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Feb 4, 2014|

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Maybe it's time for buffalo means business -- your host buffalo radio veteran and local business that's a good buddy Shula. Buffalo means business is the hour long weekly radio show that spotlights local business. This morning's it was brought you by doctor Bob dental care for worry free dentistry -- your nearest doctor Bob -- And Mike copier fax business technologies for the whole first document diligence. If you like your business featured on this show please call 8430167. That's 8430167. Now your host bloody -- Good morning and welcome to another edition of buffalo means business here and ESPN 1520 Manning was body -- And down this morning we have an awesome show thanks for joining us is always here at 7 o'clock. Not the mighty KB. We have to start off with. I mean that I'm sure you've heard of many many times after many many years of great people at Colvin cleaners we have Paul baloney. And his son Chris let me hear from coal wood cleaners I -- say just to stick it the way you are my cleaners to it but I you know. But that's OK and I overshadowed -- -- bank -- -- visibility really good so good morning he has ball. The morning thanks rabbits so. If this is kind of the sun not the Simon dead you guys were together her hours ago. Yes we do actually for the last four and a few years. Christopher's been working with a cynical and cleaners. Graduated college. About 88 years ago and went to work for -- and T bank management training program and seventy bank and doing very well there and after about. All four years so with seventy he. Sat me down one day and said as for why he wasn't part of the family business. And they said well we've never really talked about it so and so. We had heart to hearts and we discussed. A plan that would work for both of us and Christopher came on board. And we've never looked back and assassins are. You have worked in I mean had personal you must love working for over green kind of course equipment but to put it's kind of cool to work with your dad. Yeah this you know it's funny he always says. Don't say we treat our customers like Stanley his artistry family that law itself but that it's different that's Obama ticket. I know we have a great working relationship -- step outside of work in it's it's been a lot of fun learning. From one of the best instrument assorted dozen -- and so far -- -- again you guys are my cleaners. There's many many things that I like about your company called and cleaners. And I will be at some of those things the first by I'd like to know and that your listeners to. -- -- about the beginnings telling about you know we're we're you started -- and he you have been around for a long time. Well. Myself. I I was -- the what I don't wanna say the outcast of cousins. -- cleaners restarted Beck in 19131. By my uncle Phil. Who just passed to wait two years ago 98 half. In his wife money an inch who just passed away a year ago. Now I actually. She was two years ago local that was three years ago while time flies. But they were both 99 and a half in 98. And they started the company beckoned and in 1931 uncle Phil was at Taylor trade. In that this is started and Colton in saint Lawrence there's still. Tailor shop there so that's with a name concerns for the name comes from. But we are Colvin cleaners and almost. Right -- there -- no mistake. So uncle Phillip Manning and worked hard with the business my father and his. Middle brother my Uncle -- -- they worked for their brother and back in. The 19691970. My father and my -- -- and he bought the business from my uncle Phil who retired Florida. And my father. Rihanna at. It's. With focal CNB through the seventies I got involved. My first year in college in 1976. I came home. And my father was having trouble with that this is my mother and father. It it was it was a struggling businesses seventies were tough time for the cleaners because permanent press and polyester. Kicked in the place -- so there were a lot of pieces that left the industry a lot of people washing them at home. In things like that. So IE I transferred to buffalo state from Alfred state college. And started working with my father at the cleaners. You know tell my father well if you're going to be run in the cleaners my father delivered close for 35 years picked up and delivered close to this day. I of people that I run into adults it's him like kind of bodies to pick up or cleaning. We loved mr. Gilani and you know he's my father was a very very nice and oh wonderful person people absolutely loved music greats and -- humor. And you know -- I saw that he needed to learn to run the inside of the business because he never really he had. Any involvement in the instead of the business so while I was going to college I was. Delivering closed end. Learning the dry cleaning businesses. 5 o'clock in the morning firing up a boiler running. Try cleaning loads things like that so that was more or -- my college career. I was playing hockey at both state and go to school the upstate. In run you know running the dry cleaners with my father so that's kind of how I sewed my -- you know in the dry cleaning business. In fact that we had no money I mean we were struggling you know just to make payroll we only had a few employees. We opened up a few stores after that. And you know I'm gonna kind of jump a little bit. That we got into the -- pre cleaning business at which point. We did a lot of reprieve cleaning around the city taken down re hanging draperies. Funny story Jerry -- have opened to the sabres -- customers til this daily shall -- parole. Could panel. Rick Maher and god rest his soul wasn't very close friend used to go to his I was so on the issue of the best stereo system. You know you compute money could buy plotted from. What was the place on Delaware. Stereo emporium broker from the guys over its stereo Korean men used to stop by their pick up -- cleaning and you know you know shoot the breeze with those guys is back in the heyday of the you know French connection. -- Cora was customer and go to cherries. Go to Jerry's torrent Jerry's wife Mary's is. Paul do you guys you know like take down and re -- draperies and this -- Z yeah we do. And she's had continued taken -- go absolutely. And that was the first order of draperies that we -- really it's absolutely so -- sober so in the from the draperies stamp went to -- candy stand it's it's stemmed from there then. -- that's how it all started Gary Brown you know like I said we would