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Let's Talk Native 03/02/14 Hour 2

Mar 3, 2014|

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-- All right thank our back is done -- that's not native I've got -- -- studio back great deal on the line. You know Greg eight EU made -- it's an interesting point before we we broke. About. What but is there a line between tradition and traditionally contemporary and and yeah I I like to believe that and that I eight. -- with me. The traditional values and and you know I I do not. I'm not I've got some language skills but I don't speak the language. But I know plenty of people who lead in the modern world. Who to -- embody. All of those and a traditional values and and to suggest that somehow we should have not progressed like we should be we'd like Amish people and and leave. Fixed in some moment in time in our history and frankly. That's the battle we have not just with the mascot issue but even with the -- the public perception is they wanna treatises if we were. That we met. That we represented a moment in American history. Not that we are people that that progress for 101000 years before the first wife beat him on our shores or that we would what -- have continued to progress. They pay it whether they showed up or not. And so. I'm not suggesting that we -- we would have progressed in the same way in the absence of of the European contact. But we certainly were any bopping people we have gone from living in cities the size of Paris in the sixteen hundreds. In place that too hokey and other places we we had gone down that road of -- revising their own people and then. Then retracted from that that you know what this doesn't work our people had gone through. Periods of you know of war and and and bad behavior we've gone through periods of developing our agriculture and developing. You know rolled in and an actually trying to manipulate nature to war. You know -- liking. We've gone through some of those things -- and and we and we came back to a place that by the time European kind of game where we we. Really gotten back to a place where we we leave. In harmony with -- with with creation rather trying to manipulate it and so the the idea that somebody would suggest that we should. Never have progressed. We were always. Progressing as -- people but -- Gloria if there are resting now or we're fine you know. Government to the year room and living your lives. But do you think we need to progress into the industrialized and now I'm policy industrial it to a whole different kind of progress together I think when you are they measured correctly they've been measured from the dollars and cents. Not necessary to necessarily in the progression of humanities and I can and I think that's where -- -- the debate comes. Well I mean conducting yourself according here conscience and in using what works you know I mean did that very much. The Indian way you know for the person that comes and says -- these things there are inherently evil and wasted. I mean you should. You know go away you know I would say the same thing about you know your -- market and we're -- as beat come from because pictures didn't come from the United States where exactly were imported from Europe. And self -- it's something that we. Used -- -- like. Different part of you know a different type of industry that we used -- art devices. And and decided one day that it was traditional and now it is so. -- I -- and and again you look at how. Again how old we. What would would choose to. Express ourselves I mean that we we would we went from wobbled shells than and creating beads that way using quilt work and using. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- When I -- the -- Boras who were were actually the patent a lot of the people of of the Cyprus. The land of cypress trees they. They were the ones who you know is it from a Hornish Tony -- here quite standpoint. Learned. In the earliest of times -- to separate fibers increase and we even do that America we we had -- In in our history throughout the entire group turtle island. I was just thinking to. He looks at that the that the haters there. He looks that this is being wasted time is is expressing your opinion on the island mediums such as that. But that's how we've reached resolve was through discussion and having that. How if you look at discussion is being with the time unless it's for -- communication is what. This shows all by I pride myself -- trying to have a conversation I look at the work do you do Greg and and it's about trying to encourage conversation. And and that's what we -- native people mean when the reason the on the -- walk -- got. The gut known as as as Seneca us. Was because. They were perceived as statesman as orders as people who had -- skills that Sadek the younger was that Roman or three with the Roman philosopher so. That the non native people looked at the senate that that that you know what these guys remind us -- -- just historical figure. Just look at -- -- itself. That -- -- initiates conversation with yourself. Because it -- -- to place where you're not normally going to. And we always think that we we artisans we are just people who who survived it and in leap off the land in in in just the. Circumstance we were always people who. Develop art whether it was in in the form of off pottery in terms of you are remote carvings in I mean this is something that's been a part of our history. For thousands and thousands of years not just because we decided we wanted to sell stuff on Apollo. On that this payment that this guy's making sounds a lot like you know hey we need to return back to earth you know -- the type of thing which. Which is all well and good. But you know I submit that the you know the carbon footprint of conversation on line. Is less then you know. UT shirt that says you know. Fighting terrorism since 1492. You know here yeah junior yeah attitude you know whatever the competitive creator put it greater. Print and talking yet either. Now I thought I mean again I don't wanna do -- on this guy but the -- -- But the very conversation we're having here and the idea that we are utilizing. -- New media all the time and I don't need to media in terms of public relations got to be but he in the medium and immediate use for your artwork. I think it's important that we. We continue to progresses people you communicate ideas and