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Let's Talk Native 02/02/14 Hour 1

Feb 4, 2014|

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The following -- paid programming opinions expressed are not necessarily those of this radio station it advertisers or sponsors from the western door to the eastern -- and beyond welcome tool lets talk native was John McCain. John addresses the issues of native people their communities and struggled to maintain distinction and a autonomy. Call 7168031520. To join the discussion now here's your host John McCain. Save on welcome -- let's not native justices John game. And down I'm flying solo here in the studio tonight so this is a good opportunity of -- wants to join me. With a with a call in the number of years system with six it was 315 point it's not that I don't have some topics to talk about a fact today. A couple of topics I think. The may warrant if you people who call -- I want to talk about he local newspaper. That I think he's. Has really crossed the line on. Almost hate speech I would say and we're gonna talk about that parliament later but -- I am not I don't and -- -- used the Super Bowl funded a top -- blew up the mascot issue. I'm not specifically about the Washington football team but I'm gonna talk about the the use of native mascots in general yeah I'm. If you listen to the program a regular basis you know that I don't not dwell on this issue I don't place. The whole sports mask 1919. Locals thing at the at the highest level my priorities. But it is a real issue and it is emblematic of of American policy. There's an irony that the that the pro football team in the in the nation's capital. Is actually he actually used a derogatory name for native people. As their team name and I wanna talk a little about Dan -- the owner of the Washington NFL franchise talk a little I don't know about that Roger Goodell. Talk a little bit off some of the they're the folks in the deep within native territories that have weighed in on this thing some of them that I thought we'd be in. Rather weakly. And that's week with -- eight. And some that I think that have have nailed the issue but we'll talk about that a little bit later on birth only one of the one thing bring out the back. That this show is is paid programming and you know I mentioned -- each week. It relies on on on the support of people and I want to first of acknowledged. A bunch of the folks that you know that even contribute it at smaller levels -- really show their support. He in ways that you know that are are often mentioned on the show are made to people like Netflix who Sprague. Of sprigs. General store and for sales -- New York. -- that tree is. Janis Siegel. I've had a gentleman what not for a few years in. And six nations. -- the Soviet though widger -- visit contributed. A nor'easter bring Ross John Tracy brown pat -- with fraud street tobacco. Scott Snyder who was the chairman of the -- party. In on the Seneca nation. I actually had them. Go to the powers that be enough with south they would do with the Saint Regis tribe. Who. Freed up money from the Mohawk timber of commerce in and help me out a big way. Maxine. -- Jimerson with the LeBron smoke shop. The coda and set -- Lisa over cadre is. I'm Mike general with Mike he's emporium in. And -- smoke shop. A -- John. And OG smoked up. My good friend who used to be on the show on a regular basis -- on tour with them. It wholesale supply. And of course my my really good friend lose hill who is who who actually. Donates her time to service as my publicist. And has also contributed to show I think is important that it that I mentioned these people. And I do have a donate button on my a I'm on my my blog which is native pride do you find it simply by searching. Sunday of pride and who are going to. Bureau which is www. Let's talk the year pride dot Blogspot dot com. I've also launched in -- go go. A crowd funding campaign. And again this is all the fund and in the paper might airtime. Here it a ESPN's Sports Radio WW PP 5020. Look for the stuff I have a FaceBook group page and I and I and everything makes it there my blog my parents is on other shows everything make it to my FaceBook group page. -- it can kind of cycle through real relatively quickly because they do. It's that it now I've got like 4000 group members it's that open group page so people can post things on it I incurred two of the view that. But I everything makes it there if you if you wanna follow the show you wanna follow some of the things that I talk about the the issue is that I that I stressed now here on the show but the stuff that I stressed. In my column on and the two -- times. The and there are things that are right there in the show up on on FaceBook that don't show typically sells though so it's a good place through the kind of follow issues. And in particular you know how I weigh in on them. You know I also love. -- Twitter and -- reduce some of the other social media stuff. IE I frequent the the two times FaceBook group page and now but the other and -- sites though so again I encourage people to to participate. Even those. Those types of a social media net and or media. Again I I just wanna kinda give that out there look I've had a I had a pretty could week. On Wednesday ID I stood with the with thirty others. At the -- a an event a luncheon at the buffalo. Convention senator it was put on by the national federation for just communities I was among thirty recipients of of a. A community leadership award mine was the specifically for media I was the only. Want to receive a and a war for media and the thing about the national federation for just communities their mission. Is to basically try to stamp out racism. And and try to stamp out discrimination -- it's about trying to promote goodwill. It's about trying to. Support diversity. And -- on it's I had a conversation with some of the folks there and and I'm one of these fuel who. I go beyond this idea that we needed. Promote tolerance. Tolerance sounds like something you just put up with an -- I I think we need to go beyond tolerance I think we need do we need to be respectful I think we need to understand. You know that that there's diversity in it not just -- people but it in it in opinions. You know NIC you know and hear all the vitriol that goes on between the left in the right between conservatives and liberals and Democrats and Republicans. And you know editing is it that becomes pop in and has become painfully obviously that obvious to me. He's that racism is still a major issue in. In practice the United States on the Canadian side of the imaginary line as well. And at night I think native people in the views that people have towards native people. Is almost as unique kind of racism and and I'll talk about that wanna get into the into the mask ID -- a little bit later on the show. But but again this this. National federation for just communities is organization was born out of you know different faiths coming interfaith. A cooperation. Jewish community Christian community coming together to try to. Again bridge some gaps create -- sisterhood and brotherhood as they -- And down and you know I got -- When I was notified. Up early which currently fall. That was to receive this award in the and that it would you know Vienna at the luncheon at the dimensions that are. I got to -- I had no idea it was this big deal I showed up there and or 600 people in that room. He that the -- buffalo Byron brown issued. He and the the year county. Executive -- Poland cars. These guys issued a document -- each one of us that it was kind of it was a very very pleasant Ebanks and and again I'll I was kind of move by some of the stories that were there an -- and I will keep was genuinely honored to be amongst the people that were being. Awarded an honored at at the -- and I. You know right I think that the work that I do here. And I know that I can get you don't -- I -- strong you know offer some pretty strong language about the issues. And -- of strong views about issues but at the end of the day the show. -- geared towards having a conversation it's about putting some stuff out there and maybe -- things a little bit differently than than they've been -- the pats. I'm not trying to be a shock jock I'm not trying to. Be outrageous. You know so when -- make certain statements that may be some he's never heard before. I genuinely. Believe those things and it's I'm I'm speaking from from my own conscience and from my -- my whole thought process. So I'm not just trying to say something outrageous that don't really. Fewest through were just. Just elected try to get reaction but I do say things. To encourage -- not just a reaction but a conversation. I want people to to talk about the issues the issues that. It -- and again. When I think issues this apparatus. I don't mind being separate I don't mind the fact that this distinction autonomy between. Native people -- senate it is and that and the non native community -- person on the news -- in the tunnel wanders through the but the -- I don't mind that separation what what I do try to do is try to have a conversation so diluted tensions that can exist. -- between those gaps in our problems with -- New York State -- problem with the federal government are problems with them again with with some of the race -- that are out there. And and I got -- yet. You know there there's. -- the kind of racism that exists to meet that supports things like like a native mascot issue you know the fact that we yet teams that'll. Uses derogatory name like Redskins. And you know as there as a teen gamers their mascot. But but even just the idea using native people as some in intimate or some. A thing of the past and and you know so whether the chiefs of the Indians or the or the Braves in music that was all that stuff was thrown at them while. And it cannot get into that a little bit late but does that kind of bombed almost. And -- ignorance because I don't wants as sound of the insulting necessary about it but there's almost as a oblivious nature to how that. Steel encourages a certain level races but then there's the other kind. Does the blatant stuff. And I talk a little about the the about the Niagara reporter which is that which is this terrible little newspaper out of but Niagara Falls it's it's owned by. I don't buy -- franc par Lotto. And he has been spoon feeding. Just some real crap out in this paper for for months. And in some of the stuff yeah and it's funny I got I got tiger up about not gonna get in it is totally in the first segment here but. I'm making it I've been made it making it fairly common knowledge that I'm going to blast some of the things that have been written paper. I even called my good friend -- -- over attack channel two and there's a good chance that perhaps will do something on two sides on her program. And -- under one of -- is coming up. Com. I want addresses of because he is actually have to meet some SE he's putting year up. Doesn't just border I think crosses the line of hate speech. On and the fighting is he called me tonight he knew that was doing this stuff and he called me and he said and you know he warned me about my using the race card. The race card. And that was inappropriate because that's not what he was he was doing but I tell you at this think think he's reading here where he talks about oh. The the Americans white or black in Niagara Falls on the blacks of South Africa point five years ago and he's referring to them being. Somehow subordinate or you know suffering racism. From the -- practice you know so here's a guy who's clearly. Making these racial comments these you know I mean he even in my conversation the conversation would meet tonight he was saying. Well don't you think the problem one ethnic group having superiority over another. And -- says that that I'm mistaken for firms using the race card his whole approach on. He is on the venom that he's been spewing about the -- this is based on race. And an all in a in a way I think a lot of it's based on a crap because when when I've actually had a conversation with them. You know it comes it comes down to him. Really. Venting his frustration at the senate does what he actually has other problems he has problems with the or stayed he has problems with bogeys at our Tea Party guy who who thinks that. You know you know again that American citizens about their sovereign the taken away from them. Of course the blame it entirely almost entirely on on Democrats -- on. -- Barack Obama offer or whomever he only as he clearly has. A a negative view Paul Meister you know frankly I share some of that negative view but but I'm not obsessed by it. But this -- the kind of stuff that this -- and this is the other kind of racism. This that blatant kind the kind of people say. You know you know what the hell -- you guys you know get over your native so -- you know the and you'll see you'll hear it even that blatant stuff. Wait you know you'll hear you'll weigh in with that kind of commentary even in the debate over the mascot issue. But you know I think by and large a lot of the stuff is is that oblivious kind of racism her ignorance. On that issue where some people they picture haters I mean and you know and I don't know how many. Haters you don't take the time to listen to my show I know it's Super Bowl Sunday so there probably not a whole lot of through the speed right so anyway. Even though I think it's -- blow out that I think that the hawks have. Premature -- Denver Broncos prevent it it's not really gave me she shouted out fugitive anomalies on my show. And and listen to something worthwhile. But but but again I want things that I that I interest in even in this even in this. Kind of -- to get some shots back out at frank -- Lotto and in the Niagara Falls reporter is. I guess I'm curious is that is the howl. Prevalent this hit these kinds of views are I mean I see them then come out I I see -- be expressed. In the down ended the mascot debate the issue. But that I see this kind of blatant stuff that that and all that the owner of an act of a newspaper puts out there and edit and keep in mind there are people who pay eight. To advertise in the paper and I'm