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Let's Talk Native 03/02/14 Hour 1

Mar 3, 2014|

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Thought they'd have to tell them I thought I was gonna give you spent a good good -- good show in New York every Thursday. And other. I got -- shows that we that. And and -- -- while the first what is the news Israel which is that showed it to a New Yorkers Thursday. Though I may make that mistake from that time -- I thought that the bear with me that that's the way to plug in another show without it meaning to do it yet. But got. Obviously I want operated -- to joining -- Neil and myself here in it studio this week. I got a couple of things were -- -- not -- great deal join us at 930 Greg who's frequent death on the show. Artists. -- prudently IU EU lives in the DC area. Just the day. An art show in. Are crimes which. -- hear all about that it was also a guest of mine on. On my show and in New York a couple of weeks ago and the puck movement that he got to be -- -- -- the regular joint is that the bottom of the hour. I'm but I -- to a couple things first. I'm -- gives a good chance that that the people who may not be watching her it was initially watching the Oscars and I. If -- not watch the Oscars tonight. I what you at least weigh in or. Bleak and I. There was that dismal movie Lone Ranger -- Johnny Depp playing Tonto. As terrible Tuesday that will be was and is it as terrible as it in the box office in spite of the millions and millions of dollars that these these spent on this thing. It still managed to get nominated for an Academy Award and believe -- And get many of I don't know we'll -- it that it got nominated. For Johnny Depp make up. So and they caught red -- I mean he's a black face the best -- yet desperate place I mean. It back and it Haiti's call this black face when when new would have. Lou literally white people -- black beside. TB performing you know bought deal and its -- in public that. And and it and it's very. People will acknowledge that black faces wrong from Ted -- Philip at a party Whoopi Goldberg a few years back and and and it made all kinds of the year to -- headlines but but it still OK to do -- -- you can you know do it every football game you can go to. The Washington WB go to floors they gained -- Eagles. To baseball games and you know -- you go to Cleveland Cleveland game baseball games. And and apparently they still give awards for the best red faced and Johnny depth face he's up for an Academy Award. There is a eight. A Twitter storm that they're trying that a few folks. Friends when they're trying to 22. To release its during the Oscars though. What I'd -- -- he was elected. First he checked out. The hash tag not -- Tonto in gore than not you're content Twitter storm assert that -- at the rate replace. But that the thing is. If your Twitter or FaceBook just keep doing the hash tag not your time to war hash tag red -- And let's try to Steve we can't get it you know some increased training. During the Oscars about the inappropriate this. Of the I mean. Whether you saw the movie and and you know a fair amount must've thought movie and let's face it was one was mostly one of these these blockbuster films that they hope they were going to be of -- franchise. All the the little console dolls with you know Johnny -- birds dead bird on the head dolls on up for the these these stores -- little costumes for little -- to -- all over the place though. I think David had I. It's not illegal immigrants and they've got. We'll Tonto dead bird on the head Legos Lego man if -- -- -- -- atmosphere yeah I had the IP you get a little time to. A Lego man with the damper on the head. Rob. But it wouldn't this make up somehow. -- -- You have the wave of the movie characters content with portrait he portrayed as as the keys for medicine and he -- the crazy guy who just. Out of his own insanity that Cabrera and even the whole white faced with a black streak. That was born out of ash is in and it -- -- -- If it's not like this is some sort of bomb. Creation of some sort of native mysticism this the whole character in the whole make up thing was born out of Johnny Depp -- -- re creating this new rule. He was gonna clean up the stereotype for for -- Indians are played in Hollywood and instead played a crazy way to. A guy who's crazy and of course the whole movie I met this thing like like. Park comedy. You know so if they somehow create comedy. -- community massacres. You know they've massacred entire community village. And what's Johnny after -- -- doing. Trying to save the pretty wet with the with a moderator -- -- the movie but that's that's the way it's certainly plays out. -- -- players that the -- got out of the box anyway but just the idea that the Academy Awards. Just is some now. Be holding TDs need or to somebody the -- and that they still make that nominee this film. For an Academy Award and they had to dig deep. You do it to some sort of resets the find something. To nominate forcefully data for make up its pretty pathetic Sony -- you know. In my my friend Jackie -- tackling Koehler who is got a FaceBook group page called eradicating offensive native -- victory. Obviously they've done a lot going after the watching football team and you know some of the baseball teams are gearing up for the for the baseball season with the Atlanta Cleveland. -- and the like. If they go after an ally but right now but the DA ease the Oscars so by all means it. If you think it if you agree with us that that -- that that summed up this was an appropriate. Then by all means jump on yours your laptop yours your easier phone and in jump on Twitter and and they've spoken and do they had -- not York Tonto one word not your Tonto. And had today replace them. If you go to some these sites like I'm on FaceBook you have techie users. Site you could find of a bunch of Bob. Pre packaged up. Twitters. That you re tweeted the Twitter -- that you just -- -- So Biden go about -- do that lets see we can't have some impact. And I gotta admit that you know not a -- Twitter users so this isn't my area of expertise that are a little frightening thing is all about really acting -- -- -- Well I -- and I guess I could but I just happened yet maybe it is something that's gonna come up I I thought I FaceBook I do that. And I know that they have that had stag. They did FaceBook does now as well. I don't. You know I I I'm not gonna fool anybody here I don't fully understand that poll. The social impact. But I'm gonna -- anyways the only the you know again jump online and go ahead and had to ignite your time to enact. -- faith and and I -- comments about the inappropriate and even be support ABC if you -- Johnny did happen and this isn't a slamming him as an actor you know -- people I mean. What Donna Harris. Literally adopted him as they as for community adopted son. Because he was playing Tonto. Don't know what you think in the air but apparently somebody was removed by the idea that you know and -- probably back a would you think I needed people. And and the Oscars. I always took -- back here tomorrow Brando getting. The we -- the Academy Award. And then sending a little -- to Tuesday that he that he respected the -- that was -- not rule -- one of his most -- rolls all the obvious but basically got I mean that that that was a huge role for for tomorrow Brando. And he literally declined. The the Academy Award because of the community of people and -- and that with -- that's a first time that anybody really took the Academy Awards and Beatty is strong political statement in. You know and and it took somebody is as powerful in the movie industry is Marlon -- do it. Nobody's made yet. -- people make statements and now obviously you do a lot of that happening socially and the Academy Awards as it has shied away but this was the first time was really that it's the only time that a strong native. And -- statement was made so you know I I I still have have -- had -- had off you know the Marlon Brando and and and his adopted daughters. The united you know it's. That was an incredible moment I remember it made it clear I'm old enough remember that. And it was it was significant and you know I don't see anything dramatic like that happening happening tonight. Obviously they'll be comments Ellen DeGeneres I think is supposed to be comments about errors or rejecting the you know the anti ideologue down there so that you know that they'll be comic some low will be pretty funny I'm sure. -- on -- but but again. Our role was via with the Oscars tonight is he was -- at least make a statement about. I doubt that this that the lottery to win this thing you know for this for this. You know for the award but you don't want. Just the idea that was nominees that it is. Kind of pathetic so. Anyway that's that's my that's my take on that so again one wants their overtime has that not your -- don't have to -- basically do something with that. Look there's there's a lot of stuff that to talk about a lot of things happening. I do have a great deal who's gonna -- the bottom of the hour. But part of I was trying I I really want to get down to Washington this weekend it was my intent to go down there I want to see Greg show. Greg and I beat number different but we haven't we -- I've. I know what it looks like a few lots of videos even without the the Latin. American -- on earth. But. But no we have -- you wanted to really hang out and ever -- -- -- today yet I I promised -- -- -- is. Were -- yet. But I thought this was going to be that we can get you down there it is to host the show which will talk about 930. But I also want to stay over because there was the bad happening at the and again Greg was in the easier to see that happening today. Starting a short time. Diversity the with a crew there was no walk from worked on university and then essentially gather and and and have a walking protest march to the White House. And with students that were part does excel dissent so it was. The you know protest against the keystone XL pipeline. He -- it appears that Obama is gonna make a decision on this thing. Pretty much any day I mean it's expected probably next week Q you'll make a decision on whether he approves the keystone XL pipeline. Which use a -- for those who don't know Owen and I am -- Zimmerman knows but them. The keystone XL pipeline used is an integral part of the tar sands oil extraction. Which is happening on the Canadian side so that the reason Obama to win this thing is they cross border pipeline that would bring. Tar sand oil or are being human which is you know that this car that is liquefied and then. And broken down to a liquid with with chemicals and and they're gonna pipe they would they want. They wanna put the CNN pipeline. That's gonna cross the border so they can take that car -- its oil are Kruger beat him in wherever they're gonna take it from. -- from Alberta. In running a pipeline down to the Gulf of Mexico also can process in the fuel and that's all the time. Has nothing to do. With Canada's supply you know a domestic supply of oil. You know for domestic use has nothing to do with the United States domestic supply of oil is all has do with candidates selling its resources. Which are being dug out of native hawaiians in Alberta. It cellular type they've they've got a huge investment from China. Two for all those parts is an oil extraction and image used to be it was all just being done. By scooping up his dark black sand that is filled it -- and has tar suspended. And then they -- natural gas to to break the you know to the heated up -- -- up with -- natural gas and water. And the and it walks the water out of sand in these huge. Horrendous settling ponds you see them on Google Maps you can zoom in on -- at -- area of opera but there's an area the size of Florida. That they're trying to excavate. For the tar -- -- now some of the stuff is too deep for them to just mine so now what they're trying to do was to trying to pipe. There's the Fred jammed this hot. Superheated steam. He into the ground the try to Hercules try to melt in and soften up this car so they can. They can meet again extracted almost like that you would do normal crew only. They're finding that the leaking this -- that this tar oil this is the human opted are doing with well water chemicals and out. And so it's it's just an absolute. Environmental nightmare. So did the United States is poised to be absolutely complicit with this by. Biked by. Allowing this stuff to be -- from Alberta the Gulf of Mexico. Now the the initial reports that you know that the State Department has done on environmental issues that are suggesting. That somehow the pipeline isn't really an -- to the to the carbon footprint of this thing because it's gonna be harvested -- Which is a lot of crap. If the United States approves this pipeline because right now the only thing that this stops this thing from going over the top. Beyond words out already is affected bottleneck in Alberta. Will free up that bottle -- will be the the keystone XL pipeline. Now this is the pipeline and at that -- candidates gonna install. And in and you got a lot of people on the right -- all of the going to be valuable jobs created going to be 250000 jobs pointed out dobbs where they say but. It's