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Let's Talk Native 02/23/14 Hour 2

Feb 24, 2014|

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Are I think going back this is John McCain is -- thought they were just starting -- two. -- runs they've set an amber we're talking about. How we as a native territories as native people. Put to use our energy resources how we how we develop energy policies how we how we -- native people. Don't forget who we are. I mean business shouldn't just be about the bottom line it shouldn't just be about how much money can we meek. If we can get this much natural gas -- its territory or we get this much. You know tar sands oil a lot of Alberto or we can get this much coal line of this you know out of Colorado World -- I of growth. And you know when when -- -- as he stands up in front of -- -- you know the entire world sees me and even you recovered this thing. And says that our territories for present 10% of the United States energy resources. That that concerns me that it was even pitch that way and and a lot of his speech and a lot of the -- and a lot of need of leaguers. They frame themselves within the context of the United States in how they fit in with the state how they. You know how they are par up almost a part of the state or how they are in Iraq for the federal government and very few -- territories. Even with something like the NCAA -- which is the new national congress and the American Indian. There's still isn't a whole lot of cooperation from territory territory say OK what are we doing to to conduct -- how we gonna develop. Energy policies that complement each other and and and support each other it's acknowledged it's all about the bottom line how much how much can they sell off. And and and they're doing this all the wow some of their own people are living in abject poverty -- the living what without the energy resources again and you know I think in in the last. Month I've heard of four deaths in and in any country associated with the was freezing -- This just that shouldn't happen not in -- places that are being exploited for energy in the first -- So and that's part of it you know one of -- that I started alluded allude to it the at the end of last hour was them. Was the that the hypocrisy and hypocrisy of the United States as it relates to. In how. You deal with governments in you know in Indian Country we talk about the thought Ross especially the relates to trading commerce the united has no problem. Promoting an almost insisting on socialism in any country. There there's very little that ever happens in the united from the United States policy or from a policy that encourages private sector backed. It usually trying to kill private sector. And even those people get involved in the private sector development economic development our territories oftentimes feeling good they don't get an absolute. You know kiss on the cheek -- blessing from from the Tribal Council that they're gonna -- hobby. Be exposed in an endangered. We've got some places and I think about pilgrim -- prizes to who went from selling to. From native wholesalers. Despises all those things now we're gonna -- the only thrive because. We feel like we're too vulnerable out here because that's basically the way the state has trying to push you know as has pushed him in that direction so. We we have developing news these policies. That. Whether we like it or not. That an end -- accommodating. You know in the state and federal governments pushed towards socializing our territories and they do this all the while. They're -- they're condemning places like Venezuela who booted out shell booted out -- our rob blurred out BP they throw out all American and European. Energy companies out of Venezuela. Accused Venezuela's one of the most oil rich countries in I'm on the planet. And they said now we're we're gonna nationalize those cities were gonna utilized a fuel ourselves now. Clearly their production levels dropped off and that's the first few -- -- -- -- -- -- Venezuela's never reached their peak production. Their -- their fuel company had a base as you know -- big they've lost production over the years you ought. So while it's still there it's filled air so they have an energy resources gonna be there for a long time. And yet you see a lot of effort to maybe maybe that was part of going to. Look with offices -- that doubtful that. And we don't have milk and the environmental damage that was being -- that was being evidenced by the way these companies and Al Al a lot of -- to -- food. Because the environmental degradation of the left field line. And they've probably would in every way it was going in and that you. Act different and the European stars and blow up. -- -- ego level of that but. But also but we have is in in in our territories. The United States. Isn't suggesting that the Seneca nation develop its own energy company energy policy this thing now just. We're gonna do demonstrate how we can put some some program money together so you can. And enhance your energy resources. That are gonna ultimately gonna -- national it. You know and so what you're looking at utility scale wind. Which is going to be supporting -- energy company time that is happening in the encountering right now saying widow was with. Hydro fracking. -- you know North Dakota. The states don't you know talking about how much from now how much money either. Yeah they're they're producing no offers all the jobs almost money. But. What about the long term. In that short term money and the long term costs -- it is is environmental degradation it is it's not just. These seals -- emissions would talk about. The grounds being effect right. The Sony and there are political positions on native people than than people and other countries -- contradiction because. It has to do with the bottom line of industries about capitalist. And the best means for capitalism has nothing and do. -- any particular structures is that we're gonna structured this way in this region because this suits us best. Why in the bottom line is the capitalism drives politics -- -- -- the Coke Brothers some but you know that's just the Republicans I mean let's face it -- there and nurses always Democrats -- And and and using I'm gonna go down there on on the second of of Martin and stand with those students at the from the White House. But I and I tell you right now -- -- here. Obama's going to approve that and it on the -- -- the putt. -- idea and built anyway the only thing that requires Obama or John -- approval is crossing