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Let's Talk Native 02/16/14 Hour 2

Feb 18, 2014|

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Let's talk native with John King is produced every week in association with iroquois promotions. You're -- boy promotions is a native company located on the catalog -- territory of the Seneca nation. You're a boy promotions brings a combined fifteen years of emotional experience in professional and amateur sporting event and entertainment. Here boy promotions provides prominent native speakers for lectures cultural events media and educational institutions. Pass defense include professional boxing fantasy football events tournaments at -- showcase and more. Iroquois promotions also promote self sustaining an environmental friendly projects through our international network for your next entertainment athletic or cultural event. Be sure to contact iroquois promotions at 71653. To 4449. That's 71653. To 44494. Iroquois promotions. -- Our -- they've gone back and god gave us talking about dialect. -- -- -- the breakout select the current and backwardness in Dayton. Piggybacked it job by like that. The whole idea that they they almost three appropriated. Sonic associate with native culture and then they they turned into kind of electoral Powell and at the ruling it. Yeah and I like. I kind of like that. But you know getting getting back to the stuff that we're we're talking about hearing and and -- got a Bobby -- pastor Bobby dean from the Baptist church and and on the -- on territory. On the oval spring from follow on as well as government health care -- is of course I'm I'm John McCain. I'm a more hawk I'm gonna die hard enough from the analog you marriage on my but I live in -- senator territories that know me yes. If they'll look no matter no no man wanted one of the anyway they haven't costing us etiquette they're curious that's all right and land now. The -- you know that the thing that I. And -- I have gotten around in in territories I'm obviously you accept my wife my children are our idea. I'm from monologue originally worked him up with Austin area you know I've been around so. I've I've got a chance to see how things -- our and and getting a sense or in you know. How people think -- and and and some of its rhetoric that you pick up some of it is our prejudices that you pick up you go to different places and I've spent. You know on I'd Ontario -- a lot of time off there's six nations you don't belong -- -- does that -- And an acre site I know a lot of the that the places in a lot of the people and of course that travel outside of the -- if only there for two and nineteen. You know how we are perceived. You know and and you know what. Regardless. Of whether it. I've never had anybody when I go someplace I -- go to another answer for I've never had any reactive with the poster here. Never had a questioner. That is the -- at your your side and I travel outlook on what roster on nitro Lothian. And so you get two guys together you know Seneca Mohawk and and we going to place and there's a -- this off like this this. Preconceptions. Audience and a long those guys -- they fully packed the you know we talked with these guys we know that -- there -- to a so. There's always ready these preconceptions not because they know we are individuals just because they know as senate as a -- -- that we feel strongly ball we are as a people. So that the question about the things that we -- separate us like aura that we. Been subject to separate us that things like you know again whether somebody with -- believes that. You know I and that police stuffed it into a into a lot of other is it's not just the -- and you know all long off please and -- is that we have a creation story within within. Noticeably culture. With a lot of stories that are -- but. Those stories from ER RR teachable. Those stories are an infectious and waited and frankly -- I know quite a bit about the Bible as well. But if you treat those things as molasses as terrible as the kind of thing that are are meant to teach you something. And not just -- and Andy you called the Bible a historical document her history book. If you don't. Just interpret as history book but as as they -- teachable document. In the same way the and the creation story for me is in a literal. If the definition of -- the world starts to meet the creation story is a metaphor for -- over. I mean in almost all of those issues about you know. You -- world and and water and you know and grabbing onto. You know the appliances. Is I would've fought a lot that's up to me is is is a perfect metaphor for what every one of us. Went through in our own creation which was over. And so it makes sense to me without it without me saying all I believe that's really how the world started. You know I believe that's how my world stars that -- -- that I liked it I -- in the earth its water I mean when we talk about down. -- and you know how the news -- trees it is -- a grass grows in the wind blows and and and people since -- the says the river flow it's not river flows water flow and that water -- and -- and just rivers. That wonderful child. And so there's certain things within within the culture that that that I interpret a way that point one how is that it was explained to me. But also a way that makes cents. Than that for me. A lot of things at that that I embrace are not a leap of faith. You know full well you know what as as we legions of witnesses. But but if it -- if it's what does make sense and it's pragmatic now. That's not to say that the conflicts with somebody who was a personal -- and that's the difference and I don't think there's. There's anything that I embrace that somebody could say -- is whether they're Christian or Jew or Muslim friends they all know that's that's wrong. The only way becomes wrong as it is a -- believes what they believe he's the only right way and everybody else is wrong and on and that's that's where. The conflict happened