do. Anything to bring revenue into the company. And to you know when she needed him taken down and re hung in that I knew a friend of mine Bob Merkel worked over Delaware draperies that's all he did was -- new draperies. And it's from Amherst was building up and use -- probably hang in draperies throttle all the Amber's. And he taught me a lot about taken down re hanging draperies. You know jet innings that he didn't have the put the pins back in with your hands -- -- team trusts him on the windows and get them look like a million bucks. And from that point today started working with decorators and we started early entry pre company -- draperies of which is. Probably almost as -- as -- and cleaners today I have a managing partner Jamie Stewart who runs stated operations of that company. Does an absolute great job like I was -- you know -- -- -- that all the good blinds and solar shades and things like that here in corporate park way. We install those years ago and now. Clinton in 99 the year 2000 I think we were area yeah like AMOCO. So how many Chris how many how many employees are do you have. It's total right around fifty. 52 employees while. And how many bricks and mortar locations. We operate out of wan location. Couldn draperies -- a separate company writes on the streets and has its own vocation. But where we really focus our attention is our free pickup and delivery routes as you know your customer of ours my mobile billboards and see him all over the place. And so solos all those trucks that are driving around a sequel to the cleaners with a -- and they don't go to one location yes they do that our plan is also. -- -- up for deliveries and all the trucks leave one location rather than opening stores all over what's new York and you know doing -- -- those were able to operate on one and discourage your front -- don't have to go visit store here here is a question that I always wondered. You you'd go to. The store do I mean do people still bring in -- bushel full that they come in after the store and bring people watching on account of -- user habits they love the face to face interaction they love. In the morning routine regular cops need to go to the dry cleaner and you know we obviously welcome any customer wants to commend us so word of those I could never figure out when you're -- and -- -- on the -- -- got. When he shirts. Where'd they go -- what's the next step for the shirt. You know I mean -- -- the customers and hurry and they don't wanna go through with you were able to just traffic ticket and say when would you like it and we leave it up to them if they want -- next day no -- -- wanna later that day. We can do that to listen if they wanna go through it and give special instructions. We go on my one separate them dry cleaning -- laundry and they go in the back in the the process begins. This loses it's like an amazing I always really wondered what happens the shirts. Well you know what it was of these things where we're gonna have to have -- for a tour or tour because. -- believe there are now we just can't the interest rotary and we posted them. For a tour of the planet we we we put on some food for them and they came through to go working to lower that. So that they can actually see what goes on and do you that we did that we did. What would you call like that a study but. A focus group. There was some marketing and it was absolutely hysterical that it there's a group over at the boulevard mall that does like focus groups and stuff like that. In never forget you know the cast of people also who knows. What tried cleaning and you know like 45 people can racers and they are taking you to Ellis you know what is strike in the guides his his. Well you know it's when they -- you get that close again. In what I Alcan and -- -- they take him in the back. And well OK and then we'll -- you know they got like this like you know like this steam thing or some thing. And job you know and then and then they bring him back in the wrong like plastic. Which are all really and that's what it's about. So it's it's amazing how many people live and die and they never even learned here's one secret that. The whole audience and everybody in this room can learn is that your clothes get wet. When they're dry cleaned. What's the weirdest thing ever found in and out. I mean people leave things are now anyway if you look at selling it some weird things you find some times -- it. Anything you -- to tiger about. Out idea this is go on back into the early eighties they're gonna call. I get back from my route. And this guy I know that runs -- business. There's a message there for me to call. Column in this is before cell phones psychic call again. And pieces and he -- your guy. You know -- guy picked up. You know my clothes and blah blah blah Eagles but in my clothes. I you know there's a bag and there was some white stuff. And I don't want. To welcome our tell yet alcohol or whatever and -- actually wanted me to get this stuff of his close. In dry that -- tool. Should look at this one place since there's one place that's going. And it wasn't apparent camp. I don't know what he would do their gaming is the well and it will we didn't want -- there and I won't mention his name. But. Who brought his clothes in and that was a hotel key. In his. In his pocket. And come to find out. The team that he was playing and let's just say that team isn't doing real well these days. But. That team they didn't do it overnight. And I I kind of caught that ticket which means this is a hotel key Cologne back to his house. He wasn't supposed to have a hotel key and hit his wife gotten a hold of that hotel he did. You know he should write a book like it's yeah dry cleaners and I don't tell rule again it it's a rule and our company. Anything that we find infect you -- you guys are customers that you may have gotten a bad with. Three cents and that we we we just said you know what what he would do throttle and it dime quarter dollar. We -- anything that's found in your pocket was vacant unless it's a hotel it was in the garbage. You have to back that it -- -- -- and as long as I've had 1090 named for the threes than its predecessor Ronald your money. So so you guys -- colon cleaners you have a green initiative it's it's very prominent and your website tell us about the green initiative. Well actually back in. 1999. Greener earth was rolling out there were on their product at a show in Orlando. And there were two -- Jim Berry Jim Douglas. New ball for a number years in the dry cleaning industry in -- in evaded this with General Electric