's peanut butter cup and we stuck some chocolate and peanut -- what we did the ice wind and ice cream and it was tremendous we can rippled through so. If you've been into the ice cream you'd get a little taste of wonderful explained flavor and fantastic. Intense. Frozen. Wine and. It's one I have neighbors at love this new liquor electrical fire ball over -- -- very similar -- imagine that because women pursuit of today's new cinnamon -- street well I don't know -- it to me it was -- either him -- -- -- shot well then I remembered -- slugger was kind of -- -- leagues so I just -- you know I'm I'm -- -- technically it. But I would think that would be cool with the with the -- -- In cinemas make a putt very popular flavor and really writes love -- and who. Yes oh so the the blast if you do put alcohol in the ice cream. I mean could I mean -- could put any of vodka I mean I would think you could put any. Could yes yes a -- can get drunk on your screen you have to put an awful lot in there really you know it was there hit it well. Mean I don't who I'm flavoring the ice cream with and I'm not making an ice cream. Sucker out of the running but yet you probably could so you know we do that server to. The youth obviously right -- but what I didn't make come I do these nitro -- talk about earlier this like a golf ball size ice cream. That's dipped in chocolate and what I did was a customer wanted. Southern comfort. With chopped cherries in cherry juice mixed in and I have to say it was a fantastic treatment but it was a -- you know wasn't. Meant to be a -- -- it was really just a ice cream treat that he. Handed out to his guests and they loved -- do you have. More like bookings in the summer army is summer more racecar better -- is it. I mean -- you know in buffalo offense is how one person doesn't -- ice -- yeah exactly dinosaurs have visited a seasonal business. I would say it it typically is -- obviously people are thinking I -- more in the summer and if you're doing a corporate. Event in your outside in the seventy degree weather is is more ice cream driven however we just did two in December very big corporate events and they were. In December and it was cold and we did ice cream and they loved it. When you go to wegmans a -- and looking and shopping cart people have ice cream in their care -- -- so it's not foreign to you know I whether driven. Event by any means but I would -- to your question but he NC it's definitely more. Although seasonal summer about. And you also have a website so this is your own website here. So -- magic dot com is website if you -- and you can as soon get all the information and then. Get an email -- that -- well absolutely and if you wanna catch me directly at some info at -- from -- outcome will be my email. My phone number direct phone number to me would be 954. 3707. Under 716 area code that would get directly to me. Or visit us at the bridal shows or -- you know my FaceBook account is very very active we we mode pictures of every event we've done so. If you're looking for an event you're trying to wonder how they would fit your profile you look at the FaceBook account you would definitely get to see. You know while this is this who were wonderful -- -- Halloween party Amal my goodness this will be perfect for my daughter's graduation are perfect for wedding or. Perfect for a corporate event so it kind of fits every bill you know we're we're out there after them. We'll do that we'll do any event. Which is so unique. Which is so unique. Natural magic that Carmen. Is the website. And Euro obviously booking -- so people can all of you now serve even have an interest in if you have an event coming up whether it's a Christmas party next year. Or summer vendor like Lisa graduation party that was have got to be something right although some are our most of those are outside so they don't get the late show off. Now we do outside and they get the lights and it's there in the evening here at night and it's beautiful we we've got many many graduation parties house business on. -- and it's tremendous every year at just growing and growing and mighty. Objective is to get nitro magic into -- many amounts as possible IE. Have to say one thing I'm very very proud of is over the years and my employees say this to me after every event we do. The they are just totally amazed that we've never had a negative comment it's incredible I mean I don't I'm in a McDonald's can't say that nobody can it's. It's wonderful because well couple things who doesn't like ice cream but. It's so consistent in every time we make it it's just wonderful wonderful. Treat and we serve thousands of people and my employees there. Just baffled that nobody the only complaint we ever had believe it or not it was kind of funny was that -- when I hit my score in the mall people complained that the serve the I'm serving was too large. It's -- temperature is creamy candy dispensers at -- Oakland does it melt like regular ice cream like so you know if you make it and you give somebody the bowl of ice cream. -- melt just like ice cream would guess it would it would but. Because I'm