take happens if if that's the do you have from along house and or that's really view and then although the fundamentalists and that's the only without what terrorism we talk about. The fight you know all of these you know these extreme heat issues. -- war kill each other over the -- that's where it becomes problematic when people say. I'm right everybody else is wrong and my -- -- mission in life. -- to make everybody think just like me. I don't think that's where we are and I am I guess when I talk about evolution of you know and it a bit of a church or or the way we think. I think that that that the way I -- that. Is not inconsistent. With when our culture. And I think what's happened is that. -- -- Had gone through that period of time but I don't think that -- and -- correct me if I'm wrong but. I mean I don't know a whole lot of you people that that I brought into. You know that are that are fees based. Will will. Kind of just -- -- Sorry you are all wrong with everything you believe because you know we violently. And and and I don't know what -- what what's your thoughts on well. I'm a real guy give us a free will. We don't pick and choose what and what we didn't have a choice of who we war. We were born. In two family. In Cuba reservation. Or not even if -- non native listening. You came from someone. And so. For me I can speak in the third person. Here's what I believe I believe that God's book is is not only historical but it's living. It's a lovely. Or god wrote to humanity and so I pick it up and I say. This book speaks to me. Where I'm going. When I leave this world and now I live in this world now every religion has there. Good ways in that race. You know good ways are because -- name. You spoke earlier about it quakers and now they were influential. In our territories. They filed for us to have land base so we're thankful. In that -- They saw that. We were being taken advantage. So they went -- actress on the flip side of that in our. Burn out in the cemetery. I got role is all of mom and dad and family members. Who were given blankets. By missionaries. Laced with a disease. From the government at some of it was intentional but it wasn't Alba on all of -- -- players below are. There's a big rock it is. A mass grave. So were we speak of all these things that we're trying to figure -- and work through this Indian people. And and but church comes at all. And all of a sudden there's this this church is gonna hurt us. This church is not going to be good progress. And they've learned over the last years and I can't speak for generations. -- reforming but it must have been good because it's still there. While but but I get my point is. That at some point to church had to change. They had to adopt a different policies different practice. So. They could be supportive of men and again. Not all of face war or more fighting force to get to get went back but you had this breakaway group this does this report quakers -- -- -- This isn't right. I mean there was a lot of people who use. Religious doctrine and dogma as a as a way to you want -- to subject here people but at some point. You know an -- I guess -- of my question do you and an even as you you do your own ministry. You must take a different attitude about how much you need to. Impose that on somebody. Brad and try to be there as a service that -- -- movie in the east at from the earlier about about respecting authority. Within our culture it is less about respecting authority but respecting those people who will you'll place in your service. And so you. Are not I had assumed that you feel that you've been placed in the service of not only your your belief when your place in the service of -- people. And and I think. But that there had to be an evolution at some point somebody church had to change it's notion. That we need to be support of the people not just decide who can be converted who can't be tempered and and I and I and I think that's okay you're kind of at that place. Right now I assume right but it's still construed that I. You know I'm going out to processor like rupiah about their process -- my people -- but I'm -- I'm just trying to connect them. With someone who is greater than us. Hey look I got -- I've got a good friend of -- up Paul Bell all right well veterans against -- -- -- dollar on the line joining me from from. From Mohawk territory. That -- on. This is pretty cool what is accurate as well. -- -- long -- Christianity. Why are easy yep and ended. In order for this for full disclosure. Yeah. We're from monologue it we know. What a community that has been divided. I'm on a variety of different you know faith obviously there's there's Catholics -- news presenters. There's. There's a whole lot of division up there even within that the Christian faith but certainly. The long house's is something that is survived. You didn't. Even with a lot of a dominant church's view within. Within. Go August can be you know you come at this thing from a place and you group you're -- and most of you almost her entire life. Really -- and the long house side of something when it was almost taboo. Yeah and blow it open you know. Rather than a lot of them that. What is what is being alone or that. You know up oh lead we call Wednesday. What. What. You weren't true. We get our people of the way up along well and visitors -- always based on new. Certain principles and a lot these this is and that who. -- -- And saw it was it -- good people along well. Or scholarly whom -- want people who yeah it is division. Between. -- It looked European equities division of ball and and so on and the -- reason for what the people and that. But you know it is people picked. Up the people. Not so anybody that they can't have what. It is that what the article promote these people who actually. And and that is that -- -- the walls of the way there and that is heavily bound for. Because of that error went to port so we need the abuse. Think he won't work but what people what we'll continue to -- well people well what. And and then yeah. It isn't it all the way it hope is that we -- know what we won't heal me. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Don't mean. -- -- These. Are all questionable. We currently we have to be quote apparently -- that we. Think he'll. -- they actually have -- say that means the good word which it doesn't even mean. You don't -- anyways I think we -- -- Is -- out with the word is is. Is what the word -- the people. And and that is that. It is going word probably that -- -- -- -- what my answer. And that alert that would. Tool. Be good to one another outlook we will respect. Yeah oh. And that we would act with any judge's mind so that we could come -- -- -- one line because it. -- That trumped up and Bertrand is based only on their knowledge and experiences. And that is they can go beyond that everything. If you -- would be very. And that but other people taught and every year are people who gather to hear I wish I eagle. I got to remind people people. That game away one -- Birdie Putt on one and -- respect each other out of respect our environment. Who understand. Humble accomplished you know who like and so on all of these principles that probably probably in the -- -- -- -- -- -- basic principle. To a food supplier. And who care of one another and to and got -- he. And that that the better reliability continuation of our. Species. And that but. But it is that when we talk -- well one -- has brought what. Did what they call -- and the third group that is changing and so on and people we had that look cool to them. I would well. We understand them differently it would you know we've been called to have that have been the want the war and women who anyway but you need to Panama weight because. The La and Atlanta both of these lands. He based on. What vigilant. Give it to all people. And what you're going to want to help us to provide and so on and and a we wish quote peace -- -- -- this -- that we would look different we -- -- Continues -- other. And then -- occurred -- other countries -- we thought it was not for -- treaty on European. But that -- network. But not change we -- and a and you brought it up over the that you will -- helped -- Indian out of law would be you know and you know and so. -- -- that. In -- circle. What are people gonna look like it's -- part. And either go -- with the creation is that we've -- But credit the people who worked pot. In our school I remember myself certainly when I have to look at what was called Indian day school because I would not we. And and my cousins and I we would play it. The weekend. An out of work. -- Roman Catholic and so on and and that we we will play like. But come Monday morning. I wouldn't have to walk I don't want to look cool and on the way it might. Go to school I have to play everyday Google public school and become home. And I hope that the director. You know I the goal for lunch and -- About this will then come back up their old home and help with my confidence blow it playing with the -- paid for. And economists think our future Monday -- -- -- They had to be cruel to locate him that privilege. BitTorrent and by among them -- pretty important you have to do pretty well. Right now. And went -- -- and today. And got a lot of don't want to look comfortable to do they were told that I hope to do you have. And I you know that it -- -- a lot of people out. Yeah we -- multiple we've got it to each other two people invited. And don't want at all. Didn't think -- -- that it would mean to people and human you bet. -- -- -- Region due to count -- people to -- -- -- to appreciate it to look at an olive garden all of them. You know -- -- and I adequately call it we call their religion definitely don't. Well there you would call it a man made corrections and amendment through. Actual. But actually in mind. Because he taught political and -- keep double talk a little while all they. Well we want our people that. Can usually are deeply trying to control they can -- his acorn. Jolie. Popular -- youth movement will respect that. We. It is true that you created. And it in your mind. And I will we will not tell you he's not optional because apparently you believe if you'd like to live by it. Mine and and there's no there's no question that. That this is where the line. -- team drawn. You know between. You know. What would phase you know what what will we are called begins first and there's no question that line got drawn. And and again a lot of that stuff EU is it -- generations grew up. But I but ENN I guess my point is that in some of these communities and it worked at got to go quick break your politics -- -- -- Got to take a quick break but but one of the things that it is clear that even with this history. There's no question that in a lot of communities especially some of those don't don't the communities that a claim. To be the most. Ardent you know traditional communities like Connell on and on -- particular. That they would suggest that somehow. None of this chapter ever existed and I think that's why. You know part -- part of the reason we're having this this this program today is say we -- move past some of that stuff. And but not forget what took place and we don't ever are buried -- the residential schools issues. You know smallpox blankets or any stuff so hang up well what what we're gonna get married and they -- real quick break and come back we kind of ran over -- what you're gonna -- coverup here. So they -- -- -- this god -- let's talk native holder back. Get -- -- -- up and save a lot when you stop it now goes smoke shop and gas station on the Allegheny Indian reservation on broad street in Salamanca. Right off the interstate 86 and eight to twenty. You'll see -- go directly across the interstate from the senate Allegheny casino. NAFTA was a full service convenience store and gas station. Providing tax free tobacco products gasoline and -- the 24 hours a day seven days a week. Now go also features a full scale burger king and manual and automated car -- save every -- -- smoke shop and gas station. The final message is from a cynical woman -- own way no way have borne fruit. 