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Feb 4, 2014|

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-- listening to Buffalo's home for a ESPN radio. 15:20 AM WWK. Let's talk native -- John King is produced every week in association with iroquois promotions. You're a boy promotions is a native company located on the catalog -- territory of the Seneca nation. You're a boy promotions brings a combined fifteen years of emotional experience in professional and amateur sporting event and entertainment. Here boy promotions provides prominent native speakers for lectures cultural event media and educational institutions. Pass defense include professional boxing fantasy football events tournaments at least showcase and more. Iroquois promotions also promotes self sustaining -- -- -- -- from the projects -- our international network for your next entertainment -- -- cultural event. Be sure to contact your boy promotions at 71653. To 4449. That's 71653. To 4449. Fort iroquois promotions. Com -- they go back -- John David let's not native. You know I'm not just talking to you about in newspapers -- book -- about. Than they are the Nyack. Falls reporter and and its owner frank -- Lotto. You know this guy who's got in trouble with -- other -- -- kind of ridiculous comments of the guy who suggested that he didn't want. He's paper's view movie reviews of of of films that would have. Oh we mean playing the -- role in a it in any kind of action film. -- at the man would be the villain in the in the would be the hero because he didn't think it was mainly in -- and you read the stuff that he -- here you know again this whole idea that. That this is he he's hung up on his manly thing and I don't know. You know I again I don't know what is complex on all of this is this for real the year manly thing is but. He suggested that the Seneca brand cigarettes. Have a -- with a mountain range in -- would that address them at the hope to help Foster the -- That the cigarette is girl mentally while at the reason there's mounds on his because the senator is real name is known analogue enemies the people of the mountains. And then and then now part of the the trademark is is a picture of that was the thing to Seneca chief says. -- in the -- -- though. I don't know that that there is any real effort to promote the brand is as manly it is it is it basically. A native brand. That was developed because the handwriting on the wall was that that. The major manufacturers who who loved us to death one now we are selling their product exclusively. Were basically getting beat up in and were raise the price up higher and higher and so. We thought there are people thought to protect. Are placed in them in the in the market that need to be native France and Seneca brand cigarettes happens to be the the most successful -- brand. I think in the country but. But. But again this guy get so much wrong and he flat out did not know that the Seneca brandy never looked at the pack where says meeting candidate he is you mean its army to Seneca people don't get anything from the manufacturers and -- it. I think that's exactly what I'm telling -- I mean he was clueless and yet he writes this stuff so when you realize how much he can get wrong with the things he's saying so when he says that down. You know most of the jobs are low paying him and mostly part time. I don't that's true. There are part time jobs there and and some of the the jobs do pay you know probably media are not a high paying job but. But this but the fact of the matter is the Seneca nation is a large employer and and their largest facilities the facility in Niagara Falls. And -- falls benefits in that in many big ways you know that the fact -- -- -- false USA has been you know. Really on the on the downside for so long had nothing to do with the Seneca nation being there is the senate president of the have given it a book a shot in the arm not just with the fact. But they've dumped a bunch of money created a lot of jobs up there. But the fact is that there that -- again it is is probably they don't pay property tax that sales -- in the back. They don't be saying -- paying taxes but 25% of put what their machines bring in. They're they're giving. Did it at the State of New York. Point 5% of Beckham's -- back to did to Niagara Falls. That that mayor was what was happy as a pig in you know what when. When this. Escrow account issue what was was finally I settled in -- -- any learned a sixty million dollars coming in higher ball and and -- and again he's a from frank -- -- a problem with the war with the leadership that they he elects that he's a part of electing. I don't give you voted for opera diced or not that's his mayor if he's got a problem that's your problem. -- got a problem with the with your governor. And then that New York governor he's not -- dollars. And so -- that this is where there were some of these things are just so when you see how wrong he is on the on the security issue. How can you believe anybody's -- year. -- is that the publication of selected done. Point one company is on the business first business -- will be is his first one on -- my question is how many of those companies getting tax abatements. IB EU yet no problem pointing out that the the tax advantage of the Seneca nation has. How many of those 21 companies that were honored by buffalo business first were we're getting probably some ungodly tax breaks. In getting you -- much better. So tell me about the advantage is that the Seneca nation head. They have to build a casino on -- on ridiculously expensive money. They had and they -- they've had to fight people every step along the way and including having to fight guys like this horror will printing this racist crap in his newspaper every week. You know he's saying things about about about the senate getting back to the to the Mandela. Article -- -- the idea that he would like in. The people of bear falls to living under under slavery. I mean that's insulting to the people who had to go through that if if I'm if I'm a black man and I hear this guy saying this kind of stuff I. -- that would really make me angry. That would really make me angry that he is minimize that. You know I think including here in obviously not a whole lot of people on Africa who lived under apartheid to a we're gonna see. This crap. But. When I read this stuff bumping him. Don't don't tell me that I'm playing the race card -- you know he literally said to me on the phone tonight. He says would go to biggest problem our problem one ethnic group has an advantage over the others that's that's