and that most of those ideas or trying to communicate. Are a bit of a return are are suggesting looked at you know things have gone wrong I mean the white man's way of -- development industrialization. Is a problem I mean look what what you know Howell. What a waste plane with me of Europe at it and at the time when one pushing out into into the colonial appeared became not just. I a desire but almost a necessity. And it was done it was if it was it was was because. What it would do with the working air and then in the profits seem kind of mentality industrialized. Mentality cool realignment county throughout the world and pay a price for a today. And I am not suggesting that we need to turn in that time back to you know we've got to return Bolivian -- But but I would suggest that there are there there are out there are there -- things that that we need of people who have survived on this continent for tens of thousand years. Need to need to I thought we talk about my last column will be the -- to survive. I mean -- -- for survival we need to do a little bit of return and nothing that returning predicts that in the back but I think we need. Recapture the values that that are important and that we can't do this whole thing about we find out seven generations. But if we're not doing anything -- the -- -- -- McCain for problems for them for next century and then we're not we're living up to our -- native people. -- I think they think that we have to do you know I as those of us who have boys sure are activists is. To take all of these issues and to take all of these conversations and turn them up on their -- I mean that's where. The civil rights movement came down I mean it was about it in these concepts and whipping -- And that's one of the beauties of the workday that I do my my my artwork is that I can take this and I can put that I can. You know you can say honor all day long when it comes -- the mascot issue but I take a white man and I put him on display. You're certainly looking at a -- -- perspective I'm using your words your language and I'm turning it up on the you could call that. A publicity stunt. I call it a really good illustration. Of the points that are being Needham mass media why cannot take that turn down a -- And if that means that I'm wasting your time -- into an hour of I well you know. Your computer and go back to the woods. You have -- is that the attitude the guys got -- And and in the hotel is on me you know technology -- may hit -- some bumps in the road going forward in and I think it's important that we do stay connected to. You know too much of our our. Where we come from our -- if you will but the same time. I'm not going to. I'm not -- -- dedicate today I mean I've made you know -- a few for the future. -- technical move it on today I'm gonna use whatever resources. That I think are. That I can. Using good faith and like is that I have no problem with the with the reduce carbon footprint of utilizing. You know. The electronic media and the the you know the the web. For for communities here I'm I'm glad you're doing what you're doing too great evidence I think -- again looked forward to getting down there -- hopefully this month. I -- see. Is that the display are you can't institute that with a little bit I know that I. I appreciate the relationship did that we've we've developed here I love having on the show. You know on up on a fairly regular basis I I I appreciate you joining me in New York. And frankly I appreciate the feedback the bit you get negative but but I I don't mind getting a little criticism for the for the things that I say and do because. I either want to deal with the with the criticism is funneled further -- it. The hard part is. Is that sleeping. Job bigotry all you know what to -- expressed. Not you know how to how to attack order whether you laugh and offered a joke about it when he can address it directly and and I. So I I appreciate you you be a part of my my workers well. By and I appreciate you and listen to this guy's credit. And anyone else out there. He's right I'm an ass and am I embraced it so you know I'm just. -- now so look at it that. And again. I don't mind. Saying the the unpopular things to make a point and and it's not. -- but I thought if I said it I mean I don't I don't say things just I'm not trying to be a shock jock. But I do say some things that frankly you know there's just a native people that that can be trouble by some of these and I say because they're. This this level of assimilation that we all. Experienced in the world part of when you push back on it. There's some people think they get a little upset and and and I'm not afraid to the push back. I'm not saying that word that there's going to be such a clear line drawn between. Our cultures that but I wanted there to be alive I do want to understand that there is distinction there is -- between being native. And you know not everybody agrees to be that being being going to the -- -- -- Mohawk does not think he's being an American. I I know there's -- -- of people who. While both sides that line and I don't begrudge those people but let's. If you're gonna walk both sides -- at least acknowledge that there's a line there and and I don't have a problem people crossing it but let's opportunity it's not there. And loves our friend is an -- distinction there. What what's that thing I mean here's the thing we can all agree on with this type of work the basic principle of this work. Is just to turn stuff up on its head just to turn it on its head. Right exactly that's what I do with what you do and I think that's why. Oftentimes I I have no problem making a comparison to -- the worker regular -- done game we just. We we just have -- different tools to do with at all. There I Greg like appreciate you joining me once again. I -- that I'm gonna make some direct planes to get down there. And how we view into areas of the maybe even busily back from Hawaii for a period of time during that time we can. We know go have dinner or something that I look for me down it's when it's time with -- No probably hey I got one has scope grows -- so and rich the Latin American Indian on hurt big time so. Be on the lookout at the cameo appearance. Yeah yeah that the optimum. I like your targets operated expert yeah you did you do with a great I bet David you're a viewer of your boy. Going down the hill behind their house. You