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Your donation today could save a life tomorrow. For the best prices in your favorite tobacco products and more it's -- he's emporium in orbit. Save on a huge selection of -- she -- cigar wraps rolling papers accessories detox lines and the lowest prices on tobacco products allowed. Ask about their smokeless line with starter -- starting at 35 dollars sign up for the new Mikey is club card for additional storewide savings my -- emporium. Just five minutes makes it 5820. In -- being open seven days a week from seven to eleven. Like the Mike he's emporium group page on FaceBook for notification but events and special. Call 7165497888. Or go online at Mike he's emporium dot. Let's talk native rides on the power of ESPN 1520s powerhouse signal up and down the East Coast of turtle island. Join the discussion on let's talk native with your host John McCain. I -- going back -- on Vietnam on -- I've got the ball go around doing this from Mohawk territory. I've got instituted a that's the Bobby Deen I've got a double degree of growth of my government owned studio. -- you were talking you know. In the previous segment year and and part of I think what what's important is what you had to say is is it if it explains how the tensions existed. But but the fact of the matter is that. Much of that yeah. Coming EU those same cousins now I I suspect you're not beating these guys up every day are going to be up by them every day still but. -- tell and well let's go ballpark threw. But my point is is that you know we do -- passes and Angela and when I'm trying to get you know talking and you know Bobby gain about his. That there's no question that that's some of the hostilities that were born out of you know that they kind of came from. Church educators neck and a stuff. We -- -- and a benefit in a situation where the the role reversal because now you have. Then there are some of the same people who. Whose family made bid on that side of that block. Would like to -- become a little itself practices suggest that you know but now it's time do you know condemn not. Christian people but the people within our -- -- who have it was adopted a Christian faith and as the my point is and you know yourself immune you know. Always do we stood side by side with people. -- -- Stark differences in the in in not only the police structures but even even some of the places they come from Mecca thing. So you know and I and -- -- you and I talked a lot in fact I know now livestock plot. Is about when you try to final like minded people. I don't think that line get drawn between you say -- like minded people to me that I can walk into a long -- -- everybody and there are some that I agree with this frankly. You know yourself ball there's a lot of people that some crazy thoughts I mean I got I got his one crazy government was things those commenting. I don't know what he is he's got them sophomoric name. You know frontiers in capital -- So they -- people who wander in and out of the block houses with some real crazy thoughts. And and yet. Well we're going to war. Some of these guys can be warm welcome into a conversation that -- simply because -- you know they they -- and I pictured here on a Sunday and that something really wrong with that. Yeah. Well you know well. That it let me -- if you want to call and that was I think a lot of people to understand. It stop you know. It doesn't and where. Where from within our territories who wish to adopt. Who believe -- so. They're not me but not in all the ways. These people should be ostracized. Or anything of that nature. Well let it just simply is that. Whatever it is wrote is true. Be aware of the road to. An act because they've been hit that. All the way this way people well for all of them both on the view. Not only -- working men do but the way people walking them through. And I are people who -- this way and what is that we have long been called the circle won't. Where 49 -- have made a compact that they would always worked together they would do symbolic -- walk -- together. And and that would usually represent important -- them and that was one. Proud of that what -- -- -- -- longer within that circle with with the arrival of the Obama would -- language you. It is important you want to talk about all home by this one -- And that one title is up titles that belonged to although -- time but I -- And all of when I'm around each of those I don't belong to one of the -- plan. I -- argue that I do leadership. Is welcome back we -- at all. We will follow the bill everything in our caller. To keep everything we are within that circle. Our language our culture to be here and color or hallways although they how to survive but we are. And and it says that. -- campaign. That I've been created. A shot that circle. And like a crime system. And then they are all creative and it goes back circle. The upper right a lot of people these funds upon. A -- -- bond live in accordance with this and -- all of this. And is usually Asia all sides of that. You will leave the circle. And all the equipment you probably in the circle but you know and and vehicle. Circle will will be you will be you will -- as well and whatever it is that optional on all sides. Because if you go on. That my problem is there. And you the explanation felt that the pool pool without parental involvement on one side by side now. And I know people -- -- little -- 11 want to be here criminal. And we -- at all. Don't know is that -- this year. And that's -- -- languages Vietnamese. You called -- -- vision and everything that he wouldn't actually. And -- is in this Clinton. And that is that all all of our people will continue to be independent because we are. And Andy has well. If you want people don't get me -- good measure who wanted to