about putting up pipelines are even as much infrastructures putting in. Eight a broad so it's not going to be long term meaningful jobs and it's not gonna create any long term sustainable jobs -- the pipeline built their jam the stuff through the pipeline. So. It is it's a terrible idea it's got terrible consequences. And it certainly has terrible consequences for the need of people in Alberta but for the non native people as well. It is terrible terrible consequences for the environment. And it is it's just a bad deal so these students have been down there. These two day and it was mostly in many of the thousands and and I thought from the pictures -- that sort at least 4500. Students come from Georgetown and other universities who were showing up there to chain themselves to the White House fence. I don't have the final report on how many people were actually arrested. I know many of them were. They actually laid out to -- piece of plastic -- would look like tar like like like oil and they laid on it and and I saw the police arresting a much movement. And and those price several hundred they got arrested. I was gonna go there and and at least observed being part of it opened arguments over the but it I didn't likable and often been blocked getting down there. But I don't follow this thing if you wanna go to excelled dissent dot org that's their website you can follow and and you know -- and Ali. -- were resulted in this whole thing today's protest today. But to what the future plans are I'm staying close this issue I feel strongly about a lot of environmental -- as a -- -- mineral extraction. Whether it's the Hydro fracking. Keystone XL pipeline if you were -- -- in general five Pakistan at this show will always be a part of those issues. And look we're gonna but -- -- -- to go take a break here in the welcome back effort for another segment before Greg joins us but. Again these moves on the -- -- following. -- given another mentally or on the show but we'll figure break for now comrade back is John it would -- -- and studio. And this is. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Be sure to visit your poison gas and go but on the Allegheny territory of the Seneca nation on the corner center and broad streets in the city of Salamanca. You're -- -- goes sells discounted tobacco products and convenience items can provide full service gas. For a quick -- from the southern tier stuff that iroquois gas ago open from 6 AM till 10 PM every day. -- shortstop for saving his iroquois gas and go. For the best prices in your favorite tobacco products and more gets Mikey he's emporium in orbit. 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And stay Smart with -- and express and sweet. This from Buffalo, New York Jimmy historic homeland of the senators. Let's talk native rides on the power because BM 1520s powerhouse signals up and down the East Coast of journal island. Join the discussion on let's start native -- your host John McCain. All right this goes back I guess the knob beyond the Oscar loses its own reserve announced in so they did not win with the -- Yeah -- -- Even now when we award. -- make up anyway. So anyway it's still not done we still want guys to keep it -- trend this stuff we wanted to go ahead and and in the hash tag not your Tonto. Keep winter storm going but it did not win I don't think you. Mike Davis -- didn't expect that we anyway but -- to me it's almost it's just it's it's almost. Crappy idea that -- -- nominated. Nominated for -- Academy Awards by the dismal. -- an athlete dismal movie. OK that's what didn't win the regardless of the did win. Our our native thunder girls. Twelve and under team from from -- Augustin and points beyond. One. The the police athletic league championship. In in buffalo. That -- this weekend. And they actually had to beat a team that they barely lost to once before -- it was it was kind of a thrilling win. It it takes a lot about the team from from for the rest -- going into the city and the play against you know some pretty. Good organized basketball. In and Scott Snyder and the crew that. You know and bosses the you know. A lot of the kids from there from the race here. His daughter's -- -- in and and a whole lot of you know just really really talented girls and again this is probably under. Did -- going to city and win the police athletic that the that the preview accomplishment these guys that are great job though. I want to congratulate them and other gonna still play in some other tournaments that it is -- term in the going going to play him. Next weekend. But I again I want to congratulate the girls from from the thunder. Just winning and the buffalo police athletic league championship so anyway graduate -- growth. Again. Not -- thought about the Oscars off night but I'm thrilled adapted the that is that. Lori -- did not win even for this kind of an in his other -- that category. And I can understand the value in having a camera that. But the idea is this this crappy films nominated for. It may be -- to the pressure. Well -- you know I don't know. I don't know how these these movies it nominated in the first place. And and you can -- and now some of these things to mean obvious best picture best actor you can see how they would let down but. But when you have a kind of a crappy movie in the first place and because there's this. The PC the local wrecked -- about the -- This idea that you monotony of guy and I and all you have Johnny deputies he's won the respected. Here -- creek or something whatever that guy. First mention that he that he might have been native is you know just a few years ago and previously you know every of his life you know -- and I don't know my my great grandmother my great grandmother. Or grandmother is that your differences are I've met this the FaceBook today -- grandfather was ever a Turkey prints. The other -- on the grandmother was running. These princes and Britain's princess thing come from anyway grandma could run for. Well apparently it and edited -- without. It has this whole thing about. Male domination that somehow. Somebody's grandmother. You know was was somehow. You know. Hate it by by by an on a guy I -- that the that the way you never have. The then made it that not news or the the native guy who managed that took him typical white woman is it a -- though it never goes that way you know at that there's something. It there's something. Not a racist but but I actually you know sect is sexist about the -- But anyway. So Johnny Depp who may or may not be apparently used -- Now with -- the islanders but. Regardless of all that you know -- the film did not win -- Academy