in Procter & Gamble. -- You know it was something that was very interest you know always looking for something that is the right thing to do. In its still in -- thing to do so. Are being down in Florida the first close coming out of the dry cleaning machine and hand feel no older. And I you know when I was hooked and I want to become an affirmation that but the technical equipment that we he had. In our plan would allow us to be an information site so once they picked a number of cleaners where they -- the rule this out and actually. You know she -- the results are over courses six months there was Charlie temple. He was done in Pennsylvania went -- -- -- for careers time to see how everything was running. And that we were one of the first you know while licensees of green earth. Cleaning to sign on in 2001. You know we have a poem. Next morning you're into the green. Actually one of the reasons I went with I am also a customer called news is that. And in the difference in the smell is is it we're talking about this before it went on here used to be get. Dry cleaning in especially it will directly part of it I do church with you guys to. But their own it would. In -- you put in your closet and he smelled this from. Older we're talking before it was. In this mrs. you know before with you guys and it was a perk -- -- with him for ethylene also hydrocarbon. -- himself. In the tour probably. The most popular. You know in the nation for dry cleaning right and it's -- really mean you know every kind of got used to over the years that's would try cleaning smells like what the apparently it was carcinogen. One of one of those ingredients right yeah EPA and OSHA have classified perk. As a carcinogen -- so. They'll come into your plants they'll measure parts per million. In the year. Indeed. You can't smell. -- I think it's like 250. Parts per million. You can't smell it. And I think it says 25 parts per million your allowed in the -- Around your dry cleaning machine so if you walk into a dry cleaners. End it's you know it's still happens today you know you walk into a dry cleaners and at the front counter you can smell chemical. You know the equipment that being maintained properly and they're not up to date with. You know the regulations so you'd was so -- going to because I never use account or serves I just you know throw my bag out on Tuesday and Friday that the church comebacks were with your delivery guys so. I don't get a chance in two more in your source who you would install in any longer because you know music obviously right. You you walk -- plants and we've let -- ninety pound machines. Probably. Pretty close to. You know the most capacity of a dry cleaner you know even in the city and to. Offering she's running gotten older plants and makes a difference for the employees to -- think about that you know that the you're not subjecting them to anything it's gonna you know. And there like for earlier you know cause problems later it's because. We have found I mean our time is actually running out I have a couple facts in this I really don't be part two in a three leaders say if I have to be something because I wanted to talk a little about the delivery that's a great parents of people like to deliver right and absolutely -- me because of the convenience. In this day and -- 2014. Everything is trying to be more simple quicker faster at your fingertips who has time if you have kids in the have. Two careers going with time and do. Errands every single day in new sheriff this weekend. I forgot to drop in profits in sin in my car. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Alert your guys yeah you know you know -- hot dog party mustard with straight creative -- we got some mustard. And Chris and I were talking about the tailoring part of it I mean. You know it's so you can -- and actually believe it if somebody needs something tailored they lost a part of being a couple arms. They they can just put that in the bank put it in the bag which it's delivered back the same like if we pick it up on Tuesday in your normal delivered as Friday. If Taylor will come back on Friday also for review you buy new suits. You come -- you get fitted we've got to gorgeous fitting room six Taylor's. To fit shoe. We do all the fittings and those -- get to those closer to delivered to your home so if you are pickup and delivery customer in you don't normally come in but you know. By ample lower close on sale or something somewhere christmastime. Bring him into the cleaners get fitted in the those that they'll get freshly pressed and delivered to your home with a with your regular -- anymore. I'm gonna ask anyone listening to show this morning again I'm a customer you I gonna has her for a long time Paul's -- customer. You customer -- cleaners. You know these guys are great to do a phenomenal job whether it's. You know you dropping out store or -- picked up an encouraging you to call over and cleaners in go to the web -- colon cleaners dot com. Or you know just give you guys have Basra Hattie -- set -- delivery service. Call army in store you can sign up -- online as a link to the website to sign up for free pickup and delivery and send us an email fire information or contact you shortly in. Get a bag in -- hands and start picking up and delivering -- the phone number groups -- 873. 2952. And you know we encourage everybody in Western Europe to featuring can be sloppy. If I have to. And entering your clothes and ultimately it is the longer the better for political -- right over craters on elm wood I don't know if it. Paul and Chris up -- -- It's it's that mattered had to meet you guys and I mean you should and I know we are very proud. Of locally owned Colvin cleaners you know it's it's a staples dream here in Western New York so a lot thanks a lot for coming this morning thank you ball. And thanks -- 4% and closure in our buddy we can't thank you enough for inviting us thank you so much all right thank you very much and what was that slogan again already mead could be sloppy attempt after the attack featuring can be sloppy at the Connecticut and regulate political political leaders. Thanks guys. It's kick off time for the ultimate game and there's no better time to build your ultimate sports Qaeda -- Because right now you'll find super deals on big screens so this recliner sound systems and more with no credit check just in time. Scored ten dollar Domino's Pizza promo card with any. Any new agreement and for weeks now. In his ultimate sports game deal. Little purchase transaction -- what -- corporate customer conference