welcome. And we could well that Asia this year he would the other. These fuel tools to whatever you want leadership did not want to see your muscle. And you're done you'll go out -- out a little -- anyone who wish to lead the Oakland going to measure. But when I don't think that -- -- -- understand now not out there are no longer part of the circle while they are -- well there are part of what these pictures. But it is that these people can't speak the language is not paid these people. Cannot keep many of the PG that -- learn from who then you -- -- respect that it still -- or. No way cannot -- these -- -- -- optical. The government that was being they've gone to a if enough people stop anybody. That we would. Who. Do you read our people back but we would not force -- and but looking. We got a live in this land we all -- live in this community and cycle. A lot man element. And we don't -- -- occasional -- And but the thing -- we will educate them to always. A well educated blue Angel this -- And that would that would papers and news -- -- to beat Florida. We didn't we probably cage always I would always be open to -- under way. And it because it would have landed on his way. I don't have -- equipment problems between them because we don't know and a an absolutely not -- what what we can to. Well we strike force him to point out differences when my drive it. For peace we might strike for army and -- my sides to respect one another. Not to forge. I think an international law -- We're all people. And a well -- -- inevitably you're right everybody regular language and culture there and there. And acting and a at a regular government felt all right -- you know -- -- I don't think it would interfere. But yet there was one of the few people who. Been given a provision that do you have any of this. But -- that don't want don't want it to those that really appreciated you know you know. But. Yeah there's definitely. A quality and wrong. And and to understand why that one. Well. They can -- -- -- unlike -- beyond that or the other Leon and they can -- title because they have no plan date more than ever right. But you know but pot even as you say that. But the fact of the matter is that historically that's not been the case and I -- -- I think that's. That's where we kind of get into this you know in into into some of the conversation because. We know that. That there have been I mean there's guys who are sitting on console and in -- aura that that are that are Christians there are guys. Not necessarily they're still sitting on Coughlin at -- historically they have. So even though you use an and I am I honest you're saying and and and I don't understand a lot of that. But -- this but the fact of the matter is. There are communities that have deviated from that form. For centuries not put the millennia but for centuries. And so when we we think about where we are right now and that's what kind of where you were going back to when you think about where we are right now. We do have communities the fact of the matter is there are even you know even though you'll hear a dialogue on line suggests that the only holding as Tony territories. Left or on a dog. What is there on a dog. -- Wanda and and top -- -- And okay I don't know I know I -- I know but I don't think it says that. Even knowing that there had been there have been guys. Even sitting on those councils and an -- dog that bit. England ahead you know been nieces and have been they've been. Church going people so much my point it is. And in no understanding. You know the way it it was. A thousand years ago in -- to say the way it was a hundred years ago. The point is that here we are now. And and we do have it within communities people who war. Our first and foremost identify themselves as a way only Earth Day identified themselves as Seneca Mohawk or whatever. And and how do we go forward advancing the things that really identify. Rather than. Using you know. Some of the way some of -- ideology that that frankly was for it to them I don't know that that's what I struggle with today. Yeah well you know. Like lighted side -- -- same page today. Right is it good -- decent what which are not true and you know we've done one other thing that is based on able. -- what others say and it is that. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- You know -- -- people because -- -- paid in making sure that ultimately it would be law. And the big of a religion all who live -- call. Golf cults everybody. You know and there's there's really get. Brought a lot of people have different laws and rules and that attitude that what did you -- -- -- -- it -- you would. Oh. You know Birmingham Alan. You know that you'd want to you know if you play you think of movie that it was -- -- -- -- You know I wouldn't comment on that that -- -- -- -- And that and that is that you know. The Charlotte looked. Done come who put that he would have control of people might be added to our children and now. Well it was -- -- -- he could create the children's book and it worked well before god. And and we. Don't call me. That -- government can. You know. To promote. The people that is able. Why would not and that's. Well as well I think it would -- anymore you. It's like if you if you normally would. And I obviously being human -- -- -- language. And -- -- -- -- problem with the what is true community it is. And it would be very clear view. It would be very clear view. What that. Apparently meaningless. These really are -- because that is -- what it will not be utilized with buddy and you know. -- Whether it means that okay law is to me my game you'll. English. You know I don't know you'll for me. The word origin where we're next -- yeah. I don't work like that you -- look I'm certainly did that he's you look at them and let. You know -- -- Totally. Addicted to all of his rating. But yet it got him he doesn't come back in the language. The -- law. It may. -- all it's obvious who grew yet. Bob Moulton. Is very very