Award for makeup. So. Again that that kind of done deal but not quite cute trendy in. That Niger Congo. Hectic. Well you know -- before before Greg joins us by our government does something and this is something that. You know. Out of to a whole show on this that he's that show little bit here. We've got. We've got problems just like other communities do we've got we've had drug issues archer true alcoholic -- You know but but there's something particularly disturbing about our young people. Having. To me an exceptional -- problems associated with -- you know. Again with with drugs alcohol be even you know or promiscuity or wherever. And I and I want to talk about -- on the show on -- but -- hold feel with this because. This leads this the very thing that leads the team suicide issue is that very -- leads to. You know it -- to. Did they drop out rate that we have to a lot of this the soulful stuff. That it is wrong moniker you know I just was it was -- to Barack Obama do do it is my brother's keeper program worries you know -- gave this. You know kind of impassioned speech about all we talked about. Bob fatherhood especially with you know young black males -- and it's. But you know I talked about this -- format. That. This isn't just a popular spot motherhood too and and you know I I see a lot of our territories mothers who continue to. Make excuses for further the -- bad behaviors that -- -- -- budget community responsibility but. You know the hard part is we we have of apprehension too. -- like trample on you know we we -- we were never this nuclear family thing has historically that with the way. But that's will become so now we are country -- you know the term back for the whole thing but but. I see too often seen that any parent mother or father's throat acute -- -- But at what -- stop making excuses for bad behavior. And it's not just -- territories that this is done and on a member of a few years back -- when those those like fourteen year old girls who want them got killed and another one. Was her room critically critically injured on on the -- they were there heading to a party like 2 or 3 o'clock in the morning and they had to be cutting through the rest of -- to the the camps on the lakers on that and cracked down on herself on road on the restaurants there. And ended the big debate became why were these fourteen year old in a car driving around at 2 o'clock in the work where the parents. And and we heard the same thing over Oregon kids you know -- not gone too when you re right -- week -- and a mock that'll definitely here but. But that's unacceptable. It's it's. Except the we have as as adults we as parents we've got to be more more responsible you know to our kids. It for acute and and stop making excuses for bad behavior he went up when I hear the hopes it will be cute when I -- a problem with keeping kids. Probably kids trying to be at -- from the 1213 of fourteen years old or -- or are Latham and and an end it is that way it's it and it. It's not just that way on our territories but. First and foremost we are we are small community. We are small community we know which other. You know I know some areas if people don't even know who lives next door I and I know that you know a travel to New York I know how how boxing people and -- where they where they are. The witness at the community he's is that that's been gone in spite of that than the vast population. We know each other you know I'm an and it's finally come off for funerals. You know order order for everybody you know to all the while wishing on our when somebody's in the hospital. These are tragedies these tragedies that happen are here for is one where young people are are are frightened of the stuff and and I'm not saying it. And trying to condemn our young people. And I'm not necessarily trying to get down everybody whose parent but I think at some point. We gotta talk about this issue we got stops sweeping it under the rug which means that the number of rapes that are happening that are territories. Upper tier -- -- out -- -- via the amount of drug and alcohol use that's happening. Missing women in Canada via the and it's not to think you're a mile here I don't -- into one of real good job promoting this thing at least the people we're associate with. Promoting the missing when children's issues underneath and and murdered would not just missing missing and murdered but that's me this -- the big deal on all parts of aside for the -- line. And we've got to start. I I don't think he is complained to the federal government or complaint to the outside authorities about what they're gonna do to fix the problem I don't know the Seneca nation just. Through another million dollars plus that the characters county sheriff's they did that last year year before on your call that but. Well how are they doing with you know is any way of evaluating whether Tehran if county sheriff or that you're -- shares are but he also deeply I mean. They're not dealing with the issue in their own communities throwing a million dollars at the at a sheriff's department -- helping our people. It seems to -- we could do something a program produced something I mean the he meaningful and substantial. But just on money and police force he's in solving a problem. And last summer when up to Oneida Terry Newton and they have at least two maybe three human lodges there. And they sub themselves out to hold the territory's an area and in you know north people of borrowers to close -- We don't have anything like that and that has a ST or facility where. Conversations in counseling and things that can be made. We have to our program. And then in a while a senator but I don't know exactly how while it's working on the power. The biggest problem is that. I don't know what how bad is some reasons which have to be before you can actually get anything now. And I think we do -- network does sometimes he gets out that the community. Might be a good solution for one. And nothing to ship them off residential schools -- But I did have one Brandon east territory here but I have to but I've I think we need network but it would -- -- each community do some of the stuff but. Are you know is that we got to do something because right now what what is what's happening our character is not working. I'm gonna do a whole show on this and maybe a series of shows on the things though. But you know. There's been enough things happening recently that I feel. Obligated. 