to. -- -- -- -- This your Guitar -- turns 5050. From the British invasion to -- punch your middle -- -- It's -- has been there helping all musicians -- the greatest honor and celebrate this weekend they have fifty amazing special anniversary deals for fifty dollars. But of 120 dollar -- snare drum. Just fifty bucks for a turn your iPhone to a full blown workstation I -- meeting -- -- IOS devices also just fifty bucks. These deals and tons more guitars this weekend it's Thursday through Sunday. Good morning and welcome back to buffalo means business my name is -- -- sure our second guest tonight in the in the show arena here's -- Barrett. And February means one thing in buffalo and that's the auto show everybody looks forward to this event every year. Trade is set kind of the -- showed director and he's got so much inside and that's good morning good morning -- soul. So what's shaping up to -- looks at about fourteen the -- Well I I think we're certainly excited about the auto show and were equally excited about. The industry. Forecasting its been going on in the industry. About. You know the sales of cars light trucks all around the country. But you know sort of a microcosm of that is you know western new York and buffalo and the buffalo auto show. His historically been. A catalyst for new vehicle sales in and around Western New York. Right. And yep because you know everybody kind of gets excited about the says it will -- is it safe to say that it's kind of the launch. Of the fourteen season for autos. Well need it for for -- -- standpoint sure. The manufacturers would probably say that their model years. You know -- change over in third fourth quarter of last year. You were able to -- by 2014. Modeled before 2014. But is the actual calendar -- ago. Yes a muted -- anywhere use historically. Sort of be. Flat month in our industry in the dealers what to the auto show to be the springboard to. Get them through the winner if you will into the spring season where sales historically are more robust. And the auto show again in our market has proven year over year to to be there vehicle. And it's. The auto show this year's February 6 through ninth -- the bulk of convention center of the Niagara frontier automobile dealers association. Who is that's where you hear the NF EDA. That's who then that's their personal puts an operational. Worthy worthy Niagara fracture auto dealers or an FE DA. Like if for all the listeners out there you know our concern -- a year aware of the fact it's the ball long shall we don't. We don't need to be in the spotlight to show real use star so what what are at some of the highlights of the show this year. I suppose highlights our first and foremost the cars were gonna whether it's a Ford -- Chrysler. BMW -- Mitsubishi Mercedes you name it. Every new vehicle franchisee. In Western New York -- uniter county and beyond. Participated in the show which is. A testament to the industry in our town. So if you're whatever carry card new car you're interest it and chances are it's going to be on display. If buffalo and mentioned senator this week is is it open is that the two. Fourteen models or is this -- go beyond that sometimes if there's there's some 2000 -- and stuffed. A concept pre production probably more pre production. Something it's it's going to be on the road within a year year and a half. We will always we were chatting earlier. The days of the actual concept car at the wild whacked out. Not likely to ever be built but just sort of put together for the wow factor. That's sort of gone by the wayside I would think primarily because it would cost to do it. So we're gonna have a lot of 2014. Not on the road yet cars. Bombed by. I would -- 8590% of the cars at the show. Are something that when you leave the show and you walking your local dealer you're gonna be tester what are some -- how ones this year in your opinion. Again -- I think that -- in the eyes of the be holder if you like high performance. Jaguars bring in the new F type -- which I haven't seen in Detroit a few weeks ago when it's a magnificent looking car. It's stylish it's sleek it's sexy. It's. -- high performance for an all over so that. That's who he is something that's hot car bomb. You will not have come to the our show before and seen -- varieties -- gonna have two months varieties -- Bomb we will have a -- deceived or if the show won fourteen in this country. There will be on display in the line so. I think I think most people equate you know what what's hot is high performance fast. In in net and we're gonna have plenty of those cars in new Corvette. While will be either the new mustang will be there. I know that it from Nissan's bring in there -- TR I believe it's called there ultra high performance two or. It's really based on recent. So there's gonna be all kinds is if you like to go faster going to be in -- you know looking at the website here and I see the monster he's supporting get these from. They come from the demise are -- dealer actually happens to be in Rochester and by virtue of -- geography. Our market buffalo Western New York is considered their their trade here. So whereas there's -- stores in Rochester -- force stores and buffalo. There's only one monster -- dealers in buffalo Rochester Syracuse could be all of upstate New York. So in this particular case that's -- -- Good morning Paul Mara. Lambert he need do you have a Lamborghini eloquent sure anything like that -- we don't we have in the past. We've -- there is not alien redeem the dealer I think the closest one in in the US there's one in Toronto leave New York City. And we talked to those folks in the past but. Were more interested in being able to its fleet cars that people are able to actually you know test drive and not he couldn't go to New York City into traveling Keeney has. One -- much variety Lotus -- the bottom unique European high performance cars it's. And it and then the I think they -- guest list -- -- It kind of justifies going more than once to the auto show first of all just because of so many cars to really get in and out of and really checked out carefully and get the brochures and talked to the reps. But then on every -- -- there's at least two or three different events going -- that people would really wanna go to like. Reggie Jackson. -- -- deal great great idea to bring him in I don't think I've ever seen him in this area. Well -- I don't know that -- ever have a night I have a feeling at one point or other he was probably at the ballpark with the -- and I don't know that for sure but -- -- The chances of having