the border. You know so. If the pipelines there -- you know and and -- there's a lot of resistance from from Texas to you all the way up to that goes there's a lot of resistance. But you're for -- finding you know companies are finding ways to get the pipe in the ground no matter what and and and and time and time again you're seeing. You know this pipe leak of that pipe leak and and then how much is being covered up so not only you have. All of this environmental degradation associated with with with the grind these pipes and keep in mind tar sands oil. He's not just -- -- It's a more corrosive type of our product in its beat -- it's a it it's its car that has been softened in liquefied. So it's got. Oh -- and he has a more chemical corrosive and it's also. Not only is it -- and here's the part that to me is a real kicker than almost will be talked about. Oil pipelines. Victory they carry crude there's a there's. I'll find. You know for every barrel of oil goes through pipeline news you know so -- sense goes into a Superfund site. In anticipation of there being a spill and there will be and that will be just -- Tar sands oil is not considered crude. So it's exempt from having to put money into the super -- beat -- it's not crude oil so they are actually exempted from putting in. The Superfund and and this has a higher potential for leaking then I mean the only reason it. The argue -- that would reduce its likelihood of leaking coming out of the gate is that it's going to be new pipe inflatable pipe -- because when they run the stuff to rope like. -- -- It's it's in another they looked all the leaks across can't TransCanada alliance and and and there's likes to seven in just in just last year and a half respond to answer it ridiculous. When it comes out of the bottom line is the citizens oh the niceties are in any better position than than than native people you know race. It's all -- government. Yeah it's all groaned you know until they really don't have a sick. You know at a problem and guys so it's of them left ignorant about the stuff and and I'm not -- consult the average American is -- all being put you know having the wool pulled over rise and and and that the thing that you guys like Noam Chomsky and you know my friend Pam -- murder and other people of that over the years is look. We you. Make a good Frontline on this issue. But we can't -- long we need on -- who have been with us and I and I slowed right down there with the with the Sierra Club guys -- down there front park you know coupled. About three weeks ago or whatever because they want to do a vigil after this the studies that it came to John -- and the the State Department. Which essentially try to minimize the impacts of the XL pipeline so there was I went down as the that was going to person there. But my point is we has made people not only have to stand out football we have to have these conversations. We have to say no we're not gonna allow. The the industry standard. To run us over not -- for -- and and because I can allow it. We're gonna set a standard we're gonna develop a model that debt it's gonna make something and -- and the people are going to be upset about it. Are gonna be the industry is the -- people and and political folks are getting paid by music wait a minute what the senate is doing. They're they're not putting their they're their natural gas into the pipeline. They're utilizing it themselves. And -- you either. And and so now as a socialist so is -- and they're not developing that is so they can suck it all out all at once you get it out of there in ten years they're not they're not. But it did not -- maximize their the production. I mean that was Bryant I don't know are we got senators. Was that ever read and that of years ago with that threaten national figures yeah yeah. Now because you're you're you're having a conversation whenever Albert -- -- remember and you were talking to some folks about you know how we develop our. You know total fiasco go -- beyond the wealthy the. The wallet that royalties and take better control and get in the revolution deeper and but that's one to them -- -- threat to National -- it is it's not a threat to national skiers who currently is. Yeah and for for them what they're calling the nation. Are the elected officials are being funded by these guys so it's not a threat to national security it's a threat to to visit is security of those people. Who are running the nation is when it comes down to. And that's that's the reality in. And we need to be. We need to be. The world races and we -- And in the world but certain that that may have been not need people in US again when I looked at what took place up in of the pot dog would with the big Mac. And I when I heard in the in this. The the broadcast from Canada he was -- where. Worth happier with with and -- so -- that happens. And and I'm listening to them say. That the non -- the municipal government. In the municipal elected official as saying I don't and a -- were were common these guys because the federal -- -- last week we voted fourteen to one. To ban. And natural gas exploration we don't want who we know. At what exploration means it means tiger fracking so we don't even want to come and here to test it and so with a -- maxed out. Did that there was there were non native people standing with them and that's what we need to see we need to that we need -- a better relate to it if I have one. Objection to some what 350 dot org and and Sierra Club I and I'm not the same cannot reach out some I know Deborah white who has been very involved a lot of stuff. But there -- more -- And they should be Regina every one of our territory and say you know it send to Iraq John. We want we want to speak -- -- in -- John King we wanted to speak in -- sent us you know -- the Matt hill we wanted to speak in. You know in New York City I mean. We I mean there are people here in this room alone there having this conversation. So. We need to get those big organizations these those big well funded organizations. That are are trying to raise awareness now we may not line up on every issue donate to. Now we don't but we we there's enough there is that we do what I'm against hydraulic fracturing. -- obviously Erie county has thirty a pass the moratorium against that at least I'm counting lanes or something like that. -- -- it -- governor. You know he's he's he's a pro but I guarantee just like. The -- democratic president is going to approve the XL pipeline that democratic governor at some point is going to. Yield to the pressure