the race card. There there isn't one ethnic group. The Seneca nation had an opportunity. That they gained back to require loss like -- didn't get -- didn't I Grand Island back then once some tremendous playing claims. What happened is after after being abused for a hundred years on the Salamanca lease. They were great it's an opportunity to two to re acquire some of their lost land. And they did it -- to -- a few acres of Niagara Falls. And they bought it will win some support. From a from the State of New York a Republican governor on my dad you know you know for. For one that the Tea Party crowd. And I are also benefited now has to has not faltered to -- to a boom town because of course not there's an awful lot of other problems that go on in Niagara Falls. That and certainly the Seneca nation isn't one of them. There's a lot of problems the period you know the city's been cropped. You know been operating in under the bill corruption for so long. Then it's then it's not funny this that and to suggest. And and and that the great part is -- literally suggested to me that he was the senators would take over the entire city. And nine medals they all have a lot of respect what they daughters of respect for senate if he certainly isn't coming out your articles. And -- on the and the fact is trying to scapegoat and this is an attempt to create a rift. There's no question in my mind when I'm reading this thinks he's trying to get people angry at Seneca people. You know he he's trying to paint the senate does. You know -- Again as you know as cowards for selling cigarettes. As savages. People who are are exploiting. You know the predator that you know the the predatory nature of casinos. Won the State of New -- is doing the same thing. Even before the pass a referendum that manipulated or lost sleep turn the racetracks. Into eight into the slot parlors. Some -- to pinpoint a picture point a finger at them at the Seneca people. Or -- this is a a nation enterprise. -- -- an awful lot back into into west you're gonna fact again. The the business first. Is recognized -- for what they're doing for Western New York. So one of what I it's funny when I have a conversation turned to walk all the stuff back and I don't mean to say that well what you don't mean to say that. You got this whole senator cigarette being completely wrong. You know again that in fact of the matter is you can't buy the Seneca brand cigarettes in in the senate that casinos. I don't know why it doesn't make sense to me. They. They're they're selling premium brands and frankly they're probably stand. They probably have New York to estate tax on them you know I don't know how the senate and anything could -- The RJ Reynolds product for the laurel our product. I'd again I would suggest them to go to the casino on buyout by a pack of morals and Steve you're paying ten bucks for. But just you but this guy's saying this you know. The same stuff as if it's. As if it's real. As if it's truthful and it's not. And he says that the these 3000 workers and subjected to the secondhand smoke well let's let's be clear not all the 3000. Workers are people who were deployed by the by the Seneca Niagara casino or the rhythm that he gaming in general. Are are working -- casino floor. And and it's true that the that there is an advantage because the senators have not banned smoking they've -- they provide some smoke free areas. And when I talk to frank are a lot of the -- that is not to figure out your problems in New York State. They're the ones that are creating these prohibitions against this stuff. -- -- The high taxes if that's your axe to grind the -- we should be going after not going after the Seneca first serving there's poverty and for marketing and regulatory -- An integrated part as he does it doesn't disagree with me but week in week out he's going to he's gonna print this you know dispute is venom about. You know a again about the slave masters. You know about the plantation owners that are the that are the Seneca of that the Seneca -- and and again he doesn't weapons Seneca nation he actually goes after the -- people he makes is only like every Seneca. Is living. At a higher level of life. And -- with a with authorities -- rights. That the that anybody else that are both of them have. I mean he couldn't be. I am I guess my question. How pervasive -- -- view and that's I mean this when I read this stuff this is the lunatic fringe as far as I'm concerned. I -- this is this the craziness that you hear I've Tea Party years -- the ones who you know will call Obama a Communist or. You know or or whatever I mean. When -- when I see you know. You know some of the stupid things that I hear in you know you again by these people war really. Motivated by racism and there's no question about in the and you and and although he tried to lump himself in with the way you know with with anybody Niagara Falls that's not Seneca. You still singling out a specific race of people and I'm sorry but that's racism. And Anna and the senate the people are not leaving yet in the I'm in in a higher class. You know politically or socially or. You know or are from an authority standpoint that the the other people of higher -- if it's ridiculous it's it's just a ridiculous assertions so. And I guess my my question is is this guy does not. I mean is is is he Cingular in his opinion or are there enough people out there that support to think I mean I don't know how well this newspaper does. I think it's a free newspapers so he -- obviously doesn't count of people buying it. But their people and advertise on the so when I'm gonna do over the next couple weeks. As I'm gonna start -- I'm reaching out I'm gonna start mentioning that you advertiser newspaper and I noticed I'm gonna cite some of the things that are present here and I don't know if Christian dessert is willing to have me on to talk about this side. I'm I'm open we can't talk about it on two sides. But to me this kind of race baiting that you know the franc -- a lot of was participated in. Is something that that that I can't be quiet about it anymore and I've I've let some of the stuff go by and I've seen them as often. In print and if ignored it NN and a few people in one you know. One person in particular has been sending me you know copies of these articles hoping that I would step up and and I can't I have an obligation a responsibility to to call up this kind of stuff and so that's what I'm doing it's interesting that there was that -- was so insistent on on talking to me. On the fact. Two on a free to call yesterday want to know -- view in the