the the opportunity to. You know CU or or meet shake hands with a Reggie Jackson. Or Richard Childress president and owner of mercy air racing. That really truly is a once in a lifetime opportunity and I don't know how old Reggie Jackson is but. What's the likelihood that he's gonna come to buffalo again -- into a public appearance right and if you wanna bring down. The baseball or -- bad or would a yankees Jersey or or any sweater for that matter. And get his autograph do you have to pay for yes you do and -- it. Visit that's. More than a legitimate thing for a hall of Famer for one of the truly probably the best baseball players to ever -- But I mean even if you don't do that you can just get up close and personals -- -- mean you're you're gonna have it where. He's got a line of people going through to see him shake his hand -- mobile line with the nothing preventing you from taking -- picture that's cool bomb you don't have to pay to shake -- -- you don't have to pay to have a picture picture taken with -- home. You've got to -- to come to the auto show but. Now that's a small price to paid Libyan in the same places you know mr. October. And Sunday answered as Sunday's sprinter Regis talked about the springer group this for her vehicle. Those folks from which there are bringing in the electric company. Members of the electric -- for -- -- this company the members of a couple or at least one member of the electric company that's not currently available -- We know where he might theory I don't makes it a -- -- that is so far is that none of them. Reggie McKenzie. -- -- shady hill. All right I mean this is this is Joseph Ferguson act eighties has nearly out or belief total -- -- -- -- and I can never dreamed he'd chosen in the baseball or the of the baseball NFL hall from India all the -- It's a great group of people yeah when's the last time. -- it you know although all those men that word so instrumental in some of the best Buffalo Bills teams ever. Were all in the same place. Is in sprinters being kind enough to. You know helped bring them all together and you know they're going to be certain -- the table you're going to be able to walk up to Jordan -- lowering JD hill Mike dollars say guys. Your -- my heroes. Tell -- and be real popular it's going to be on the Sunday and Sunday from noon to 13 13. Again we're here with our trade Barrett who -- the auto show director of buffalo auto show coming to the convention center this Thursday. What's great too about the auto show is the charity angle tell us about the charity benefits. Well David. There's a couple of different charity elements body but I think what will focus on is the pre sale ticketing component. Last year we aligned with meals on wheels of Western New York which. I think most of your listeners are probably familiar with -- that. And every. Every ticket resale at a time pre sale. Whether you buy you're ticketed tops or -- humans or dashes or no go. We're gonna donate a dollar of that ticket rape -- meals on wheels. We have a gold. You know you know donated significant amount of money back to them. And if you buy your ticket at any of those places. You're saving a dollar or if you're gonna buy a four -- If volume of three or four even if three people -- -- you buy four tickets cheaper than buy four tickets at the -- And you may want him by multiple first of all of the closure and immaturity like meals on wheels and if you -- ago the one David you're gonna have Reggie which -- wasn't frightened Reggie Jackson is Saturdays at six to seven -- And it's Sunday got electric company. Ernie. Ernie do you Gregorio. In Buffalo Bills or buffalo braves straight grade I. I'm a little young to remember him in his heyday everybody in my in my folks were ecstatic chemical security but hurried he's going to be the show on Friday from 78 so. Paul your point's well taken you may be well served to get a let you know at two tickets when he is stop -- tops I'm sure because you're gonna come on Friday -- -- -- -- you're gonna come back I'm. Senator you're you're gonna come back on Sunday Saturday in my once he Reggie Jackson Sunday might wanna see you know the electric company war and a lot. Cars to get through and in one day it really is hard to see a mall and really get a feel for. Which ones you feel best about -- and narrow down your search rate there if you know you best way to our shop for cars come there. Really get to seated without feeling like you have any pressure colleague it to be you know. Get in and out of home field feel a car it'll look at the cool toys that are in a minute I'm sure -- And actually there was there was the next thing I mean you know with technology and things like that. I mean it just seems like these cars are almost becoming like hotels since you know. I mean there really what are some of that what are some the new toys that that maybe people could expect this year. I think is some of the new toys. All that revolves around obviously technology. A lot of it revolves around safety and technology. -- lot of cars on the road today and I can tell you which ones. Like if you're going on the road in your car veers off to to the right there sensors. Then all of a sudden your steering wheels in a vibrant little battery you're gonna get light and your -- I have everyday OK so when you can speak to a firsthand. So for the people are familiar with that. That's designed to make sure that you state go straight down the road. Some Kirsten they're gonna have sensors in the bumpers that will help you maintain. The distance that you established between the current front view. So that if you got your cruise control sat. In the car in front of you is is slowing down the cars if in if god forbid you're not paying attention -- cars in the slowdown. A lot of cars today are common with video displays in the dashboards. That when he reported in to reverse. You've got a little four by 44 by -- -- You know monitoring I edit or where you can see behind you and so if you're backing up in you can't you know larger head around you for whatever reason your your back windows not clean. You can actually see you look at your cash or what's behind you and others from an audible. -- to tell you when you're getting close to something in or you know right on top of something so. There's there's all kinds of bells and whistles and each manufacturer has their own initiatives but there's certain things that are becoming sort of industry standard. To help keep everybody on the roads safer. You know -- I really like this is probably my favorite thing here at the year