that's out there saying look you don't approve from. All natural gas expiration. You're you're being a job killer and I know my good friend George raisers he's against any of -- -- -- tiger fracking in the worthless because the Republicans know. And I'll play at this governor this that the Albany. You know he life of a lot. But he's not the only Democrat that. There's plenty of them do so you know this and we need to provide enough food and information enough dialogue so. Some of these guys to feel justified in not taking the so that we get daybreak today it's a quarter after what they are breaking the back. We still more go here there's there's this place that we haven't touched on yet so will -- pound on little more after the break his John game that looks like -- we're back. Get greeted the -- up and save a lot when you stop it now goes smoke shop and gas station on the Allegheny Indian reservation on broad street in Salamanca. Right off the interstate 86 and eight to twenty. You'll see now go directly across the interstate from the senate Allegheny casino. 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Like the Mike he's emporium group page on FaceBook for notification but events and special. Call 7165497888. Or go online at my -- emporium dot com. -- from Buffalo, New York in the historic homeland of the senators let's talk native rides on the power of ESPN 1520s powerhouse signals up and down the East Coast of turtle island. Join the discussion on let's talk -- -- with your host John games. All right thanks arm back look at one. Plug a little bit again I do a show every Thursday morning. In New York City its efforts voices in the news radio I was named. The the replacement or or the -- -- four of them the program after duke isn't ghost or who is still the executive producer -- Has been. Basically hosting the show for over ten years. He's gone on a sabbatical for the year. And the only basically -- a choice of whether the mothballed Scholl or to keep it going in. When he called me up he said looked down if you're in will keep it on your -- trailer area I was dollars. -- it's and I don't think you know the it -- program director you even with the values show and there's a lot of people listen that you army. Granted WBA I -- not be. Yeah maybe a bit of a shadow of its former self. But -- have -- 170. -- 370000. People listening. That's more than anybody but let's look at the big blizzard at your -- a 450000. People. Is the it and that's finishing last. In the armor -- ball didn't if your breath a lot of people and of course. That let you go Ryan and I I -- that I've I've liked being a guest post but Matt you you went down with the -- before when we've. We've -- and of course you you appeared on my first. My first crack at it my first real show as the as the informal. But it. It's a show that's also listened. Two widely. Joke isn't has done a great job promoting the show on other stations that it is like 45 other states and figures that show. In fifteen states and one Canadian province yeah opinion -- night north mr. -- And I'm out of it once I get it going on this for awhile I'm gonna push -- -- I can't get other. Other. Markets that have. Either in need of people in in the market or. Progressive people enough that would wanna hear you voice that I you know the same thing I think about this show is worth about first voices. We have a message that resonates beyond their territory. And this environmental issue in the in the very subject to work on here is is evidence of that I think. The kind of conversation we're having it would isn't just. Purely environmentalists. And or and and purely anti capitalism. There's a lot of that. But. For me I'm not against capitalism I just think that -- -- is that the -- it's got to be it's -- -- be an agent and errors in the abuse and we have problems -- -- personally that we have people you know there's. You know a huge disparity between the haves and have nots. But I think that's part of the conversation and and and part of trying to keep. A certain level of the conscience like yes. The soul when you know when people are doing well whether it's in the tobacco trees or whether it's the powers that be in gaming or lower growth that. The people say you know we have to. We've got to balance this thing out now and you know and I and I think the problem with the with capitalism as exists in the global economy more than half economy. It's all about just. Rape you know it -- rate for the dollar and and so whether it's whether it's environmental issues that get pushed aside for. For exploitation. Of you know for natural resources or on -- or. Car not having any you know. Proper regulations on finding missions in certain countries. Or a protections -- for labor -- or any of that stuff I mean. The global economy says it's okay it's only makes twenty cents a week in Vietnam. It's okay that you had these huge dumps of of toxic waste in China or India or Pakistan. It's okay that you that you know big east selloff. A third of the rain forced to two Chinese developers in in in in Brazil Euro or or helper I mean. This becomes the norm. And that's the problem with capital and and it and it's not just. You know country like I'm China isn't this free enterprise capitalism the capitalistic country in the way that the United States as. But there's still very capitalistic because there's a lot of money. There's a lot manipulation of currency and and the United States is every bit as guilty in the meantime you're seeing global economies that are you know. There are shrinking. Or that are that are failing. I mean you know the United States he steel in knee. In a very tenuous spot with a phony economy and you know the whole idea. They base so much a consumer confidence with just convince people that things are good and then nobody more so let's keep everybody in debt. But nobody nobody anyplace you know in both the world -- discuss the population explosion. In those kinds of things that are color. Either ignorance or necessary for others it was associated public -- that someplace someplace through the the consumerism is driven by population. But that's not a problem in the states in the states is just pure consumers and to the population isn't growing it's that best the united back penalties growing. But the demand is because everybody's being marketed ammunition and even you know whether you're on FaceBook or whether you're on -- you know watching television or whatever. There's so you being. You know dictated to every single day about the thing with that one thing