talked -- the kind of -- really care about the guy. In and he wants to doc wouldn't let me and understand a couple weeks giving playing catch up on with some of -- with that was some of the crap that he's written and then we'll -- you still want to talk to me. You know -- he vowed not to say he made a flat on the offered to come on my show. And he offered 22 run any article that I would like their operatives paper but frankly I'm an interest in giving him any press. I'm not interested in in in writing something for his newspaper. On a slam is is -- slam them in the newspaper that are currently rate for all us Clemens in the through times. And whether I actually want that guy on my show if it Christmas or wants to bring. Bring franc -- a lot of want to her show. All right that that's fine but I'm not sure that I wanna waste my Airways by giving this guy voice here. Because frankly he's got his voice his voice is it is this newspaper and the stuff that he's writing. I don't care how much he tries to explain it now or try to tell me what he means. It is what it is he's written and he's not willing to stand by it and indeed if you want to continue down his throat then then let -- -- I hope he continues the right to scrap. Because I want to continue to -- the money until the until advertisers run away from but I I'll bet you I would just -- you. He's gonna he's in his office phone. And if he doesn't great because I'm going after -- -- going after discuss the -- you know I'm not Seneca. I'm not I don't have that did this the casinos -- don't advertise. On my show here. I don't have a dog in this fight I'm not in the -- in the cigarette business yeah. You know I I do radio I write a column. But you know what I'm not to sit there and let somebody who has access to media. Beat this. -- -- stuff without without some commentary come back and I'm not willing to. Two play in his sandbox in in in his is scrappy little newspaper you know and and again. And as having said that. I know that there is that the is that there have been a few stories you know that the paper did some good -- they exposed to view the views of stories -- Hudson has done some things I think Tony. -- is done some things. But I've never seen anything to disguise written it was anything more than crap. So again both the you know will will see what comes down the pike here I will continue to follow this stuff. On a bigger around and and I if I find any other stuff he's written I'm a column on on this stuff is it's terrible in any really goes against. Again I'm trying to reach out to people I'm not calling on the people of Niagara Falls. And I'm not calling down you know I think politically there's been some problems here in western new York and that's why things have console badly and I -- they just stop your westerner I think. I think the you know Albany in the rest of state has no Western New York dry. But if that's what if it guys like frank pro I don't have a have an issue with Albany. Or or with politicians and in westerners in Western New York then they go after those guys. You know I know in the field -- going after Paul Spicer and and and to me Paul Clijsters the -- this. The guy does some some ridiculous things and obviously you know -- my own history Paul -- But the you know it'd be glad your own people but but also they're trying to condemn this act of fuel because of things you don't really know what you're talking about. And and that's my point is a guy who's under researched this and a real newsman like he didn't even know what the premise was for it and to acquire the fifty acres. And he didn't and yet everything wrong when it came down to the tobacco issue. So you know it is obviously not a guy who is is is very well read on facts he just writes. And spews an opinion. Based on. Whatever he dreams up so again that's that's my view on frank -- -- on -- continue on instinct for awhile and again I encourage people to participate in the conversation you can text me an email me you can. You know weigh in on the program and anyway that you did you care to and if you if you support what this guy saying. It by now means that you know step up and docked at -- me about it I'm not afraid the issue I'm not afraid to take take think frank for a lot of Juan had done. I just not. I'm just not trying to give you more business you know I'm I'm raising these issues because of you know some -- -- -- being that he's done but I'm not into and giving more business that and it frankly I think he's -- -- -- effect -- talk about -- but you know Soviet. I'm not. Again I got to address the issues that that he's written and you know he and whether unique city corrections this paper for the things he gets wrong. It kind of missed the point nobody -- the corrections to just read the headlines so we'll see how that works out again this John -- -- -- take a break don't go back and talk about. -- study Jews in honor of Super Bowl funding which was kind of about -- turns -- But double talk about that we come back this John McCain is let's -- native. 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Towards going after the the Washington football team because of their team means the Redskins. You know the united. Ray -- border from the united nation is jump on losing both like Susan hard group of -- -- for a long time. There are a lot of people who older who weighed in on this issue and it. And I and I got to tell you I I agree. That utilizing. Needed Dmitry. For a team's mascot is wrong -- I'm one of the few people who who drew this whole issue right back to. Two guys like L frank bomb the writer of the wizard of Bosnia who authored there was a revised series that one was advisors he's one of the guys who said that down. He wanted to see native people. Just in the history books you know let's let's exterminate let's get rid of them let's kill them because we don't really like what they are we just like the image of what they represented. Yeah I mean he literally call for the extermination. I'm. The extermination -- people he's it. You know this just all be killed because they're they're just a pack of whining occur that that would hand it's my it's them that -- language that he used. So this guy with -- he wrote this because he was a I'm an editor of of newspaper and the this that was written around the time that encouraged. The massacre wounded knee he wrote this. Like a week before the massacre Whitney he said we should just kill animal. Because it is no we don't like what they are. We just like what they represent with equities spent more Cooper wrote about the we like this the the