proud. -- you know what they get people called shake it. And I. And that envelope that was watered it won't on this guy. When that water ball put up with a blue color and a all the I don't know we'll be injured and what you want on these other. He's going to benefit. And and it is Chattanooga by a water ball into the wrong. And and they're going to be part of river -- That way you think it might be on the wrong V8. That money is gonna continue. Well we appreciate your normal we don't create these really. The good -- when they're ready to England is eight. What to work on occasion. Right. You know the political you know -- boat people. That would please. Oh yeah already not what -- so -- you know I don't people who are happy that it -- only gave. An update. You know make an example of the word and a and a lot of word we don't you didn't want it. They've made it into the W word. Well -- an -- and I just in the it was the point amid an appointment of you know. That have a conversation today. Was that this kind of set. Some of them but some historical record not just the the most awful record and some of the you know opt out setting -- can we talk about what you know we've talked about a lot of stuff every week on -- show. But one of the things that. There's there's been such a misrepresentation. About what it means within our communities and we know within our communities that there is diverging -- and and and nobody. Can be so clear to sell it to be you know -- self righteous to say okay that we're doing everything. According to the old ways because it you know yourself Paul not our territories. Are are being that strict in their interpretation now I'm not saying. That there shouldn't be more adherence to a -- we end up happening is in the situation where even went along house community. Even within a long house. You you've got some. There's some crazy -- -- -- expressed out there you know when you talk about the you know again the court of phantom -- let's not beat around the bush -- -- think that they actually get. Get that gets told in the -- of -- way. Is that that he did this vision where did on the week that comes too with holes and it's it's in his feet. They won't come right out and save that according to handsomely -- on the week is Jesus Christ. But big but that's what they imply so to me. This is where. All of the stuff kind of gets hodgepodge and in mixed up together you've got -- and yet. You have people get so self righteous that are within this this quota at the Blake school of thought. And and get it -- no matter how close the christianity that that is. Those will be the ones who condemned the ones coming out of a church and a lot of and anybody and that to me that's where. To meet a war or as good at it as a talk about the shell. There on the show today that's where the rubber meets the road because I'm finding that when I go to community and I got folks like Bobby -- are noble spring here. I got more in common with them than some other folks and and I consider myself you know -- -- that. Yeah I find I got more common with these guys. In spite of what what what they're. What their faith based religion is because I can come to terms on on the areas that we do agree so no matter where are you and I and I hear everything you're saying. And but you know but we've had such an -- are fair or not. By the guys not by guys like Bobby -- who who might be a pastor or church. But by those residential schools by those that -- those jesuit missionaries that came through and and frankly. You know by how it got imposed even in the in the in new religious based schools they -- -- talk about when you grew up. But see we didn't have that a lot of these communities we didn't have those those church based schools we have the residential schools and and frankly those words -- as much more air in many ways they're more like a prison and they were. You know just something where somebody who go -- feel good about themselves and and while it and and we talked about during the break their assault people that you know. That -- the struggle with going to those residential schools because of kind of worthy. You were there already were in there you know it you know in their faith error or in the English language or -- growth but clearly there are people. Who were were abused in those in those situations. And and that's kind of way where -- where we find ourselves today. And my point is now he's debt. You know. We need to figure out where we stand together on on issues and -- and I guess you know. It's kind of like when I was when I spoke in Phoenix I said you for all those territories that are trying to get the nod from the federal government. You know -- and the nod you know by federal recognition we're not spending enough time reaching out to each other. Regardless of you know you know regardless of how we're raised -- children. How or how we conduct ourselves going forward and how do we make sure that that we are that we -- -- we're uniting. In the strongest way that we can't possible to ensure that our debt that our identity. -- you know that remains intact. And that's where where I come from. These people you know. It's illegal vote but you know like. Another candidate get something clear and there's all these people out there right now who would put the -- would be like. The good old people shouldn't be you know. The lawn and -- I didn't -- they ignore. That. And but yeah. They're not following them in -- way. That felt bad that word the problem eight and eight -- what they've been becoming partners. Because it is does not. They are not well all of these other obligations related to both the -- and I do not always work all occasions are. Does not involvement of people. And that is better than they've put themselves out of it palatable to people and that it is never -- been that way. And that is the direction. And their vision and don't want. And -- will have to come from those people. I think people are open to represent. The