I had about how many. Corporate logos a three year old identifies. Average five Euro -- from the 2000 corporate logos. But they can't -- five -- Yeah they -- they don't get the disputes iPod or leaves but they know. You know 2000 -- might have been more than but at least 2000 corporate low with the that's how I wanted to we want to hammered -- recognized McDonald's logos. With that it would beg for Fries and what by human doc. And I know why that. I. I think one thing going -- he should really -- -- -- which it has some conversation mode. We know Kenneth. I mean this is the our first overall this is -- we have thousands of years the -- ends of the house and vote of the years of understand what over growth and. You know over -- consolidation of population centers and in this -- the thing and I have talked about it on the show before but it relates to this very conversation. You know one and I know the unit some conversations with the with some revelers from Mongolia. And this Mongolia. He's only been reestablished as a as its own nation you know with -- several decades right and -- -- -- article warriors for the pleasure I think it was nineteen. OK so there you have a country that's kind of been reformed it or formalized -- hadn't and and their wrestling with Enron development they're trying to build build of cities and they have a conversation -- -- -- you say. You know we did. You know we had to Nokia we had. You know -- needs we had the you know although of that development -- on the Gulf of Mexico we said. We walked away from and John of course all of -- thought I thought that was that we walked away from it now. One but it felt because it was unsustainable rates but the point is. I've heard archaeologists I think a lot of diseases -- top or our climate change now that quality is wiped out everything within walking distance of Bob natural resource that show and disease is the bigger impact when people and you say that but some of the stuff -- as some of these. A these urban areas that we developed that means to hope Kia. In the sixteen hundreds was was his biggest Paris it was it was represented one of the largest cities on the planet. And that's their -- -- -- Lewis would be a revolt. 11 thing -- responsible people and when there's couples who come with a you know. We that we look at the mind and anesthetics. You know hall advanced civilizations that learners and in. In you know I wonder what happened. And we're still here mission which don't expect it pushed him. But that but those things failed because they were unsustainable. And -- was understandable and and for this. For this generation. Around the world we understand is that. There were very advance and very intellectual. Communities and still concerned. -- without without an advancement it didn't didn't work and uptight when you fly to new York and you fly over you look down and you think how is it possible. That somebody thought this was a good idea now a basically good at Times Square you see the big buildings -- Madison Square Garden. That's how I'll -- I'll go when you get up in the air and you fly and you have to serve -- on it and you look at all those houses. Together and and the lives and how many people are living in one building. Because of the apartment building and it. And I don't I'm not condemning those who live that way but I know there's a whole lot of people were not happy about but it is their stock I mean New Orleans. When out when the levees busted. There are certain level people said. Well that's won Wimbledon the city ethics because we were gonna fix that otherwise it's like you had it's almost like. You have to have climate and -- near cities horrible. So climate change -- -- it's real I mean the sandy K doing just what did the eight. It's not it's not well well ago it it'll go. I mean that the tsunamis that that hit you know a decade ago. That would that what this nodded took up Fukushima. Those things. We're much bigger than then. The storm could wasn't -- about an economy hit New York when when hurricane sandy and super storm sandy came up in his New Jersey and they said the dollar value. It was ten times what what happening -- -- Japan and in Thailand but. But the reason is because it group with of a dollar value you as having been touched compared to what below what these -- have been bitten by. You wait until you have Wall Street the water coming up to the New York Stock Exchange. Wait till that happens in cold is the major capitalism. While I mean let's face you better you have empires that used to run its course within 500 years the United States is. Only a little over two years. And body north side. Flew hundreds of yours Alan left into Vietnam -- popular as I said. You know because of their societies that failed -- -- filled with all of that. But now you're looking at Philadelphia and without -- environmental impact of environmental and that was just social but you know I'll use. View you know you have this capitalism in this world -- That escalate it takes it to a point where. The damage to the requirement is -- men may yet for first time. You know in at least in the history. The journey has a hole and. Ammunition ships and why and why haven't they they start the -- -- -- and Tuesday at 1020 high and an eagle -- how crazy is it. That you're gonna use the you know the oceans to transport that much of a commodity. I mean -- an and then I think about things like of the Napa Valley facing some like half of the pro views of the United States is Goran won valley. How is how does that happen -- -- How narrow way of Bartlett runs out of water which is what's happening now so the and the problem is you create. This this dependency. Because corporate interest exploit something to such an extent that they did they just wipe and now and that's what happened -- -- -- 11 of the things that we learn you know and getting back to than they thought is that we can't close right so we can't just pretend that it's not been and you know that there are consequences to you know I think we have to change our behavior to certain points of that we can -- -- We're not about that the next segment as we get to a point now where it's not just -- one how to -- right the ship. -- we after I -- -- the storm. Because we aren't we initiative yeah how we gonna surprise though growth over the next they would. Look where the body our I've got Ross the Syria -- through this giant -- let's not natively -- back. Looking for great cities and tobacco products and gas to stop at the crossroads crossroads smoke shop is located right in the heart of the catalog is territorial the Seneca nation. 