idea that there are these noble king is of those of those of the forest in the plains. So he he liked the the -- said they had before we are. Never liked what we really war and and it certainly delightful we were in 1890 when they were when it was still open season to kill Indians. So now you fast forward now and you still -- these sports teams that big jokingly in many ways. You know in in a very mocking sense. Use native imagery out service -- chief Wahoo with the Cleveland Indians or. You know -- knocked home offer the Atlanta Braves you know or you know or or this the Washington Redskins logo now. And again don't get me wrong. If you go into any native territory you're -- in at Cleveland Indians that pandora or black Arthurs or Redskins you know local someplace. Because some people are drawn to the only thing in the in the dominant society around us that that. They somehow in the in in even a -- way I got by with but by and large most of them don't like most native people don't. Care for the stuff and certainly the word redskin. And and -- and -- harbor always is saying olive thing you know -- dictionary definition it says that it the disparaging term I don't care what the dictionary says it is. To meet the word rescued is like the word (%expletive) in is based on -- color. The word (%expletive) comes from the Latin word for black and that's what it was associated loose it was a word that was born out of out of skin color. Now whether people really say while AM in native people are really red -- well let's be clear this redskin long term. Has been. Amid it has a terrible history to the work itself has a terrible history to it and whether. It became common usage among non native people and eventually infiltrated into into -- territories. Where where another native person might refer to somebody's a -- where that we use that word or not. Doesn't mean that it's something that a company the size of the Washington NFL franchise. Which isn't it the second most profitable. Football -- a sports franchise in the United States. Makes millions and millions of dollars off of this this low blow and if this word that is frankly a derogatory word. I may be no different than using -- -- -- Booker cool course spic or (%expletive) or any else for a fourteen -- it is no different than that. The differences. People find the other stuff offense. And I think white people I mean non native people non native people think will know that those words are offensive this don't use them. But this elegant name a name team name after I mean they're player racist people would would would spew those words out without even a hitch. Well maybe a little -- -- fit that -- look around to see if if it's appropriate but I tell -- That those same people would not dare call a new person rescued when it went out when Roger Goodell was asked. What he thought it was appropriate to call Anita person arrested. His answer was look at the name of the oval ball with a nickname for football -- -- it's not a nickname. It is done name off the football team let's let's be clear it's not a nickname. It is the name of the franchise. And and I'm not just picking on the Washington football team. You know. Who. This. Our writer for the nation magazine. David does here and he's written a couple of good article -- he -- one just recently because during this Super Bowl week. They they had a couple of commemoration. The events that were planned to promote racial justice and and in all these events of the event the Roger you know Padilla showed that but -- to have the that it. To promote racial justice and who shows up there but Dan Snyder the owner of the Washington football team. Young and this team that has never had a black coach this is the last team to integrate. Nothing and it it's all under the insiders watch but but it is that it is a team that is the history of racism. And -- this guy shows up an event to promote racial justice. A young and it's so there's there's an irony in and that alone and and of course it was it was widely attended by for a fairly diverse crowd but you know this that this a big concern also wrote. Another piece about down. About the seminoles the the Florida State symbols. You know the end and bill -- it is easy to oppose the name of the Washington Redskins and -- owner inspired change beloved. A big it'd brand. After -- to dictionary defines -- bestowed on the NFL France's by the arts are segregationist. Mr. loving founder. When you have a native American organization. -- he's -- Republicans vote Democrats in congress and even the president thing is time to change the name is not exactly it is difficult to get on board. But is this what about the Florida State some models. And edit an and it's true I mean. They were very successful in order of their very successful football franchise now on our rob college team. And -- of the date of -- and it is difficult to watch those games did to watch the stands filled with -- white people under a non native people. -- wearing ridiculous feathers on their head and and and you pinning their faces and making a mockery of everything that is native and culture. It's -- I actually watched Bill Murray. During a it was either pregame Horry -- halftime show I think with a pregame -- and I don't remember -- -- Florida State was playing. But when he gets on there and and I get I know he's a comedian but at some point. You wanted the hosts of that show one of the sportscast and they show comes out dressed up as. As -- Lola. And don't -- pick some up and body slams and in the thumping and and and it's just it's insulting it's embarrassing and yet. The Florida State Seminoles get a pass an and the question is you know one. Why do they get past why is it okay. And it ought to think that people say I want I want laws because the Florida. The Florida State down. I say the the university had a formal agreement with the Seminole nation. Well you know really that's my. True and and and it and it again as you earned your points out he says Saddam. Because any Florida State fanatical shot back to the university has -- by formal -- some at all nation. And that makes everything all right fans treat this much touted agreement like they have a racist amnesty card in their back pocket. The approval for of the Seminole nation they would tell you makes it a okay. While and then eight and again they're right actually it doesn't it doesn't first and foremost because the existence of the agreement is a myth. It doesn't exist all that happened was. -- was the December all the Florida several Tribal Council. Basically it endorsed the name. But