22 demented and and I knocked -- I'm not picking on derogatory. Or. You know or any. Universal -- -- -- a lot of -- it's not native -- territories of Bob I think that we. We need to find some uniquely. -- some culturally appropriate ways of doing this thing I'm not saying that you know. That we're gonna mr. to a ceremony make fiscal I'm not suggesting that I think that we have to do something that's gonna reach Turkey. In awaited -- reaching network reaching now. And you know I think we need to -- more so. I'm just planning to -- four for future show on this issue I'm gonna try to get them. Some good voices that to talk about this thing people war where victory in this area by and by listeners and to do and and the FaceBook page to jumpstart the conversation there absolutely and you -- criticize any kind of set by Al -- criticize it I mean let's let's have a conversation. Michael -- the reason I'm doing on first what did you -- Israel in New York is -- because Mike -- different you can -- -- he's taking time off. He's got a couple projects were one of the project that -- worked on has do with teen suicide. So. Yeah there there is work to be done there are there are are solid people like -- different fuel and -- working on those issues. And I think -- that we that we begin to it to tackle some of these things then. And I think we've got to. It's not just our territories it's a number that the over 60% of the need -- population doesn't live on connector for. So I mean and they're living CDs and elsewhere in -- but so. I think we've gotta we gotta start to do more and and I make it and now I realize that I took a small little section that -- extra time to talk about it. But I wanna plant the -- that I'm going to talk about these issues so. Let me take a break now -- he'll be joining -- after the back from the break but -- -- John McCain and Matt hill does let's talk native got it -- this time. And will be right back. Let's talk native -- John King is produced every week in association with iroquois promotions. You're -- boy promotions is a native company located on the catalog is territory of the Seneca nation. You're a boy promotions brings a combined fifteen years of emotional experience in professional and amateur sporting event and entertainment. Here boy promotions provides prominent native speakers for lectures cultural events media and educational institutions. Pass defense include professional boxing fantasy football events tournaments -- showcase -- more. Iroquois promotions also promote self sustaining an environmental friendly projects through our international network for your next entertainment athletic or cultural event. Be sure to contact iroquois promotions at 71653. To 4449. That's 71653. To 44494. Iroquois promotions. Ring. Then let's not -- Britain's got conveying. Here's the home of smoking -- OJ smoking gas with five -- off 87 knocking every Tuesday post tax free savings every -- on gas propane and diesel. OJ's has a wide variety of tax free tobacco products plus roll your own supplies to papers smoke -- candles and special request products like -- close premium cigars and more blue -- smoking gas now with Seneca nation fishing licenses and accessories. Open every day for eight to late at 2111 west perimeter road steamer on the beautiful Allegheny territory of the Seneca nation. Call 71635464354. OJ smoking gas. Thanks for coming back to let's talk native of Beaumont is open for you -- 7168031520. Here's let's talk native post John McCain. All right -- -- better this tonight news outlet if the government owned studio and I got a great deal on line. People break up there as well it. I was there. I'm not seeing him on the computer yet. Regulars here are you there like that on the on the monitor I trusted there. I don't grant. A Brit Dario a pretty good. I don't ballot that this idea due to radio shows and -- a college we did. I'm not saying it through is running me over but it I am. Steal a juggling -- a little bit. And his eyes showed doubt he is out there is to -- that I what to say this show is that active or that though they got a that you both just if you put -- in New York a couple of weeks ago it would which is really good that that had yuan. Pretty excitable about hope -- the Washington Post magazine. I'm article that that that really featured -- And of course you're faux -- to which which opened up last night. First problem well did you get good feedback from you want to post magazine. Yet again I would get a you know I think these things. Opportunity -- log never really oxygen door you have to open your own doors and find it in -- It is good it but -- you know -- kind of trickling in so. Couple colleges. Become. So that it that has been. It's another thing that I think validate the work. And validate. Boy spy network which I'm pretty grateful for. Fair here what an you know I I feel the same way it went to went deal with he gave me the call about taking over for voices and it is radio or. I think yes I didn't say what -- to think about how I can do this because you're. I mean you you've got to take the opportunities that that you know that become present it to you you've got to take the opportunities because. You know they may not not pictured door but if you if you look for the you can find them and so that's the that's the whole issue the whole issue is is trying to. You know. You know we we have very little presence in the media. We have we have very little presence then Soviet just the idea that we we can have some -- to a net and I and for you know between you and me. I mean you've you've got some decent a media attention but that's not your your primary focus you're you're an artist so you're. You're our work is -- You know offered times -- media when you're doing the that the -- stuff. But you're also eat your Purdue -- visual art so your your. Your bread and butter selling pieces apart and doing doing the kind -- shows that you. So yeah -- -- body work so I mean visual art is is -- make most money my money. And so I I but I've been that you need that sort of kind of makes some of the stuff that doesn't really make any money would the step. So I had a whole new body of work which all all in line. Identity show called romantic nationalism. And I think one of the biggest pieces up romantic nationalism is out romanticism of indigenous people. And and that's weird sense of pride for indigenous people but it's not really for indigenous people for the romantic notions of indigenous people. Been so. I like to clamp pop culture and you know -- some of that road romanticism. And so within that. Actually had a performance art he's going on I put it together right directed it. And -- EYE a cure rated the entire thing but I essentially. I'm gonna go on record -- and -- And that -- native man to put a white man on display in