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Let's talk -- with John McCain is the only native radio talk show in Western New York I may actually be the only radio show of its kind anywhere. Shows can be heard live theory Sunday night on J. D. -- -- when he's powerhouse 50000 plus signal and online. A live web streaming archive shows can be accessed at KV 1520 dot com. And on John McCain's native tried blogs -- let's talk native tribe dot Blogspot dot com. Join the let's talk -- -- John cain's FaceBook group page where you'll find links announcements are placed -- offered comments and suggestions. Thanks for coming back to let's talk made him a phone line is open for 27168031520. Years let's talk may oppose John McCain. All right guys come back. Four lines are open and effective medical online Fred going on Muster Fred. Is this the Fred I know. It has spread. -- Brought up to thank you threat and I didn't know Fred Fred I'll give credit good to hear from you. Are -- getting any of the first bush shows down there. Yeah I have sometimes I can't get -- on Thursday morning but we've repeated on W. Monday night. Silence if you're doing a good job done and done it was a hybrid. Well a couple of things I just want to remind you guys I think that would be somebody I think -- that you were down two visit Dick rightly get apple on farm and Renault renewable energy. -- yes we have. Yeah he's doing great work and if you go to if you do is go to. Apple on -- dot com you'll find out what he's been up. And you have mentioned you know. People freezing in the northern climates you know and and in the Dakotas and it's it's called open northern New York State to. And so what that has had at his farm is a example of -- -- -- bail out. And when you have walls that are almost two feet thick you can practically keep that place would body and a couple like -- And look into that had those in Sweden and Russia for centuries. C and is this where the problem happens in any country a Fred is we get into this battle over. Where the -- come from and whether this that building type for the building style or that you know -- the building philosophy. Meets the federal standards could get better than most -- territories are really really DIA mentality. And you know and so. Close to accept -- buildings -- -- not about building codes it's hard to meet. He goes beyond building codes don't mention center stroke belt convention center building. I nobody's seen it goes beyond building codes Fred what happens is you get you have the -- -- and -- setting the standard so. -- and and that's what most people are following and that's why the whole idea of of taking ownership of this stuff so whether we if we wanted to drop -- houses will do so opera houses and that and and the thing is that we got to start taking more control of that and and less. Letting. The industry standards you know when you look at an eye -- -- I saw some of these -- even on the Canadian side. Where some of these territories had put out beads for fuel are for energy efficient homes. And they don't necessarily I judge them all equally and what happens these. You end up having. The seat standard because -- the contracts -- gonna go to the same kind of builders they're gonna or they're gonna go of these modular home builders they're not concerned about energy efficiency. My point is we need to set up. So week we have the ability to to produce these homes. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- As developed everything from the -- affordable pay X through the the solar thermal to with a radiant floor heating he's he's done a lot of stuff you know we know he's got at all. Yeah so now he's got all going on there and I and I didn't get -- -- good example. It's a great asset. You know the other thing is. A lot of the a lot of its energy should be produced locally there's communities in Massachusetts now rural community. Is powered by its solar. Photovoltaic arm. And you know if you go to. As far as the centralized source you know but the Department of Energy our own department that Department of Energy. Claimed that in 92 miles square in the desert southwest is enough to provide electorates in the whole country both commercial and residential. So that that would knock out goalie goalies nuke plants -- power plants. Then the question about it why don't they do it then it solid the United States that the resources as an. -- now but it is it's not he thought about money because they they could develop the question is is -- about the politics. If the money did that directing the politics I mean obviously the oil industry and the but I mean it's not that the money isn't -- I mean when you think about how much money -- it spends on on just yield on interest on money. You know it the idea of a making an investment act candidates for infrastructure at -- that brings me to you know to the other conversation that. You know is has beaten me the evidence this year. You know. It's not gonna take long. -- the resources aren't there. You have some serious degrading of infrastructure. And if you don't start developing put an investment. Not only to the old and a structure but what is going to be the new technology that's going to be a little bit more enduring. I mean I I've I've never seen the roads as bad as I've seen in the here and in every year I say the same thing. But every year it's -- that pack -- road upcoming article from. Enron is going into Wanda I've never seen. That road ever and that was paved the only a couple of years ago wasn't -- this rhetoric down under -- it think it's incredible so. We've talked about infrastructure Fred. You know -- The infrastructure that needs to be done from an energy standpoint. -- is clearly some got to be done you know it is to secure the future. But -- they're ignoring so much stopping every different level because it's almost like. There inviting disaster happened for you for the address and the cake. Become a deposed disposable society I mean they just built brand new bridge on on interstate I was going to be interstates 8086. And I I saw them build the bridge and got these giant beams and they're they're rested or ready had never been -- bigger crimes of. So well having having said that -- other than that actually a third steal that is designed to -- To -- secure that so let's hope he's. Another -- feel that you that. I wanted to put up. I did it but there's our -- bridge steal anyway it is designed to get Cody Ross to secure but. I hope that's what