know great stuff right. I just posted one where I did -- Helmet mounted camera that was like in his state so like. Cameras in his state and I am chasing him through the house and the look of error on his base in screaming it. Stare cool so where there's some good stuff that's going to be happening with this equipment and in my predicament side. Early bird present when I see you again crackers from. Yeah and you're gonna give me some of the good ideas the terrible idea -- granted that their queries the though. You you might be a bad influence -- on the apartment nonetheless no such thing John. I Greg Burke at W suit that again for diverge -- this year it will level get to make that. I -- it happened this judge I got Madeleine studio and will be right. -- garrido Phillip -- save a lot when you stop it now goes smoke shop and gas station on the Allegheny Indian reservation on broad street in Salamanca. Right off the interstate 86 and eight to twenty. You'll see now go directly across the interstate from the senate Allegheny casino. NAFTA was a full service convenience store and gas station providing tax free tobacco products gasoline savings for 24 hours a day seven days a week. Now go also features a full scale burger king and a manual and automated car -- the seat every -- that -- smoke shop and gas station. 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Join the discussion on let's start maybe it -- your host John King he's. All right they are effective executive. I I think I got my my good friend who is over at keeping the updated. It was the Dallas buyers club that won the Oscar for the for make up by the way. And it appears that the victim laundry -- was up against. Deck as prisons. And at Bagram. So. That that was a better candidate for me than than. -- Tonto. But it again doubt buyers club one that won some pretty realistic stuff environment government. You don't need to. Disgusted at what you -- at the event that again I think by my good friend and my publicist that Lucille who also helped to produce. The show in New York efforts was in -- radio. You know if this is an issue that you are right in that the two times every every weekend and I encourage people to go to -- wrote times dot com. -- check out the papers it it it's pretty good and and I do column and every week I've been doing accommodate every week from from its first issue so. We're six months into it. I haven't hit it dries Pollyanna I haven't hit any writer's block although I thought the right when yet for this week though few would even come up with. And the -- times is covered some issues. Very very strongly one of the issues that they were covering. A lot was. This new legislation on the Canadian side that is it basically attacking. The native involvement in the tobacco industry in the tobacco business. This is call bill C ten. Yeah the United States in the US -- -- cited have been really doing what they can't try to. Kill our involvement in the in the tobacco -- even though we've got people that have. -- -- compliance football in the Canadian federal laws and the US federal laws into the ATF and connect -- revenue revenue can -- while on the side. You know we we have people that are that have gotten licenses them. You know operated you know companies like -- enterprises state. They've tried to walk that line invariably -- you know the federal government throw something else that you know. It's almost like. You're damned if you do in your game between bill and I did today is as the tobacco business exists on our territory right now. Primarily people are aren't here for -- the shells -- -- native friends there are you know. You know our our jobs to come up with you know. With with supplies of the premiums. But it that's not the opposite the emphasis that our stores are all native France and these data -- the running into all kinds of problems with the with Baltic Canadian side in the US side. In terms of you know maintaining. Their supply now. I'm not figures and everything on either side US side or the Canadian side is in full compliance with the with the the Treasury Department -- about all the back on arms. It is and and same on the Canadian side there are people places that are that are producing. You know essentially with a call role he's journal brand. Tobacco products. But I still maintain the in the position that -- that our choosing you know if we want to develop you. Tobacco products are very it's our right to do that and we we are constantly at odds with the federal government and let's be real clear. Even though there are companies that are fully compliant. With the federal government. You we still have a law you know so not only have bill C ten that is really trying to wipe out the native tobacco for him beneath. We've got laws on the US side that that are trying to do the same thing. We we had them folks that we backed -- peers would what eighties wholesale candy and also back or repulse. They had to plead out. You -- any -- a sting operation that was developed out of Kansas City, Missouri. Where they were selling. Then on -- marlboros Newport. That we're gonna -- that -- there were to be shipped here to the two are native territories. Senator territory I want to hear toward -- -- -- senate -- other places. And so Aron had actually plead guilty. -- Purchasing on their product. Well all the product our territories on stance. And we will -- -- whether the near Procter and -- product it doesn't have a New York based upon that problem we sell product Arthur -- without a New York State. That's upon everything that came here before never it never -- -- it was coming through New York State wholesalers of course they -- state. Put a stop to their whole -- being able to supply us but. They could control them but they couldn't control lies -- and the thing is we aren't selling in New York State we're selling on sovereign native territories. So the idea that bit you know -- federal government even pressured anybody Aaron or anybody else to -- plead guilty doesn't mean that that there was really crime committed it's it's like. It it's like me you know getting a speeding ticket in and pleading guilty to a parking ticket. I -- par -- they're parked illegally in my life but I've I've -- to have an awful lot of parking ticket does seem like against you because you you. You except look out rather than fighting misses them up we got department. There's no way