freezing it with minus 320 degrees. I can frees it up a lot harder I can I can make it any consistency one would want so. If somebody wanted it really -- for doing an event outside in ninety degree weather. Where myself and my shots will freeze it up. A lot more solid than you would if you were doing it. You know in incitement in the winter. My dad likes maple -- -- warm maple walnut security ever do that people while much of -- they're very popular slavery it is. How many employees yeah. You know. Urges I probably -- of twenty and staff but what we do is we you know who's available a wedding is typically two hours so. You know events for us are not all day of violence we go in do we have to do and work out so it's. They're short you know short stints but you know we do quite a few we do. Forty is sixty years so if anyone has interest in booking an event. My suggestion would be get a date solidified because them the dates to fill quickly once they're filled their -- And if -- then if you think about it right now listening to the shoring and again you know somebody. Who has an event coming up go to the website because you really have to see the pictures of this or the FaceBook page. You really have to see the pitchers of this is it's like. What you said before -- it's like a magic show. Day workers fought Colorado and everything else it's critical you have to see pitchers yet I -- -- and then after you see the pitchers and and they talk and people talk you about BB booking an event. Getting you out there but yet to taste the product. Can can people tasted before they book you. Well what I do is win a bride is. Not certain what we'll do is we will. Have them come to a wedding will have them actually do a mini wedding crash and come into another wedding and we we sick and -- and you know try and see how it looks see how it's run so they get to see it firsthand before they commit to anything but. I would say 90% of money people know what they want and -- -- have seen it or they -- at a bridal show. Or word of mouth or they're -- a wedding inside or somewhere so it is kind of bomb. Typically I don't. Get too many people asking to taste and you also have our video that people and Goran is a view of YouTube video YouTube video they just YouTube nitro -- ice cream that you would pop up there's -- -- to videos I think an -- pretty short minute and a half. But you get to see the whole process she gets the how we flavor of the cream how the liquid nitrogen is put in the bowl kind of what it would look like at an event. Com but every event because the venue is different you know future. Having your wedding -- the -- at their verses but hotel Lafayette it's going to be a different looks so. They're all little different but it eagle on the FaceBook account you would definitely see. Pictures of different venues and then if you were interested -- you need more information I can certainly for a -- -- of events that we have done in the past. It's great it's awesome. It's it's very interesting segment how with you this morning. Uses you know this is a unique thing I mean like you said it's been around forever but. You know -- It's -- that it's now wouldn't be at the top of my mind but when he sees things like this and the pictures. And the things that the events you Burnett. I'm saying to myself I wish I would have known her wish it would have thought of it you know when I had my -- I hope a lot of people's limits they're absolutely a lot of people say that's me. And I have to say body -- make sure I give you some ice cream I'll bring some album do something federally supported 'cause you don't Orangemen. It my blood you'll healed you'd love it you would absolutely love of your ice cream fanatic if you look at the track in my ice cream it's wonderful. Crews outside it's it's been -- area -- great guy. But if you really believe in your product and and that seems accurately have a good time with the list. So by -- IE I really appreciate you being on the show this morning. Bruce from nitro magic ice cream. Go to that website natural magic ice cream and check it out and and give this guy call because you're event is about to take a whole other turned. When you see this and the people at your event are got a lot. Right so we really appreciate you have on this morning that it's been great thank you thank you again buddy I truly appreciate and thank you mark. And will be back the next week another edition of buffalo means business here and ESPN. 1520 many of his body Shula will see that. Thank you for listening to buffalo means business -- -- to buffalo radio veteran M local business have a good -- Shula. Bubble means businesses an hour long weekly radio show that's spotlights a local business brought you by doctor Bob dental care. For worry free dentistry hold your nearest doctor -- location. And by copier fax business technologies go home of document intelligence. To your favorite local business featured on this program please call 8430167. That's 8430167. Thanks for listening to buffalo means business on he has -- fifteen money.

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