most of the seminoles believe for a multiple of Oklahoma they were forced out on the trail of -- and -- and a variety of other. You know real racists and -- -- acts of the United States. And they -- oppose the name. They opposed. The university uses -- it is very difficult to watch those games the -- it's about the gonna take a break but I want them back a couple of more about the Florida -- them all but also talk about. Again against somebody other issues and why. If this isn't just a a -- the issue why this isn't just something superficial that needs to be ignored. If it is superficial if that's all we're gonna talk about -- but if we don't talk about how this impacts. US policy. And what it's born out of work goes through then we're missing the point and that's what I want -- more but this John McCain is let's talk native Robert back looking for. Great cities and tobacco products and gas just stop at the crossroads crossroads smoke shop is located right in the heart of the catalog is territorial the Seneca nation. At the crossroads of route 438 and for -- plank road. Crossroads smoke shop carries discount tobacco products -- fully self service gas prices that are only possible -- territory. 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I may actually be the only radio show of its kind anywhere -- can be heard live theory Sunday night on TV fifteenth when he's. Powerhouse 50000 -- signal and online. A live web streaming archive shows can be accessed at KV 1520 dot com. And on John McCain's native tried blogs have less talk native -- and dot Blogspot dot com. Join the let's talk -- John cain's FaceBook group page where you'll find links announcements -- -- place to offer comments and suggestions. Thanks for coming back to let's talk native a phone line is open for seven -- -- Money here's -- stock may oppose John McCain. All right they've come back this giant -- look you know here's the deal with the with the Florida State symbols and and and look let's be clear here. The fact that the -- -- all of the Florida several Tribal Council. Basically endorsed this this name. You have to understand that the circumstance that there -- They built a bit of a brand themselves and it essentially their Colbern in themselves with you know with. The huge following that the Florida State University has. For the football -- programs but it. It is not in their best interest to condemn the name because. They're invested in Florida I mean they've got the you know casinos and they they know they bought the hard rock cafe in they've they've got. You know probably billions of dollars invested. And they don't wanna have a backlash. From the fans of Florida State against them. But that doesn't make it okay -- that I say OK but the best way for for -- -- to make peace with it would harbors them buy them off. You know make some sort of deal were being co brand the Oneida is with the -- nothing in the -- would do such a thing either by the way. But but the fact of the matter is. Most of these -- -- you know the -- the unique thing about. Florida State is that a fair within essentially within the territory that that. You know at least the the ephemeral travel on the Florida several from a couple -- still goes to operate even almost resembles -- Oklahoma -- -- have this you know. And in you always -- that you guys like Dan Snyder anybody else they've almost you'll support the name while I'm sorry that's not true it's categorically not true. Even that this past week during Super Bowl week here. Iran as spider was Aaron Arnold Goodell was that a it is Roger Goodell ought to at a at a press conference somebody asked about the name. And he basically said while he -- -- to watch a football team. Uses the name in a very honoring and respectful way while I'm sorry there's no way the -- you can use the name redskin in -- honoring and respectful way. And then when he tries to suggest that somehow. That debt that don't name is it referring to us without any civil would you call it a person arrested and Goodell says. Look at the nickname for football team what that implies that somehow. It has nothing to do with death. But the -- -- on the side of the football helmet and and -- From what I understand all of it really happen -- let me go back a -- this week there was a big push by a lot of button on especially native groups. Pushing back on the on the change the mascot issue and I got to tell you. I have a hard time making the singularly about the Washington Redskins. I do I have a I've had given up on that because it's not just about using its not about the word. It's about it's about the whole idea of using us as mascots. Because what it does it it treats is therefore dead. As if -- part of ancient history like a viking. You know or forty -- You know or your some inanimate object like something that doesn't exist anymore. That's what it treats as our a giant -- -- I mean. We aren't we aren't fictitious characters we still exist we still live we're still here. And even though there's been a a long history of the United States policies that have been geared toward trying to make us extinct including current ones I might -- One of these that was real clear when I was speaking out of Phoenix a couple weeks ago -- this federal recognition process. It is if it's a process of attrition it's about trying to meet people goal way he you know -- that in its thirty years. I think only seventeen. Need people who were trying to. Get their recognition acknowledged by the federal government in the whole other issue. Only seventy -- through in thirty years. Only to win the last ten years have made it through. And end it and it's it's about saying give up on -- -- no you're not we're not gonna recommend as far as we're concerned you don't exist. You call yourself -- that you want to but as far as federal arms concern you're not. And and that's again that's part of the genocide that's that's not just assimilation that saying we are not going to allow you to exist to the people with the in. Within our definition and without our within our culture within our within our law. That's essentially what that's about so the genocide continues. And so when you treatises exit -- as if we are nonexistent and then you try to terminator is that the whole period of time where the United States that. A gay man march -- -- -- you don't exist anymore. No you don't exist anymore no you don't exist anymore. And today I stand I think here is as they've and a Morgan Laguna Honda the federal government doesn't acknowledge that I existence as a as a law. They don't recognize and and and again are -- clear. Federal recognition means that -- you'll recognize that tried Gator Nation of Indians aborted the laws and customs the United States on not that anyway. But the only. People you know they can have it called so walk that are federally recognized are the Saint Regis -- -- up with -- And and I don't know how many of those people really are I know there are plenty of abandoned the Hobbits but but plenty of -- to leave it up with Austin. But I how many would care to the characterized themselves Saint Regis Indians. This is this the fabrication of New York State in a fabrication of a the United States so the federal government as a recognized. -- people walked nation. The -- -- -- that the -- that doesn't mean that we don't exist. So there's there's vendors you know sold the policies the United States. I mean this whole mascot issue is emblematic of that. And the fact that you can use derogatory names and and and granted as you would -- is that why you but -- it -- the world warrior respectful. Look it's it's not -- whether you can dress it up some now. And use a better word it's the idea of using us as a as -- mascot or -- our local or or theme. Last fall. For high schools. Had had images of their banners that -- created. Because they're playing these were either playoff teams are playing in in there in the state playoffs attributed to a they're playing against teams that were called Indians. Four separate high schools had gators that it ever worry counting the betrayal of years one -- get ready for another -- of years. So I mean. That we like play against the team that somehow had been named that that were were called to Jews. And say OK get ready for another tripped out -- See nobody would do that. But the idea that high school could cite the trail of tears as some sort of humorous or gag approach to. A dude playing a team called the news see it's not just about. Weather team uses the logo. It's how the teams are playing against them and use that. You know I think just wants you want it over one of the -- -- in the warriors and don't use -- need of mascot. Use your own. Couldn't put it and enlisted man a soldier on the side your home. The soldier inside your helmet and and and then if somebody makes a cartoon character about it they it decided Beetle Bailey should be your your mascot and you take offense that then you'll know how we feel. If somebody if one team but the play against the Washington warriors. And they decide that they're gonna put a banner with a bunch of flag draped coffins that that that they're you -- walk through. And you and you find that offensive then you'll know how we feel. Now. I'm not suggesting this I'm guessing if you put the thing in its proper perspective you -- you'd understand. And I can't emphasize enough that -- -- one individual and it's still captures you know they I don't know if my attention on this thing. Is big guy in the Philadelphia Eagles fan. Who shows up at the home games when their one of playing against the Washington Redskins. Within within Indian head a rubber Indian head with a headdress on it was more pain on that on -- decapitated head. And had a sort ran through it and has absorbed ranting aside they had Andy stand is theater in -- in the bleachers. He he himself he's all painted green in honor of his of this team. And he's got this in pale Indian head on on a sword and he stands at at and of course he's allowed in the stock is stadium with this thing. Susie he's allowed in the stadium with a -- and across the day that in the face of the entailed decapitate Indian head. It says redskin dead skin. Now. Maybe that's okay with everybody you know maybe and maybe guys like -- -- Are allowed those who. You know war or are all the peoples who basically tell native he would just get over this is an instant news -- while not an insignificant issue. If you bring your seven year old -- to a game. The same moron who did this thing at that at the Redskins. Game in Philadelphia. Thought it was a also appropriate to paint -- orange and show up on the Blackhawks for playing the flyers and in the hockey playoffs last year. And and of course verses that -- had no problem. Plastering this guy's picture this image of this guy would have -- Indian head. Although further the backdrop for you know for going to commercial break for putting the scores up America. I mean this is the world that we live it. We live in a world where what it would be inappropriate for any other people he's okay. It's okay because you know what's happened people try to take ownership of it. That the Redskins and costs. It's the Washington football team owns. That's -- Snyder says. That's what Goodell says that's what the Lancaster Lancaster high school here in in in -- New York says is it that's hours. That's not your you to take it away from us. That's our history we've been calling herself the Redskins for you know for fifty years so so we -- that now. We own your image. So whatever we put our football -- if it's insulting to you while we didn't mean it to be insulting so it's okay so. That it's not the folks who -- insulted by. They have a right to determine whether something is -- -- whether it's the thought there. We're supposed to be honored by the week and let's be clear we art. We aren't honored winds went with the white guy puts on Indian make up and does cart we -- -- multiple football field that has nothing on -- We are honored by having a stadium but are full of Florida State. Fans. Who he was war paint on their faces you know doing a tomahawk chop and there are Atlanta -- days -- not it's creepy. It's creepy. And and and it's just wrong it's insulting it's it's making a mockery of who we are now holy war. But who we are. We still exists. We didn't go away. In Al frank bombs idea to exterminate all of Austin let us live in the history books so we could be honors the rankings. Of the fourth the planes he didn't come it didn't come true. Unfortunately for our effort too far too many people in the United States we continue to exist. You know I'm and there are people who who have really strong opinions about the fact that that we stand up for environmental issues. And it cost down for. But I'll tell you eventually in and that's why I do the show that's why I'm I'm I'm picking up to show and doing the show in New York. I'm not gonna talk with the mascot issue every every day. Because for me whether Washington football team changes they are not. Is easily the highest priority to me in fact there's a Serb parties as you know keep the name. Because I want keep pointing to a I wanna keep pointed the fact that