that that purchasing product without a New York -- stamp on the crime but here's what's that the does the law that they're being -- thunder it's called the -- brand cigarette trafficking. And so and I talked about is on the show before on a talk by again here here's what that this news. This law where the federal government says if a product is found in a state. So the federal laws now. If a product is found in a state that requires these attacks upon that doesn't have a stamp on it. The federal government can deem that product as contraband. Not now here's the problem. The state of never established that that -- park and our territories. Really has any legal obligation to happen the year to date stamp on. -- it didn't matter at New York State want the claim that senator territory is in New York -- It is separate. -- -- -- back to the you know the single crappy treaties that that on on down like candidate look where the United States signs an agreement says. We acknowledge that your ladies doors and we will never -- the thing is the United States this is and a representative of the president of the United States. Signing up a treaty that says. We will never claimed to -- -- well if the United States doesn't ever claim our way and the house in New York State is claiming to have some sort of regulatory authority over -- and they don't. I'm -- in your state has never successfully really impose its its taxes on our land. So how they can try to impose. A requirement for attacks it to be a part becomes torture Perry. It's -- it's absurd it's assert -- -- at a federal law. That is using a state law. That doesn't really apply in our territories to deem the product that are territories as contraband and it is it is such -- -- You know with. Implied. Authority not real story. And and this is this the keeping all that -- fleet of the federal government who's getting their cut let's let's be clear. All let's stop -- -- pierce or anybody else. You -- purchased in in Kansas City, Missouri -- -- the federal taxpayer and I mean he can't leave. AEA Philip Morris RR and Altria Group -- whoever the company is it can't leave it Philip Morris manufacturing plant it can't leave the plant. Without having the federal taxpayer. I mean I'm a busted being shipped overseas. That's the only way that a product leaves. Eighties and ATF. Philip Morris you know -- -- anybody on any these tobacco -- it doesn't leave their facility without the federal tax via. So this product wasn't wasn't a violation of -- Federal ATF laws this was a -- they depicted the and manipulated. This cigarette -- conference to direct the cigarette trafficking act which got reshaped by the way that's an -- laws from from what the fifties I think maybe in the sixties. But they revamped it under the Patriot Act on the USA Patriot Act to give it more. A a far the reach and among the things that they they did did not not all states had even had -- So now that more of the state of the United States have a tax stamp on it. That's where they he revamped the east the compliment to -- trafficking act and and again. Even know this state has never established and and and frankly can't established that a New York State stamp is required for product that is that is. That brought to our territories. They haven't ever establish that. Yet the federal government saying what -- we can deem any product in New York State now they don't they don't cross the line it's well. Does that mean every product on our shelves just because you know that that the weather data -- or not. If you if you blow literal reading of the way in the ATF agent can can read this law. They can say that every part ourselves it is confident. So. Seneca is natives signals mean all parents all these all these need to -- that are territory. And I would argue that none of it is it is can qualify contraband under the statute because there because their blue -- wrong. And an -- You wonder when people talk about law abiding citizens or whoever else. If the law's wrong he should not be followed. The bottom line is if the law's wrong it should not be followed and it and we're not following that law. And it and it that Canadian government passes this seat and bill. That is going to be geared toward trying to kill our native businesses it's not going to follow. Now it would it will do it'll give the Canadian government just like gives the federal US federal government the right to try to. Cast us as criminals for being involved in the -- we've been involved in -- or thirty years. So let me criminalize it but it's not gonna go away it's gonna create conflict. And so that conflict is going to be -- I mean our our people are not only now we built we built the economy's based on the tobacco country now. Whether I'm a fan of a cigarette smoking or not he doesn't it doesn't negate the fact that we built economies -- And -- -- the Canadian federal government US federal government you know that the province's New York State if they're to continue to fight is -- that we're gonna continue to fight back. It's really that simple. So if this accomplish that Barack Obama wants to keep pushing because it's nice for him to stand up and get pictures taken with the with the native people and do is once a month or once a year thing in November word yet all these guys -- pictures with him in front of the White House Christmas tree where do. It it's why -- wallets out. But the unit if your policies are still trying to kill our businesses if they're still trying to keep us in and a state of -- poverty. And still trying to diminish our ability to needed to native trade. It's -- to say all these nice -- it's fine to do your brother's keepers laws and in you know and all of us that these promises loans and everything else. It's -- to create all of these new piece of regulation and legislation. But you're you're violating your violating every single day and you know we're not claiming went crying. Victim because we're gonna keep pushing we're gonna fight back. And we we do can be -- back in it and it and of Stephen Harper is gonna you know ramrod this this this new piece of the Canadian legislation. Clearly are people don't accept it. You know and went and when James and I travel the Canada when teams and I travels as the UN rapid tour travels to our territories. And try to assess what they need to Wendy Hughes associate -- enter it while they poverty while. And Michigan