driving simulator. Texting and driving I I just don't know where this sends every everyone I look at it an intersection or the text and further there are other priming and it's it's like. I mean what are what are we doing here. We for years we've it is an auto show is is there is a community of auto dealers that produces -- that we feel. Like we have an obligation to do our best to educate people. And all of the elements of what it means to be received driver. Interestingly the folks from the New York State Police would tell you that there bring their seat -- condenser. Which is a little you're sitting in this seat with a seat belt on and it's a little slide slide down slide. And it it mimics a five mile an hour impact. Which doesn't sell a lot until you do it and it it it's a jolt. But the interesting thing they would tell you is is that because there's been so much awareness I'm no cellphones. So much awareness on hands free. So much awareness on texting and driving. People are forgetting where she. Because there's not visual reminder being conditioned. Now -- We're sort of getting back to the basics a little bit with a New York State Police and their seatbelt condenser. But world's sole. Partnering with the AT&T. Who have for what I understand a nationwide program meaning it can wheat. Meaning it can't be an important that you have to text somebody right now wait till you're not driving your car. And make sure that when you are gonna taxed the year and it in a safe position in the you're not operating your car. It's very in all of us with kids always -- preaching about that you know how important it is to let it just Politico. Just not worth it to him to respond to somebody. And risk your life -- split half second and you could be. You know some girls and that not a push you wanna be pressure again here -- trade Barrett from the auto show are we only have actually couple minutes left. Time goes by -- as an injured but down. Tell us just give us the nuts and bolts of the show on the dates are people and get tickets. All I'm literati here a little while because we're start the -- cars into the building today while he and so not that it's. You know necessarily germane to -- right now with the show opens on Thursday. It's four days only four exciting days of the auto show so it's Thursday until Sunday. Ali we said earlier you can get your pre -- discount tickets. In all the tops. No go away millions and dashes locations. Few by addressing or give him a buffalo auto showed outcome. You by Cameron on your phone in my memory your computer. You save a dollar. But the family four pack 27 dollar which is buy three get one free basically. That's exclusive to our pre -- partners -- excludes of the tops in no Cohen dashes and wegmans. And NA hearing you need to know about the auto show if you're really interest in the Reggie Jackson appearance -- the Richard Childress appearance. All the the hours the times the specifics. It's all -- buffalo auto show about count. We could sit here and talked all day terrorist -- this is fun art you know you get cabin fever we all do. You know. But get to the auto show Thursday through Sunday the whole family. Will love -- -- will make sure that it up. We we try to make it a family event we tried it if conjecture not necessarily. In the market word and in need of a new car. We try to have an offer ancillary attractions that. There's something that's kind of it it's worth spending a couple hours a year day whether it's this Thursday or whether it Saturday or Sunday. What do you wanna see and meet a sports legend or whether you'd wanna look at the car whether you wanna come and you know take a look at what's going on and while the slain or whether you wanna see what's going on with a with a wheelchair display. -- mobility unit around -- -- are they around there's nobody better than than Tom -- and their crew over -- there's such advocates for people with alternative driving needs to have. -- we just really. If it if you like you said it's sort of sort of a staple of western new York and buffalo on February the our show. It it brings forward the spring buying season and in it. Really truly makes -- a great time to get a new car -- And we just got confirmation just a second ago that also signing autographs -- will be appalled by our. -- what do you -- -- do that other more than just seven electric company members of the fee schedules -- Internet yeah all you pricey let me tell you can't. Why are well spent -- in there you go I get out to the auto show this Thursday through Saturday the Pope will convention center trade Barrett with the auto show thanks I'll see you next year. But he added bands auto parts we don't just sit batteries I don't know we test they implore you break it needed no one had no problem. There's only advanced auto parts carries an autograph go mavericks autograph gold based design -- power frame technology. Engineered to give you longer battery life doesn't Advance Auto Parts one install your new battery for you bring. -- and it -- auto barks. We've -- -- most vehicles most locations he store for eight aces. I'd be getting it wouldn't recipe calls for red peppers chili powder garlic and onions did at the start of some awesome Chile. Navies aren't hurt if -- the ice build up of only slightly. Don't let harper and keep you from enjoying the things you love new roadway slick could get you back in the action fast even when your worst heartburn symptoms flare up. Roll lately we dual active form that coats and suits for rapid relief new -- lately quitting your choice of -- cherry uses directed. Well -- I passed out at -- felt really good morning and welcome back to buffalo means business money and his body -- we have an absolute phenomenal show this morning. And a third guest easy you probably heard it. -- a million times somewhere but very honored to have ED fair old company. And -- Otis who is the president of the company -- some people may know the name but they mean and know exactly what we're don't. While -- they provide forklifts and supplies to businesses and industries. And how did you get in this business -- I was that -- the forklift. Business. But he would the reason I got into the for the businesses because. -- Finley started the business my grandfather came to buffalo in 1934. And my grandfather was also always associated with the yield brand of industrial trucks he -- as a stock boy in Cincinnati for a company called student cow puncher he became a sales person he came over to buffalo when the opportunity territory became available. And he drew the