gonna start getting into that this isn't a -- idea and that is gonna talk about this here for a few minutes on my show. And then and that -- just put it away I'm pushing this issue because I think some of the things that have been said by this guy in this paper. Are bad enough. That -- that people need to be held accountable the people who. Other people who work for the paper -- held accountable to -- advertisement. In that neighborhood you held accountable and the folks that are. -- -- distributing that need to be held accountable on and and that's that the issues that I'm gonna raise your. You know probably over the next couple weeks you know I I've got them catching up to do this frank has been writing these these these. Ridiculous. Articles. For four months. I'm gonna take a couple of shows and people that take some time and over the next couple weeks the to kind of -- some of the stuff that I -- I -- summit is just flat out lies or untruth. And and and even some of those things are as it turns are born out of -- at the ignorance of the man writing them. But no we're gonna talk about that probably. Maybe the next segment. But for now while we're daybreak is John McCain is let's stock native will be right. Back. To record guessing goes a proud sponsor of let's talk native with John -- feature to visit your poison gas and go but on the Allegheny territory of the Seneca nation on the corner center and broad streets in this city of Salamanca. You're -- -- goes sells discounted tobacco products and convenience items can provide full service gas. For a quick -- from the southern tier stuff -- iroquois gas and go open from 6 AM till 10 PM every day. Your shortstop for saving his iroquois gas -- -- For the best prices in your favorite tobacco products and more it's my -- emporium in orbit. Save on a huge selection of Lucas she -- cigar -- rolling papers accessories. Detox lines and the lowest prices on tobacco products allowed. Ask about their smokeless line with starter kit starting at 35 dollars sign up for the new Mikey is club card for additional storewide savings Mike he's emporium. Just five minutes makes it 5820. -- being open seven days a week from seven to eleven. Like the Mike he's emporium group page on FaceBook for notification but events and specials. Call 7165497888. Or go online at my -- emporium dot com the Holiday Inn express and sweet in Salamanca New York is the only national hotel in the Allegheny territory of the Seneca nation. Doris -- includes a free continental breakfast shuttle service to and from the -- Allegheny casino every thirty minutes. And the excellent quality you expect from -- but he incorporation. The -- oblivion express since we've also reached a fitness room he indoor pool spot and more called them today 7169457. 600. And stay Smart with polity and express and sweet. This from Buffalo, New York in the historic homeland of the senators. Let's talk native rides on the power -- as the yen fifteen when he's powerhouse signal often down the East Coast of turtle island. Join the discussion on let's talk -- -- -- your host John McCain. Before I get into the hot topics that I that I made the Chicago for the next hour average so. I talk -- outside and it probably for a little. At all correct. A good January I got to get the good out to to Phoenix in and speak get a end -- with a pretty important conference -- a a conference that recognition. I got to speak -- handled -- with on inherent sovereignty I got to be the anchor leg of that of that panel. You got a very good response that they left some folks with them. Some really good things to think about. -- got a few laughs and I guess being ovation so so that was part of my January. Obviously I I I got this award last week and talked about but they also got named as the as the as the new host for for forces indeed in his radio and you know -- for those who who've been following the at all you know throughout the years on this show you also know that I've been. As the guest host for for my good friend you with a ghost tours. In New York City for this show first voices it is radio now this -- this of a pretty important -- the show that's been. You know operating it it it's almost forty years old I think it's been broadcasting out of New York for eleven years. But he oaks and -- courses. Has has taken this show. I'm from from really just being -- a show on WBA I in New York. To being -- -- by other stations. All over the country and that even in one now one province up in the northwest territories in on the Canadian side. There are 45 other stations that carry this program. It is -- first voices and -- radio goes beyond just. The need of issues. In in the US or on the Canadian side it is it tries to address things -- more globally. I'm but I bet on the show I've been on the show is -- and I've been on the show as a guest post. I have always taken the opportunity with first voices into Israel to bring. Our issues -- of of the -- -- -- -- of the senate the people of the long people. You know our issues in general. Two. Picking up to take it take it to the New York City Airways and beyond. I will still do that. And jokes and has been a great host. And he's not really you know -- He's not hanging it up he's taking oh one years about -- he's got some projects that he's a musician he plays he's he's great for a flute player. He's working -- a CD he's he's got some programs that he works with children. Really trying to combat the suicide issues that exist on native territories a lot of the you know some of the some of the challenges that are that are used go through. So he's got a lot of projects that he's working on he still gonna show up and and join me from time to time on it off for whatever reason. I can't make it in New York or to a connection from here he'll certainly. He'll be my -- soaps with -- will have a a reversal of roles here this year's -- and I need him. But I take this this opportunity very very seriously. The idea of going to New York -- radio is obviously a huge issue. A WBA guy has been a. They've been a a significant player in. The social movement coming out of the sixties. You know anti war civil rights movement that kind of thing. An and I think there's an -- for right now with the new -- -- program director. Bob had only. Two to bring WBA -- right back to its former glory so to speak and perhaps even now even push the entire. Radio company which is the Pacifica. Corporation. Into. More of of of a soulful. You know we -- course I guess. And I had a good chance to talk to the Bob -- and he knows -- good work that -- that is done. After we better chance to meet I want to New York. Last week or the week before. And got a chance to sit with him in and talk with a man at length. And he understands where I'm coming from and and I think he sees an opportunity to -- utilized first voice and images radio to -- -- utilized. The messages that that that both fuel considers that in and messages that I have. To further. Social issues beyond need territories beyond even indicative indigenous issues I think that that you know. The some things that we bring