we gotta fight yeah the state of Washington we got to fight the state of Missouri we got a fight Canada. Just to maintain our present in an a trade that they regulate. But they want to try to kill us in in this in this thing and I'll -- -- My relation with James and I had isn't just his role as the UN -- -- -- I don't watch teams and I -- as they as they judge. In a tribunal when you -- grant program prizes and and WS native also supplied was still in the United States it and after hearing. And I watched this guy literally. Just just try to condemn the native. Our native people fighting at the United States and their and their discriminatory laws in this in this NAFTA tribunal and you know his position was. -- -- -- You're just needed people. Like your right to -- people if you're at the pride in business at -- that's just a lot of crap. So when people ask me why do I have a bad opinion of the a teams and I -- -- I was there. This is something I read about I was at the World Bank when this when this tribunals happening and I know what piece of crap this guy really was and how he condemned and how we. How he actually skewed the this tribunal that your -- judges. They weren't listening to the case this case had merit. And what happens games and I destroyed decades they destroyed. -- -- prices case against the United States native also supplies case against the United States and I want themes and ideas that. And this is the guidance will be looking out for us if you operate. Well the year frequently break mrs. Jackie and I got mad failure -- on -- -- though are -- -- the recovering nicely -- -- promised this let's (%expletive) it we're back looking for. Great cities and tobacco products and gas just stop at the crossroads -- crossroads smoke shop is located right in the heart of the catalog is territorial the Seneca nation. At the crossroads of route 438 -- for sounds plank road. Crossroads smoke shop carries discount tobacco products with fully self service gas prices that are only possible uncertain territory. 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I may actually be the only radio show of its kind anywhere -- can be heard live theory Sunday night on TV fifteenth when he's. Powerhouse 50000 -- signal an online. A live web streaming archive shows can be accessed at KB 1520 dot com. And on John McCain's native tried blog -- let's talk native tribe dot Blogspot dot com. Join the lets -- -- -- -- John -- FaceBook group page where you'll find links announcement someplace to offer comments and suggestions. Thanks for coming back to let's talk a native of phone line is open for you at 7168031520. Years let's talk native post John -- All right thanks them back this is John Afghan government -- studio. -- I appreciate you guys coming in doing is they need each week. I know that you know again there's some people with -- you know who could say like that like -- Peter who epic battle over a great deal that. You know listening to some of the stuff it you know pin can be tough to listen to. But. There's a point to a lot of the stuff you know. We. You know I got talked about this one quote -- I've cited a lot lately it's not a native quote but it's a woman even -- craft was kind of vote. 00 woman we've. Activists here and have the quote is that it isn't the the role of activism is not to navigate the systems of power was as much. Personal responsibility is possible -- dismay is it is to dismantle the system. And and I agree with that the meat because when you -- systems of power. You know that that type of power were talking about is -- Don't want people have power over somebody else. Now there's only two ways that this power develops one is that it that is taken. That is it that is an abuse of power where people are being stripped of power and the other people just kind of delegate people become apathetic -- they now. You do it I elected you to do that -- I don't I don't wanna do this stuff. You know. I wanna pass the buck I want you to take care this stuff for me so you. You divest yourself of your own authority. -- -- you you you you pass the buck. And so you have to taxi you know and I I've got a quarter mile and I think you know of the solution to abuse of powers -- is not give it. The data back or not get it. And they so when you when you complain about. You know I am not a bubble -- you know native government I'm not to talk about that I'm talking about just any type of power work where you see somebody abusing that power. You can't take it back and stop giving up. When we are all born. With -- a freedom. -- and that's where part -- -- from and -- -- about that our sovereignty is inherent. In its come to us with birth at birth it's a birthright. Our future to our our previous generations to give that up. We make a decision every single day about what we give up. Especially native people I know that it -- its proper when you leave now under the dominion of of an oppressive government. And so when we're pushing back against the outside New York State and federal government -- -- -- -- back Ontario were pushing back about of that stuff. We need at least acknowledge that we have a right to push back. So what were pushing back for environmental reasons because of the keystone XL pipeline error hiker fracking or. You or and the again even at this tobacco legislation -- need to stop or where people are trying to do to crush our ability to have our own economy. The I'm not I'm not prepared to give up that tobacco business just like -- -- -- -- -- -- -- and I don't like either one of those businesses necessarily. But if we -- it goes up the what do we stand up for the next. We need to we need to assert our ability to utilize our sovereignty. As it as an asset. Our regulatory agency to be something that allows us to adapt burgeoning businesses in in all types of diversified fields. But we can't give up. You know that that this stuff like that the backcourt game. But but but again that the problem -- have -- gaming is that seems to be one of those areas. Where we find it more convenient to navigate those systems of power fit fit ourselves neatly within those colonial structures. And I know in the tobacco visit it some of that as well obviously where you were transporting -- all over. And over highways and and that kind of stuff but we need that we need to be able to fight for our right to conduct commerce. In it needed to any of