business too would it is. You know today today -- money my father took over from him. In the late sixties and IE. Was just reminded from some -- and friends that I became president thirteen years ago already. So tell tell us what it what is Europe we're accompanied us. Eighty Ferrell handles. Word authorised dealer for Yale industrial trucks which are forklift trucks. Commonly known as lift trucks. And to what we do is. Those products generally take -- ties loads for manufactures and warehouses. And they helped move all of that product to re still stores to manufacturing facilities. To make all things that we use. Now you're eighty years old this year the company yes I am. I'm only younger did you expect -- because -- -- -- -- got a heck of speak ill of others that you know maybe -- -- you know like you actually look I can I walked in the -- let them think you know I saw the eighty years old and I'm like I thought. The birds that daughter Kyra it was going to be these ulcers and look at it you know Mike analysts say anything he you know I wanna get my usually -- because relegated. So our own soul. -- you sell for cliffs to business owners or who buys who but I support ups. It depends on how the company is setup withers. A lot of different companies that need our products. And in the old days if we saw smokestack you know that's the kind of customer we ought to look for today. If they have a dot facilities they probably need our products for sure. And there's a lot of the standardized mature handling its products anything from two hand carts to little Pallet trucks. That. You know just like any place uses whether it's a retail store man. Lecturer warehouse so anyone any company who uses panelists. You know -- example my dad used to work in tech corps distributing. Or possible beverage Q better -- you'll remember those places but they were were they would run around with forklifts maybe they were from your company. Absolutely. You know you have to move their product putting -- on talent or some type the -- makes it easy to do. And you get their products moved around with you know moving thousands of pounds one time two copies will be certainly by. The trucks. We have. Customers with a righty have different needs for what they wanna do and some for customers. Want to on the trucks right away other customers. Want to buy it over time. Or still yet smaller customers just wanna pay for the use of the truck and never take any ownership. So we have. Leases we have long term rentals short term rentals to meet those demands for the customers what are the main brands. That you care or is it that the Yale brand. We've been associated with the yield -- we start here in buffalo in 1934. And one of the great things about the brand is. The group that manufactures a truck and lets us distributed form in this area. There are a great group of guys and they really know what they're doing. It's phenomenal. You know people talk about the auto industry and how. The products have. So much more reliability and durability than it did years ago and our industry follow suit with that. And the trucks just -- a much longer they're so much more efficient and Smart. Compared with these -- NEC -- this this is what we talked about pollen in in a weekly basis. And you know how how old. Local businesses the you know. It's so powerful here involve blowing -- people like you been in this now eighty years Colonia is celebrating your eightieth anniversary with his company. He got a ground I mean. Is that as a business owner what would you recommend to people looking to get an award what has been your experience. And -- taken over the company -- is -- things it didn't expect probably and things that are great right. Yeah I had a lot of mentoring you know our industry. Isn't as well known. A lot of people they get into our industry. Are born into it as I was -- They learn about our industry. After they've you know entrant into their career and they change over to our industry. And once you've gotten into our fraternity of what we do with lift trucks and helping people move products around from place to place. Those people really find a home and our industry and build actors with -- It's if any critical. Infect them I don't know if you get a chance tarred with this to say it is about a minute but couple of ideas for accounts and -- before we got on the year you were talking about. It makes a lot of sense Coca-Cola. Or a tunnel on and is one of your accounts and I mean when you think about how dependable you have to be on how how durable something -- -- be. When you think about thousands of cans of of soda and -- -- -- NAFTA with those and move those around all day long and it's it's a big consumer product that I'm sure gets you know lot of trucks loaded with your equipment so that has to be a major for you to do. Absolutely all over our customers are involved in businesses whether it's distribution or manufacturing and that the demands on their business. Require products to move their their product around that are not going to. And cause some problems with down time and so reliability is key and it's not only the product but it's -- services and standing behind those products as to what we bring to the table. You know one of the things that. I really enjoy about our business is that. When customers called in to our service department. A lot of times they're asking for our help and were able to go out there solve their problem -- get him back going keep them on their schedules because. There -- just in time inventory delivery date they don't have a lot of back up they can't afford Baghdad downtime and and we have large rental fleet that if we can't get their product running in the timeframe that they needed. We get something over there that they can use. And you know there's just a variety of different types of trucks and different capacities. Some of our customers are moving around loads -- 2000 pounds. Other customers have loads of well over 30000 pounds capacity they need to pick up and move somewhere. And infect you were talking about it shrinking his -- -- you don't think of this but based company -- move but just using. Trucks that -- Moving pallets around -- like the -- list companies like he Furl. That on the actually. Have telemetry in the -- Then the actual trucks themselves now right that they. That they actually communicate and you know I think are telling me this interest and before the show. Did you know before even the that the guys that it's running the vehicle. What might be a problem that's coming up to you can take care of and