act as -- people both historically culturally -- to some of the very issues that face us today. Our. A resonate well beyond. You know. Our reservations. Our communities. The outback of in Australia it we. We have of you. That that is really tied to our our relationship with two with our with the land that we live on we that we creation in general. And I think -- it obviously steps a stop in in the forefront of the environmental movement issues combating. You know the tar sands oil or the Keystone Pipeline for instance or Hydro fracking or. -- or mountaintop removal coal mining strip mining that kind of stuff and I and I will mention by the way there is an issue coming up. On Monday at 6 o'clock there is that he vigil essentially. Two to raise awareness and into a push back against the approval for the for the keystone XL pipeline which will connect tar sands -- to the Gulf of Mexico. A report just came out to. Friday. The kind of it it's kind of a tepid report it basically. Doesn't really condemn. As strongly that he should. Of the environmental impact of of the of the pipeline and for that reason I think of the whole Lotta places though a lot of people are stepping up to do these. Visuals that are built will be wanted to get to the foot of the the the -- for doubtful that before I get to the end of the show but that's at 6 o'clock over. In buffalo Nam and -- -- and the information -- -- the protocol in. That's going to be at 6 o'clock and tomorrow night in buffalo. And under the exact location and that of the -- -- but but again I think you don't we just made of people. We have the you know guys like Noam Chomsky in in many others Pam Palmer these -- She basically said you know the -- a little you know perhaps in the last line of defense for the planet. And and so what we're trying to do is we're trying to it to generate support. For the plan -- and support for the environment and we want people to stand witness so. As much as again I'll I will always on hang on certain issues of distinction autonomy. I'm not suggesting that you know that we want to live in a vacuum you know obviously. Our economies that that it is whether it's -- or tobacco war or anything else. Depend on patronage beyond our territories it every week we count on the relationship we have with the with with non native people. And and I think. These are this is an example of some that we hope that we can share some of the views and some of the the thoughts that you ball that are tied to our culture but. You're tied 22 people that have -- in the area for 10152030000. Years you know you don't let's not forget that their. There has been -- a huge environmental impact since Europeans. Hit the shores -- they they brought a lot of the European mentality of you know you know a slash and burn. You know create CDC wipe out the environment that's what they did to Europe and that's why. People waited on the shores here you my dear friend frank are a lot of talk about he Stanley leaving Italy to. You to come and to come here while they they forget why they came here. They came here to the same thing ever and all the Europeans to do it to exploit a new area. And you know -- that's that's and the and that's just kind of a matter of history but my point is that. What I I understand that part of our environment are the people around us through it isn't just. I'm not pretending that we're living -- living 45600. A hundred years ago. I understand that the environment is changed the question is how much are we not allowed to continue to degrade. And and that's not just for here this happens issues and South America the issues in. In. You know in Africa in Australia New Zealand. And and that's the first voices in the -- radio. He's really going to be area always has been geared towards indigenous issues and and indigenous issues are always people. And any and that's a very specific tied to the land that they that they leave and we bought. And and I think this is something that that I planned to continue but again. I'm gonna -- about -- Mohawk. I'm gonna bring that the same more our view the same -- initial review. I will bring some of the folks from my show here -- -- -- to New York back my my first show which is going to be. This Thursday on WBAI. Again you can go to WBAI dot org. And and listen to a live streaming I will post the audio from those shows after the fact but my first show which is going to be February 6 9 o'clock in the morning. On trial -- Ross John for Seneca. Abuses person chairman of the senate economic development commission. He is going to travel with me he's gonna join me on my first shows on I'm happy to have a a good friend. Who. I have worked with in the past and who we've we spoken very strongly in a lot of issues over the years. He's gonna join me but I I expected you don't pull another and a native not just leaders but. Influential people within. With a -- a lot of that the other native territories and not just. According to Sony territory not just my friends that put the talker are on the -- or a Dutch unit got. But down other territories as well I'm going to tap into. Into the fact that lets face -- New York City is a is a media capital. And I'm gonna utilized that media capital to bring as much awareness and as many recognizable voices and maybe some people that nobody ever heard of before. That I just think. You have something powerful to say on and on many of the issues that that we all face but. But specifically that there is that there's a need if you lord indigenous persons view on these issues so I look forward to -- You know having you know a great year in in New York. No idea what kind of opportunities will would spring from that. I will not by any means well I bail on what I'm doing here I'm on my own show let's talk native. This is an important component to. To. Continuing that conversation those conversations need to be had and I don't think there's going to be a pretty big difference between. The show in the showing New York. You know I think I expanded to showed it two hours. A while back and and I think it was important to do so. Because I want to have the casual conversation with the conversation that. That that people don't fear of you'll feel stressed about I don't possibly coming on the show if you that they gotta spit everything out in five minutes because I'm gonna. -- -- -- it nice having you see you later I I've had people in the community for you know for the first hour. Who really don't plan to stick around for the second hour. But invariably do I've never had anybody leave in the after the first hour. It's because it did it's a casual atmosphere here this is free form radio it's one thing it back. I learned this this style radio from listening to WBAI. By -- you know again a domino Bob Fosse who does radio -- -- enough on WBA -- I'd I'd I'd like his style radio so I had to adopt a certain amount that mentality and the -- or her room prop velocity I guess -- this program. Now when I did -- show in in New York is the first voice images radio in New York it will have more structure to it's a one hour show don't have the luxury of