the that -- be the second most profitable. NFL franchise. In the United States that happened to be located in the nation's capital. Uses derogatory name four or for who we are. A word that they used in every instance to be insulting and integrating not just because they -- thinking Redskins. You know or you know or or whatever whatever the you know the adjective that they stopped in front of it. All the time. And you know and whether you know frank -- Lotto is referring to Austin the savage cure or anything else you know. That's that's not as bad as the as the policies. That continue to exist. The fact that you have a federal government. That that still has. Of abuse of policies. And whether it's in their federal recognition process or whether the idea. That they were so resistant to even entertain the UN declaration on the rights -- religious people because they don't want to set the table was in work out any in any differences. They know they begin they did they don't beat us in court. So that's what they were there that's what they view is there there. Their process there remedy for conflict. While I I don't I don't blue view that as as the remedy for conflict. -- kind of remedy for conflict is is working out a problem. Having a conversation being human beings. Not being lords and masters -- putting some white men and black robe it's gonna decide whether somebody's writer or right or wrong. I'd never powered anybody to have that authority over me over my culture or my people. I think the -- these issues have to be worked out as human beings. You know -- and and again. I don't care if I ever changed the view of -- and spider or Roger Goodell. Or frank Parlow. I just wanna make sure that those people. Don't have the ability to infect others with their oh with there with their biases. That's that's not my job is I don't care about change in the people or entrenched in their beliefs. I just don't want in I hope as as more -- there is no more universities done away with the with the practice of using. Native -- you know as as mascots most high schools have done away with that. But not -- not the NFL. Not Major League Baseball. So there's work to be done and and the weather I think those things are there are the biggest priority not. -- or not I think that they are emblematic of both of our circumstance and emblematic of the of this special unique kind of racism. That is -- towards these people. But -- John Kennedy a break in brat they show up so the -- -- back after this. Here's the -- of smoke and deals OJ smoking gas with bicycle eighties and -- every Tuesday plus tax free savings iridium gas propane and diesel. Which is -- -- wide -- -- -- -- tobacco products plus roll your own supplies to troops papers smoke -- candles and special request products like -- premium cigars and more polluted smoking gas now with Seneca nation fishing licenses and accessories. Open everyday for a toll at 2111 west perimeter roads Greenberg on the beautiful Allegheny territory of the Seneca nation. Call 71635464354. Days smoking gas. When it comes to your favorite tobacco products and accessories your full service -- is the second do we Indian market on the tunnel -- syndicate territory. From -- little cigars and stuff to blunt wraps and roll hero products they have a -- or they'll get it for you. Second we even as the latest and the prices are low but this much -- to service -- top of the line at second do we Indian market on Bloomingdale's in the top 1% of the territory. Just six miles off 488 left on -- -- look for the two authentic TP. Anyone under 26 will be ID port tobacco purchases so how -- -- express and sweet in Salamanca New York is the only national hotel in the Allegheny territory of the Seneca nation. Yours includes a free continental breakfast shuttle service to and from the -- Allegheny casino every thirty minutes. And the excellent quality you expect from the holiday incorporation. The -- oblivion express since we've also reached a fitness room he indoor pool spot and more call them today 7169457600. And stay Smart with polity and express and sweets. From Buffalo, New York in the historic homeland for the senator. Let's talk native rides on the power of the history and fifteen when he's powerhouse signals up and -- the East Coast of turtle island. Join the discussion on let's start -- -- -- your host John McCain. All right the -- back. Hey the -- up all the information on the event there's -- scheduled for tomorrow that's Monday February 3. At 6 PM. In the the whole idea is to send a message to the president states. To reject the keystone XL pipeline and in is that front park. Bus Viet Porter in buffalo. And that's gonna again that it sets 6 PM I'm gonna make it down their -- open up people show up a I think there's this is it that's got to be deal. Yet keystone XL pipeline is he's going to be. This huge facility here. In terms of pulling tar sands oil out of -- which is the dirty as oil on the planet at developer. Truck -- across the United States to the Gulf of Mexico for finery opera finding -- resold to Asia. You know people say while we need -- oil for you know for energy independence while. There is no energy independence if you're destroying the planet to to produce energy. And all of the billions of dollars it would go in this pipeline. Which are gonna be temporary. You know temporary jobs this isn't something that's gonna you know create some sort of long term employment for anybody they're gonna build a pipeline they're gonna do a lot of Canadian labored to a lot of Canadian material to do it. They're gonna use -- and and then. There is that the history of these things is not good in terms of you know the corrosive nature of Bob. The product to go through the pipeline because it's not just crude oil it is. It is something that isn't even characterizes group called -- community up. It's a liquefied. Liquefied with chemicals form of bomb of tar that is extracted from sand. So what they're doing is they're digging up an area the size of Florida in the province of Alberta. And they're using they're that they're actually if they're actually need natural gas of the need to develop more natural gas so that you use natural gas to. To heat the the sand and extract washing with chemicals and water to create the huge settling ponds that are thought. They I was told that the largest. Dam on the planet. He's not to dam a river. It's not the dam created AM four for hydropower and that. It is a damn that was created. Four for the settling ponds for for where this. Loyal this tar. You know the -- water. Our our. Are put in you know