commerce it -- territories. We need to be able to fight for the right. For us to -- commerce where people come on torture -- there's no other country in the world where somebody can come into the country and buy something. Or were so we're somewhat some other countries that you can't sell to our people. On your alliance. But that's what did the division in New York State says New York had to figure out how to stop it necessarily but they take the position that we don't have a right. To sell to a new Yorker that comes onto our territories and that that's absurd. And when you talk about the UN declaration on the rights of indigenous peoples he doesn't even really adequately addresses these issues so I don't visit -- meeting going on right now. Enough British Columbia. In BC either they're meeting about. You know lining themselves up for the UN form. Indigenous form they. This this fall early fall late summer. In at the UN in in New York. But I'm gonna tell you we'll start having some voices step up. And not just talk about how how. -- that we could fit in wouldn't it within the Canadian structures are feeding with the Canadian law or have -- passed laws that a comedy yes. Or at the United States passed laws that accompanies this. You know I I I took my shot to Brian -- as he is the president of the national congress the American Indian. We have the land and the land is ours. And it is land that is our our our future generations put that weight body and hours if its plan that we. We have an -- a right to defend for future generations so I look at people that are being about -- weeks. What our land. Because of mineral extraction weathered tar sands oil whether tiger fracking under the constant that I do I go out people will contact me -- -- Yeah his percentage is gonna do right to practice. While. I don't see that happening. I think there are enough people within this I think senators feel as a strongly about the environment -- -- any -- I'm not say there are people within the Seneca nation while looking at it. Who are looking at how big an exploit their the gas reserves more. But I I think I think the setting an Asian. I think the the stronger voices the more level heads. Will prevail and that nobody you'll look at trying to exploit the natural yet and let's face -- the -- August from the work. He's associated. With with natural gas and really -- community comes from. The word governor -- notices it is actually means. That smell that comes from the clay on the river banks it's associated with that. And that's all about and we we have you have by the the cataract creek. The -- that -- there are encouraged brings in sulphur springs because of that natural gas please tell all over Western Europe or curtail certain yes certainly you smell through. The natural gas that -- and -- that anesthetic agent has wealth and they have done the horizontal or the vertical hyper fracking when they put those wild and. In the fifties some of these old while -- But you know nothing is there are people who believe that the easiest thing to do on our territories -- have outsiders come in with lots of money. And just give up our our our natural resources there -- people with insanity to think having billion dollar investment company company to develop the the natural gas resources. But think what that means when you develop your natural your your natural gas threesome or government resources -- -- talk about selling them off. You -- outselling them you just having somebody getting pennies on the dollar for. National feel already he's he's the biggest recipient of natural gas on Seneca native territories under the Seneca nation has their own. But gas lines and they -- supplies of some of them some other territories. But you look across the country. You see this all over the place you see I mean I don't loudest folks and they are need territories in Alberta. Who probably would like to get involved and in in the -- business. You know because they they view as old as the only recourse for -- for rapid. -- resources. -- he apple has yet. In mind that I mean you'd think a lot of people creating an X so you keep it away you give way to have somebody else community can -- your territory and my point is. We should be looking at our natural resources. Not necessarily as a way to sell it to sell off -- in its most raw form. But even pathetic and patient and and I I brought -- in your talking about this thing. If if there's natural gas to be had and do and be. Extracted -- harvested however -- or use. Then why -- -- sell -- natural gas why he's utilized so the people are utilizing so you're you're turning it into Indy heat into into electricity. Get as much value office so you're not dependent on. The volume of natural gas per year you're gonna be geared more towards putting value to -- much value added benefit from. Your resources if you're gonna utilize the resources they get as much for a much out of it as you can't. Not extract as much as you can so -- we use -- up before Rachel Mercury spiritual and certainly generous seven generations that ever accused the utilized. Are people use these natural resources through. Royals brings you know -- -- that area. That's that they got markers and talk about it being the the first known or will. Oil wealth and oil come into the ground are people use those from medicinal purposes they they figure out uses for. When the reason we have burning springs amid this is because we literally have planes that would that would. Byrne nodded no not just in the water on the riverbank the reason you have pretty -- you know the the rivers would watch. Access to those those -- of a natural gas that's why the natural gas to be more associated with. With near the river banks and it was out that the rivers would expose both shale reserves. So this is something that that would be historically apart we are. But we've got to rethink. What we. What we need for economic development and it's got to -- -- gases that there are mean well gasoline sales that cigarette sales this -- -- -- -- game. But it doesn't mean we got to sell everything. That is available to us we shouldn't be selling off something that that we should be figured -- way. They should be sustained yet more. When I hear Brian class B state it. 10% of the United States energy resources are territories. I have probably characterizing it that way because that's suggesting that somehow the -- that our territories that the United States according to them. For the Pacific 10% of the United States energy resources are on our plans on staying within the -- the United States. Energy resources there ours there are energy resource. But we're going to be a break here in the -- over the final segment here. This -- John can't got Matt -- opinion -- around at the Marceau c'mon back I got -- in one -- did you hear myself talk though about the act. This guy gave Matt hill let's not they were back. Here's the home of smoking deals OJ smoking gas with five to talk eighties and knocking every Tuesday plus tax free savings every day on gas propane and diesel. OJ's has a wide Friday attacked three tobacco products plus roll your own supplies to troops papers smoke -- candles and special request products like -- premium cigars and more OJ smoking gas now with Seneca nation fishing licenses and accessories. Open everyday for a toll at 2111 west perimeter road steamer on the beautiful Allegheny territory of the Seneca nation. Call 7163546435. For OJ's smoking gas. When it comes to your favorite tobacco products and accessories your full service -- is the second do we Indian market on the tunnel -- this syndicate territory. From filters little cigars and stuff to blunt wraps and roll hero products they have an -- or they'll get it for you second do we even as the latest -- The prices are low but this -- -- the service -- top of the line at second do we get Indian market on Bloomingdale's in the top 1% of the territory. Just six miles off 48 days left on -- -- look for the two authentic TP. Any 126 dvi. Jorge -- includes a free continental breakfast shuttle service to and from the senate Allegheny casino every thirty minutes. And the excellent quality you expect from the -- of the incorporation. The -- oblivion express since we've also reached a fitness room he indoor pool spot and more called them today 7169457. 600. And stay Smart with polity and express and sweet. This from Buffalo, New York in the historic homeland of the Seneca. Let's talk native rides on the power of ESPN fifteenth when he's powerhouse -- often down the East Coast of turtle island. Join the discussion on let's talk native -- your host John McCain. All right thanks -- back this is John McCain and I got -- -- -- studio look I know that -- we go all over the place on the show the beauty of having two hours and then necessity. A happy two hours. He's so we can have conversations that that can get real deep on a particular subject or. -- -- the subject now. This always be a program in and I you I appreciate those people who support right you're right you know -- sell advertisements for the show but. For the most part by this show exists the the goodwill for the people who who helped -- over the air time and you know the advertisers like -- Ortiz walked out there John down in nineteen berg who user advertisement or maybe didn't but I and a -- again. You know -- folks like dad and and now Mikey do you -- is important that that they advertise consistently. Folks like -- John in the RG. And we businesses. Folks like noble spring who support -- showing a big way. Off -- -- -- and down there in in Allegheny you know runs smoke shop in such. And I I I got a lot of folks that that that we need to step up and and help the show happen. A -- brown and -- media magnate who made Purdue list right now but I you know check out the you know we do pay attention the advertises in the show. Do you pay detected at the folks that it that I give him the props corporate support in the show because it. This show is necessary I know there there are people who. We suggest you know while you're beyond them online for free and he does to all of -- -- I think we need a foundation to do this -- and it did do kind of work that I do so I think. Being on a show on up on a station like like the Entercom stations being on the issue of WW PP SPN Sports Radio is important because. Is that 50000 -- it signal that the blast all the way out the East Coast. You know the opportunity for me to do first what did -- radio in New York City on WBAI. Is again another opportunity for us -- did address issues not just. Issues. That concentrate on our territory here in Western New York or more hawker -- secretary after the characteristic between. But he did talk what indigenous issues beyond that I'd never let the show. Seattle means only talking about the issues around my immediate family we talked -- and -- -- we talk about. The Belmont -- dam in and you know it in Brazil and other places. Weirder road dressed in native issues you were addressing the unity -- on both shows. I I do occurred with the check out. Specifically. Check out. In my column that I write. In the -- times I make sure that I posted. Broadly. On my on May. FaceBook group page let's talk it would John -- I post them up on my on my blog and and they deprived blog which you can find on by going to www. What stock need to buy dot Blogspot dot com or just Google searching need to pride. You know I I I incurred through the check out the stuff that I do. Here on this show -- my other show on on. When I write in and to a times. My appearances other places. You know whether it's on you on television or whether it's on other radio shows and do the Martha -- for show. You know having the conversation is important and it's important that we. We continue. Two. Two would be it's some the issues I think people don't understand. A lot of the issues that we that we. That we address. I don't think they understand. Our position on our on environmental issues they assume that -- is that we're where to take the position as far as good stewardship they don't really understand it. And and I I appreciate those people not only. Take the time to to sport the program that you but they -- time to listen. And and Purdue's been backed so I'll do I'll visit with they would to a cause that -- line final segment I've got. I gave on the line Dave what's on your mind. When it excellent surely it'll be bickering. And it. You mean maybe good for. All. If there. So they say a couple in. February working in the -- round among the people of California. Whoever the all mighty. Wonderful culture as a whole. -- -- I don't predicting -- is. They're. -- Iraq. Detonating. And discovered that. Martin this is not -- -- culture but it didn't work. Hayward. Didn't mention these two words they were