time that I have here. I will have more organization to it I will probably. Do a certain amount of about a more rigid format and I'll talk about you know. Current topics at the at the top of the hour. Then I'll -- problem probably try to arrange for at least one guest about two guests that -- separate would even on equal time. And you move from one guess the other move from on -- the other you know if you listen to the show. I gets all over the place I mean talk about a topic at the beginning of the hour in the income circle background to a by the but that we get to the bottom of the second hour and and that works for me here and I -- I think it works for the folks that do listen. I do try to make sure that people feel comfortable I've invited people to sit in studio not even to pull up to a might just to -- in studio to. To witness what we're doing here in India have a a better feeling about what this program is about because the listening to it. Ease some. -- important. But when you come in here to realize how casual the atmosphere and and that we aren't scripted -- you know I've got some notes in front of me I got them in their read a little bit later on but. Honestly there's times that I drive into this show that I don't -- -- -- -- talk about the life. He in with the -- the megaphone and and I multibillion. I have a little more structure a little -- planning for a for the show in New York -- because it if they show up necessarily at higher caliber. But it a you know I'm trying to reach more more people there and then then here. And and my and my time is limited so I think organization is important. But this is John McCain I'm gonna take. To go to break here and come back and done some of the issues that I talked about at the opening of the show. There's less talk payable -- back. Let's talk native -- John King is produced every week in association with iroquois promotions. You're -- boy promotions is a native company located on the catalog -- territory of the Seneca nation. You're a boy promotions brings a combined fifteen years of emotional experience in professional and amateur sporting event and entertainment. Here boy promotions provides prominent native speakers for lectures cultural events media and educational institutions. Pass defense include professional boxing fantasy football events tournaments athlete showcase that more. Iroquois promotions also promote self sustaining an environmental friendly projects -- our international network for your next entertainment athletic or cultural event. Be sure to contact iroquois promotions at 71653. To 4449. That's 71653. To 44494. Iroquois promotions. Let's talk later with John. -- is the only native radio talk show in Western New York. I may actually be the only radio show of its kind anywhere -- can be heard live theory Sunday night on TV fifteenth when he's. Powerhouse 50000 -- signal and online. A live web streaming archive shows can be accessed at KB 1520 dot com. And on John McCain's native tried blog -- let's talk native -- and dot Blogspot dot com. Join the let's talk -- John -- FaceBook group page where you'll find links announcement someplace to offer comments and suggestions. It's the home of smoking deals OJ smoking gas with five cents off 87 knocking every Tuesday plus tax free savings every -- on gas propane and diesel. OJ's has a wide variety of tax free tobacco products plus roll your own supplies tubes papers smoke -- candles and special request products like -- close premium cigars and more -- -- smoking gas now with Seneca nation fishing licenses and accessories. Open every day for -- to late at 2111 west perimeter road Steve Burke on the beautiful Allegheny territory of the Seneca nation. Call 71635. Fours 64354. OJ smoking gas. Thanks for coming back to stock native a phone line is open for -- 7180315. Money. Here's our host John McCain. Look I I want to get right into it about this this frank -- a lot of loans. Is that I guess is the owner of publisher editor Arnold but he owner anyway of of the Niagara Falls are the nagger reporter. Now I've called on the paper in general but let let me be clear. I don't have an axe to grind with everybody who participates in in the in the paperback I think that. That Tony Farina who I've been been on two sides with the number of times he actually came in as a as a guest here in my show. I highlight Tony. I think you know I understand that when I do a show like two sides you've got Christian -- who's -- kind of on the left and you've got. You know whoever's in the other -- on the right and in Tony's a guy who was on the right. Again that's their politics the right laughing that's I mean I don't care what party. Anybody is I I got the same axe to grind whether it's bush or Obama whether it's the tacky or -- Cuomo. Current year or early Webber's you know the mayor of buffalo or the mayor above Niagara Falls. And that's so that team beat the left and right that's different for them to play. When I've had the opportunity go on. Two sides I got -- idea I never felt like -- it was a that that might the issue that I was pretty there were bipartisan issues are or were partisan issues. I never felt like. I was gonna have to fight the the Republicans. You know that whoever was of the the conservative -- or -- or get -- fight -- Christie is -- the thing I think that. Most of the time my issues were pretty well received by now by both sides of two sides and down. You know I kind of got into a little bit with Steve -- one time was a democratic operative because -- would basically slamming the the governor on -- Issues related to. The exclusivity payments that were being withheld that finally released. But again. Even if that was you know -- a matter -- whether Republican or Democrat to the the issues are the issues. So the fact that that franc par Lotto was kind of one of these Tea Party guys that the you know that thinks that you know government should be eliminated in. And that the American people AI again they in this this romantic idea that somehow. And the good old days with a little things well you know I'm sorry the idea I don't think the good old days were that great when. When -- were there were being leased by the kkk here when. Native keys are being you know stolen from there and their families to -- and being put in the residential schools. With a 50% mortality rate -- two. Tuberculosis or influenza or renting out. I'm not one of those guys it is Taliban video from London newsroom where people post over FaceBook -- is the best three minutes of television almost three minutes of television where. You know that is that. I can't be that the actor's name but it. Jeff generally is without any any talks about how America not the greatest country in the world anymore they get into the used to be once aria. I don't know you know when the United States was the greatest country in the world. You know I think there were positive attributes. That many if you brought the table not the least of which were native people when it into. This plan. -- -- There's been problems for a long time and so people say that somehow. Civil liberties