Washington. -- native issue. That itself so I had the performance art he's it was called. It was caught traditional Washington redskin honor ceremony. And the entire piece was. My undisclosed. Why he's -- an undisclosed white man. Sitting in wearing -- Washington -- Rogers act and the whole nine yards. Watching football game you know playing and singing hail to the -- gains and you know. Being doing doing the Washington -- in honor ceremony to you know there are very. That's what they claim they -- clan are honoring us so that I you you literally. Put together piece of for performance are where you had somebody essentially doing what they do and what they claim to be honoring us. Right and I mean I admit a couple of things that make it out boys in about how you know sometimes we don't have a chance to. They're really have a voice and the unique aspect of where IMAX. Is that the -- -- you know that speaks at some other people that Matt. Awesome that's great. And I'm glad somebody. Claims my anything that I'm sitting at their own I think that's fantastic. But what I speak I speak for myself which gives me the freedom. To use whatever I want and make it funny I think him I think. Poking fun it is is the best way to go about it you know you can take on -- all day long. But when you know there's a touchdown going on and and this is guy screaming and yelling and swearing at the television. You know I just don't think he's thinking about you know the the indigenous people of North America cotton and other social and political struggle. Well it's like when you win but I here's. Did Snyder say that the health of the Redskins as some sort of tribute to us is nothing to do that's there there are other -- -- -- -- it's not. Has nothing to do witnessing yet. You know -- -- actually have Roger Goodell think well. It's the name of -- football team it's almost like he's gonna say. Work where we've appropriated the name but we're not talking about you so don't be offended they'll be about a by the fact we appropriated the name. And that we've appropriated the all the images all of this you know the sale of feathers in their their gift shop and the fact all the people I mean an and it's not just. The team that supports. The Washington football team and as you well know some of the most. Disturbing images come from the opponents of those teams like the Philadelphia Eagles guy you know. With the with the decapitated head it paled by a sword that me and managed to go to -- the Philadelphia game when the play. The the Redskins are some of the stuff is it's just amazing. That bet. We even have to bring it up as a bet that like nobody gets that it would be about them without a reunion up. After -- you know I'm no respect of persons I'm not gonna put the hood of the those guys about anybody else in the Al -- well. The thing is it if you're right he's not the guided the -- even the high school football teams who put those banners up that they get ready for the -- appears. You can't condemn. If you still think it's okay to make a mockery of we are the first place I mean if you're gonna go into high school can happen name the Indians. Then why can't their -- and let's let's. You know -- massacre. I mean and and clearly were affected by it but if it's appropriate for a team be called the Indians if it's appropriate for the TV to be called the Redskins. They'll wise and appropriate for a further apart that they were put on here again. And and so that's the part that you missed them all of this stuff so the idea that you did a performance piece work. You know and and again I I don't know what the guy is the eye I saw the video -- both of FaceBook group that is your Pittsburgh -- nine year. Your website. Thought it was hysterical. Your your nondescript native guy or not native guy. Obviously was a good sport news or you -- because -- -- -- as it is for you to play the last American India earth. This equally had to be. A challenge for him to step up or thought I might my applause with the guy who was led -- -- It ultimately any -- -- year mean here began he's good friend of mine and artists it was out of print expert. So he grew up in you know like central Virginia. And -- -- from a long line. Hardcore football programs but he's sort of a black sheep where. He sort of become. Really socially conscious about things and I began having this conversation with him about. You know that issue and he just sort kind of came into it on its -- so when I put a Colorado based book in this piece. I didn't actually it would be -- that I'm looking for a white. That I put on display. And he's like hey you know I can do in Park City had a little bit of the southern. Accent you know like a Virginia accent. From central Virginia he understands it but he also realizes that. His sacrifice that you make -- -- by letting me put him on display is it's not about him it's about. You know the statement that's being made it. He was amazed at what she could -- been he was seriously. We're in the middle of like having art talk in the suddenly start cheering. I don't know where it like he's actually watched that game it's bad that. But doctor I don't know with a big a big. Via a big deal for the great deal. At that show but you also did a lot of the original pieces you Leo whole -- of pieces. And I thought some of the stuff the put on display. In fact even the banner for the show was I mean some of it -- some of the Stuckey who he is strikingly aggressive. I mean when -- look at it. It it is a candidate and I don't mean aggressive and a bad way I mean I mean even -- that I guess might be a better and better word. And so I'm I'm moved by a lot of the stuff that you do. And I know that you you work you know a lot of different mediums -- I've seen you do the the line of cuts -- by -- that you. He did some stuff on I thought that the huge wouldn't. Disks that you that you you cut it to do some artwork on that. Talking about some the more striking pieces and I know it's hard pick what's your what's your best your favorite child let them. -- some of these the net -- -- display. Yeah a -- okay that a big brown ones. The big wooden rounds and I painted. Just simple black and white. Images that I actually took from all the original. Lone Ranger and Tonto comics were given to me by. By our good friend here is so hard and I would love carefully -- actually get people. But I was pulling out. In these images because. The images that we're being used. -- -- all the Indians exactly. Like that they look exactly the same. And and secondly there is and is in -- traditional Italian it actually looks like a cross between. Why cave men and and we're in like