people. That are headed back -- -- equipment no one of those people. They're not put in place to make these changes for the people. They're there to represent probably the will of the people in accordance with Saturday pull off an you don't plan. Well let -- quote -- don't want to decide who will be put there. Today we have achieved putting up she's young she's put -- my mother. Yeah oddly. It can't -- that -- and they're being there although he can't go. There being an opening or any. -- -- I'm there and get it done not only in -- well. And on our -- I agree that the -- that -- a break I appreciate -- -- that you weigh in obviously you you brought in. In it and you'll be a strong voice. With a strong on house background that isn't necessarily. Though the way it is it is promoted on on on some of the territory there were talking about though I appreciate Colin and I got take a break here in the and a -- of what these guys thanks leprechaun and enough I'll talk -- real soon. This is John gave -- let's talk native and will be back right after this. 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Join the discussion on let's talk native -- your host John McCain. All right that's going back just dying days let's -- may have again morale or wrapping up you know pretty powerful -- import shall we do we're having conversations on. I thought that frankly most people -- -- -- and and I think that's part of problem and I ice time and time again and and -- and I've talked about it. It is so very difficult to to address some of the the parts of our history -- complicated. This is one of those part of some of that stuff that's complicated I mean frankly that division between Apollo Wanda and and and that and the rest of the you know of the senate prepare for that that are organizing second Asian Indians -- the -- on an Islamic. Nobody's really really comfortable. Having that conversation but certainly this whole idea of how we coexist within a community with with. You both a long house religion that developed only a 150 years ago are read only in the in the early eighteen hundreds. And and let's be clear that that you -- via the court offense away. Would only developed in the early eighteen hundreds it is in a thousand years it all like like the guy in or gore thousands of years of its it is that it is old is our. Mean winters in arson -- robbers it's not it doesn't even come close to that. And of course. Really the Christian faith come into our people only -- he started -- come into our around the same time. I mean in the early 18100 I mean we're we're getting exposed in the late seventeen hundreds but so this idea of of a -- legion that almost you know becomes a little bit separate from nature. It was -- -- on yours offer for our people however. In his welcome back to you now you see that a lot of the faiths including yours. -- was clearly more connected to nature to date as you approach it. Then it would have been fifty years ago because I think it was more it was more based on man and and and the higher power and less than everything else because you know there. It was it was more based on man being created in the image of god. And less than the rest the ball creation now you start to see a lot of a lot of people who. Still considered themselves a faith of Christians or otherwise we're now all of a sudden you grabbing onto more of again. That that tied in nature and organizer that conflicts that go on inside of each and every one of us is what we're trying to. Figure oh what part is what in -- that's pro comes into years years of discussion group there on Thursday's. Is that they're dealing with these separations and how how we all look what part we hold -- And monitored to social. Social ills that if you call it. But as we sit here is that as adults some publicity you know or a range of ages you know. This is the big cars and we're happy is almost a little different in Pakistan and India and now we've talked to talk me how when you look at how. You know how the long house operated. You know and where we may not have a another generation of kids who wore as. As space based. We also don't have a strong another generation that are that are oriented towards. The law calls these because because it has become so convoluted so. How do we who knows who those low level long -- background and those of us who may have a faith based background. How do we reconcile that even as raising our children and get -- -- discussions had to be done but I think we need a big -- better than us. Need more dialogue. If they need to get better than the congress but -- they have that honest talk we can't just you know UBS them. And and there's been a lot of that and that's kind of weird to some of the conflict -- element he I I went through some of the some a year you're granddaughters going to a situation where. Wow you know where her father tried to leave leave her piece of property. And there are those are trying to say while he can't leave it to him because retailer customs and traditions. None of them that are even true they're just making stuff up as they go long and they. They've involved in of the so called chief -- involved you know people -- making. Assertions about. What -- could do and this stuff is based on on anything that -- he's even remotely associated with our culture it is spend. The kind of thing that people throw around there. And Eli and I've seen releasing get thrown into -- and in it to the -- -- whipping pile so to speak. It's that was just being human beings to each other. First and foremost recognizing each other human beings as as a fellow fellow new wind there's nothing that takes away from us you know. Weakened refused to leave as the people who will will will be a row. I'm a weekend we can shirt everything that that that makes us who we are. We do we do you know I could you know -- it's you know stop doing this I can go. Would you work for IBM and and never step on the native territory again. And it alive but at the same