oppressed they were almost. Oh yeah we did lead at eighteen it's. It. Is shocking news that -- and it. Usually. -- the united news of massacre -- annuity -- ninety's though this was going to go real close to the to the turn of the century I mean there's there was still plenty happening. Just not in the way. You know that you know I think he can't imagine that it in that time. After the civil war but he -- leading up to World War I it was still the level of oppression and the level. Of genocide. Attempted genocide that was happening. Incredible. The support if it. Well it wouldn't and -- this summer it. Did when -- Europeans so old school. Illegal. In anticipation. And yet if they had done in light. -- It will people who and the people we hear it certainly we -- city. And years. Later can't. But remain different cultures and fight patients in the year. -- that Europeans. Knowledge experience culture. And -- say in initiated in equipment and. Deputy truly changed a bit but we hope rich in multiple gold content that would be trouble. Well you know David it's really hard to talk about what what -- bad I mean because you know -- you you know. Multi don't even know what actually did happen let alone what a better to have bad though I hear what you're saying. But I think what what's incumbent on us as as native people and and the friends and allies that we have with in the non native cultures is too. He's too. The develop enough respect for each other that we can. You start to -- I -- better coexistence and an ever existed before but we can't do that we're still fighting. State government the federal government Canadian provincial government than. If we're still fighting for our very existence and I still think that we're doing. And I don't say that just to be in the -- myself as a victim because I don't look at myself was victimized them myself as as a survivor as somebody who still a warrior. Fighting for. For our existence of for our economy inner distinction. It's a very good point -- so true and didn't we don't see corporate look at the history of -- when it -- just that it's it's to -- How much is lost in that we should be -- credit that the Indian culture machine should be credit. And yet it will and -- can you -- This is actually and it is feeling well and the city thousands of people right now in the country. Could we talk about this conference will be big conference and are using the web so people could -- the state for all your campaign here. In all the nations. And just. -- and they do need to break the small apartment circles and then come it will be very. And we'll cut money that is sort of work -- and a coordinated. But two week. This happened culture now that destroying its -- -- distracting me. Government isn't certain -- game will be over -- thinking of being polite footer. If they're fully extracted used in there. Well and then and I think part of that part the issue comes down to. -- finding the light mines and the I don't think is about trying to. Create her own. Proselytizing in and trying to convert everybody I think that there are enough people of like minds but I type part of the problem -- even it even amongst these people. There are a lot of people who have subscribed to do. To assimilation dissect a point. That they just find their they find got back to think they did find a comparable spot. We've beaten the systems that party exists as bad as they are. Hit an NAC comforted those in those positions and that's why he. You you know -- I spoke at a conference in Phoenix that was associated with fixing the federal recognition process. And I spoke doesn't it look it's not just the process that is wrong if what federal recognition it is. What federal recognition is is is empowering of native. Need of leadership. You know -- asking did you do you know how prevalent is is is the notion of tribal government selling out to stay and I and my response to. Did you go to this inquire with that. As it exists in an all our jurors that the territory that some level because the problem is. Even within the most traditional cultures. We we may. So -- or in in in some of these constitutional system diary governments or growth you have. People that haven't been elected and they were elected or selected as servants of the people but as soon as the state and the federal government says OK we recognize EZ US the leader. All of a sudden the state and the federal government giving them authorities at the wrong people hasn't having given they're giving him authority to make deals and to make. I'll make concessions and do you know to enter -- agreements with the federal government and you know. Work with -- -- sponsoring legislation that affects our people. So you had to put this false sense of where the authority comes from -- coming from the people in at the coming from. The federal government. Dave I appreciate the call it matter appreciate you coming in and -- would -- once again enjoy being a it's always great to have. Have you here because even though you don't -- a lot. You when you do away and I think use this on the power all the thing and I appreciate that cause learning thing for me here -- and of course. Here you're at their employer reserves -- -- I've I think was still for helping me as well. And of course I want things my good friend Greg fuel for for joining me once again. You know you if you -- this program you're gonna hear a lot more regular -- -- -- -- -- -- -- month. I get the pleasure to do some shows of the month and other markets it's great for me to bring people like LA great deal to join me here once a month. And again I think you for listening checked me out on Thursday mornings at 9 o'clock -- WBAI. Go to WB or go to. WBAI dot org and you can the initial live check the archives -- there. Look for my column in the throat times you don't pick up a paper quoted who wrote times dot com and look for my column -- let's talk native Colin. And look for me on let's talk. It would John -- FaceBook group page article and Iraq. Are you guys the next week thanks. Okay. Slow when it. Improvement mode thanks for listening to let's talk they do join John McCain each week here on ESPN fifteen money go to -- let's talk native -- John McCain FaceBook group. And offer comments and suggestions on issues discussed or those you'd like address John -- we back Sunday night had not.

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