traditional native dress like old native drafting of loans in Vietnam. You know what they can you know there cause and you know back -- and what's really interesting about that to me is just. It's sort of primitive. Viewpoint like today it. Back then illustrations are created to make them look overtly primitive. To Condit didn't know they're. There insignificant they're older they they don't matter you know the primitive savages and and I think. It brought in Latin lack of you know basically that they're not there underdeveloped basically you gravitate premier premier. And it's like the whole thing with that was with the pigeon English top those -- and even with depth version of it but. But the way they'd done it traditionally I would like somehow we need to work together you know. I don't think -- Their eyes get it Frankenstein and imposed. All the -- it yet. -- Maybe I would greatly. A break here because that the caller of the hour went back I -- -- good that there's been a lot of stuff that you put out there. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- After this. You'll be glad you took the time to stop and say that the your quick smoke shop on the counter August territory of the Seneca nation great miracle Wanda -- -- for 38. The -- -- smoke shop is a full service convenience store and gas station providing discount tobacco products gas diesel and propane. The convenience stores open from 6 AM to 10 PM daily but the gas pumps and pump house are open 24 hours seven days a week. Peter -- smoke shop -- -- -- so let's talk native with John King show on KV 1520. Size does matter the policing their tobacco accessory shop proves it with the largest selection of unique to. -- items and hand blown glass pieces in Western New York. From the last two wood to metal they've got all the finest pipes as well as who gets tapestries. Wild very incense sticks nag -- sensing incense candles and so much more -- he get the naughty side of the -- -- bear with great bachelorette party gift some more. The policing their tobacco accessory shop in the building formerly known as -- racing. Behind the red smoke shop on Bloomingdale's in the tunnel on to Seneca territory. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Or from Buffalo, New York in the historic homeland of the Seneca. Let's talk native rides on the power BS BM 1520s powerhouse signals up and down the East Coast of turtle island. Join the discussion on let's talk negative -- your host John McCain. All right thank them back dead or John McCain -- -- studio got Greg old line -- -- -- -- back to the to the partially true because up. Enough fraud this that it was not just the one people are once -- one day. A lot of it would opening was one game it's there were. Until March 30. -- OK so I can see it is I can come down and -- year eat -- and there's all the stuff on display. With the public option of years of your -- -- white men. I -- the oath about his play time this month. Yeah out we're talking about doing an art talk to -- -- talk about the last Indian in and some of the stories in the air. It's so again it'll it'll be effort for a bit. You let this thing -- promoted both on your FaceBook group FaceBook page but I'm yours I'm Greg deal dot com as well. Yeah. I haven't posted anything under ideal dark content yet you can't see a piece of artwork on mine is to -- account. Which I believe is linked on my web sites though if you should curious but something up they're probably think I just move. So I know I know it and that part of all they have of next about it -- does DO CU open you know open your show. But I also spent some time we united. We become best friends -- on the show here but just talking in general -- spoke of the -- pack. Yeah I've get the gonna gonna help -- move but the -- but I've looked -- it out and and I want to actively Carrey and some of the folks down there. The I would I would love to do that I want ambulance come down and and really enjoyed a stay down there without any other agenda no -- meetings -- the -- -- -- veteran ointment and look at them down to spend time. But I I wanna check out the a lot of the stuff that you got going on. You you're diversity. And I know you use. A hole. Range of skill sets for -- from not just you know traditional painting but. A lot of the stuff you do with with over ladies and you know and stands a large and you know you to a full range of you know. Again I've I've found I'm amazed at that at that diversity in the type of vote medium they use. And and the skills that the use I'm look at -- -- -- it's just. Takes it you know they take a breath with elevated this this incredible. Bank saying dad yeah -- by it's important especially in this day -- -- you know you gotta be able to do. Video and you know social media that they knew about the need to be able to me. You know be -- handle. You know everything at one point or another so it's it's helpful to be a Jack of all trades when. Your work pretty yourself and -- still trying to hatred. The work. But you're also a good speaker I mean the bottom line is that and I watched you get better in at -- in the relatively short time that I've known you. I've just seen you grow as you even as an interview media guests and some of the things that you you've been able. -- me you've been kind of put -- dispute about if you that may not have been up your primary concern and I thought about the you know of the watch the football team if you but but. Even as you've done some of these other things that have a bigger scope and as you know. I I try not to to concentrate on the mask if you specifically without drawing it into the bigger. I mean that -- -- associate with race in you some of it more about latent racism. And an American policy in general I three. It's a way to conversation just become -- trying to get the watching football team he mean if we're not gonna use that. That. -- to highlight some of the -- in -- -- -- even talking about you know Obama's initiative was. With with trying to do to to address. That -- the youth the young black male and and Hispanic male population in some of that problem. If you you can't talk but that's up. And and we we get left out of the conversation completely. And and and I think when you look at the mascot -- it to me. It's emblematic of how we've been marginalized to the point it you can you can actually do you actually haven't seen -- DC call rescues that. That's incredible in it it's all right. Well and I think you know in in -- speech I get -- hate mail goes on on your trio. And and one of the issues it is kind of brought up was affected. Using social media and on -- like we we have