and when they watch this stuff they try to skim off the of the tar off the top. And it's it's just an environmental nightmare you'd actually going Googlers. Zoom in to places near Fort McMurray Alberta and you can see I mean BC's have been visible from space I -- did it is they are at that over the top. It actually looks like nom -- like Armageddon in the civil wars on it looks like another planet. When you when you see with these places look like where they've been harvesting this or extracting this. This is the star since. Oil and and and again that this you know this report -- came -- Last Friday what is that is that the the the reports suggest that the pipeline would not had. Two. Environmental. These are more carbon going into the atmosphere. And and give them. The reason for that is saying is because. The oil's going to be pulled out of that out of Alberta anyway -- without the pipeline and equity try to suggest the pipeline might be say for the rail. Or trucking and activist but the idea. If if a if a train. It's a train currently soil it's a limited amount. There's no limitation to how much of pipeline in -- lead and day in the history of these pipelines these pipelines bursting. I mean that there's been a record number of these breaches these pipelines over the last last year and of course they make the argument that's why we need a new one because you can use the old ones. What's so. How do you monitor the safety of these things if you don't even know. What do what the pipeline is is really net what's really necessary amid the whole argument is we got -- the -- but but there's no question if you build. These huge pipeline to connect Alberta. Tar sands oil attraction to the Gulf of Mexico you're facilitating that extraction. So you offer for this reporter and report to suggest. That building the pipeline isn't going to add to it is CO2 emissions it it's a lot. It's alive because if you're using and and again extracting this oil. Isn't much larger carbon footprint than just you know pumping oil out of the ground. And then letting that oil be part of the emissions that you did it it this the carbon footprints -- even when extracting this oil. Is huge for using the oil what -- talking about you know while we got to move away from petroleum based product because it's in bars because of it in the hazard to the environment. We're talking about. This. Being an a -- an unhealthy way of eating getting to the does this petroleum based product. So again as this event is taking place tomorrow at 6 o'clock. You know over you know not far from where the peace bridges so you know to be into the if we who we get from the Canadian side as well. In again it's it it's going to be at a front park which is -- the importer. In in buffalo. And that that's the 6 o'clock. I didn't know much about this I think -- kind of develop out of one when this report tomorrow last week. I would promote producing more but I I do plan to be here. So if you -- a she if you have a chance you got time to kill -- -- come join us over at front part look down. Again. Pretty excited about what's coming forward. I'm excited about the prospects for -- some of these that I will. Continue to do and they show. I've frankly I'm I'm hoping that some of the the attention and I grabbed at a New York well actually spill over into media. Creating other opportunities for bringing new types of gas on to my show here. When I have somebody on my -- on first voice in his radio in New York City. And I don't think that we've been able to a he elaborate on the issue is as is the please I'd like -- Our ability to guess from first poison it is radio and say look come spent two hours -- me up and I'm a buffalo show. So I think the connection between the two shows will be real intangible. They will be very distinct shows I -- I do more promote. Offers voice and his radio. On this show that I will promote my show. A -- wasn't registry. -- right eye on this airtime. In in New York I'm. I'm taking over as the host of of an established show. So I'm -- kind of stick with a lot of with that mission. Of that show is but but there's going to be a a Mohawk -- more angle to the issue. And I'm gonna make sure that -- -- -- initially issues. New York issues federal government issues. Tom are are gonna continue to be played out on on the Airways to near city and keep in mind that -- broadcast of 45 other channels and fifteen other states and one province. I'm hoping that. Those who would have been listening to jokes in ghost -- for eleven years. You are our patient enough to get accustomed to hearing my voice and hearing my. My view and and in my view is right in line with yoga and anyway I just have a different delivery. I'm very matter of fact nobody leaves the things that I say up to interpretation. I'm not somebody who speaks he metaphorically. For the most part I don't I'm I'm very matter of fact. And as I've read what others write including. -- you know found some stuff I talked about today I think we need to. I'll be very matter of fact and in our response to those things. So I know I'm not gonna spend we can begin we got talking about the mascot issue. But down I will bring up from time to time I think it is relevant relevant issue in it's a -- local issue because of teams. High schools to use the native of mascot imagery on. I hear -- York. But it's also an issue at the college level and certainly at the pro level so and it's an issue I think at the capital of the United States and Washington so. I'm gonna continue to to via a voice on this issue it just -- going to be my highest birdie I'm terrible poverty I'm concerned about. Although the the list that we lead in that we shouldn't lead in his native people. And I think some it is the sentiment in the recent news in the United States in the racist policy the united contribute that and that's what I'm going after. So again dig up very two and didn't. Online goaded. WBAI. Dot org on Thursday morning at 9 o'clock penalty my. My initial show my. My mind my debut as the host not just -- those as the host of hers was indeed it is radio. So joined the as I as a break that open in New York City this week. And I'll be back here next Sunday this John McCain and his let's talk native I'll see you next week. Here. Little bags for listening to let's talk they do join John McCain each week here on ESPN fifteen money go to -- let's talk native -- John McCain FaceBook group. And offer comments and suggestions on issues discussed or those you'd like addressed. John -- we back Sunday night at nine.

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