they used. At. Both of and I don't spend much time that is one thing I hope your wrong about Andrew Cuomo granting. The go ahead for drilling -- I think I think that there's so many people. Now that have come out against this there's over -- 130 groups that are fighting against this and there's there is something else I mean the banking industry. Just something from from this legal these that I have here's standard residential mortgages mortgages per prohibit. Borrowers from closing -- permitting the president used disposals storage or release of any hazardous substance. On or about the mortgage property and what happens is. Is that's environmental laws and what happens is it nullified the mortgage. So if people have you know of their form -- paid for their -- five or ten acres paid for. You know lock stock and barrel and it's been you know that doesn't apply. But anyone who has the mortgages not allowed to even have over five gallons of any of any of these chemicals or even. Yet you show me one example usual rate of one example of a bank that's foreclosed in Pennsylvania. Or any of these states and done it so. I agree and I've heard all that stuff and I agree with it and and I frankly I agree with the environmental -- associated with it. But the problem is Fred is there's there are powers greater than. That you and I at play here and we've got to make sure that we empower ourselves and we powers and in many people possible to make sure that the stuff doesn't go through in ways that. What's that. I'm -- the banks Purdue. Well and and they are but you show me -- bank has foreclosed. I think there I think there have businesses. In some cases I can't I can't site. -- a -- -- David developing mystery sourcing and the Pennsylvania obviously Pennsylvania is. You know as ground zero for gas land and a lot of that stuff but. You know an -- and I've heard all these banking industry or an. Analysts committed talk about this exact thing you're talking about but I haven't seen the -- step up let a few banks are to foreclose an -- and wanna get out caught the notes. And of course once it's summer but the well I'm there. What's the bank gonna do with the property thirty to thirty got a piece of property that it other than sub dividing -- trying to separate them somehow. Both local and it has to be -- -- it has to be publicized that somebody is well I mean there are places in Pennsylvania where wells have been polluted and and people can't sell their houses and how -- -- sell out without as a source of water. Why not I I agree I agree with what you're saying but I'm just saying that. They're still really really wealthy people that are trying to you know -- beat this argument and I'm not -- and has successfully. But you know at this point they're still awful lot of -- or fracking happily having a lot of places now I'm not. I'm I hope Cuomo doesn't do it either but it but it got -- Davis this is the guy who's got a lot of interest that. He's got political aspirations and he's gonna wanna make sure that he's well funded. And so is he doing the right thing is not always the the best thing for you politically you know what you wanna do think -- the financial -- -- that. Once spoke for the third term it's certainly won't be reelected and if he lets go through. Well. I hope you're right they're tube I mean -- I I've watched your state politics for a long time myself and all I can say is that the Republicans have have I mean. They're gonna put anybody up against them and that's going to be immediate and Donald Trump as popular bodies arguably think. Well almost got to be the governor as long as he wants to be governor until people start giving him the black guy that he needs for a lot of the stuff I mean I think. Look what he did any countries bars. Here I thought we are a great position to to stand up to the Cuomo. And they and frankly every fire every community backed down from so I've. I I've bothered by this guy and I don't like to. But I and I hope I hope you're right that he doesn't do this and I and I hope you're also right that if he does -- -- that -- -- get reelected but. You know right you've got an awful lot of confidence in the in the New York State political structure that I don't have that. I don't know another and that it is just in the people themselves New York State is the only one -- you know for. 67 years now as the only is the only state that has stopped this. You know not that -- any smarter than anyone else it's just that we can point to the examples of what's happened in other places in the country. You know that's you know that's the only reason we -- track record that we have so far. Yeah well I -- I'd I'd like to see. So it is one thing in this web site -- -- -- some ammunition of change Exxon's CEO comes out against cracked cracked the fracking. Project because it will affect its property and the. The -- so I thought that both companies today yet. He and he might see he's in favor fracking is loans as mine is on Baghdad area -- moment there. I read taser on him with argues that -- aren't -- another online I'll vote to covering Africa back from break but not let that. This type of practice being -- and. Tried to have the confidence in. In elected officials lawyers and I don't I'll be surprised if if Obama does not approve. This keystone XL pipeline and it and when you look at the reasoning behind it they're suggesting wow. If we build the pipeline. If we don't but the problem is that gonna get that -- since -- -- can't count that count the pipeline as increasing the carbon footprint. What are you talking about. You make it easier for that stuff to go to market right now the only thing that's slowing down. Tar sands oil is the bottleneck because they keep it out there they've they've got they get they're all kinds of money. When we prop sinden and even new technology to get on the ground but it -- to get it to market. That's the big apology and that's what this keystone -- Marcus with as good. -- and it's going to. You Democrats stop these nose of the pipelines either this is one pipelines so all the ones that or if you could say okay will be built with pipeline we won't have all those leaking pipelines. In play you will this is just gonna supplement and an NB a bigger opportunity for from morbid in fact it'll justify. Even the smaller pipelines even more and underwrote. We can. And by the leaking every day I mean someplace though. But the -- there's no question about that though and I and I frankly if Andrew Cuomo stands up against this you know. He just dragging its feet. -- Agassi