and ticker -- real quick. Exactly built in the trucks is what we -- can bus technology and what that does is it's. The system and electrical system in the truck that has a lot of sensors and data collection. And that allows at least the truck to collect that information so it can be read through the dash. Or through a computer hooked up to the truck. But what that also allows if you have something like -- vision you can take that to a whole another level. Where as you are saying Paul that you can take that information wires in manage that wirelessly. And you can be sitting as a manager in your office or I can be sitting in my office. And I can get and message back that. Destructive service or there's a fault -- that came up on this truck that seems to be addressed. Before the operator may even realize -- pizza. So that way you have -- to go your rig -- with a part review with the service person to. Avoid the down time that of course no -- wants to experience with their materials handling. It's a huge part of what we try to bring to the table it's not just providing the product. But is trying to avoid dead downtime because somebody doesn't have. Enough trucks may be short term rental will resolve that issue during peak in -- Tory times or something where they need more equipment. Boat one of the ways that I'm really proud of one of our success stories as we have what we call. A premium account review. And for our best customers who come out on a regular basis we can do it for any customer of the task. But basically the data systems that we collect from servicing the trucks. Or selling allied equipment. We have all that data I can go to any customer print out this account review. Take it out to the customer and say. This is what you're spending with us this is what this individual truck is doing this is what the hour Mitterrand and this is what your cost per hour is to operate the track. And what we're seeing on truck number thirteen. Is that that one now thirteen -- like any -- but that one is. Causing him some extra maintenance and this is my older truck. You have -- and heavy application. We would recommend. That you keep the truck but quoted over and shipping which is may be lighter application. And buy a new one to put in that really heavy application. Period how many employees to have. We have about fifty employees have locations in west -- New York. And Jamestown. I was gonna ask that's like epilepsy it's a -- -- right -- after Pennsylvania in Jamestown and and -- Seneca here a short -- like early bricks and mortar locations down there where we have vehicles in. Absolutely. Each of our facilities. Is a full service facilities so we have. Shop space to work and repair and store trucks and each facility as well as office staff. The only thing that we do that the two branches don't do is the final accounting in printing of financial statements. And then you were talking about Yale vision before. Is a unique to review in the head on view is that Yale vision is not -- available in another brand that might be carried by someone else for example. Yeah Yale vision is exclusives to the Yale for close friend who and it's a form of telemetry there's a lot of different offerings of telemetry. And some other manufacturers. Offered their own version -- trees some. Haven't evolved to that point yet and there's also third party. Companies that we work with. That provide telemetry very good -- products. But the products are all designed for their own unique. Applications. Yield vision is designed very well for working intricately within the truck. And that gives a number of damages to using that system and other systems that are third party systems. May not have all of those advantages but they may be designed to do. A variety of different things some are as simple as. Taking that our meter reading over a cellphone line. And communicating that to. Say our computer and that way we can keep track of the our meters and do maintenance at the appropriate time. Not just based on so many days between service. But based on exact number of hours. Again we're here with at Otis president of -- -- company and our time is and I'm looking at the meter here we got about one minute left so. And at a nice to have a lot of stuff Stansky so. We'll have to we'll have to hit the deck and the show but. The web site. Is. What the website is W did WEP. -- dot com. And a great thing about a website is compared to a lot of other website you go in our industry. It's not just an informational page where you can go there and read it like a book contract and their pages certainly like that. But our website is very dynamic and interactive. You can go there and you can click on new trucks and see all the trucks we have in stock on our floor. Right now you can do the same thing with all of our use trucks that are available. Everything's priced out. You can go in and see what -- we have available today. It doesn't show all of our rentals it shows the rentals that you can actually call ups for and say hey I saw that rental. I want it and you can happen and it also has. Are standardized that your handling anything from shelving to to hand carts. On an online catalog where he can put your credit card to into the into your computer and order and have a chip -- in what your phone number. Phone numbers 6682722. And that's valid for any of your three locations or -- have separate numbers for each one you because she had Jamestown and also -- -- right in -- the numbers 4881759. And in -- it's 8148387705. Here at the eightieth anniversary -- thank you very much to. At Otis president of EB Ferrell company. Thanks for arena buffalo means business really appreciate it great local company. Like yours you know keep -- -- -- nicely on the show but you're gonna -- forklift got to go to these people ED zero go to the website. Or rock you know -- -- in west Seneca and again thanks for listening to buffalo means business will be back next week with another. Thank you for listening to buffalo means business -- -- host buffalo radio veteran M local business have a good -- Shula. Buffalo means businesses an hour long weekly radio show that's spotlights -- local business brought you by doctor Bob dental care. For worry free dentistry hold your nearest doctor -- location. And by copier fax business technologies go home of document intelligence. To have your favorite local business featured on this program please call 8430167. That's 8430167. Thanks for listening to buffalo means business on ESP and fifteen money.

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