have been diminished now. Maybe the problem is that civil civil liberties are being -- tact for the people who've -- leave that the best parts of our lives that you know the you know the privileged white are finally start to feel some of what -- black people would what. Immigrants Chinese immigrants Asian immigrants would need if you will felt. Four since this is the country's origins so now all of a sudden people are concerned -- concerned when when you were exploiting. -- immigrants or -- or former slaves or are native people now all of a sudden you have the all these people crying always want to keep you we want to. -- a Tea Party agenda. You know push forward while. Again. My issue would would with frank par a lot of had nothing to do. With specifically -- his politics it really has to with the stuff that he writes and after I take the stuff that he writes this crap. It's it's not only. I'm ended his race based and an -- and frank it's a yard field below the wrong for you and he literally called me up before Bhutto today literally gobbling up because. You know it. He -- he had learned that I was gonna go after him on some of the stuff that he written. But generally didn't in my conversations within that realize that. He really just write stuff without our even -- he doesn't know he's talking about with some of the stuff he has this this this idea his head that somehow. That because the -- have a a gaming facility in Niagara Falls. That that is created an environment for everybody else -- let -- -- let me just read some of his own stuff and you guys can. Judge for yourself whether it who always that well I've somehow unjustly playing the restart this this is the peace that he wrote. When Mandela passed away and -- out of it and don't read this one's a short -- -- -- it and read it. You know two with you know from from the beginning the end through with the death of Nelson Mandela. Earlier this month we are reminded not only of the system of -- that once existed in South Africa. But also the present -- apartheid in Niagara Falls. In South Africa up until 1990s about 80% or -- -- about 8% of the people of South Africa those of European descent. Has superior legal rights. Two other to the other 92%. Were native Africans Mandela and others with the help of the United States which that's funny and true. And to -- gruesome practice -- let me just the other first up the United States fully supported apartheid -- longest time and and back the date they may have been and -- and the CIA or whoever may have been responsible for Mandela going to be going to prison. And they are calling Obama a terrorist on all the other stuff so when I hear people somehow give the United States credit. Further for the work that Mandela and others that worked through I'm sorry that that's a little weak but a limited only -- -- In higher false people who are born a Seneca descent have greater legal rights than people born of European and African Asian or any other. The land in the city of 49000. With the world famous name. The Seneca -- operate. In Niagara Falls on fifty acres of land that was once part of the USA for some 220. Years. He was taken out of the heart of downtown. By a trick of truth that senate is being an independent nation could operate gaming facilities while Americans could not by transferring the land out of the USA. The senators today we've legally above Americans in the same city. They cannot be property tax sales tax or state income tax and have the exclusive right to operate gaming businesses. They compete side by side. -- overtaxed Americans in the same city the once proud Americans. With. Work at what is in effect. The Seneca plantation. Owned by -- people or farther above Americans legally. With more preferences and legal advantages that than whites had over blacks more than a hundred years ago. Americans white or white or black in Niagara Falls are the blacks of South Africa. Point -- point five years ago. We wish to end apartheid in in Niagara Falls but Nelson Mandela alas is dead. You know again I I've mentioned this this article before and they aren't they bring up against because he continues he did this thing you know a couple of weeks ago. Where he was doing these were definitions and and again defined apart -- in in terms of how that downtrodden people in their balls are living beneath the Seneca people for wanting. It is. It is insane to suggest. That the people of Niagara Falls are leaving a second class citizen to the people of Seneca nation there is one enterprise to pick it -- -- gaming facility. That you know. That exists there on again update the acres it is not the entire city of their fault and to Seneca people don't walk around as the masters or or this label off owners above. Everybody else and their fault it is. It's insulting. It's ignorant and and it and it is flat out untrue to suggest any of the stuff that he's saying here. Yeah obviously doesn't under understand what apartheid was the people are not leaving under the rule of of the of the Seneca people in Niagara Falls it's it's absurd to suggest that and he's the guy who is basically saying. I mean he's only bring race into this thing he's basically saying the people in their fault are the blacks of South Africa 25 years ago. I mean literally trying to say that that bet that the disparity in in in rights and privileges. I'm between the senate does live who -- of the Seneca nation that operates this small. Footprint in Niagara Falls. That somehow they are living above. You know -- more it. Distinction then then the that. -- the blacks lived under the American rule -- -- during. Over the last two on the year 300 or four years if it is just it's insane. Would it pretty easy to -- and and and again. This is the kind of stuff that the -- that he been writing we -- a week out even when again my good friend Tony Farina who writes for this paper. And and I and I seen some miracle he didn't he did a nice profile roster on my my good friend who's been in -- I think he was not with Ross -- and I. On this on this program he does iso profile Ross brought back and then there on the side bar. Frankfurt opera Lotto writes this this insulting. Attack on Barry -- the president stagnation so even as your as your reading. What was a decent story on Ross John. The -- filled with this crap that is written by. You know by frank RO. Now I I called up -- reserve this week and I said look you know. At some point. You know this this -- speech that. Different -- a lot of writing -- in this paper and and again I don't read the paper are really don't I I don't get the Niagara Falls -- paper but a bunch you've been sending me the stuff and they've been sending me some the crafted that Parlow and I've seen some of the stuff that he's written. But saw a wild thing you know I don't -- even give this -- the attention but at some point. I mean I just got an award that was supposed to be towards trying to stop this kind of racism so. So I the debate you know I had to debate -- them -- -- on the look at the stuff on the rest of the stuff. But I've got that wanna get into into his last. That