he's gonna try to get past the next election cycle. But I guarantee if he gets reelected. I'm telling you opera mom -- -- now he's gonna approve Hydro fracking in New York State there's never approve permits for that way I'm not saying it won't have. Some of some regulatory you know added regulations put to -- but I guarantee if he gets elected. And he's gonna kick he's gonna kick the can down the road to get through the past the next election cycle with some. Virtual promises about this than that the I think but I guarantee. If you get them reelected he's gonna approve. Superman. I would at daybreak where coming it'll last segment of this this show. Kind of a of a pretty good show as far as I'm it's an -- like. Expressing our concerns about a lot of these issues -- his won't be the only time we do it but. We're coming in the last segment so we're going to break right now this is John can have frost on his studio I've got Matt hill in studio. And I've got another -- on line when we come back the will be your back. After. It's the home of smoke and feels OJ smoking gas with five -- off 87 -- every Tuesday plus tax free savings every day on gas propane and diesel. OJ's has a wide variety of tax free tobacco products plus roll your own supplies -- papers smoke -- candles and special request products like -- premium cigars and more blue -- smoking gas now with Seneca nation fishing licenses and accessories. Open every day for -- to -- at 2111 west perimeter road steamer on the beautiful Allegheny territory of the Seneca nation. Call 71635464354. OJ smoking gas. When it comes to your favorite tobacco products and accessories your full service -- is the second do we Indian market on the tunnel -- the syndicate territory. From -- little cigars and stuff to blunt wraps and roll hero products they have a doll or they'll get it for you. Second we even as the latest -- the prices are low but this much -- the servers are top of the line at second do we get in the market on Bloomingdale's in the title while the senate -- territory. Just six miles off 48 day left on one -- for the two -- TV. Any 126 VIP port tobacco purchases so how -- begin express and sweet in Salamanca New York is the only national hotel in the Allegheny territory of the Seneca nation. -- includes a free continental breakfast shuttle service to and from the -- Allegheny casino every thirty minutes. And the excellent quality you expect from the -- but -- incorporation. The -- oblivion express since we've also reached a fitness room he indoor pool spot and more called them today 7169457600. And stay Smart with polity and express and sweet. It's from Buffalo, New York in the historic homeland of the senators let's talk native rides on the power of the as -- in 1520s powerhouse -- -- up and down the East Coast of turtle island. Join the discussion on let's talk negative -- your host John McCain's. All right -- stormed back -- -- gains -- -- native. Jabber roster on his via government -- you and I've got a call let me go to -- An eight what's on your right. -- does make a good solid Q did you -- there. Yeah I'd like bill make the announcement. I -- you were trying to have -- -- -- in Maricopa -- court outcome in this one state of bird book. You know what's -- Connecticut street 7 PM. I don't want to mispronounce. The the isn't it people pat -- got -- yeah yeah yeah and he's been a significant. -- defenders in creatures so we're on ships. For the with a cease separate is the stopped you know the wolves. On these he's done a lot of different things for the animals in the presidency -- -- -- -- big figure. I only just you don't -- so. A strong and environmental activist is the guy it was a you've done time for congress -- the guy who is put his life on the line with freedom on line do. To make strong environmental stands yeah and we were trying to set it up just fit for for what reason that the communication broke down. As you're heading into and I realized that it was actually coming up this fast but again is that it's that decide next Wednesday. Are -- -- that -- -- -- -- and -- unfortunately that's my take off to go to New York so I won't be get chances are you know I take it -- online at all. I'll get I would -- I'll make sure they linked it to my my group page but but anybody interested in hearing. A yeah a real strong environmental activist somebody who isn't just a guy who carried signed. You go what you use you head down to burning books bookstore that's Wednesday -- the 420 Connecticut. Is -- have. -- -- And you know the burning books it is a great bookstore I I I loved it there shop by loved. A lot of us because you have them in their an obvious you books election is. One like you won't see any place else. You'll see your big red -- where flag hanging in there he would feel out of place it isn't it is exactly words it'd be -- Go library books what service do. At the rod committed in speak about some of what. What knowledge what he has done but what his plans are going forty should be interesting conversation and I appreciate you calling in statements in this. -- -- -- what you're doing into if you -- but the number of books and other. Great activists also Kim spoke there one time you're which you're just I've obviously done you when you were there. -- -- -- into the segments you're you're you're talking -- do so yet I think you for what you do on air to break a rescission and that. He -- the divorce convention Michael. -- -- -- yeah I did speak at Bernie's books ever books and if you go online you look for Morgan. Dunbar put she recorders and put it on their in in bite sized segments they're like fifteen minute segments and you know frankly the I didn't go there to be videotaped so the tapes actually turned up pretty good and I think the subject matter recovered. It was I got good response from the crew that was there and and they're pretty educational so do potential burning books is going to do some important work in an -- idea. You know just like all of us we know that we get we're -- I mean I've I look at my my book my blog tracker and I don't often like. Federal agencies. That are. Re way writers look you know I do and you know and but I have no. I have no qualms about going down a burning book bookstore -- here. How much anybody wants to you know suggests that there are some now on really activists these in these guys are my kind of people I like everything that they represent and stand -- -- Brownies have down there that support from the Connecticut street it's not far from the armory down there and in off of -- -- It but he had -- -- -- check out that there's speaker series they have. Down there and -- -- doctor in the book supplies. Look -- -- -- -- talk about the as a man you brought up -- break. Dessert at a certain level. You know and I talked about this one comes to capitalism but it but it relates to the energy market but it relates to survivability is very. The that we begin to talk about. It's all about local economy we've got to do more that's going to be local. And -- -- -- local ice I still mean regional you know we need to understand that that we need to be good neighbors. But but the we've we've got to start changing the minds of the people who are soul. Caught up into the global economy. The more you could shop locally and I don't care of it buying from farmers. You vegetable stand or farmers market but the more you can do. That you and I'm not see you -- your forbidden to go to Wal-Mart but don't let it be the only place you shop. You know you wanna talk about -- ocean liners would with the story an old storage containers stacked ten high. That's because that's what causes that. And there's no reason we can't produce more locally there's enough there's no reason that we can't you know get meet local we can't go to a bakery we can't. Well we can't use local suppliers. You know for. That as vendor for any number of things but that's always an embedded in this includes energy. We need to start looking at how we produce. Residential energy or. But the solar roofs on our our our homes the the small Windmills we don't need to do what a billion dollar development in an on any of our lands an outbreak when you when you drive -- You thinking. While with this for the with a sign up for and I don't frankly I present the Windmills and coal fire plants is no question about it but it gets. You -- Seaway you know why some people from environmental standpoint would get concerned. Well one of the things that were hoping to anyways was with the project that we're we're looking and that you know I don't -- part will go with. I'll hopefully you can go -- ways. Is that we're looking -- put in food production is part of the energy program and and string you know both parties together and seeing. You know again home issues can we get. In a lot of energy steam out of any kind of out of. Ever monoxide and go to the bottom line is when you burning natural gas you can do -- the pristine. The you can produce electricity. And the karma not say can be utilized as a as as essentially that'd be anaerobic part. They've all analyze unmasked Thelma Thelma did that attitude and energy component of vote some sort that you know turns into. You know housing heat and all in energy and enough food in in the war. So you know we're trying to do -- local and that's the that's the whole thought processes in the. Why do it you need something to the sizes Seneca nation to do some of these of put it the right -- some of the stuff but even beyond. That the bigger nation enterprises. There aren't we we need to push in our territory a more of an emphasis on. Energy efficient home. Energy producing homes there's no reason and they are going out to solar decathlon -- some of those homes. You know. 20300000. Dollars to build what they'd -- but these are prototypes -- if we took those. Those models and we try to create. Up facility and our tier threat to produce this kind this level of energy efficiency or energy production type home. We should feel a band sings opera something -- and you don't want. Even if it is a more expensive than building a stick group built shoe box that that a lot of our territories there. Does it make sense to do if you're going to be more sustainable long run. In I had to get. -- look at him up. You know some things that we're trying to open up all sort things or a private sector development. Where people -- you know within our characters are have the opportunity in less than two. Energy year hosting. Room. You know different component in them were rate notre -- for reading Seneca reading technologies which are those radiant floor drama -- right -- -- -- drugs and you know and it's efficient if you efficiency that we're looking -- so that. We can help drive down the costs of those. Types of buildings that are -- energy efficient so you know everybody can Starr reporting. Do you -- home. And maybe -- human life moments on -- show hello move. Mosques that are placed today. That's -- -- equity through Basra at. No but but again I think this is the whole thing we have to have a little bit more not to the comprehensive. Com. -- plan -- policy. But a more pervasive -- -- policy because but because it is the private sector but it's also the community level that isn't necessarily the nation. And and then it starts to be a regional policy you without affecting our what is what becomes -- -- -- -- to -- -- deal we. When we went down there for -- Mike Nicklaus when he was doing a a presentation and approved for the next know this was a -- bonus PV and you know one of these that are are also another good friend of -- Rawlings said look. Until this stuff becomes sexy. People are gonna put on the road you know look and used the example -- who -- outspent by thousand dollars and hot tub. Thank you connected to January using within a couple of years it was a be used anymore the people -- don't -- anything like -- trendy thing to do put out hot to -- that. While it never looked hot. Under deck and and distort poison over the wintertime like you guys get that out. It may have put a solar. They've gotten much more out of it and it would have been up and up an entirely different kind of statement and this the stuff we it was a much do more efficient Saturday and it says about that there it did the whole thing and well. I get a look this is the conversation that was important we ended up and out of funny -- But this the serious conversation it's what we're gonna continue to have Raza wanna have you back on his. -- even as some of these meetings that you have with with the with your commission and the environmental thing environment is what I want. I think people -- be encouraged by the conversations if it isn't just don't. Reporting. It's not be encouraged by the conference's thank you governor and man has always -- come joining us. And now will be back next week especially on Thursday at WBAI dot org and of course look at my FaceBook group page for links. To my my blog and everything else look for me there have all kinds of -- there always so we'll see you next week.

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