to take what we can yet. -- and that they need to -- -- things like social media are out there which are sort of the wild wild west. Information. That we can take advantage of a lot of -- stuff and and get a bigger voice out there so you know really doesn't matter it's the mascot issue where it's two winner or it's you know any child well are back fracking -- pipeline. Any of those things that there's a voice to be added all of that. And there's an audience to be had because audience how it's just so that. We have been marginalized and not heard. Very opt in or or at all but. You know on the other end of that I think sometimes we tend shortchange ourselves you know everyone's. Look we're all in the stereotypes were all part of the problem. -- you know and how many Indians that met you know they talk like Amanda semantic you don't have to talk like that is -- you know quantify your Indian. And -- And so it indeed there's of the conversation about him we think we yet. And make the best. Why and again it gets down to the whole thing about opportunity not here not knocking we still have to see that I mean. I I agree with a whole new media being the hold the social net -- up but the same time. I'm not prepared to bail on the old media -- -- -- radio today I mean I do the two shows and and I write -- and newspaper because. EEU almost needed anchor here and an and I think our foundation again then. And so for me it -- this medium that that that I'm. Commuted to work you do and then taking it from here and splashing out on on baseball -- Twitter where growth. And and I don't I'm afraid of the of the negative. You know. Reverberations that come back I don't get as much. As much hate mail probable than not -- it more I'm not asking for a -- -- but but but. But you can't I show in New York with the a couple of weeks ago like you said you've got a specific the specific feedback what. What what. What was involved -- that. Well when I game and I act and the lap and I usually don't respond to it might do it usually. Because it again because it really funny. And I wanna match that the person there but the -- that -- zen -- message and email. And it's under the name sweet sleeper so at an anonymous. And he'd basically. You know who who's made the decision to give you all that airtime on first indigenous. Radio. Said that I -- wasted and I wasted power of his time. That. The. At the Internet which created first surveillance and social media and is primarily forever went to waste their time with -- emotion. Indigenous what you usually have perspectives which criticizes Smart communications systems. Not embraces them there's a natural world that existed before the Internet and our modern media system. And it is being destroyed as a result of modern creation. He basically -- my step into that city's dime. And dead. That I have no business. Doing anything. He sounded W she -- very this year early at the so so. This has Larry as I can only Sudanese and who's not some. And and until this is hilarious because you know he's. Completely anonymous. He's backing. You know new media. And he's using a computer and sending mean email. Iron so they. Like you know. Computers being down meanwhile you're typing on your computer computers yams. Yeah it's it's it's funny I think it's funny and an -- right here. By an LA and the crazy part is he -- if you -- an hour with a view and I and the radio. Well what was he gonna do with the -- besides that. It begs the question where they got to wait an -- beside us and spent time to write the yes without adequate and our embassy invested more time in the conversation by -- -- of ego bad Hewitt at body you know current that David Freeman wrote -- thing. I think I read this in my life that I that there were -- I -- really been on for a full hour lecture. I know where we're raising mode I wondered do these don't ethnic. -- -- wired using computers like a lot and got to go about your local library. You know picabo yellow pages by my accurate -- letter though right now some evil EL is. So. An -- and again. We do have to take what is available I've not buy airtime on this on this station. I get. I have an hour that's available on WBA I in New York to do first voices -- uses radio and then. And we've got to up and handle like crazy you know down there for public radio -- that it gets that your but. Nobody's giving us anything we we work our army and I know the working you do this is. This is hard it's hard work to do what we do and it is not it is not a gift. But. At some point you beat you become passion in your life about. About community and art and art is communication just like anything else and I went to school for architecture for a couple of years that I know that it's all out. Finding. Awaiting communicate an idea feeling. You know if you. And that's what you're doing that's what I'm doing and for somebody that you'd think it couldn't get Hamas because. Because were up publicity stunt. While I'm in a publicity stunt. I guess the publicity thing because we're we're trying to raise awareness but it's not a publicity stunt to borrow. You and I tried doing a great deals trying to become. You know. A superstar to nineties trying to come through it the issue is that we promote. You know there's got to be name associated with the work and and and -- has been named them. Well I think I think this guy. I mean obviously he's very passionate as well probably represent the problem that. That I actually don't see that often anymore certainly not an opportunity used to -- is this guy. The way these documents sounds more like shaman -- you know anything else but but you know the idea that. We shouldn't her crack -- there's a difference between being tradition. And and being martyrs and and that too can actually. Exist. On the same plane. Into an iPhone and still be traditional and respect those things but. To abandon all of those things end and you know still try to survive and have a -- things like I don't know more exist because social media. Not because somebody was sitting on his hands and saying I just can't engage. Tools that are out there you know to beat people out there own game quickly you know what program so little and just embrace the modern world we -- We always did and and we on the McGregor yeah rhetoric in cigarette polar segment. I can do one more segment artistic level segment tonight I got with the Nevada wanna go -- you -- -- we've got a good break at the top of the hours though. This John -- I got a great deal on for another fifteen minutes I've got -- studio we're gonna be right back after this. And.

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