time that'll be the circle that I stepped quickly but if you're living on a -- territory and you're trying to responsible because even. Even as we talk about the -- want. And we talk about because again what one when we say when we think the hot day we are just talking about. That is going to pass and all of life what we're saying is we're on -- path and and in the and the other path. Could be any other path and it's not just native people -- non native people. It is it's the path that we are on pursue the path of the year on vs the path that -- that that you know a river itself. You know so we talk about creation is is provided us with a birthright. And Chris does provide us with a path. And it's not that those pats have to be. In competition -- each other. Or -- or running along sites as you straight to the fact of the matter is even as we we we we had this into the into the on the team we said look. We're -- river of life. Were on the same ripper. And we're gonna meet the same rapids we're gonna meet the same drought we're going to be seeing storms. So although we don't need to necessarily -- and embark on each -- vessel. We still could help each -- we still an obligation to help each other know how to navigate it to the point is the point is. And in this is what we come back to. Where a place -- -- people. Have. Exist on the plan for tens of thousand years. And at some point we alas it is to hand over. We -- you know there are people who work are turning to us on environmental fights and on on a lot of things there's there's parts of our culture. Not just not just of religion stuff. They're part of our culture that can be they can resonate beyond if there first so there are people who come into with a one -- something we got liberties. A -- to say one thing clothing that are really appreciate Paul's position and and where it come from what he believes and I understand why that is so. But moving forward. I I. What do we have to do well and it's always been true you know we we need to compromise. Compromise but with some more understanding -- to have. Meeting half way. Well compromise sometimes as a negative connotation to it though and me when you use them all yet that person you can't -- and -- compromise no. When when you say compromise the way I view is that we need to resolve we -- we -- all we know so in etiquette back to that work console with a -- If you the whole idea is if you if you find yourself -- -- is situation with the conflict. How do you get past the conflict now. You know people -- you know called compromise so when I I tried to use the word in a -- when I -- Colorado beat me if Alec. I'm gonna compromise my principles know what you're saying you're gonna understand who we are and where we need to go and how we need to come together so when we come together. A -- crises we humbled what would you what we need to compromise our principles or would compromise our prejudices. We've got to let some of that goal so we can become and then -- so that I agree so I am but again we don't have gentle voice yeah that's right. But I know how words can be. Used it and manipulated so. I don't have a problem that word puzzles and understand what we mean by my body to get to a place where Ricans. -- -- We we should be able to us today I believe in Jesus while interview that if even if you don't. I should be able to say that I'm not a fan of the work tolerance. You know why am not a partner I'm not for an you know -- and that's not -- -- tolerance means it means that I could still dislike you but I'll put up with. And I don't think that's where we need to strive I think we need to respect -- I think we need to get to a place where where what boy you're believed to not become an obstacle to to you know to respect this man. Or my beliefs don't become an obstacle to respect this -- that's the thing. I think we need to get the place where where respect. And and and friendship. And and and unity. He's he's he's the goal not just putting companies and so that's what does it work tolerance beat it to become a very it's very common in the vernacular today. It's like that that -- our discussion is part in that room. Mutual respect with these two. Yeah obvious that the key point so when you talk about compromise what you're saying is let's not you let those things that separate us be. What would bring to the people would hold some of those things -- it's a whole month of some of the things that we that would that they'll make us you know that that define you with the individual. Always try to define the people -- the finest of the people that we have in common and exactly. You know guys that I think -- lot for coming in this is it hasn't been a good conversation and I know that. That some people gain some insight from listeners and and and again will blow you guys it will always -- that -- -- you know edit and and -- look around you know. Murtha also think the -- Edward teach the next generation some things in the way that we do -- that program mr. And I want think a small dollar for calling in noble Bobby met as always that they predominant. We'll see you guys next week hey I'm not sure from the show in New York this week because it up -- reasoning. Stay as 200 WBAI you can go to WBAI dot org. Look for my column in the -- times. And by all means check -- my FaceBook group page that's where you're gonna find -- everything that I do to check it out let's talk data were -- FaceBook group page. And W particular blog. Native right yeah Google -- their bright viewfinder and -- and thank -- next week. -- -- Thanks for listening to let's talk they do join John McCain each week here on ESPN fifteen money go to -- let's talk native -- John McCain FaceBook group. And offer comments and suggestions on issues discussed or those you'd like addressed. John -- -- back Sunday night at nine. Buffalo's home put -- number one brand in worldwide sports ESPN. 15:20 AM WW KB buffalo on ESPN 1520.

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