the last column that your order article you -- And then I'll talk Lebow a conversation that I have -- today in -- talk about that wanna come back from break this is John game does that -- NATO wilder back UB. Glad you took the time to stop and say that the your quick smoke shop on the counter wrought its territory of the Seneca nation. Rate -- -- Wanda I'm -- for 38. The -- -- smoke shop is a full service convenience store and gas station providing discount tobacco products gas diesel and propane. The convenience stores open from 6 AM to 10 PM daily but the gas pumps and pump house are open 24 hours seven days a week. -- quick smoke shop -- to support the let's talk native with John King show on KV 1520. Size does matter the policing their tobacco accessory shop proves it with the largest selection of unique to. -- Adams and hand blown glass pieces of Western New York. From the last two wood to metal they got all the finest pipes as well as who -- tapestries. Wild theory incense sticks nag Champa sensing incense candles and so much more did he get the naughty side of -- bear with great bachelorette party gift some more. The policing their tobacco accessory shop in the building formerly known as -- racing. Behind the red smoke shop on Bloomingdale's in the tunnel under syndicate territory. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Territory from Buffalo, New York in the historic homeland of the senators. Let's talk native rides on the power of the SP and fifteen when he's powerhouse signals up and down on the East Coast turtle island. Join the discussion on what's gone -- when your -- John King. -- -- from back to John -- is a productive but I'm not talking about. Bulk freight -- Lotto -- owns the. The Niagara reporter. What's called the Niagara Falls reporter a apparently -- and on it not even that really that familiar with the with the overall paper but. You know I kind of talked about he's he's trying to compare. The Seneca is operating a gaming facility in dire falls which is really -- One of the more positive development of Niagara Falls and and and again I'm not a big. Gaming advocate. Yeah and India accuses show you know that I've I've never been that strong and active for game or for tobacco or tobacco use. But. You know that that the crazy part is let's be clear New York State. Is in the gaming business and that's what the whole you know Cuomo administration -- when they were trying to get their referendum and got the referendum passed that -- -- to do casinos elsewhere. And I don't mean just the casino gaming. You can every place including in Niagara Falls every little shop every little bar every you know. Every convenience store. They've got you know quick draw they've -- -- scratch jobs that you know you know not just dollar scratch -- five dollar ten dollars on -- is that not the going higher than that. But almost every. Store. He's a little bit of a gaming facility for the for New York State so to suggest the some of the Seneca isn't the only -- -- and again not to Seneca people. Ross John you are Matt hill can't go into Niagara Falls and open up a casino the Seneca nation does as a government they do they they need it the it's -- nation facility. It is not the Seneca people that go in there and they and no senators walked into Niagara Falls. And -- looking down their noses at at the people of higher Alter their planet with a work there. And and I'll get into that to this article he wrote just last week it. That you don't even makes more ridiculous and and frankly wrong assertions in his article but you know but again I wanna make it real clear. The senate get that the second nation did not trick anybody this was not some. Some bought off deal to get this this small tiny footprint in Niagara Falls. And an -- -- a lot of had no idea about this because -- I talked on the phone today I just don't understand how even he thought this was somehow tied to Grand Island. You know grand Al -- Klamath basin -- -- a born out of the the salad make a settlement act and act of congress. That -- you know that was intent intended it to right a wrong which was. 88 Justin ridiculous -- that the that the city itself making it existed under for 99 years. In. Out of cynical and where they try to treat this least like it was a fail. And the and and the federal government and and state government had to a decent compensation to adjust. What had transpired with at least and among the things on that Salamanca lease settlement act was the final provision of the act which which call for. The acquisitions of loss plan went acquisition. And in in -- and it's only one paragraph wanna talks on the Seneca is can he can use money that they'd gotten in this settlement. To re acquire Los lions are who are lands that were a once a part of their aboriginal territory. So -- -- open the door for them to do I'm -- buying spree which they did not do the senators didn't buy. A single acre of land for over ten years when this at this settlement came in 1990. It wasn't until. They had picked up this property in Niagara Falls -- with the intent of doing gaming facility on. And a part of the whole thing is the state wanted it a game of them to have a gaming facility to because they solved the dollar going across the river into Niagara Falls Canada. So used to provision of the Salamanca that we settlement act which was again part of the reason the senate does it agreed to that that. That whole -- overture on on settling the the Salamanca least. Was the fact it was a provision for them to gain loss plants. Until they gained if they -- purchased that property. And and -- and again one also hadn't done between the splash park -- and that the senators are purchasing and they are buying this stuff on the cheap. They're -- they're getting -- pretty pretty top dollar for all of that property in the overall scheme of things. And that's what -- operate in this one little footprint fifty acres there have been that of this massive buying spree buying up the entire city which. Frankly. Right -- Lotto he wanted that. He had suggested to want dodges the senate should take over the whole low all of dire falls than and that way there -- sovereignty could be extended to everybody. And that was an argument -- me while I -- of the problem I have is that. You guys are protecting your sovereignty but but nobody protect the sovereign before for the Americans and as there civil rights are being. Swallowed up you know in violation of the US not in his book that's their problem that he's. You know we've we've narrowed issues for several hundred years and the fact that that the -- -- an invasion the senate of people have been able to get something back. -- -- -- over 200 years of genocide by this country to get something back. And this guy is is making all -- noise about it well again let me let me get to the his most recent. Article -- -- a little bit long grammys. -- a few things to the he goes on a little bit of -- rant about threes which you know kind of irrelevant to the overall thing but what it was basically doing this -- the choice to Seneca gaming as an admired company is puzzling given to predatory nature of casinos. And and what he's talking about here is is buffalo business first and as a here a year ago this buffalo business first they weekly publication. In Western New York has chosen Seneca gaming corporation. As one of the region's most admired companies for 2013. The publications like point one companies based on factors such as growth success diversity and contributions to local community. The center gaming corporation has an advantage over others they don't pay property tax sales tax or state income tax. And do not have to conform to new York state building or health codes. The business first report. A recognizes Seneca gaming court. As one of the largest private sector employers in Western New York factually they are not in Western New York there are. Sovereign nation to actually outside the State of New York. You know that's you know again the -- he just trying to blow smoke at that. They get into a little bit about blow out trees but they get back to the to the matter handy that the business first reports suggest. That the mostly low paying mostly part time casino jobs are good paying. And the senate get themselves most of generous benefits such as access to a free. Team dining room and fitness that are both open 24 hours a day without mentioning that this that the fact is regularly make their employees were less than forty hours. To avoid paying benefits stand with most large companies. Most instructive however. Announced in the -- that were instructive is. The progressive the Seneca gaming corp company has. Many additional healthy initiatives such as. Diabetes prevention. Small uses -- programs as well as they help the help office. With services offered free of charge and no need of co pay payments or return. This is written about a company. That regular requires 3000 workers to be subject subjected. To secondhand cigarette smoke every day of their working lives in their casino and restaurant in the casinos and restaurants. By the way subjecting workers to secondhand smoke is absolutely illegal in New York State -- secondhand smoke is considered to be nearly as dangerous as first sensible. The so called health conscious progressed the Seneca. Also sell cancer. In various flavors such as regular menthol met ball moved light ultralight not folders in a variety of options. From kings the 102 one point want when he -- They're regular flavor. Cigarette box. Features a distinctive. The regular -- cigarette box because of the distinctive red collar with a local mom arranged in a Seneca man with a -- to Foster. The -- that cigarette and that the cigarette is bureau and manly. If it's that a weakening and health -- that the Fed of the weakening health shattering -- stick that it is. The static is. True. Two the senate district two ideals of equality. With. So -- cigarettes cheap to help poor people can't afford to get one cancer from the more expensive brands the Seneca cigarettes can be purchased. For around 350 a pack. Which means you can get three times the carcinogens for the same price as one pack of Marlboro. Print the city's constant dollars in the US marketplace. There's there's someone today equal by a pack of Seneca cigarettes who cannot afford it premiere brand who will later develop lung cancer directly from smoking cigarettes. How can anyone. Call a nation -- man a company or store who sells the death inducing product known as cigarettes health conscious. And someone. Or something to be admired is is a puzzle only eight true savage. -- white black red. Or yellow by birth with -- fellow human beings cigarettes are being willing to make money off of selling poison legal or not. Mail it to sell cigarettes. It is the hype of cowardice. Who -- is so weak that they cannot earned without selling an addictive fatal product to their fellows this publication. Calls all sellers and manufacture the cigarettes -- Even native Americans like the senators -- normally exempt from criticism on the grounds of political correctness. The senators get rich off of selling cancer. And -- people lose money in their predatory casinos. Most admired indeed but not here. You know again -- this is a College Station you know anybody who wants to you weigh in on any of -- stuff. We're close the top of the hour. I'll continue on this was little a little while longer into the second hour. But it but again this is the stuff this guy's writing. And and and it's not just to articles he's he's been writing this stuff you know for quite some time. And I'm sorry most of the stuff is is categorically wrong for running out of that and -- -- -- the -- don't even make -- cigarettes. It's not the Seneca nation and makes a product and he said. You mean to tell me to Seneca nation doesn't make a practice that that's exactly what I'm telling you I said are gonna look at the -- read the thing it says Craig Enoch Arden. But it this product is not affiliated with the Seneca nation but this is the guy who's who claims to be a newsman a guy who owns a newspaper. So we just right to stop. With with a full intent and -- Geddes is well no don't jump on the idea that I used the word savages as racists. You talk about the course it's it's a racist comment that the whole article is about the Seneca people. And you when you say only a -- with self -- I mean to tighten your status in the cigarette business. The federal government is in the cigarette business every store even. Eight including Wal-Mart in. And and Rite Aid. I mean it when he talks about but you know the that the cowardice what stores -- the top of the -- don't sell tobacco products. But now he's. He's specifically fingering the Seneca people. As as being cowards because and and of course. A lot of his Robby don't sell senator brand cigarettes in the casino they're going to sell them there based Omar liberals they sell premium brands they sell one line of native France and the -- -- So when he thought about that the tax advantages or the building -- advantages. Nobody doesn't say the buildings were built out of code. He did -- good bet that the that there they they are built with up to the health standard of New York State. He just he his problem is that it. You know Rory claimed the problem is that you know that the senator does have an unreasonable advantage one Italian. What my doctor and today he made it very clear his problem Mosul without a business problem as would though with New -- -- with -- federal government he just taking -- on the senate -- and I'm sorry but that's racist. That is racist then and for a guy who says all you know be carefully should really use the race card. That's the kind of stuff that this -- spewing. And I talked about a little bit more we come back after this break. You know I I think this stuff needs to be. And I think that at some point as I go down the road gonna talk about the the advertisers and newspaper and the people who are supporting so we'll see how that goes. Again this is John -- are more on this when we come back after the break the sled dog native children back. -- --

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